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The Concrete Blonde (Harry Bosch, #3)
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The Concrete Blonde (Harry Bosch #3)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  21,445 ratings  ·  906 reviews
The Dollmaker was the name of the serial killer who had stalked Los Angeles ruthlessly, leaving grisly calling cards on the faces of his female victims. Now with a single faultless shot, Detective Harry Bosch thinks he has ended the city's nightmare.

But the dead man's widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for killing the wrong man-- an accusation that rings terrifyingly true w
Hardcover, 382 pages
Published June 1st 1994 by Little, Brown and Company
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3 and half stars.
Ok this is only the 2nd Connelly book I've read (the first being "The Poet") but beginning to see a pattern here. Towards the end you are geared up to one suspect being the killer but then bang no wrong guy, it's another and again no wrong guy it's really this guy. Kind of unsatisfying because in the end there isn't a real analysis of the actual killer. Fast read though if you want to veg out of your own life for a while & be a super sleuth for one night. Bosch seemed like a
In Harry Bosch's third outing, we finally get to learn more about the infamous case that resulted in Bosch's demotion to the Hollywood homicide unit. The Concrete Blonde is more of a legal thriller than a police procedural as the plot revolves around the widow of the serial killer shot by Bosch suing the LAPD. A wrench is thrown into Bosch's defense when more corpses matching the serial killer's MO pop up.

I enjoyed this book more than the first two in the series, although it still hasn't inched

This was the best Bosch story I have read to date. It might even be the best Connelly novel or at least on par with The Fifth Witness. Each Bosch novel has got better and better so far but it will be a hard act to follow after this!

The story has two aspects, the law room aspect and the on-going serial killer aspect. All linked in some way or another and linked together expertly. It's easy to see how Connelly was able to hit his stride straight away with "The Lincoln Lawyer" as the courtroom
The Concrete Blonde is the 3rd Harry Bosch book, and let me say, it’s brilliant! The pace is outstanding, the dialogues are superb. The courtroom drama is top notch.
You can’t help but be fully captivated by this story because it’s so gritty and smart and it moves at a nice speed. With the first two Bosch books I often felt there were too much descriptives & scene-setting, too much background storytelling too. Here it's just enough to give the book depth but not as to bore the reader. What I
Scott Rhee
Four years ago, Harry Bosch shot and killed the serial killer known as the Dollmaker. He had not set out to do so. He was following a lead, and he found himself, late one night, alone and with no time calling for back-up, suddenly confronting the killer in the man's bedroom. Surprised, the man reached for something under his pillow, after Bosch had told him several times to show him his hands. Bosch fired a kill-shot. To Bosch's horror, he realized the man was going for his toupee. After an exte ...more
Book Concierge

Book # 3 in the Harry Bosch series has Harry in federal court defending a civil suit. Four years prior he fatally shot a notorious serial killer – The Dollmaker. Now the family is suing for damages, claiming his civil rights were violated. Unfortunately for Harry’s case, on the first day of the trial a new note arrives for Harry, supposedly from the killer, and leading the police to another body. A blonde buried in a concrete slab certainly fits the profile of The Dollmaker killings. Could
This is the third book in the series and had read the first two but i think i enjoyed this more than them. Michael Connelly was a new author to me but one i will continue reading as his books get better and better . Reall enjoyed this and would recommend it.
Therin Knite

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The third Bosch book takes readers back to the often mentioned Doll Maker case in which Harry Bosch took down a killer of prostitutes who took samples of their make-up as trophies. In THE CONCRETE BLONDE, Bosch is accused of having killed the wrong man when a new murder is uncovered which seems to have occurred after the alleged killer was taken out by Bosch.

Rogue policing is nothing new to Bosch. His cop mentality and iron first delivery of street justice has got him in trouble time and time a
This third entry in Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series begins as a courtroom thriller. Four years before, Harry had killed a man believed to be the Dollmaker, a serial killer of women. Now the man's wife is suing Harry for wrongful death in the case. She is being represented by one of the premier civil rights lawyers in Los Angeles, a woman who is not used to losing. Harry is being represented by a city attorney who is not in the same league with her. His chances do not look good.

At the time
It feels so good when a series continues to deliver. This, the third in the Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch books did not disappoint.

