The Water Hole
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The Water Hole

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From the bestselling author of Animalia, comes an ingenious fusion of counting book, puzzle, story book, and art book.

Graeme Base takes us on an exhilarating journey of discovery from the plains of Africa and the jungles of the Amazon to the woodlands of North America and the deserts of Australia. At first glance, this is a simple 1 to 10 counting book featuring familiar a...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 1st 2001 by Harry N. Abrams (first published January 1st 2001)
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Dec 10, 2008 Kathryn rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kathryn by: Chandra (thanks!)
Shelves: nature-animals
Nice way to introduce young ones to the rainy-season/dry-season aspect of nature and also to emphasize the importance of water (my husband works with water resources and this is really one of the areas of our environment that is underappreciated! We are facing a major water crisis in the future if something doesn't happen to fix it!) Children will enjoy the little cut-out "watering hole" on each page, getting smaller and smaller as you flip the pages. The animal illustrations are realistic and i...more
Lisa Vegan
As 1, 2, etc. up to 10 animals come to the water hole, it gets smaller and smaller, with cool cut out pages for the water hole. Then, with rain, the water hole gets bigger again, and the final page shows all the animals when they return to it. At the end of the book the numbers 1 through 10 are again listed with the natural location of each animal in the book: by continent, country, region, or habitat. Each of the book’s pages shows different animals in different parts of the world.

I especially...more
Amy Whitmer
The Water Hole is a gorgeous counting book. Each page shows a number of animals drinking at the water hole, starting with one rhino and ending with ten kangaroos. Then oops! The water hole is suddenly dry and the animals go away. But rain comes soon and all the animals come back.

The elaborately detailed illustrations are just beautiful. There is so much detail and so much personality in these images. I just loved the whole book!

This book is great for reinforcing numbers in a classroom, but it al...more
Kathryn Edmunds
Summary: This story is about various animals that gather at a watering hole to drink water. It starts out with 1 animal and goes to 10 to help with counting.

Genre: Counting Storybook

Curriculum Connection: This story would be great to use with math or science. It can help students review counting to 10 or you could talk about all the different types of animals there are throughout the story.

My opinion: I really liked this book. I loved how they made the water hole start to shrink as the story we...more
Rachel Lizan
Description: Count the animals as they gather at the diminishing water hole.

Genre: Counting

Intended Audience: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Curriculum Connection: This book reminded me of water cylces. Children can use this example to chart the cycle of water. I doubt that all of the animals can drink all of the water, so this discussion can include the other factors that lead to the water hole getting smaller and smaller.

Personal Reaction: For what I thought was a simple counting book, I was pleasan...more
Thomas Anselin
I like this book and it works on a number of levels for teaching. First it is a simple counting book going 1-10 with the different animals of the world. At first i was a little confused because all these animals aren't nearly from the same place but the illustrations were changing with their habitat. The expressions on the animals is clear too with the tigers looking more joyful and the kangaroos looking lost and desolate. One of my favorite parts was the picture of the single drop of water beca...more
Ariel Russell

This book belongs to the counting books and it is intended for elementary school students.

Different animals gathered around the water hole to drink until all the water was gone. Then it rained and the water in the water hole was replenished.

The curriculum connection is counting, naming the different animals, and also weather.

The author uses a very unique way to make a connection to counting. The reader is actually able to count the amount of animals gathered around the water hole.

The visuals...more
Susan Wright
A must have read aloud book for any teacher's library. The Water Hole, written and illustrated by Graeme Base, take readers on a numerical journey of different ecosystems through out the world. Each number is represented by a central image of a water hole and the different animals that reside in that region. As the numbers increase, the size of the water hole decreases to demonstrate how water levels in each ecosystem support different kinds of wildlife.
At the end of the book the numbers show w...more
Rose Goodwin
Another fantastic book with hidden pictures - try finding the frill- necked lizard on number 10 and the Dodo bird on the next page. A great book for learning numbers and the water cycle. The edges around the big picture has small pictures of animals from different countries around the world and those pictures are hidden in the main picture. Also the words for those animals are printed under their picture. This book would be good for any age and also for students in ELL. I really enjoyed this boo...more
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Pat Carlson
the Water Hole, Graeme Base (Puffin books, 2001). p.32
picture book:counting.

