Troubletwisters Book 2: The Monster
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Troubletwisters Book 2: The Monster (Troubletwisters #2)

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Jaide and Jack Shield have a secret. When they're unexpectedly sent to live with their mysterious Grandma X, they're thrust into a world where cats talk and strange weather comes out of nowhere. There they learn that they're troubletwisters, with powers they must use to stop the Evil from taking over our world. Before, they'd defeated the Evil through luck and intuition. N...more
Published June 1st 2012 by Brilliance Audio (first published May 2011)
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There are only two reasons I read this after the first book being so bad:

1. Its partially by Garth Nix, and I have read so many amazing books by him in the past.

2. Troubletwisters was just suspenseful enough to make me wonder what would happen in the next book.

After reading The Monster and being let down again, I have no intention of reading The Mystery (the third book.) The Monster had all the same faults as Troubletwisters. It was cliched, predictable, and boring. The Evil is a very uninteres...more
For a children's book it was good, and the lack of teenage angst was very appreciated.Names could be a lot more creative because really The Evil doesn't inspire fear.More like hysterical laughter.Some nice character developement and the supportive characters were starting to be fleshed out.The powers continued to be nice and original .

The main issue I had with it was the fact most of the book was spent withJack and Jaide going"we saw the Evil and it ran us over ,yablahblah we can be trusted...Aw...more
As I said in my review for Troubletwisters, the potential is definitely there for something great and I felt that this did deliver a bit more than the last. The cover was amazing - who can resist devil cats with glowing eyes on the front and a saber tooth tiger on the back - WHAT CHILD CAN RESIST? There was a lot higher ratio of action to morally-questioning-yourself-and-all-things-evil (which anyone will admit got boring very quickly in #1), Tara was fab and Garth and Sean successfully led me d...more
The second book in the Troubletwisters series finds the small seaside town of Portland threatened by a fragment of The Evil that menaced it in Book 1. At least, so the Shield twins suspect. Jack and Jaide are still a bit jumpy after their narrow victory in their first adventure. The wards are all intact, protecting Portland, and the world, from the all-consuming hunger that lurks outside our universe. But Jack can never forget how it felt to have The Evil invading his mind, tempting him to join...more
I think this series is improving: the action is better in this instalment, and the story flows more smoothly. The main premise behind The Monster is intriguing, and it's definitely executed better thanTroubletwisters, but I would have liked to see a discussion of the nature of The Evil and why the Wardens need to exist.I think the authors are still underestimating their audience, because the book is filled with simple dialogue and endless repetition of the simplest of concepts (although it could...more
Lynette ~ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time ~
I really liked this book. I wasn't sure how it would go, seeing as it had been April when I read the first book, but Garth and Sean explained just enough to bring back the rest of the book, without people who had just read the first book to get bored.

At the beginning, it was sort of reminiscent of the hundreds of other books I've read in this genre, however, that delusion didn't last long.
Every time you thought you had it all figured out, something else came along and *bam* you were back to sq...more
Matt Randall
Writing younger young adult novels can be difficult. Some authors have a tendency to completely underestimate their audience and talk down to them. I don't think that's what Nix and Williams are doing, exactly, but it is clear that they tend to make their writing a little more simplistic in the Troubletwisters series.

This book, the second in the series, follows Jaide and Jack as they continue to learn about their Gifts. This book (and maybe the series overall) seems to be playing up the "we're k...more
The protagonists, especially Jaide were kinda annoying in that they came off as rather stupid to me. I've been told before about other people who have annoyed me that "they're just kids" as if that's an excuse. I still find it annoying.

Anyway, the most annoying part of the book was how full of confirmation bias it was. Jaide basically develops a theory pretty early on, and then just REFUSES to give up on it despite evidence to the contrary. She doesn't even really ~try~ to come up with other pos...more
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Monster. In this one, we find Jack and Jaide learning more about their gifts and trying desperately to find out more about a monster that is haunting Portland, much to the chagrin of their kind but stern Grandma X. The twins also must attend school, where they are soon befriended by a lonely girl called Tara. The next twist? Tara's dad may just be working for the Evil ...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, particularly as the final showdown incorporated two of...more
Yvonne Boag
Jaide and Jack are trouble twisters, wardens in training who are too young to control their powers. In the last book they defeated The Evil but they are no longer sure they did so, there are signs it is back. Trying to get their grandmother, a warden, to believe them in another matter. And something is happening with the cats in the area. Jaide and Jack have to figure out what is happening and looks like there is going to be more then one fight on their hands.

