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The Storm (NUMA Files, #10)
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The Storm (NUMA Files #10)

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  3,368 ratings  ·  267 reviews
In the middle of the Indian Ocean, a NUMA research vessel is taking water samples at sunset, when a crew member spots a sheen of black oil ahead of them. But it is not oil. Like a horde of army ants, a swarm of black particles suddenly attacks the ship, killing everyone aboard, while the ship itself goes up in flames.A few hours later, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on the ...more
Hardcover, Large Print, 561 pages
Published June 1st 2012 by Wheeler Publishing (first published May 29th 2012)
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Chris Bauer
I have to admit there is something comforting in reading a Cussler book. Its like hanging out with an old friend you only see a couple of times a year. You know how the conversation will go, what beers he/she will drink and when you're done, you're done. No awkward good byes. Just a simple "see you next time."

The Storm is no exception. Cussler has made a career of a tried and true formula going back three decades and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Strong characters escaping implausible situtati
Ghost Archer
I started reading Clive Cussler with Raise the Titanic many, many years ago and since that time I have always looked forward to his next book. Sadly, that enthusiasm has waned over the last few years as Mr. Cussler has expanded his scope and cast of characters. When the Storm appeared, I did not even consider it as a purchase and truthfully had it not been a gift I doubt I would have read it but once I have a book in my hands I am compelled to read it no matter how bad. Do not mistake me, The St ...more
Steven Feeney
As a long running fan of Clive Cussler, including both his fiction and non-fiction, it has been a real shame to watch the dilution of the Cussler name with inferior co-writers. The Storm, unfortunately, continues the downward trend.

It is the standard Cussler adventure template with a few expected twists and cursory nod to modern technology and ecological issues. However, the series is clearly missing the loving Cussler prose that characterised the Pitt series.

It has all of the ingredients but wi
Alexander Russ
Acadenic English 10
Ms. Emmett
7 January 2013

The Storm by Clive Cussler is a very thrilling book with many twists and turns that are impossible to predict. The book’s main characters, Kurt and Joe, are agents at the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA). They find themselves in plenty of situations involving an evil mastermind who wants to alter the world’s weather patterns. The unpredictable storyline and the intriguing plot make The Storm a bestselling novel. Mr. Cussler cre
Steven Daniel
The book, The Storm by Clive Cussler was a very interesting book. I thought it was a great book that had lots of descriptive detail and painted a picture in my head as I read. Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on an expedition to find out what destroyed their fellow workers' ship, what it could potentially do, and who was behind it all. This book offers everything from modern day technology with nanobots, all the way back to a World War 2 island with soldiers there who still think it is World War 2 ...more
Clive Cussler doing what he does best, a fantastic riveting read which I completed in one sitting. This being about a wealthy power mad Yemeni who is set on controlling the weather at the beck and call of the highest bidder, but he did not reckon on Kurt and Joe and their team, a reclusive billionaire living on a man-made island and a rag tag band of men from a Acific Island, and the occasional appearance of Dirk Pitt was good. Loved it waiting for the next but really looking forward to the new ...more
De Storm

NUMA medewerkers ontdekken in de Indische Oceaan temperatuurverschillen terwijl ze daar metingen verrichten. Op een dag terwijl ze die metingen aan het uitvoeren zijn worden ze aangevallen door een smurrie die alles opeten wat er op hun pad komt. De catamaran wordt leeg aangetroffen en dan stuurt Dirk Pitt Kurt Austin met een team mensen naar de plaats des onheils om dit nader te gaan onderzoeken en antwoorden te vinden op de vragen hoe dit kon gebeuren en het waarom.

Jinn al - Kalif woo
Another adventure with Jurt Austin and the NUMA crew as they work the thwart an attempt to change the ocean temperature which would change the wind and where the rains would fall. The method was to manufacture nano machines that would change the reflectivity of the ocean (Indian)to change the water temperature. The nanobots were controlled by radio and could be directed to attack and devour living matter and reproduce themselves. CUssler a it again with a rapid fire action adventure and a quick ...more
We expect to fly back to North Texas from Luxor on our upcoming cruise from the Indian Ocean to the Red sea so perhaps we will be able to view the Aswan dam which is a focus point of this novel.
I have learned as a result of this reading that it may be possible for me to escape from being entrapped in a dry well if I am fortunate to have a rubber tire to my back by crab walking up the wall and flexing my six pack abdominal muscles!
My first Clive Cussler book. AWESOME. Imagine if you will, a swarm of microbots in the ocean with the ability to change the weather pattern anywhere in the world. What would happen? What would happen if these microbots were meant to keep the waters clean of debris and were able to "reproduce" uncontrolled? Originally created for good, but made bad.

