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After Midnight
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After Midnight

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  2,308 ratings  ·  100 reviews
Alice has quite a story to tell you. That's not her real name, of course. she couldn't give her real name, not after all the things she reveals about herself in this book. All of her... adventures. And all that killing. She wouldn't want the police to find her, now would she? — It started out so nice. Alice was house-sitting for her friend, enjoying having the whole place ...more
Mass Market Paperback, 438 pages
Published March 30th 2006 by Leisure Books (first published June 1st 1998)
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This book is absolutely brilliant! I can't remember if I have ever read anything similar to this story. It's crazy, it's funny as well, it's unbelievable but as well believable, I just wanted to read it and don't stop till the end. I totally understand now why everyone raves about Laymon..this is my 3rd book but by far the best one.
Effy Weasley
he grunted. he farted. then he plunged forward.

richard laymon is the sickest fuck i have ever had the pleasure to read - end of story.

the characters are onedimensional - the women all have of course fit bodies and firm breasts which they talk about a lot and the men are preverts who notice the bodies and think about them a lot .
the stories are highly implausible, one unprobable event follows another. everything happens so someone can get tortured, raped, killed or any imaginable combination o
Ryne Barber
Murphy's Law is ever present in Laymon's book about "Alice," a woman whose life spirals into a frenzy of covering up accidental deaths after an encounter with a stranger at her house - you guess the time - has her murdering innocent people. Alice isn't a normal woman who calls the police; instead, she covers up the evidence in order to hide her mysterious past. Told from her own perspective, After Midnight keeps escalating in thrills and twists, taking Alice and the reader into a situation which ...more
Erin (Paperback stash) *is juggle-reading*
At first glance the plot may reek of simplicity, but it becomes apparent - fast - than it's anything but. "Alice", the pseudonym for the author of the spoof autobiography, is enjoying a relaxing week at her rich friends house while the pair and their kiddies are away on vacation. One night, watching a movie on their big screen TV, she observes a mysterious stranger strip, walk around, and use the swimming pool in the backyard. Since the house is surrounded by woods, its apparent he must have com ...more
Andre Higgins
Well, this is the best Richard Laymon book I've read so far. For once the characters' reactions were believable. I think that he showed great improvement in his writing as his career advanced. I had a hard time putting it down, Laymon has a knack for writing a good page turner. Pretty much all of his chapters ended with a cliffhanger. Superb and quite enjoyable.
As always the ending is very rapidly wrapped up..... Laymon often does this, he wraps everything up in less than twenty pages. There wer
This book was completely over the top, a boy's wet dream of how a woman would react in such a grave circumstance. It's silly, sexist and sick. Laymon even works in a little girl on girl action to give the nerd boys a thrill. Please. I remember finishing this book and pretty much deciding never to buy anything from Laymon ever again. He's not writing horror, he's writing his incoherent fantasies.
3 1/2 Stars

"The gun shook like crazy in my hand. I was plenty scared. But this wasn't the creepy sort of fear that gives you goosebumps. This was the kind that makes your heart pound like a club, makes you shake like a lunatic and sweat like a glass full of ice in a heat wave. It makes your legs feel so weak you think they've decided, on their own, to keep you from walking into trouble. But I made mine walk. There's this thing about me. Maybe you've already noticed it. I'm the sort of gal who ge
The TBR Pile *Book review site*
Alice (not her real name) writes this book to tell her story of how a prowler on her property led to her committing several murders and acts of torture.

This was an dark book. The blurb was interesting and as the story played out I couldn’t help but get sucked into the violent world Mr. Laymon created. Alice was hard to not like. Despite her killing and torturing, her personality was so well written. There was no doubt I had to read this entire book to find out if she had a happy ending.