I had some big issues with this book...more
Veronica Hester
I have to say this book was promising. I haven't read the 1st book and I don't plan to. This book is not something you remember.
The writing is so preachy. I don't think it's intentional. Jaide and Jack are annoying. They always seem to think they have the right choices, never occurring to them their grandmother might actually be right. They have no main flaws and aren't memorable.
And, seriously, don't throw the excuse "they're just kids" at me. Trust me, kids are pretty smart.
I've got experienc...more
At the beginning I didn't enjoy it the most but as the book went on I got more and more into it and ended up loving it!!!
This is the second book in the Troubletwisters series. Twins Jack and Jaide who are troubletwisters - twins who will become wardens - supposedly - have now been in Portland for a week. After saving the East Ward, there is again trouble from The Evil. They suspect the father of the new girl Tara of being a possible agent of The Evil. Their grandmother won't tell them the whole story of what is going on because they have not yet gained control of their gifts. Despite all the trouble, they once aga...more
Another Warden adventure around Portland. The Shield twins bumble around the town, usually making things worse and yet manage to save the day, which might not have needed to be saved if they had left well enough alone. Throughout the whole story, I was bothered by the twins' refusal to show the least bit of sense, and their caretaker's failure to provide explanations just exacerbated the problem.

Nonetheless, it was a mostly enjoyable book, and I shall read the third in the hopes that everyone wi...more
this book was pretty close to turning me off to the series for good and then the last 75ish pages hit. really it is a 2 star book until the last 75 pages when it becomes a 4 star book...thus the average as a 3 star book. i haven't loved this series but i'm still going to give it a chance because they proved to me that they can write a decent story about these warden children. if you're interested go for it...but if you haven't started i could give you tons of other series that are much better!
Gotta be honest ... it was a stretch giving this one three stars.
I don't understand how Garth Nix could have been involved in this series. His other books are so good! And original!

I kep going hoping it would get better. The seeds of a good story are here. A monster lots of people have claimed to see but no real proof. An excision of an evil left behind after what the heroes think is a battle won. But WHY dies Grandma refuse to tell them anything?
Julie Czerneda
Oh my, #2 is even better!!! The cats! The CATS!!!! Garth Nix and Sean Williams have created a captivating, clever, and warm new fantasy world to explore. With lovely icky bits sure to charm even a reluctant reader. As for me, I'm officially a Troubletwister fan and will be preordering #3. Enjoy. But read #1 first. You don't have to -- they do a great job of bringing everything up to speed -- but you won't want to miss it.
Melissa Moore
Still wish the authors had a better name for the evil forces in this series than The Evil, but that said, this is stronger than the first in the series, more complex, with some inner searching going on between the twin siblings and a delightful new character, Tara.
Maybe not the most challenging reading for a 75 year old but -- Very enjoyable reading for anyone. They know how to write. Read it through twice. Looking forward to the next book. Sent it on to my grandson :-) .
who is that monster next door? or is it the Evil in mr.mcandrew ??? will the troubletwisters save their secret from their new friend??? is the mishape with the cats connected???
find out in THE MONSTER.
This book was good, but it seemed extremely similar to the first with few new plot details to unravel the mystery of the twisters. Or did I miss them? I'll never know I guess grandma x mind wiped me.
Jaime and Jack's second adventure in Portland trying to save the world from the Evil. They have a new friend Tara who gets involved and they learn about the wardens who fight against the Evil.
Another cute adventure. This one was a bit slower to get to the exciting stuff from the other book, but once it got there it was hard to put down.
Good middle school age straight up fantasy adventure. A nice change from overdone teen angst. I should have read book one first.
K.M. Carroll
Eh, it was okay. Once you've read the first book, you've pretty much read the second one, too. The ending had a nice twist, though.

Pacy, interesting story. I like the way normal objects and animals are used for terror.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

It was an okay read. I love Garth Nix but didn't love this one.
Elaine Morton
More riveting adventures of the twins. Kept me interested.
A fantastic second book in the series!
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Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing 'Hail the Conquering Hero Comes' or possibly 'Roll Out the Barrel'. Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra (the federal capital) and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat-up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver-Reed typewriter.

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