I will read more by this author. It is not longer a "man" book to me.
This was my first experience of a Cussler book, and I wasn’t disappointed. What I found and liked most of all about Cussler is his expansive imagination. This book has imaginative evil schemes and obscure technologies for accomplishing the schemes which also includes clever ways to undo the harm. The Storm explores how important the oceans are as a global resource, and how they might be potentially used to accomplish more (for evil or for good) in the future. I found as I read the book that my m ...more
Jud Hanson
A NUMA crew mysteriously disappears while investigating strange temperature fluctuations in the Indian Ocean. The last thing they see is a mysterious black mass covering the water. Kurt Austin is given the task of retrieving the ship from local authorities, who found it adrift. An examination of the evidence suggest that the crew deliberately set the craft on fire but it isn't clear as to why. Austin will ultimately discover that forces are at work to alter weather thru the use of microscopic ma ...more
Wayland Smith
The Dirk Pitt books have essentially become James Bond at sea. They are somewhat formulaic, but that's not an inherently bad thing. We have the grand super villain, devious scheme that can effect the entire world, somehow connected to the oceans, Dirk and his sidekick Joe, and the current damsel in distress.

You know what you're getting going in. It's not fine literature, but it's entertaining in the mindless action flick kind of way. This one involves nanites being used to effect weather patter
Clive Cussler has set a standard for adventure novels that is so predictable (in the sense that his main characters get involved with bad dudes, get beat up, but find a way in the end...) but still so much fun to read for me. It is amazing that I still find his books engaging. What has not happened? And how have Dirk and Al or Kurt and Joe not solved it yet? Well, in this new concept, Kurt and Joe are taken on another spellbinding adventure and are challenged by a new nano-bot technology and som ...more
Years ago I was an avid Cussler reader, but I got tired of the growing trend in his books to have the main characters facing literally impossible odds, and at the last second, miraculously overcome those odds, so I gave up on him. I guess time heals all wounds, because when I saw The Storm on the shelf at the grocery store, I decided to see if Cussler has any new ideas.

So I get to page 45, and read this:

"He and Joe had been through a decade of adventures together. They'd been in endless scrapes,
Another fantastic Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala novel from Clive Cussler (Along with Graham Brown) "The Storm" is from front to back the complete package of Cussler Action, drama, and witty dialog that has kept Mr. Cussler my favorite author of all time. This terrific yarn also includes the Trouts, Paul and Gamay. Filled with awesome bad guys , and incredible feats of courage and outrageous dialog (From good guys & bad guys !) this one is pure Cussler through and trough. 5 stars out of 5 easily ...more
Virginia Winfield
this is a very good book. always something happening.
Love each Cussler book I read. So much fun.
David Erickson
This is another of the NUMA series with Kurt Austin as the primary character. Like all the NUMA novels this one starts in the distant past, in this case 1943, with a freighter carrying a new and deadly weapon on the run from the Japanese Navy.

Arriving in 2012, three NUMA researchers disappear in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but their catamaran survives badly burned leaving behind a curious residue. Kurt is sent in to discover the mystery of the missing crew. Add a beautiful Russian researcher
Pamela Mclaren
I usually love a Clive Cussler book — for the bit of historic mystery at the beginning, for the thrilling and quite unrealistic stunts and how the good guys always win. A bit of fantasy wrapped up in good writing. I called them my book candy because they were clean, crisp and easy to read. Not a bad thing when so many books are heavy with portent,

And there is good writing here, the story is told cleanly, crisply and just as easy to read. But somehow, this wasn't quite the same to read as previo
Teo Hoppe
Clive Cussler must rank somewhere near the top of authors who can dream up the most imaginative evil schemes, obscure technologies for accomplishing the schemes, and how to undo the harm. It's just amazing. I, for one, am glad that he is enlisting coauthors to flesh out these wonderful plots so that we can enjoy more of them.

I am partial to stories about Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala. They remind me of the early Dirk Pitt books in their swagger and derring do.