Summary: This book uses counting animals at watering holes to encourage counting. It also tells a story about diminishing water and rain restoring the watering hole.

a) authenticity

b) I liked using animals to encourage children to count and I liked the back ground of using different animals from different habitats. I had a problem with the panda page and the ending pages giving children false ideas and information. Childr...more
In our "Panda" themed story time children were invited to name the animals pictured and imitate the animal's sound. First the rhino (pat legs to make a running sound), then tigers (growl), then toucans (ark! ark!), then leopards (snarl or prrrr), then moose (slurp slurp), then catfish (blub blub), then pandas (tsk, tsk, tsk) -- which is where we stopped.

Now, try this "panda stretch". Everyone stand up and pretend you're climbing a tree. Stretch one arm up and grab a branch. Now stretch the other...more
This is an amazing animal/counting book. This book could also count as an engineered book because there is a hole cut out on each page showing the size of the watering hole. It shows how the watering hole slowly over the turns of the page gets smaller and smaller. On each two page spread there is a number and how many animals are drinking at the watering hole. It also says what the animal might be thinking. On each two page spread it has a magnificently painted picture of the animals that are at...more
Genre: Counting
The Waterhole
Summary: From all around the globe, animals come for a cool drink as they experience a drought. As the thirsty animals drink, the hole filled with water begins to disappear.
a) Area for comment: illustrations
b) Not only does this book introduce young readers to the numbers 1-10, but the vivid use of illustrations encourages the reader to explore exotic animals around the world. They illustrator used realistic images while incorporating realism along with fanta...more
Author / Illustrator: Graeme Base
First Published: 2001

The Waterhole was inspired by a four-week sightseeing safari through Kenya and Tanzania. I had in mind a simple story about the cycle of seasons on the African plains, but the idea gradually expanded to embrace other countries and their wildlife, in the process giving the central image of the waterhole a certain metaphorical significance - and, of course, providing me with the perfect excuse to draw lots of animals from other parts of the wor
What I like most about this story is the end where you come to find out that all the animals come from different places around the world. It really shows you how we are all living on this Earth and we all need to take care of it.
My view on Social Studies:
I believe that social studies is the study of humans, their interactions with each other and the world around them. As teachers, we must open the eyes of our students to the diverse cultures around us. Every individual is unique and can offer...more
Allison Webster
1. This book belongs to the counting picturebook genre.

2. Animals come to a water hole to drink, but soon the water supply dwindles until, finally, it is non-existent.

3. The area for critique is content.

The content of this book is rich. It includes so many aspects of science, math, English, and art.

Throughout the book there are animals that come to a water hole to drink. Counting up to ten, there are ten different areas and ecosystems represented. They include: 1. Africa 2. India 3. South Am...more
1. Genre: Counting
2. Summary: This stylish counting book tells a tale of a water hole being used by the animals of the world and the as the animals drink the water hole begins to shrink. By the end of counting to ten (kangaroos) the water hole is gone and the animals leave until a rainstorm brings water again.
A. Area of Comment: Arrangement
The author uses a stylish arrangement of the animals drinking from the water hole on the right page while the text is spread out on the left page. Also each p...more
Steven Reid
1. Genre: Counting
2. This book talks about different animals visiting a water hole, and counts up from one to ten as the animals drink all the water. Each animal represents a different geographical area. By the tenth animal all the water is gone, but the rains come and replenish the water hole, allowing all the animals to return.
3a. Illustrations
3b. This book has very beautiful illustrations. Each shows a landscape of the different geographical areas that match the animals at the water hole. Alo...more
1. Genre: Counting Picture Book
2. Summary: The book counts from one to ten using a variety of animals drinking at a water hole, but as the animals increase the size of the water hole decreases in part to a drought. When the rain comes, all of the animals come back to the land and water.
3. a) Illustrations
b) The illustrations are very descriptive and detailed from each one of the animals on the page to the animals that are hidden in the background. The illustrations are very unique and intricat...more
Citation: The Water Hole, by Graeme Base. (Harry N. Abrams, 2001). 32p. Counting Book.

Summary: Wild animals from around the globe grow in number as the water hole shrinks in size, counting up from one to ten and then jumping to zero in the dry season. Counting animals at the water hole remains the focus, but clever illustration introduce the reader to a great variety of wildlife as well.

