Driver's Ed
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Driver's Ed

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Remy and Morgan feel that getting a driving licence will make their lives almost perfect. Their tutor for what is known throughout the school as Driver's Ed, thinks his course is a joke and pays no attention to the students in his class, or the plans they make/

And with one of their friends, Remy and Morgan are planning to steal road signs. But when they steal a 'stop' sign...more
Paperback, 199 pages
Published December 1996 by Mammoth (first published August 1st 1994)
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Horrid. Forced to read it for English class, as part of a unit on pleasure reading. Had strong words with my teacher on the subject of what did and what did not constitute pleasure reading.
This book is about 2 teenage kids who decide to make a bad mistake by stealing a road sign. The teens who decided to steal this sign were 3 16 year old teens. Their names were Morgan Campbell, Remy, Nicholas Budie the only teens that have had a lot to do with it was Nicholas Budie, Morgan Campbell because Nicholas was tdriver but every night late at night he would drive around staeling signs and Morgan was in it because he wanted that sign he thought that sign was special because it said"Morgan...more
Driver's Ed is a young adult fiction novel by Caroline B. Cooney. The story takes place in a generic American suburb, evolving around the teenagers Remy and Morgan and their inevitable love-story with a dramatic plot twist.
Personally, I was not very impressed by this book. The story starts off extremely slowly so that it is very hard to get into the book. Admittedly, it takes up speed at about the half of it, but when the climax of the story is reached, it starts to slow down again, leaving only...more
Nicole Baker
It taught me to think before I do something that helps me but can probably hurt others.
Heartbreaking. You just want to help those teens somehow go back in time and undo what they unthinkingly did to cause a fatal car accident.
This contemporary fictional book centers around a group of high school students going through Driver’s Ed. But most specifically it centers around one boy, Morgan, who doesn’t have a very close relationship with his family. He rarely talks with his parents, and family time is usually spent watching the news together on television. As Morgan and the girl he likes, Remy, start hanging out with a trouble- maker, Nicky, they are drawn into the fad of stealing road signs. One night they steal a stop...more
Subjexts: Cars, vandalism, personal responsibility, peer pressure, first-love, family relationships, driving, fear, and taking risks. Cooney “is a master of mixing spellbinding suspense with thought-provoking insight into teenagers' lives” ( Driver’s Ed is romance, suspense, and realistic fiction all rolled into one story. It teaches a big lesson in life—how to take responsibility for what you have done. In the case of Remy and Morgan, stealing the stop sign was a split-second...more
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Driver's Ed by Caroline B. Cooney, illustrated by Jackie Parsons, and published by Laurel Leaf is a fiction novel about two high school sophomores Morgan Campbell and Rembrandt (Remy) Marland. Remy and Morgan have had a crush on each other for a while now and Remy’s friend Lark came up with an idea to go out one night and steal a sign for her room. She convinces Remy and Morgan to go along with her and Nicki by saying that it will be a chance for them to hang out. They were both always good kid...more
Feb 20, 2013 Lauren is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
13. If i were(name of character) at this point I would feel...
If I were Remy at this point, I would feel successful because first off, she got to show her crush, Morgan, how good she was at driving during driver's ed. Also because she now knows that her crush loves her too. She got the guy that all the girls wanted. She got to steal road signs with Morgan, which gave them more time to get to know eachother. After stealing road signs, they held hands and kissed twice, which I don't get because t...more
Tyler Vest
Drivers Ed is one of the many dramatic and impacting novels written by Caroline B. Cooney. It basically talks about these ordinary and naive high school students in their driver's education class who eventually learn the importance of the class from a horrific and fatal event involving a few of their classmates that will change their lives forever. The story starts off as a normal routine for the main characters, Remy Marland and Morgan Campbell, who obviously have strong feelings for each other...more
Morrow Berberich
In the book Driver ED by Caroline B. Cooney in my opinion was spectacular. Hands up outstanding by how the Author wrote the book and told the story. Driver’s ED was about a girl named Rembrandt, who was the main character and Morgan, Rembrandt’s secret crush. Rembrandt has a nickname that she goes by in school, its Remy. Morgan and Remy are both in the same Driver’s ED class together and in many of each others other classes. Everyday in Driver’s ED; Mr. Fielding, the Driver’s ED teacher, takes t...more
Paul Z
The book Drivers Ed by Caroline B. Cooney, portrays drivers ed, peer pressure, and high school life all in one book. Throughout the book there are two consistent main characters: Rembrandt "Remey" Marland and Morgan Campbell who fall for each other in the beginning of the book while bonding over some sign stealing. Remey and Morgan were somewhat pressured into stealing signs but they just wanted to have a good time. During all of this, Remey and Morgan are in the same drivers ed class and both...more
Author: Caroline B. Cooney
Title: Driver’s Ed
Genre: young adult novel
Publication Info: Dell. 1996.
Recommended Age: 11 and older

