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Manual Of The Warrior Of Light
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Manual Of The Warrior Of Light

3.69 of 5 stars 3.69  ·  rating details  ·  17,061 ratings  ·  789 reviews

Warrior of the Light: A Manual is an inspirational companion to The Alchemist, an international bestseller that has beguiled millions of readers around the world. Every short passage invites us to live out our dreams, to embrace the uncertainty of life, and to rise to our own unique destiny. In his inimitable style, Paulo Coelho helps bring out the Warrior of the Light wit

Published October 17th 2005 (first published January 1st 1997)
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It was a book full of proverbs, words of encouragement and wisdom, filled with so much realization on life. As you go along reading each page, you would realize that you can relate to what the author is sharing to us, that in each one of us there is a warrior of light, hiding beneath our folds of fear, doubts and loneliness. We are a Warrior of Light, whether we believe in it at first or not, because we are servants of the longingness to find our dreams, to conquer our fears and live life with p ...more
I remember I used to date a boy who, knowing my almost legendary loathing of Coelho, bought me this book as a joke. I honestly can't believe this was published. It doesn't even make sense!

Each time he came over I would greet him with a quote from the book and we would meditate over it for a bit.

- This was another installment of Men&Books in my life. I will write a proper memoir with this theme one day.
I am now reading this book for the third time. With each reading I underline and highlight something newly discovered that connects and validates my current experience and understanding. Why this book is fascinatingly useful to me is, its a compilation of seeds that grow when watered by my personal experience and meditative thought. In and of itself, it does not do the dirty work or heavy lifting for you, as many other books intend to do. This book is not entertaining you. It waits for you to mi ...more
if other readers choose "rich dad poor dad" or "the secret" as their book bible, i prefer to drift away with "the warrior of light"

paulo coelho writes the philosophy of warrior of light for the ones who appreciate the miracle of being alive and to guide each soul to embark to their own destiny.

quoted these from paulo's blog:

The Warrior possesses the art of the blow and the art of pardon. He knows how to use both with equal skill.

The Warrior of Light listens to Lao Tzu when he says that we must d
This book was very inspiring to me. It was the right book at the right time. And with being a psychotherapist I have often had very similar thoughts as Paulo Coelho when I work with people, helping them through their pain and suffering. The book is beautifully written and full of symbolism. The Warrior of light served as metaphor for those who serve God and are not perfect, but human striving toward God's light.

Thought I would include some quotes below from Paulo Coelho's book.
"Like the fighte
مصطفي سليمان
أفكار كتير ممكن تجيلك

وانت بتقراء الكتاب دا


هو ازاي كتبه؟

الكلام دا محدش يعرف يكتبه

غير اللي يكون مر بيه


وجربه وخد وقته معاه

دليل سهل

ازاي تبقي لوحدك

وتبقي مستمتع

ازاي تبقي لوحدك

وتبقي لطيف

اغلب الكلام اللي ف الكتاب دا

مزعج بشدة

لانه حقيقي بشدة

علي الاقل

هتلاقي فيه

في حد ال 10 حاجات انت عملتها او مريت بيها

عزيزي , عزيزتي

دا النوع اللي من الكتب اللي بيخليك تحس بشئ

مريب وعجيب

انت مش لوحدك علي الارض

فيه حد ما

في مكان ما

حس بنفس الشعور دا

هو هو بنفس تفاصيله

لو انت بتدور علي كتاب شبه دا

ارشحلك دا

بكل بساطة

Suzie J. Toumeh
قال الشاب في خاتمة الكتاب:
"لاحظت أن عدداً من الأمور التي أخبرتني إياها تناقض بعضها بعضاً".
ولكن للأسف، ما قاله الشاب لم يستحق أي رد من المرأة الغامضة.

هذا الكتاب ليس أول تجربة فاشلة لي مع باولو، لكن بدون منازع إنها، الأفشل.
إنه متناقض، وينقصه القليل من الصواب، لا يمكن ربطه بالحياة الواقعية إلا إذا كنت طفل ذي مخيلة خصبة. لربما كتب ليكون كتاب مقدس لقراء باولو، يصف لهم كيف يكون الإنسان الصالح أو كما لقبه "محارب الضوء".

أما بالنسبة لفوائده، فهو مضيعة جيدة للوقت وأنصحه بشدة لأي إنسان يحب الكتب الفارغة ا
Kat Kiddles
“As I finish reading the prologue, it strikes me that we spend an incredible amount of time and effort fighting to achieve. We determine what is to be done, and plow through all the divine messages that cross our paths in the name of our objectives. Perhaps it’s only after we’ve fought for long enough, lost a sufficient amount of blood in our self-imposed battles and come to terms with our permanent scars that we finally give in just enough to actually realize what’s around us.