There w
Oct 11, 2013 chucklesthescot rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: horror fans
Shelves: horror, fiction
Alice is house-sitting for her friend when she sees the naked man going for a swim in the pool and when he hears the phone and approaches the house, Alice panics and tells the stranger on the phone that there is a prowler and he offers to help. Not long after, she hears a noise outside and kills the intruder-but it is Tony, the good samaritan who decided to come to her aid. Alice can't involve the police because of her past so now she must dispose of the body, clean up...but what if Tony's phone ...more
Stacey Bouley
I felt that the usual "gore factor" so typical of his books was a bit tamer here in this one, despite the many deaths and murders and assaults. And, the usual lack of character development, but that's just something you have to get past with most horror writers.
Aside from that,
Every page was exciting. It was an intense, fast paced novel. I finished it in 2 days.
There's a hint of finding a message within the book to find Alice's real name. That code is in the first letter in each chapter. I won't
Dec 01, 2007 Jeremy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who aren't squeamish
This was my second Laymon novel, and I enjoyed it. It was never in any danger of winning a Pulitzer by any means, but any book that contains a line like "Crouching down, I pulled the knife out of Steve's butt" has as special place in my heart.

Extra points go the the author who not only alludes to a hidden code that reveals the main character's true identity, but also actually delivers such a code. Unfortunately, Mr. Laymon is deceased so we may never know the significance (if any) of the name th
This is another of those laymon novels that kind of feel like he just sat down and started typing with no idea where the story would go and then when he hit his page goal came up with an ending and called it good. I know that don't sound like a compliment but with laymon it kind of is, these type of books from him are fun and you never know what to expect.
Richard Laymon's "After Midnight" strives to be a page turning thriller. It nearly delivers. The action carries along at a high pace. The descriptions are gruesome. The main character, Alice, is very well developed. However, at times, there is too much description, too much character development and a lot over the top manic female thinking.
I can appreciate Laymon's attempt at portraying an over-thinking, over-worried female mind. But I think the character goes overboard with that inner dialoge a
After Midnight:

This books summary does not even start to describe what goes on in this book. This book does exactly what it is supposed to do and it makes you think about every dark possibility that could happen because it is mentioned. Literally I mean Alice lists things out for you.

What happens in this book much like Alice's life seems to be one horrible set of circumstances after another. Also seen in the way of domino's once you push the first one all the rest start falling behind it. The
‘After Midnight’ requires a major suspension of disbelief. Despite that, it is undoubtedly a deeply engrossing story which shows how one incident can trigger a chain of events and how every action has its consequences.

The first-person narrative worked very well due to the mysterious lead character who calls herself Alice. Her real name can be found in this book – finding the code isn’t that hard. The opening instantly hooks you – Alice is staying at her friend’s house alone and everything goes o
I think After Midnight is one of Richard Laymons best novels published since his death. It is very gripping and suspenseful and harbours away from Laymons usual themes involving strong sexual violence.
The story follows a protagonist by the name of Alice who is asked to watch over her friends mansion, upon indulging herself in making use of the free house Alice see's a naked stranger jump into the pool, she takes a calibre from the fireplace and you could easily guess what happens next.
We soon
OMG. This book makes reading anything by Jim Thompson like reading Beatrix Potter. The words that come to mind are lurid, tawdry, and eye-rollingly over the top. I think I need a shower.
Lisa Grebowsky
You know, I don't normally write reviews, but I feel that this book requires one.

Congratulations, Richard Laymon. You have created a new Goodreads shelf on my bookshelf called "wtf is happening", because that's how I felt the entire time I was reading this book.

It's not something I was particularly planning to read. My mom bought it for me as a Christmas present. It's her favorite book and she wanted me to read it.

So I did.

And wow, is it strange.
I always know what I'm getting with Richard Laymon. It's impossible not to smile while reading one of his books. This one's a little different(but only a little) in that it's told in flashback, so we know from the very beginning that the main protagonist does at least survive. In short, Alice, which she goes to great lengths to tell us isn't her real name turns out to be a bit of a maniac. She inadvertently kills a guy that dials a wrong number when he turns up at her door to make sure she's ok ...more
This book was quite different from the other two books of Laymon’s that I have read. It was exciting, but bordered a bit on “silly” with the series of events and the dark humour filling the pages. I really enjoyed it - though I must admit, the part with Murphy made me pretty sad... Still, it was a fun book. Richard Laymon is a very talented writer.
♥ Marlene♥
This was such a crazy book. So many weird things happened but after I've read it I must say, even with the craziness i did enjoy it.

