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The Haunted
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The Haunted

3.73 of 5 stars 3.73  ·  rating details  ·  1,834 ratings  ·  200 reviews
The Haunted, a tale that begins calmly enough when the Perry family—Julian, Claire and their two children—moves into an old Victorian house in the upscale New Mexico town of Jardine. But they soon find their neighbors to be strange and standoffish. More unsettling is a sudden onslaught of bizarre nightmares and ghostly visions. When 10-year-old James is compelled to eat di ...more
Hardcover, 400 pages
Published April 3rd 2012 by Penguin Putnam (first published September 1st 2001)
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Despite its bleakness, Bentley Little's newest, The Haunted, was a lot of fun to read. Although Little is known for his sense of humor, I warn you to not look for that here. This is a book that is dark, bleak, and full of despair as the Perry family loses control of their average, every day lives.

The story is about an innocent family haunted by their new house, but it reminded me of self-abuse spinning out of control, the unknown anger and angst of adolescence, the fear and desperation of a chil
Dirk Grobbelaar
The next morning, [he] found a bobcat skeleton in the dirt.

I’ve been meaning to start reading Bentley Little for some time now.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from The Haunted; not only is it one of Little’s newest novels, it also received some fairly polarised reviews.

She stopped, stared, her heart pounding.

I’m fairly sure that this isn’t the best place to begin reading Little, but it was the only one I had close at hand. Haunted house mysteries are nothing new, and taking the evolution of
11811 (Eleven)
Legitimate scares in this beast. I had given up on BL after a few books that were too formulaic for my tastes but he earned his Stoker nomination with this one.

Just when I thought the haunted house story was no longer a formidable venue for the horror genre...
Nick Cato
Julian and Claire Perry, along with their young son and teenage daughter, move to a better neighborhood in New Mexico. They love the new house, although each one begins to have issues with it, stemming from similar nightmares they share as well as sightings of a creepy old man in the basement.

Each family members then becomes haunted in different ways: daughter Megan begins receiving perverted (and then deadly) messages on her cell phone with no return number; son James partakes in a game of Old
My first encounter with Bentley Little was in reading The Association. It was good, quirky but decent. When I came across The Haunted on Audible, I thought I may as well give it a try, and as an avid reader of all things horror I mostly came away satisfied.

The neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse with the economy. Eventually the Perry family decides to pick up and move to a house closer to downtown, and while it may have seemed like the perfect property, there are secrets about the house
I love haunted house stories, but I seem to be on an unending quest to find a good one these days. I was really looking forward to reading this one, but I was so disappointed. First, the pace is way too fast. There was no time to build the creepy atmosphere. Instead, the haunted starts right away and just keeps repeating over and over until it no longer made any impact in my mind at all. Then there were the cardboard characters. Literally every person in this family is a generic character from e ...more
Adam Wilson
Since my last encounter with Bentley Little's work was about two years ago, and since that occasion was plagued with unoriginality, disappointment, and sadness, I was

overjoyed to see that Little had another novel coming out with a simplistic title. This one is called The Haunted, not to be confused with The House, and it shows that

if you have the tenacity to beat a dead horse, you can sometimes reanimate the damn thing and make it interesting again. No, there are no zombie horses in Little's

Kathy Jackson
I know, I know...I probably should wait to do this post - let the story sink in more - but I'd rather do it when emotions run high.

The story started out well enough - scary, a bit perplexing, even a trifle bit of humor. The family is at the house and at first little things happen - a record player plays itself and a laundry basket seems to enjoy wandering around the house. There is an eeriness that keeps you on seat's edge but doesn't go so far as to seem horrifying. It is easy to like the child
Run-of-the-mill horror story about an evil place throughout the centuries, and a house is built over the spot in present day. It was a tedious, predictable read and I'm really disappointed because I like most of Little's books. I didn't care at all for the characters and it seemed that their troubles were just repeated with every chapter. I mean, at some point you have to yell, "For God's sake. Get out!" White people. *shakes head*
I finished.
I'm glad.