“The pandemonium o
Jul 19, 2007 Jodi rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who like pop psychology self help crap
Shelves: fiction, selfhelp
This was a book club choice and chosen mainly because we were looking for a book in Spanish that would be a fairly easy read. I thought the overarching story of the boy on the beach was worthless and the "advice" on being a warrior of the light was contradictory and simplistic. If vaguely spiritualistic babble really motivates you - this is your book.
After reading The Alchemist, I picked this up. It's a quick read, but the thoughts it provokes linger. While there were some new nuggets of wisdom, for the most part, many thoughts I've had in the past and several beliefs I've held were reaffirmed. Made up of various proverbs, one was similar to a belief among Native Americans in my part of the Americas and is one which I've known for years, though mine goes to the seventh generation. "Before making any important decision ... the Warrior asks hi ...more
The Alchemist was great, so naturally I went out and bought 2 more Coelho books. The Valkeries was not very good and gives a lot of insight into Paulo himself (not impressed). Then I started to read Warrior of Light and truly believe that Paulo totally misses the boat on what it means to be a Warrior of Light. Suprisingly for someone who writes metaphysical books, he can't see around his own ego long enough to put anything of value on the page. This did it for me, as far as I am concerned read t ...more
The more Coelho tries to be inspirational, the more he lacks.

Ah, I was a huge fan of this book when I read it and I was possibly 13. Now I look back to it, I only can say that it was a book version of being drama queen. There is no drama at all,in the boook. But, the system of thought is the same as drama queens that tries to make all the problems bigger than they actually are and then start to fight with imaginational enemies.

No, Coelho. Not this. Advicing people to be strong in the way of batt
Jacqui Helms
Paulo Coelho is an author that I can't help but love. His books all reflect his philosophical and deep thinking within the plot of the story. This book is different because there is no story or main character, instead this book is a manual to living positively like the main character Santiago from "The Alchemist." This manual is a way for people to live positively and can be used as a guide to incorporate alchemy into everyday life. Warrior of the Light also opens your eyes to reflecting on your ...more
شيرين فتحي
يؤمن محاب الضوء بأن الشخص عندما يريد الحصول على أمر فإن الكون بكامله سيتآمر لصالحه.

ـ لا يمتلك محارب الضوء الإيمان على الدوام.

ـ محارب الضوء يتصرف كالأطفال في بعض الأحيان ويشعر بالفخر إذا ما واجهه أحد بذلك لأنه يعلم أنه سيبقى على اتصال بالله عبر تلك البراءة.

ـ يستمد محارب الضوء قوته من الألم الذي لحق به في الماضي.

ـ التزام محارب الضوء عادةً يكون التزاما أحمق قد يُلحق به الأذى لكنه يحترم كلمته ويدفع ثمن تهوره.

ـ يعرف محارب الضوء أن أهم ثلاث كلمات في أي لغة هي ( نعم ـ المحبة ـ الله ) كلمات في غاية السه
لينـــا العطار
اولا الكتاب ليس رواية وإنما خواطر فلسفية متصلة
الكتاب يحوي بعض الافكار الجيدة و لكني لم استطع اسقاطها على الواقع كونه يتحدث عن محارب و سيف فكانت بعضها مبهمة بالنسبة لي و ربما لان ترجمة الكتاب كانت ليست جيدة ابدا
ربما اقرؤه مرة أخرى بترجمة اخري
Anna-maria Frastali
I know that many many people won't like this review, but I have to be honest. From a litterary point of view P.Coelho's writing really simple, nothing special in it, there are not engaging images or words. Since this is not supposed to be a novel but a manual in a more philosophical way (!), this Warrior's of the Light philosophy is really plain. I feel that Coelho just wanted to add everything he could in order to attract more readers. It is mostly a book for people who feel that they don't hav ...more
This is my most fave book from the whole book that I've evr read!!!
Gw beli buku ini sekitar taun 2007-an, nemu di toko buku Toga Mas di Jogjakarta.
Kenapa ini selalu gw bawa ke mana-mana dan gw baca berulang-ulang tanpa bosan?
Inilah beberapa kalimat yang berhasil gw kutip di bab awal :

Seorang ksatria cahaya tahu bahwa ia memiliki banyak hal yang patut disyukuri. Dia tidak perlu diingatkan tentang bantuan yang diberikan orang lain padanya, ialah orang pertama yang mengingatnya.