I've read 4 books by Richard Laymon so far. 2 more to go. One with short stories and the other one is part 3 of a series which means I have to get my hands on some more books by this author.
3.5 stars
Stupid. Why do I even think I want to read trash like this?!? I gave it 2 stars JUST because I did finish it, and I read it pretty fast to 'see what happens'. I shelved it under disturbing only because of the ' Oh, I cut his head off and then ate some steak'. Stupid. This was my 2nd Laymon and my last.
Craig Leimkuehler
This is probably one of my least favorite books of all times. Mr. Laymon writes like a sexually frustrated thirteen year old boy. None of the characters are sympathetic or believeable. One totally absurd event follows another. Iliteracy would be preferable than this drivel.
I finished this book, but must say that it took 3 attempts at which in certain points I kept pushing myself to get through. My husband who also read it said I was being generous in my rating that the book was simply goofy and redundant.
Laymon does it again!! This book was kinda long & some parts it seemed to stretch a little, but there was sooo much action that it keep you wondering. I liked all the characters the plot was good even if it seemed like a lot was going on. This book also proves that Laymond just isn't good at writing sexual encounters & there was hardly any sex in this book as his others just like "In The Dark" it focuses a lot on the main character & all the side characters were great it didn't bring ...more
I'm really torn by this book, while on one hand it is a good fast paced thriller with plenty of action, twists and turns and moments that will leave you utterly speechless, on the other hand I found 'Alice' really really annoying. Not only did she persist in making ridiculously stupid decisions she did so with an arrogance and self assurance that made me, if I'm entirely honest, want to smack her. Her self-justifications for her actions were sickening and the constant re-thinking, over-thinking ...more
Tom M
"Alice" is a young woman with a slightly troubled past. She lives in a small apartment above a garage on the grounds of her wealthy friend and husband. Her friend's house is in the outskirts of a sparsely populated suburban town. The house has no close neighbors and it's backyard is woods where dead bodies have been deposited in the past. One evening, while her friends are away on holiday, she spots a man lurking around the pool, eventually swimming nude, almost taunting her outside. From this p ...more
Micky Stew
I really thought Laymon would give us so much more than this, but it was just too unbelievable for me too ever get into it. 'After Midnight' started off so strong and promising but quickly turned into a parody in my opinion.

In a 24 hour period Alice, the protagonist, hid from a disgusting flasher, murdered three people purposely, one person accidentally, semi-tortured another, chopped up one into bits, raped another woman (with sticks and stuff), cleaned up two or three different crime scenes, h
Alice hütet ein einsames am Waldrand gelegenes Haus. Es ist unheimlich: ein junger Mann hängt am Pool herum und ein Telefonanrufer belästigt sie. Als sie sich bedroht fühlt, schlägt sie mit einem Säbel zu und hat nun eine Leiche an den Hacken.

Die Idee ist durchaus gut, doch dem Buch geht ganz schnell die Luft aus und so etwas wie Spannung stellt sich gar nicht erst ein.

Es wird im Akkord gemordet, vergewaltigt, zerstückelt. Und wenn nicht gerade das Blut in Fontänen spritzt, werden Fingerabdrücke
So I finished this book last night and then had a dream/nightmare that I was running through the mall looking for the tanning salon wearing nothing but a man's dress shirt wrapped around me. I'm calling that a win?

This book was a pretty fast-paced, easy read. It had sexy sexy descriptions, serial killers, thong undies, lots of action in cars, sabers, constant running through the woods, throbbing man parts, blood and brain chunks, lipstick lesbians, pretty much everything you need for a weekend r
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Richard Laymon was born in Chicago and grew up in California. He earned a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles. He worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian, and a report writer for a law firm, and was the author of more than thirty acclaimed novels.

He also published more than sixty short stories in magazines such as Ellery Queen,
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