The Storm is a timely tale that explore
Clive Cussler is my favorite adventure/mystery writer. Kurt Austin is the perfect hero always saving the day and rescuing the girl. It is all rather pat but I love the details inbetween and it really keeps up my interest all the way through. This one is about a machine that can change the weather by changing the temperature of the ocean. If the "bad guys" have this technology, then they can determine which parts of the world can have the advantage and can manipulate nations to do their biding.
While conducting research in the Indian Ocean, three members of NUMA, The National Underwater and Marine Agency lead by Dirk Pitt, are attacked and killed when an unidentifiable swarming black mass engulfs their sailboat. They had no time to escape or call for help before being overcome by the attack.

NUMA investigators Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are called to look into their disappearance. Upon closer inspection of the the mysterious mass that attacked the ship, they found it contained nanomachi
I'm sure I've read some Cussler before, but I can't think of any titles. I was searching for something to listen to on the Thanksgiving drive to, and from, Illinois. This was on the shelf, and it was read by one of my favorite audiobook narrators, Scott Brick. Even if it was horrible, it would be entertaining. Turns out, it wasn't horrible at all. The characters were fun, if cookie cutter. The bad guys were very bad. The good guys were very good. There were no surprises in this book, you could p ...more
Cheryl A
Don't let my low rating fool you - like all of Cussler's books, The Storm packs a punch, with rip-roaring action, white knuckle danger and a maritime/ecological disaster looming on the horizon. I highly recommend the books for those looking for fast paced adventure and the good guys ultimately adverting disaster from the bad guys. This title is no different.

While surveying a tempature anamoly in the Indian Ocean, the crew on a NUMA research vessel goes missing. Their ship arrives in port with fi
Kathy Davie
Tenth in the NUMA Files action suspense series revolving around Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala, troubleshooters for NUMA.

My Take

Cussler and Brown don't disappoint with hair-raising robot and seaplane chase scenes. Infiltration into a hidden bunker, miraculous risings from the dead (two for Austin!), rescue on a deserted island, storming a boat at sea, and pulling a Hans Brinker. Just all in a day's work for Kurt and Joe.

I'd be wondering why the woman was running away when Austin stepped after her. I

Mimi Wolske
a friend loaned this book to me with the promise that i'd love it.

i found it to be a fast-paced, exciting read and i think i'll be looking for some of the previous books by Clive Cussler (with Graham Brown, an atty who lives in AZ, co-authoring). The Storm is one of those, what I’ve heard my friend say or read others describe as: classic Cussler testosterone-driven action, over-the-horizon technical wizardry, beautiful and talented women, and exotic locations. it’s all true.

Kurt Austin and his f
Deana M
I thought this book was by far the best in the NUMA files series so far! Kurt and Joe are sent to the Indian Ocean after one of the NUMA ships was found without the crew. Search and rescue cannot locate the three members of NUMA anywhere and the worst is expected. Upon looking at the ship, they find it has been set on fire, apparently set by a member of the crew. Why would you purposefully set a boat on fire while still on it? But, what's weird is that a strange residue was left on the ship. Aft ...more
Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven)
The thing I like most about Cussler’s writing is his expansive imagination. Most writers are imaginative sure, but Cussler always does things BIG. In The Storm for instance, one of the characters is a billionaire inventor who lives on his own island. Nothing so special about that except that this billionaire inventor actually built the island himself. It’s a tremendous floating island that he named Aqua-Terra and he travels around the seven seas on it. He built it with automated construction e ...more
Marianne Søiland
Vi er i det Indiske Hav. En av mannskapet på NUMA sin forskningsbåt er i ferd med å ta de siste vannprøvene i havet. Det er solnedgang og en lang arbeidsdag er over. Plutselig ser han noe som likner på svart olje som siger rundt i vannet foran dem. Dette er ikke olje! Som en horde av yrende maur angriper plutselig en sverm svarte partikler forskningsbåten og dreper alle ombord mens båten selv går opp i flammer.

Noen timer senere er Kurt og Joe på vei til Det Indiske Hav. Hva de finner på den nest
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Cussler began writing novels in 1965 and published his first work featuring his continuous series hero, Dirk Pitt, in 1973. His first non-fiction, The Sea Hunters, was released in 1996. The Board of Governors of the Maritime College, State University of New York, considered The Sea Hunters in lieu of a Ph.D. thesis and awarded Cussler a Doctor of Letters degree in May, 1997. It was the first time ...more
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