It's October and, as so many of us have, I found myself with a hankering for scary stories. I wanted a ghost story and I wanted to try someone I'd never read. Bentley Little has a decent reputation so I gave this book a shot.

It wasn't to my taste.

To me, this seemed like a remade, updated version of "Poltergeist" with some themes coming scarily close - family moves into new house ((view spoiler)
Bentley Little ist ein hochgelobter und mit Preisen ausgezeichneter Autor zahlreicher Horrorromane, was mir die Bewertung von THE HAUNTED nicht leichter macht. Denn THE HAUNTED ist das erste Buch von Little, das ich gelesen habe, aber es rechtfertigt nach meiner Einschätzung nicht das hohe Lob, das Little zugesprochen wird.
THE HAUNTED ist eine fast klassische Geschichte eines Hauses, in dem es spukt, aufgepeppt durch einige (leider überflüssige) Sexszenen und einige Horrorelemente, die aus der G
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Matt Garcia
Bentley Little is in my top 3 favorite horror authors. This book reinforced my "ranking" of him. This book is excellent and while it does still contain Little's wit and humor, it is much more bleak and depressing than his other works. This book is very dark and I found myself feeling sadness over the potential demise of the Perry family. I did really enjoy Little's references to his previous works (The Store, The Return) in here and found myself chuckling and enjoying some of the dialogue betwee ...more
Jeff O'Brien
This could easily have been a 4 or even 4.5 star rating if there had just been a tad more at the end. Something shocking or even something more heartfelt would have improved the book quite a bit, or even just a little more explanation of some of the casualties in the story.

Aside from wanting more of a good finish, this was one of Bentley's most interesting and engaging tales in quite some time. If you've read Bentley Little before, you probably know that he'll never write the next great American
I got to page 255 before I started skimming. Even when I recognized early on that the writing was sub par I was determined to read this book. I really wanted something scary for October and this book seemed to promise that, but ultimately I found Little's prose to be poorly constructed, his characters flat, the monster/demon to be less than frightening, and the plot uninspired. I could have lived with all of this, however, what truly bothered me was the fact that he writes New Mexico so terribly ...more
The Basics

The Perrys are having trouble in their neighborhood and decide to move. They’re fairly sorry they did when they’re beset by nightmares, apparitions, eerie neighbors, and something in the basement.

My Thoughts

I don’t like ghost stories. And yet I keep coming back. Because there are some that are scary despite ghosts being so unscary. Like The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and The Shining by Stephen King, just to name a couple. This is not among those ranks, sadly. I’d hoped i
I'm not quite sure what to think of this. I often found myself getting interested and then bored throughout the book. This book would make a good movie but there are parts that bothered me.I loved the incidents that happen in the house. Some typical and some odd. A record starts playing for no reason, laundry baskets appear in the kitchen, cuts appear on the daughters legs, the son begins to eat dirt, faces appear in the mirrors, whispers etc... and then the entity really makes itself known in m ...more
The Haunted is Little's latest work and if you are a fan of any of his other books you won't be disappointed. Gruesome and gritty, Little keeps the horror action going throughout the whole book. He is one author that I have read every single book he has published. There is not a Bentley Little book out there that I have not read, that's how addicted I am to his books.

For this book, the reader follows the story of a family that moves into a home. At first everything seems fine, but then weird occ
William M.

With The Haunted, Bentley Little has returned to his supernatural roots, but unlike many of his great novels, this one felt a bit like he was shooting off the hip, with no real path or focus. Some scenes were truly inventive and creepy, but not much connected organically for me. There were too many coincidences and the fact that the family did not take action sooner just had me shaking my head. Author Little tried to justify a lot of the holes in the story, but it still felt too f
Kenneth Hursh
This is a book about a haunted house that is pretty much a retread of Poltergeist. It even begins with a scene of skateboarders. The Perry family moves to a new house and weird things start happening. Mom and Dad start seeing faces in mirrors and hearing things. Son and Daughter have similar experiences and then he starts eating dirt, whereas she begins cutting. We learn a man died in the basement and that the home site—the whole neighborhood in fact—has been the scene of mass deaths for centuri ...more
Micky Stew
I started off reading three books at the same time, but after the first 20 pages of The Haunted I was hooked and couldn't think of another book until I finished it.