I loved how much more was revealed about the character, Bosch, this time round. He's 43, over 6 ft. with brown/gray hair and a mustache. The mustache surprised me. He continues to date Sylvia Moore, a dead detective's ex-wife from his last case. Bosch claims to love Sylvia but is having trouble sharing his deeper feelings with Sylvia and you wonder if this relationshi
Jun 01, 2012 Eric rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Harry Bosch books
After reading this third Harry Bosch book, I understand how Michael Connelly was able to go from this police detective series to the Mickey Haller defense attorney series, as the legal scenes here really stand out. Actually, the whole book stands out, and I won't say more for fear of spoiling the suspense and mystery of the Dollmaker and the Concrete Blonde cases.
Jane Stewart
2 ½ stars for the first half - too much of a victim feel. 4 stars for last half - it was very good. I’m glad I read it.

Four years earlier, a victim escaped from serial killer Church and called the police. Bosch took the call. He feared the killer might have another victim so there was no time to get backup. Bosch went to the room, told Church to freeze, but Church did not comply. He moved to get something under a pillow so Bosch shot and killed him. Bosch then discovered Church was g
Joyce Lagow
The 3rd in the Harry Bosch series.[return][return]The book opens with a scene in which Bosch guns down a suspect who is reaching underneath a pillow after having been repeatedly told to freeze. It turns out that what is under the pillow is actually a toupee and not a gun, but Bosch feels no remorse because he is certain that Norman Church was the Dollmaker, a brutal serial killer. Evidence in the apartment in which Church died links him definitely with 9 of the 11 murders credited to the Dollmak ...more
Time saver tip: if you've read my review of any Harry Bosch book, you've read 'em all. Since I don't reveal plots and reserve my comments to the overall book/author, characterization, style, etc...I just don't feel the need to repeat myself as in most cases series books if any good at all do remain consistent. The star ratings might change, but not my opinion of the series as a whole.

Michael Connelly is a well know and very popular author in the mystery/detective and police procedural genres. E
I have read mystery thrillers most of my life, but my husband is lukewarm on a lot of detective type books. He enjoys fantasy/ Sci-fi/horror stuff. But, I talked him into reading this one with me as a "buddy" read.
The truth is I couldn't remember if I had read this one or not. I had not.
I can't add more to the comments and reviews that have already been posted about his novel. It was just plain awesome. A+ all the way!
There is a serial killer, a courtroom drama, Harry's personal life and histo
Awesome book. Great character driven plot. Bosch is a great hero, and Connelly captures the setting of LA in the 90's post Rodney King. Very well written. Polished with good dialogue. Great entry to the series.
Bill  Kerwin

I'm not a big fan of novels about serial killers with distinctive M.O.'s who leave clues in notes sent to the lead detective, particularly when the supposed murderer has already been incarcerated or killed, and the possibility of a copycat--or an original injustice--emerges. Been there. Done that. Squared. But Connelly's novel is so well-plotted and so well-written and features such believable characters and such realistic glimpses into the police detective's world that I was completely won over
Tony Romine
Harry Bosch is back and it's time to atone for past sins. We aren't talking about the loads of people he murdered in the first two books, but rather Harry is forced to endure a civil trial for shooting an unarmed serial killer. Everyone in the city seems really excited to see the city of LA pony up for Bosch's "mistake" and tear down Harry a notch or two. It's important to remember that Harry isn't guilty of anything here. He got a tip that this dude was a serial killer, went to the guy's apartm ...more
Domino Finn
The third Bosch novel started out amazingly, with a court case to break up the flow and make it stand out. However, a ways into the story, the plot felt like it had lost some direction. I thought a couple of the twists were cheap and the final sequence was unsatisfying. I don't think the side characters in this one were so interesting, either. Despite this, Bosch is well written and the aura of LA shines. I am just disappointed because this book could've been the best so far if it had stayed at ...more
This is the 3rd Harry Bosch novel I've read and to be honest I probably wouldn't have made it this far in the series except for the fact that I had bought the 3 book collection for Kindle.