Seorang ksatria caha
Noha mohamed

A man only has a soul to be won or lost; apart from his
life, he has nothing.
Past or future lives do not matter - at the moment
you are living this one, and you should do so with silent comprehension,
joy and enthusiasm. What you must not lose is your enthusiasm. " paulo coelho "
-you do not have a woman whom you love; the woman is not yours. What is yours is
the energy of love, which you aim at her.
_كان كونفوشيوس يسافر مع تلاميذه و عندما سمع بأن صبي ذكي جدا
يعيش في قرية مجاورة. ذهب كونفوشيوس لل
Patrick Suth
An attempt to mimic the art of war. Coehlo shows throughout this book that he believes that his idea of a happy lifestyle is the only way anyone can be happy. Its high headed tone of what balance is and how to approach morality is clumsy and occasionally contradictory. I'm halfway through this book and it is going to take a miracle to change my opinion. This is the fourth Paulo Coehlo book I have read. I am now eating my way through these novels just to clear space on my bookshelf.

One aspect I u
Rebekka Steg
Inspiring! Everyone should read this book!
Though Warrior of the Light: A Manual, by Paulo Coelho, is very different to many of his other works, it is no less inspiring nor any less thought provoking.
This collection of short notes, thoughts, ideas and inspirations, should not be read all at once, but rather read and savoured over the course of several days or even weeks, in order to fully take in and reflect on everything that is written.
Since we are all in different places in life, have reached
Rosie Nguyễn
There are books that come to us at the right time, either we seek for them, or they come by chance, playing as saviors. I searched for this book and it was exactly what I wanted. Soothing my pain with the beautiful words, releasing my pressure with understanding expression, encouraging me with the simple rules. I found again the reasons for me to be a warrior of light, to choose this painful yet rewarding path. Keep moving forward, I whispered to myself.
Esmeralda Plangesis
Jul 18, 2014 Esmeralda Plangesis rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone in search of enlightenment along the path of life...
Recommended to Esmeralda by: No-one...
"The warrior of light is a believer." I agree with Paulo Coelho that only believers in life (irrespective of chosen religious faith-my emphasis),can expect miracles to happen...

"You do not need to be perfect. you do not need infinite wisdom, patience or humility. You do not need to be a saint. You only have to want to live a life that's full and true. To rise up, to greet your own unique destiny...

Alternatively, you can spend all your time wandering around in the dark forest of life, thrashing
So, I picked this up when I couldn't get to sleep one night, and I'd had a crap day, and all I wanted was to dream about Edward Cullen, and it made me feel soo much better. Like, insanely better.
Sometimes I close my eyes and just open it to a random page, and read it and think about me in relation to it. I mean, I may not be a warrior yet, but I definitely think that at some point I'll be on that path. Sometimes it's as if it was written perfectly for that moment and that emotion and how I was f
Normally I wouldn't read something like this. It's bordering on self help & I'm not interested in those type of books. Paulo Coelho is a great writer however & I have purchased most of his books so I got this one too. I can't say I regret it. The book just makes you feel really... good. Happy. Hopeful. Like you can do anything. Written in a fable like & rather poetic way, you can't help but believe that the world is as beautiful as this book makes it seem. That you can be strong & ...more
Yomna hosny
Out of all of Paulo Coelho's books, this one is definitely the most new agey..
This is the one book I want to read again and again and again. This is the one book I want to keep in my bag when I go out and beside my bed when I go to sleep. This is the one book I want to open at a random page to see how I should respond to a certain situation.

This is a book full of pure kindness.

This is MY book.
هذا الكتاب الذي في كل مرة أفتح على صفحة منه بتلقائية ، فأجد فيها الإجابة على ما أعايشه في اللحظة ذاتها من مصاعب وتحديات .. علاقتي معه غريبة جداً !
باولو كويلو فيلسوف الادب ...
Katie Lynn
I could see keeping a copy of this book and reading one each day or something. If I didn't already have two I was doing that with, I just might. Oh, and the fact that the library probably doesn't want me to keep theirs for a year.

I marked several favorites, but they seem silly to repeat... Maybe I'll try and see if I just can't leave them there or something. Here goes:

"The Warrior of the Light recognizes the silence that precedes an important battle.
The silence says "Things have stopped. Why not
Brazīliešu rakstnieks Paulu Koelju ir sarakstījis 29 grāmatas. Viņa visslavenākais drabs ir „Alķīmiķis”, kas iztulkots 71 pasaules valodā. Izvēlējos lasīt „Ceļavārdi Gaismas Bruņiniekam”, jo tāpat, kā no iepriekšējiem šī autrora darbiem, vēlējos smelties pozitīvas emocijas un jaunas dzīves atziņas. Darbības vieta šajā atziņu krajumā, kas sastāv no daudzām miniatūrām ir dzīve, vieta ir brīdis, kad Gaismas Bruņinieks mācās dzīvot.
Manuprāt, tēls Gaismas Bruņinieks, esam mēs katrs pats, kas saskāri
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The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist. In 1986, PAULO COELHO did the pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostella, an experience later to be documented in his book The Pilgrimage. In the following year, COELHO published The Alchemist. Slow in ...more
More about Paulo Coelho...
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