In my opinion this book was not like other hauntings. The was a totally new element Bentley gave it. The Haunted had me afraid to keep reading late into the night. It wasn't one of those fast, action packed, non-stop roller-coaster rides. There were a couple of dull moments but they were few and far between. This book was very suspen
Charles Dee Mitchell
I have only recently taken an interest in contemporary horror novels, and I have been impressed by the originality of much that I have found: Poppy Z. Brite, Kathe Koja, Tom Piccirilli, Graham Joyce and others.

I picked this up because it has been nominated for the Stoker award and I am sucker for haunted houses. I made it to about page 200. The next chapter was going to be a flashback to the late 16th century, and I could not imagine that this device was going to add depth or interest to what s
Life is too short for bad books and even after three quarters of the way, I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. Bentley Little just hasn't learned what Stephen King did...sooner or later, you've got to get out of Castle Rock. Little often has great ideas, but his executions are just disappointing. Little relies too much on graphic sex that makes me think of a nerdy teenage boy's fantasies after "reading" a porno mag. Lately the American male obsession with anal sex that is popping up in boo ...more
This latest novel by Little is an entertaining story but doesn't cover any new ground; it's a pretty typical haunted house story in which the characters choose to do some dumb stuff in order to advance the plot. After so many thousands of books and movies you'd think that everyone would know by now that when you're in a haunted house you should leave. You shouldn't go back by yourself, you shouldn't go into the basement, you shouldn't try to fight, reason, or bargain with the forces of evil... y ...more
A fun, but straightforward haunted house book, which reminded me an old school Goosebumps book for grownups (in a good way).. Some the ways the haunt manifested itself were interesting and clever, but the writing itself was pretty bland, and didn't require any extra thinking, and thus didn't provide as much stimulation. I don't where Stephen King's claim the Bentley Little is "the horror poet laureate" comes from.

One funny thing that happened while I read this book was that, since the mom's name
Shadow Girl
Excellent ghost story!
Found one that made me lay in bed, having to pee, because I was too scared to get up and deal with the bathroom mirror, or shower curtain!!
I must have read a different book than anyone who gave this book anything more than two stars (Even that rating is being extremely generous) because this book was shit. I wish I could give it zero stars. It wasn’t scary or have any kind of suspense. Haunted was an awful attempt at a novel.

After about 200 pages I started skimming and even skipping some passages. Trust me, you won’t miss anything important. The writing was so bleak and uninteresting. The author added flashbacks of the town, but e
What I find interesting about the two Bentley Little books I've read is that his characters tend to avoid telling each other about all of the weird shit that is terrorizing them. They do it out of shame, fear, or a desire to not upset a loved one, but everyone is constantly being traumatized and then suffers in silence.

Little has come a long way since The Store. The book is still very episodic, where each chapter begins with something innocuous, a character going about their life before slowly
My husband is a member of Reddit. Well, I am too, but he's much more involved in it than I am, as while I just peruse a couple horror boards, he actively participates in a few Reddit events. These events include gift exchanges. While most of the gift exchanges he does are food or goofy miscellaneous related, he asked for MY help with a book exchange. In return, he made sure that I got a book out of the book exchange as well. The book that the Redditer sent me via him was THE HAUNTED by Bentley L ...more
Lacy Lovelace
I read the audio book: Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?
I would recommend this audiobook to a friend because it was somewhat more than an average horror story. The characters demonstrated courage and perseverance through a difficult situation of owning a house that was haunted. It's a story with a definite twist at the end. A reader will notice that he/she is being pulled into the story and the author made sure to construct characters that a reader could relate to.

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Maybe it was true, Julian thought wryly. Maybe that was why there were wars and murders and earthquakes and hurricanes. God was too busy helping real estate agents find new listings to deal with those other issues.”
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