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In Naked, David Sedaris's message alternately rendered in Fakespeare, Italian, Spanish, and pidgin Greek is the same: pay attention to me.

Whether he's taking to the road with a thieving quadriplegic, sorting out the fancy from the extra-fancy in a bleak fruit-packing factory, or celebrating Christmas in the company of a recently paroled prostitute, this collection of memoi
Published (first published March 1st 1997)
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About a third of the way through David Sedaris's book, I wondered how I had not heard of this guy before. This guy was funny. No, not just funny, he was really funny. He didn't just make me laugh while reading his book, he made me cry I was laughing so hard. So why, why had I not heard of someone so side-splittingly funny? A couple chapters later, I understood why. A few more chapters after that and Naked went into a dive bomb. While there were some redeeming moments near the end, he never fully ...more
On the inside of this book, David Sedaris signed it and wrote, "Joe, I am so happy you're alive."

He then proceeded to write in my girlfriend at the time's book, "You can do better."

I'm being told that this is funny... but so far all I want to do is gather David Sedaris into my arms and rock him back and forth and tell him everything is okay.

Okay, finished. Is it really supposed to be funny? I found myself pretty saddened by most of the stories. He's got a great writing style and I definitely felt pulled into each of the stories, but I think I felt more empathetic than anything.

Especially in "C.O.G":

I didn't want to quit my job. Quitting involved a certain degree of respo
Let's start off with the cover. Magnificence. In hardback the shorts are adjustable, and if you pull them up over the title you will see an x-ray of legs. I assume, since Mr. Sedaris is so willing to sacrifice himself at the altar of humor, that those thin white bones are his own. Genius.

Visiting a nudist trailer park in the name of research, really, the man is so selfless. Licking light switches, wiping his face on towels soiled with excrement...and it doesn't stop there. Why this is funny I ca
Maybe part of my problem with the book is that I first read the back cover, which told me two things that I didn't find to be true:

1. This book is side-splittingly hilarious
2. It turns the "mania for memoir on its proverbial ear."

Sure, maybe it's not fair to judge the book based on my preconceptions, but there's some merit to this I think.

First, my sides are completely unsplit. I laughed a few times, found some things whimsical, and did find a few lines to be very funny. But a lot of the jokes f
I can't get enough of this guy; his books are what I would imagine crack would be like, had I ever tried crack. Which I haven't.
Seriously -- I just sit and read and laugh, read and laugh. He's just so damned candid about things. For example, the story of how he was sent to Greece for Greek-American summer camp as a teenager:

"If my sister was anxious about our trip, she certainly didn't show it. Prying my fingers off her wrist, she crossed the room and introduced herself to a girl who stood picki
کتابخانه گوگولی
اين دومين کتابيه که از سداريس با ترجمه پيمان خاکسار ميخونم و برعکس يکي دو نفر از دوستان به نظرم ترجمه خوبي هم داره ،البته هنوز ترحمه هاي ديگه اي نديدم ولي بايد گفت اين کتاب و همچنبن کتاب قبلي رو نبايد با رمان يا مجموعه داستان کوتاه يکي دونست ،به نظر مياد اينها شبه خاطراتي هستند که ممکنه در زندگي همه ماها پيش بياد ولي هنر واقعي اينه که بتونيم همين اتفاقات به ظاهر ساده را با زباني شيرين خوندني کنيم و سداريس تو اين زمينه واقعا به نظرم استاده،از اون کتابهايي ست که موقع خوندنش چندين بار با صداي بلند ...more
Jason Koivu
Naked (and Barrel Fever) begins the unveiling of David Sedaris' inner, most personal life. It is an early work that feels like a skeletal version of Me Talk Pretty... or Dress Your Family..., a funny skeletal version mind you, but incomplete and fragmentary nonetheless. Sedaris does not delve so deeply, mining the depths of his own existence to locate the funny bone, as he does in later works. His comedic flair has not yet fully caught fire. Even so, Naked presents some of the author's important ...more
I started reading this book at a particularly pathetic stage in my life. I'd just left grad school and was sharing a room in my parents' house with one of my sisters. I had a 1.5 hour commute each way to work and even though I had to go to bed at like 9 p.m. to have the energy to face the next day, Monica (said sister) always thought I was up too late. One night, she started yelling at me because for several consecutive nights I'd stayed up late reading, giggling out loud in my bed. Luckily, whe ...more
This wonderfully amusing book took me by surprise. Each chapter is a short memoir of David Sedaris' childhood, filled with some unusual adventures, from hitch hiking with a paraplegic to having servants wax your change. Sedaris writes in a very humorous tone, basically turning some of his misfortunes into the readers entertainment. Come to think of it, it really wasn't the stories that made the book enjoyable. It was how Sedaris wrote them. A very unique, consistent style throughout the book, lo ...more
Sometimes I finish a book that feels good despite some of the uncomfortable things I found among the pages. Naked is the opposite, for despite the humor and insight I wanted to rub many of the passages out of my memory. I can't, and I cannot recommend the book. It was an exercise of wading through too much waste for too little worth.