There is something I really dislike about a main character whose name I can't pronounce. And Bosch (is it like Box or Botch or what?) had a name that I couldn't hear others saying. So it took some of the love of the novels away from me - especially b/c I think part of this book's strong suit is the conversatio
Lynn Pribus
Partly, I think, it's the delivery of the narrator (or narrators?) on these Connelly books. This one deals with the unpleasant topic of a serial killer of prostitutes and "sex industry" workers. It's the 3rd or 4th Harry Bosch, and he starts to feel like a long-time acquaintance.

There are the usual courtroom scenes with the usual sniper fire between the attorneys and the long-suffering judge. There's a ring of authenticity (except where some witnesses are in the courtroom before they are called
Dusty Craine
This one kept me guessing until the very end. On one occasion I really thought I had figured it out. In my own defense, I think Connelly steered us in that direction and when the characters in the book announced my belief I thought YES! I was right.. and then No! I wasn't. This book has an incredible twist ending.

This book was also equal parts legal thriller as police procedural. This book takes place while Harry and the LAPD are on trial for the supposed wrongful death of an innocent man. The m
THE CONCRETE BLONDE by Michael Connelly is 512 pages in paperback form. This is #3 in the Harry Bosch Novels.

Brief Description:


The serial killer who stalked Los Angeles and left a grisly calling card on the faces of his female victims. With a single faultless shot, Detective Harry Bosch thought he had ended the city's nightmare.

Now, the dead man's widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for killing the wrong man - an accusation that rings terrifyingly true when a new vi
M.L. Rudolph
1994. Four years earlier Detective Bosch was working nights on the Dollmaker serial killer case, called such because the killer grotesquely painted his victims’ faces with their own makeup.

A prostitute called the hotline, certain she’d just escaped the Dollmaker. She saw “all the makeup and shit,” in his bathroom and ran for her life. When Bosch got to the apartment in Silverlake, he thought he saw another girl with the killer so he didn’t call for backup. No time. He busted in. FREEZE! THE COPS
Okay. I read this book months ago, but I'm going to do my best. The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly is a book in his series of mysteries about Detective Harry Bosch. I picked this up because an author I adore recommended it as one of her favorite mystery series, and this her favorite of the series. I am a mystery lover, so I immediately put it on the to-read list.

The premise is that Harry was on a case a long time ago - something like 9 years ago - that was a serial killer case. And he shot
The Concrete Blond is part of Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch novels. It follows “The Black Ice” and is a very good read. Those of you that have read about ‘The Doll Maker’ who is a brutal murderer who paints the faces of women he murders like a doll. Detective Bosh receives a letter that tells of a concrete blonds who has been murdered and is encased in a concrete mold. A combination of investigative chase scenes, descriptions of the murders and personal vignettes with Bosh and Sylvia his girlfr ...more
(#3 in Bosch Series) "the Dollmaker was the name of the serial killer who had stalked Los Angeles ruthlessly, leaving grisly calling cards on the faces of his female victims. Now with a single faultless shot, Detective Harry Bosch thinks he has ended the city's nightmare.
But the dead man's widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for killing the wrong man-- an accusation that rings terrifyingly true when a new victim is discovered with the Dollmaker's macabre signature.
So for the second time, Harry mus
Most of this book is a courtroom drama--a civil suit arising out of the Dollmaker case, in which Det. Harry Bosch shot and killed an unarmed man reaching under his pillow for a toupee. He got suspended, then demoted to the Hollywood office, for failing to follow procedure, going into the man's apartment alone. Still Bosch and his fellow police officers were certain he'd killed the killer. But serious doubts arise when a new victim is found, featuring the same MO as the Dollmaker. Not a lot of ac ...more
Eugenia O'Neal
Detective Harry Bosch discovers that no good deed goes unpunished when the wife of the serial killer dubbed the Dollmaker sues him. Saddled with a rather green attorney who doesn't appear to be any match for the plaintiff's take-no-prisoners representative, Bosch is almost resigned to losing. But just as the case is about to go to court, a note arrives at Police HQ purporting to be from the Dollmaker. The police are baffled since the Dollmaker killings stopped after the shooting. Is this a copyc ...more
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Michael Connelly decided to become a writer after discovering the books of Raymond Chandler while attending the University of Florida. Once he decided on this direction he chose a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing — a curriculum in which one of his teache
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