Plot Summary: Remy and Morgan are friends who are taking driver’s education together. Their teacher is very aloof. He does not bother to get to know the students’ names, and he inadvertently allowed Remy and Morgan to drive together several days in a row because they were wearing the other students’ nametags. Those who were not driving stayed in the classroom to watch mo...more
Tripp Cappelli
The book that I read is called " driver's ed," the author of the book is Caroline B. Cooney, she ends up finding a secret about something that she's not supposed to know about and the Mac wants to eliminate her. the length of the book is one hundred and ninety nine pages long, There was no illustrations in my book. The book that I read was a fiction book. The book is about this girl named Morgan she's the main character of the book and she cant wait to turn sixteen and be able to drive. Another...more
Viktoria Jean
Oct 28, 2007 Viktoria Jean rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: COONEY BUFFs
Caroline B Cooney [again]
Driver's Ed
Tone of Book:
Suspense Novel
[While on a night time prank, some teenagers steal a stop sign resulting in a traffic fatality. A story of romance, teen social stituations, friendship, fear, family responsibilities, and a search through guilt to do what is right. A story in which most teens will be a...more
Fiona P.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This may have been the first Cooney book I read, and it initiated this whole binge on her books. I remember loving it. This, along with Emergency Room and Flight #116 is Down are probably my favorite books written by her. They are definitely not a great literary acheivement, but they are great for the older middle grade readers who need something a little older than Sarah, Plain and Tall but aren't quite ready for a lot of heavy reading (Crime and Punishment...). These books display childhood an...more
Caroline B. Cooney disappointed me this time. In her book's I expect tons of suspense, tragedy, mystery and a certain level of uneasiness. This book was good...very good. But it didn't compare to some of her other books. I would recommend this to people who are interested in stories about teenage lives getting flipped upside down, and the power of guilt. I would definitely not recommend this to readers looking for a fluffy love story, or any fluffy happy story at all. This book kept me intereste...more
Tyler Wiggin
This book was interesting not good but interesting. The beginning I thought was really slow. Then about 3 chapters later the pace went up big time. But it's all the same problem until a few chapters tell the end. I thought Remy and Morgan were really fake. The whole book I just wanted one of them to go to jail or something so one of them wouldn't be in the rest of the story. Now I have been talking bad about it and I gave it 4 stars. It is a interesting book still. The whole tension of what are...more
I am a fan of Caroline Cooney, and this book was written in her usual manner, but it was incredibly depressing. I nearly cried in the end -- nearly -- and that is defiantely saying something. I wish I could give this 2.5 stars, because the beginning felt so forced. It seemed like she was shoving her characters down the reader's throat. It took until the end of the story to grow comfortble with them, and my that time, they had completely morphed (well, most of them) from what they were in the beg...more
3.5 I liked this book. It is one I will have my kids read when they are teenagers. I enjoyed the budding romance between Remy and Morgan in the beginning. It was cute and sweet and so much like things were for me in high school.
Just when you thought things were gonna be great, the story took a tragic turn and showed how seemingly innocent actions can have devastating consequences.
This is a good book to show how peer pressure is definitely something to resist, and hopefully inspire kids to stan...more
I thought that the main character, Remy, was being completely unreasonable placing ALL of the blame on herself for that women's death. All Remy did was take a STOP sign, the women was the one who didn't stop, or think to look, before she went into an intersection. I mean come on, she was pretty much hit by a MAC truck, if you can't see one of those coming down the road, you have issues. Some may argue that since this happened while it was dark out, the women's failure to see the truck is reasona...more
Well...the book is a very good young adult book, and it really touches down on peer pressure. But I could not help but be annoyed at how the characters keep on complaining about their bad choices. This book is also fairly sad, so I wouldn't recommend it for softer people. Overall, this book is pretty average. Not great, but not terrible, either.
Florie Jo (✿◠‿◠) Alicer
♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)This book was amazingly tremendous!I cried cause it's like problems taken from life that is

really true!ಥ_ಥ I mean they make a big fuss about something so small but really!

(ᕗ ಠ益ರೃ)ᕗ ┬━┬

I was so freakkin mad when -----spoiler-----urgghs*(◣◢)┌∩┐them!

I gotta admit(҂⌣̀_⌣́)ᕤ I really wanted to slap myself when my friends and i judged the cover since it really (as teens) look boring to us...I finished the whole thing and it's just a simple life
This is a good read. It took me a little bit to get into it. And as a driving instructor, I felt harsh judgement toward the apathetic driver's ed teacher in the book. He wasted his opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his students.

I like the teen characters in the book. They made it real to me and gave me an appreciation for the mind frames of teens and why they do stupid things. The responses of parents, siblings, and others to the crime committed were realistic, as well.
This book is very heartfelt, but exciting at the same time. This book is about a girl named Remy Marland and a boy named Morgan Campbell, both wanting each other and their drivers license. When Remy's Best friend, Lark suggests a sign game, Morgan, Remy, and Morgan's childhood former friend Nickie Budie set out for two signs, thickly settled and Morgan road. But when Nickie suggests them to take a stop sign, Morgan and Remy are held responsible for Denise Thompson's death.
Lexi W
I liked this book because it was sort of a romantic mystery. I didn't like this book because the guy that was trying to catch them was really weird and creepy. I think people who like mysteries should read this book. I liked how the author used very descriptive words so you could picture what was happening in your head while you were reading. This book kept me thinking about what was going to happen next even when i wasn't reading it. I enjoyed this book.
Mrs W
Remy and Morgan are typical high school teenagers: excited to drive, in love with each other but too shy to admit it, and unable to think when having fun. What starts as a harmless prank of collecting street signs has disastrous results and Remy and Morgan find themselves in the middle of a horrible secret.
• Mild language, infrequent
• An ALA Best Book for Young Adults
• Explores the nature of responsibility.
• A rare book that boys might actually like
Normally Caroline Cooney is a good author, especially her "Janie" series, but this was a big shok for me and it was a step down. Her books are usually very adventerous, but this book has more romance than actual action! As a romance book, it's O.K. I expected more from this book, its all about driving, and there are way too many characters that you get confused! The cover looks interesting, but don't judge a book by its cover!
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Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when "the best teacher I ever had in my life" made writing her main focus. "He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got. I started writing then and never stopped!"
When her children were young, Caroline started writing books for young people -- with rem...more
More about Caroline B. Cooney...
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