David Sedaris has a voice that is real, blemished and unapologetic. Whether 100% or 10% of the book is factual is not important; it's how he tells the stories that m
If I read The Da Vinci Code for all those people who prefaced their enjoyment of the book with "I don't read much," I finally read my first Sedaris book for all my smartass indie literary-type friends who stared aghast at me every time for the last five years I said I'd never read him.

"You mean you've read Eggers, but not Sedaris? I'll bet you like the Stones better than the Beatles too, dont you?"

"You think your family's bad, wait'll you read about his!"

"No, I don't like him because he's cool,
Katie Abbott Harris
Naked is my first exposure to the humor of David Sedaris, and not only did I enjoy it, I will definitely read more by him. The comedic memoir is a collection of short stories from his childhood through his adulthood, including his experiences with OCD, the death of his mother, and coming out. I can't say that I can relate to his tales, but I experienced many laugh out loud moments. One of the more hilarious chapters chronicles the time he spent in a nudist colony. Underneath all of the silliness ...more
I enjoyed this book more in the beginning than I did toward the end. At first it was entertaining to read about all of Sedaris's mishaps and "woe is me" type of moments, but that theme got too repetitive (for me) and eventually I just wasn't impressed anymore. It seemed like he was looking for sympathy while trying to put a humorous spin on pretty humbling and shitty moments in his life. There were parts that were truly funny, but I think it would have worked out better if every story (almost) h ...more
Jesse Keenan
I had the opportunity to personally thank David Sedaris for this book but I don't think I was able to fully articulate what it meant to me at the time. This was in no small part due to the fact that I was standing before a personal hero of mine. Also I was drunk. I will attempt to write what I wish I could have expressed that night.

Naked played a significant role in one the fonder memories of my adult life. It was during Fiesta in Santa Barbara (Old Spanish Days), which if you live in SB and are
This is a highly unusual autobiography of David Sedaris, who, according to the New York Magazine, is a "Playwright, author, radio star, and retired elf". I wasn't sure what he is actually. I came across his name when his book (also in my already-bought-please-read-it-quickly list) Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim made it into the various reading lists of newspapers and magazines. I thought he was quite interesting and I started to take note of his name.

The book is a collection of essays o
David Sedaris's biting, hilarious memoir about his family and his teenage years made me laugh out loud. Not your typical, chuckle to yourself on the bus laugh, no, Sedaris made me guffaw as he recounted his firat job working at a mall cafeteria, and when his sister first got her period. Sedaris's family is quirky, sure, but it is like every family: hilarious, embarassing and tragic. Sedaris's wit is sharp and dark, and I think reading about his experiences helped me recognize that I have to laug ...more
بطرز ابلهانه ای تصور می کردم با یک داستان طنز روبرو هستم... و خب وقتی سه شنبه غروب داستان رو تمام کردم تنها حسی که داشتم این بود که بزنم زیر گریه بلند وبلند وهای های گریه کنم!!!!!!چرا؟خب از خودم در اواسط داستان پرسیدم چی دارم می خونم و جوابش این بود داستان راجع به ادمیه که بطرز غیرقابل انکاری فرد معمولی محسوب میشه درمورد همه چی معملیه و بطرز مرگ اور و کشنده ای باور داره که اتفاقا یه نابغه است که باید کشف بشه و خواسته هاش اصلا با واقعیات و توان فکری و جسمیش منطبق نیست. مثل این که می خواد خواننده ...more
Like all of Sedaris' books, this one has some MAJOR, masterful escapades, made all the better because they are true...
Two favorite scenes:
Sedaris' mom and sister watch crime shows all summer and then... a mystery arises in their own household- who is wiping their butt on the towels? The BROWN towels, so the offense isn't recognized until one gets a face full. Who is it? "I don't know, but I know he had corn yesterday," is one quote that sticks in my mind.
I think Naked is also the book that ope
Synesthesia (SPIDERS!)
I don't know how to feel about this book. Parts of it are funny, parts of it are deeply sad but he's insisting that it's funny. Like when he talks about having OCD. I feel so bad for him. It makes me think people in the past sucked. The poor kid has a disorder and needs help, but his father's slammed on the brakes and made him hurt himself and his mother made fun of him for this.
A lot of the humour is kind of cruel in this book. The best story was probably about David dealing with his mother dy
I was sad when I started Naked because at the time, it was the last Sedaris book that I hadn't read, but it kept me sane throughout a senior road trip. I enjoy Sedaris because his writing is sharp and witty, but he also manages to be sensitive and insightful without being maudlin or preachy. I think "Ashes," in which he describes his mother's cancer and her relationship with himself and his siblings, is some of his best work.

