In Legend Born (Chronicles of Sirkara, #1)
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In Legend Born (Chronicles of Sirkara #1)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  475 ratings  ·  31 reviews
For a thousand years, Sileria has toiled under the yoke of foreign conquerors, Savage Moorlanders, sorcerous Kints, and now the hedonistic Valdani have forced the Silerian mountain clans into harsh slavery. Villages have been razed, and the innocent populace dragged to the mines, there to toil until death with no hope of escape.

But there is hope. Five disparate people have...more
Paperback, 736 pages
Published October 15th 2000 by Tor Fantasy (first published January 1st 1998)
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[9/10] I've been hunting for a solid fantasy epic that is finished so I don't have to wait years to find out how it ends. I'm glad this Silerian trilogy was pointed out to me, because I didn't know much about Laura Resnick and suspected she was writing mostly modern urban fantasy/romance - a genre I'm lukewarm about.

In Legend Born is a good bridge between what I would call classic fantasy in the style of Tolkien, Jordan, Brooks, Feist and modern "grit" from Abercrombie, Ruckley, Lynch or Morgan...more
Srdjan Jovanovic
A totally sweet fight-for-freedom/RobinHood style type of fantasy. Loved it.
This, and the two-part sequel IN FIRES FORGED, are amazingly good. I am furious with Laura Resnick for not giving us more of her Epic Fantasy brilliance. Instead she seems perfectly content with her Urban Fantasy series, the Esther Diamond books--which is unacceptable!

Edward Branley
Good read! Engaging characters in a very-believable fantasy realm. Magic/sorcery that works and doesn't stretch your willing suspension of disbelief. Solid, strong female characters make fantasy novels better for me, and Sileria has a good mix, while again Resnick maintains believability in that women have their "place" in the society. Fire-versus-water magic is often oversimplified, but this is good stuff.

Throughout the novel, I couldn't but help wonder if the setting was a real-world idea turn...more
This is one of those books I read as a teen. I'm also pretty sure that the German translation that was cancelled after two books were relased only covered "In Legend born". Because I remember roughly what happend during this book, but everything after that aka "The White Dragon" is absolutely new to me. And I remember that I went all WTF after the cliffhanger of "In Legend Born ("Feuerbringer" and "Flammenherz" in German), especially when I realised that there wouldn't be a conclusion. My Englis...more
Though the series isn’t perfect, The Chronicles of Sirkara is an epic fantasy trilogy that has flown below way too many people’s radars. This is one of those true gems that is sure to please most readers. The world building is stunning, the relationships and culture are believable, the battles and hardships are intense and easy to get lost in. While there are some characterization and pacing issues, they don’t bog down the series. The Chronicles of Sirkara will suck you in, pull you under, and l...more
A bit slow at the beginning but very suspenseful and dynamic once the principal characters and conflicts have been introduced, "In Legend born" is a solid epic fantasy adventure with very complex and detailed world-building and interesting characters. Not as over-the-top funny as Resnick's "Esther Diamond" series, but with some humourous moments nonetheless. There's even a little glimpse of romance on the horizon (probably important for the other books of the trilogy which I haven't read yet), b...more
Michael S.
A truly fantastic epic fantasy! Don't know how this one escaped my notice all these years. An intricate plot with very intriguing, believably flawed characters against a very interesting background. Sort of the epic fantasy version of Braveheart. (bands of somewhat "uncivilized" rebels fighting desperately to overthrow a vastly larger, more powerful empire and gain their freedom. The Valdani empire is very reminiscent of Rome instead of England, though)Very good story. Got to read the rest of th...more
Jemma Gutierrez
In Legend Born was...surprising. I was surprised that i actually liked it. Given there are charaters I've much wanted the whole thing to focus on like Maribar and Tansen and there are characters, no matter how useful, I'd rather be dead like that traitorous whore Elera.