Critique (a.) The illustrations take this from a simple counting concept book to a rich experience in number c...more
Ellen Shackley
Genre: Counting Picture Book

Summary: By counting the numbers 1-10 we see animals from various continents experience a lack of drinking water due to draught.

A) Area of Focus: Realistic/ Accurate Illustrations

B)The author/ Illustrator does an excellent job of creating realistic illustrations to go along with each number. The group of animals on each page is indicative of a different continent. This book does a great job of exposing younger students to animals from other continents that they may no...more
Rebecca Thomas
1.) Genre- Counting Picturebook

2.) Summary- Using detailed drawings of animals from around the globe, this book counts from 1 to 10. Readers participate in both basic counting and a story about a water hole that shrinks as each group of animals take their fill.

3.)a.) Area of focus-Plot

b.) Base has created more than just your standard counting book. The Water Hole, in addition to covering the numbers 1 through 10 with bright and colorful illustrations, tells an important story about the cycle of...more
Nicole Disilvestro
1. This is a counting book
2. This book is about animals that are experiencing a drought and they find a secret water hole. As the drought continues more animals come and the reader can count the different animals that come.
3. (a) I think this a very accurate counting book. It has different numbers represented in the book that the reader can learn. It uses the illustrations to help teach counting to the reader.
(b) I think this is a great counting book that is very appropriate. It uses a great s...more
Nicole Lamb
Picture Book Critique #15

The Water Hole
By: Graeme Base

1. Picture Book Genre: Counting Picture Book

2. Brief Summary: The Water Hole uses the central theme of the commonalities of animals around the world that drink from a local stream, river, pond or lakes to not only assist students in learning how to count from 1 to 10 but also highlights several science and environmental themes. Graema Base does an excellent job at displaying ten very different animals from around the world beginning with one...more

Category: The Water Hole is a picture book in the counting category.
Summary: This picture book has beautiful illustrations depicting all the continents. It illustrates the effect that draught has on animals, as their water hole continues to sink.

A. I absolutely loved the illustrations in this book. Through the illustrative style, comes the true strength of this story. On each page, certain animals are depicted but the forest surrounding them has very subtle images of other animals found...more
The Water Hole

1-Genre: Counting

2-This story incorporates counting while depicting various watering holes all over the world. Each watering hole has its own special animals that visit.

3-(a) This book does an excellent job of detail in its illustrations.
(b) With each turn of the page the reader is put into another distant habitat. The illustrator allows the reader to travel through habitats such as Africa, India, China, Europe, etc. The illustrator has such great detail each illustration that i...more
Sarah Alexander
I have read numerous counting books and this is the best one I have ever read. It is about animals from around the world drinking at their water holes. The continue to drink until the water is gone and then they are forced to leave the area. when the rain comes and refills the water holes the animals return. The illustrations in the book are some of the best I have seen. There is so much detail and hidden images in the illustrations it is amazing. If you look closely at the pictures you can see...more
Crystal Lockhart
I read The Water Hole by Graeme Base. I read this book as my counting choice and it was found in the textbook on page 73. This book is designed around the watering hole and the animals that use it. It is used to learn the numbers 1 to 10. It also shows the concept of the watering hole getting small and what happens when the water is all gone in the watering hole.

The illustrations in this book were beautiful. They are created to look as close to realistic as possible and I believe it has been...more
Gina Saenz
Sep 09, 2013 Gina Saenz added it
Shelves: libs-642
Category: Counting
Source: Textbook p 73
What I liked best about the book The Water Hole by Braeme Base are the real life illustrations! The paintings of the animals brings out the such details that it almost looks like you could touch the page and feel the textures on the turtles feet, the soft fur of the pandas, and the sharp teeth of the tigers. The story takes place in a forest where the animals use the same watering hole to sustain them. Over time and with over use and no rain, the watering...more
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Graeme Rowland Base is a successful Australian author and artist of picture books that have been sold internationally. He is perhaps best known for his second book, Animalia published in 1986, and third book The Eleventh Hour which was released in 1989.
He was born in England but moved to Australia with his family at the age of eight and has lived there ever since. He attended Box Hill High School...more
More about Graeme Base...
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