Also, it's always nice, when someone calls and asks what you're doing,
به نیمه اول کتاب حتی ۵ ستاره هم میدم! :))
هشتاد صفحه اول عــالــــی بود.. عـــالــ ـــی!!
کل این ۸۰ صفحه خندیدم =))
طاعون تیک که عالی بود... بقیه داستان های خوب هم : مادربزرگت رو از اینجا ببر - یک کاراگاه واقعی - دیکس هیل بودن...
غول یک چشم فوق العاده بود :))) باباش عالیه اصلا! بعضی کاراش عین بابای خودم بود.
«برو بابا. هیچکدوم از بچه های من یه ذره زرنگی ندارن. نمیدونم به کی رفتی ولی بالاخره بی عرضگی به قیمت جونت تموم میشه»
این بالایی خود ِ حرف ِ بابای من بود :دی

+ با این کتاب متوجه شدم که عاشق مامان
Sometimes I forget that David Sedaris isn't funny in the way you might think. But he's pathetically, sadly, humanly funny and that makes him better than you might think.
To be honest, I don’t always remember which David Sedaris story belongs in which book (up until “Me Talk Pretty One Day”). All I know is that I was home sick with a horrible flu one day. As I was lying there in a miserable state with the radio on NPR, and specifically “This American Life”. On this particular broadcast, David Sedaris had read a then newly written piece entitled “Youth in Asia” – a history of all the pets that he owned up until that point in his life, starting with the birth of a ...more
2.5 stars

When I got this book, I *knew* I was going to love it. This was going to be chock-full of quirky, weird, bizarre stories that would absolutely tickle my funny bone.

As you can see, it didn't. It left me feeling sad more than anything else. David Sedaris has led a quirky, weird, bizarre life...but his depiction of it was a little on the depressing side. He had what sounded like rather severe OCD, requiring him to lick & touch different items, as well as hitting himself with the botto
Beverly Fox
This book has been sitting on my shelf for so long that I can’t recall its origins. I assume I picked it up in a used book store when I was killing time some Saturday afternoon. It inevitably would have attracted me with its vaguely artistic-looking cover with plain white boxer shorts laid over a dark red background and the simple letters spelling out a word at once suggestive and mysterious: Naked. And the ever-touted "New York Times Bestseller" stamped across the top would have helped me deci ...more
Davis Aujourd'hui
As the author of a humorous novel, I especially appreciate anyone who writes in the comedy genre. Like myself, David Sedaris has created a delightfully zany book that will tickle your funny bone. The wonderful thing about this book is that it is autobiographical and that the author has learned how to embrace the humor connected to his dysfunctional past.

I especially related to him for two personal reasons: that he is gay and that he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. What is delightful
In avalin reviewye finglishye ke inja minivisam, va akharishoon ham khahad bood. Va be mahze inke hafteye dige ein adam internet dar shodam, farsi mikonam haminam.
Faghat daram minivisam ke yadam nare:
Tosiyeye man be shoma: ino nakhoonid . Chon intori bekhatere tarjomeye kheyli kheyli bade aghaye khaksar mimkene ke az davide azize man badetoon biad. Man matne asli ta hala nakhoondam az david; vali fekr nakonam oonghadram sakht bashe. Va yaghinan az in gheyre ghabele fahm tar nist harchi ke bashe.
This was the first of David Sedaris' works that I've read. I liked his voice, his way of writing, and I got a great sense of his character through his stories. By the end, I kind of felt like I knew him. And I liked him. Funny, but not overtly so. Understated, satirical, and entertaining. A fast read. I lol'd more than once.
چند تا داستانش خوب بود ، مثل غول یک چشم یا دیکس هیل ، ولی در کل با توجه به تعریفایی که ازش کرده بودن ، چنگی به دل نمیزد
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David Sedaris is a Grammy Award-nominated American humorist and radio contributor.

Sedaris came to prominence in 1992 when National Public Radio broadcast his essay "SantaLand Diaries." He published his first collection of essays and short stories, Barrel Fever, in 1994. Each of his four subsequent essay collections, Naked (1997), Holidays on Ice (1997), Me Talk Pretty One Day (2000), Dress Your Fa
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