I just don't like her. I was prepared to like her but I cannot like how she uses people like pawn and I positively HATE the power she has over Tansen. I want to kill that guy! What the hell is his problem. Hopefully he'll finally...more
This has got to be one of my favourite books ever. My mom chose it for me because it was thick, and in the fantasy section of Chapters, and what luck! I've read it so many times over the past 6 years I could probably recite half the dialogue. It's an epic fantasy novel, full of fascinating characters and well thought out action. The two sequels are almost as good, but this one is still the best. The world that Resnick has created is just beautiful, and I wish she would write more!
overall a pretty good read. there were some parts that i felt were slow but they were few in number. the remainder of the book more than made up for those sections i found tedious. i definitely will be reading the other 2 books; i just have to know what happens to Mira and Tan. And then, i think i'll check out some of Ms. Resnick's other books. i really enjoyed her style of writing and her treatment of the characters.
A fantastic book with really lovable characters and a well developed setting. I was so upset when I reached the end and then there was no more. But life was good again when I discovered the sequel :)
I'm a little irritated because I'd forgotten it was the first book in a series.. that I don't currently own the rest of.
Sehr gute Charaktere plus Arschlochgötter, was viel zu selten vorkommt. Empfehlenswert.
Woonderful imagination - quite rare in fantasy knovels
I loved this book. The story caught me up in it.
C1998: If I had paid for this book, I would have been well pleased with the word count per penny. I am also glad that this was an e-book as I think that it would have been a weighty tome indeed. It seemed to gone on for ever....and ever....and ever. Having read this book well after the first publishing date, it is hard to say for certain whether this was innovative or whether it is still a tired old rehash of the standard prophecy, betrayal, battles etc. It did require from me an epic amount of...more
Neal Simmons
This is one of those books that you just wish you could get yourself to rate higher but can't honestly justify the higher rating. The story is very well written and follows the standard hero, warrior, sorceress methodology.

Honestly, for the first roughly 100 pages, I was thinking that this volume was a nice addition to the "clean" fantasy books out there. By that I mean fantasy that doesn't seem to need rape or rampant sexual activity to keep the user interested. Unfortunately, that changed wit...more
This would have been a better read if the back had been a little more accurate. It sounded like a standard quest novel but in reality was a complicated political type fantasy novel. The main characters don't really come together to fight the foreign invaders, except for on an intellectual level where they all realise that this is a good time to deal with this issue.

This book is more about a pride in society and trying to overcome some of the traditions that are in the way of being effective in o...more
Sep 28, 2012 Ithlilian marked it as did-not-finish
Shelves: fantasy
This is the type of stereotypical fantasy that rarely interests me, but I tried it because the library had it, and who knows, it might have been good. It wasn't good, and started out with one of my least favorite things: visions. Visions and prophecies rarely improve a novel, but they seem to be awfully prevalent in the fantasy genre. One of my second least favorite things is war, fighting, and rebellion. I don't care much about troop movements, army raising, and heavy traveling, so this wasn't...more
Overall, I would say that I enjoyed this book. When I try to think about what it is that I liked about it, however, it's in spite of a lot of things that usually irritate me about fantasy novels: It's far too long, there are too many characters that are given plotlines without any reason for us to care about them, and the ending of it was rather unsatisfying.

At the same time, however, the world that Resnick's created is deeply interesting - the book is set in the island nation of Sileria, a poo...more
Josh Kaplowitz
Very slow to start, but a good middle and finish. Very good world development, though somewhat predictable at times.
Jaron Harris
There is nothing new in this book. It's full of your standard tropes, except for the fact that all of the characters are so weak that they are impossible to relate to. Note I do not say evil, or cruel, or bad. Weak. They are all so flawed I grew to hate them all by the end of the first book. Although this is a trilogy I will not be reading any of the followups. Rarely do I finish a book and feel so angry at the stupidity and ******* weakness of characters.
Even though i read the second book before this one and pretty much knew what was going to happen and what had already happened. This book still kept me glued to my seat and off in fantasy fiction land. hehe. Now that is a good book! one that can keep you interested even though you know how the story ends! bottom line- i would reccomend this book to anyone who likes fantasy fiction or wants just an amazing book to read!
Cynthia Armistead
Well-written high fantasy, but honestly, it just went on too long. So far, everybody has lost someone important. Anybody who loves anyone seems to be doomed. Betrayals are everywhere, and that's something I find profoundly disturbing.

The book did end on a note of hope, and I want to know what happens next. I just don't know if I want it enough to slog through (at least) two more volumes.
Just can't get into it so far. The writing isn't too bad, but the characters are terribly illogically motivated. "Well, I know weapons are forbidden in town AND that I'm of a race they arrest, too. But why shouldn't I draw attention to myself? Let's just stomp around with weapons and without disguise! ... HEY, why did they arrest me?!"

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It can't help that, halfway through, I lost the book for about six months. I think I liked it, but I wasn't utterly thrilled by it. Portrayal of women is typical and boring. Cover art is truly horrible.
Just one of those books I couldn't get into. About a land that has been conquered and its tribes are looking to rise up. It is foretold that one man will unite the tribes and drive the conquerors out.
Jan 29, 2013 Angevon marked it as abandoned
Shelves: unrated
I probably should have given it more of a chance, but I didn't connect to the characters. I have other things grabbing my attention so I dropped reading it.
Jennifer Sigman
The good: The world-building is excellent and thorough.
The bad: The characters. The only likeable person is dead by the end of the book.
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Laura Resnick is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, the daughter of prolific science fiction author Mike Resnick. She was the winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction for 1993. She also writes romance novels under the pseudonym Laura Leone
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