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Zadig ou la Destinée: Histoire orientale
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Zadig ou la Destinée: Histoire orientale

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  2,235 ratings  ·  81 reviews
Dans ce siècle du voyage et de la philosophie, Zadig entreprend son apprentissage dans un univers partagé entre le bien et le mal. Trahi par Sémire et Azora, déçu par l'amour, Zadig trouve refuge dans la nature, qui est à l'image de Dieu. Remarqué par le roi d'Égypte Moabdar, il retourne dans le tourbillon du monde et devient Premier ministre. Séduit par la reine Astarté e ...more
Published (first published 1747)
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Jun 08, 2009 Jamie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who tolerates fast pace parables
First before I talk about the book, I would like to briefly explain the history of the author, to appreciate the novel's value. Voltaire was a philosopher in the 17th and 18th century. His writings included epic, lyric and dramatic poetry, novels and philosophical essays, criticism and historical narrative. During his lifetime, Voltaire was most known for being a poetic dramatists, but currently he is famous for adamantly crusading against religious hypocrisy by attacking the corruption of reli ...more
"What is the thing we receive, without ever being thankful for it; which we enjoy without knowing how we came by it; which we give away to others without knowing where it is to be found; and which we lose without considering it a misfortune?" Truths presented in juxtaposed fragments to highlight the complexity of man's existence in ZADIG by Voltaire.

Zadig was restless and uneasy observing the misfortunes and disappointments of others. He was confused and bewildered by injustice liberally measure
كنت أبحث عن أشهر روايات فولتير وهي كانديد، فلم أجدها .. ووجدت زديج مكانها بترجمة طه حسين وقد سماها القدر: قصة شرقية .. فقرأتها

رواية بدون حبكة .. فهي عبارة عن 21 فصلا قصيرا .. والفصل صفحتين ثلاثة .. هدفها بث حكم ومواعظ فولتير بطريقة مباشرة، ورأيه في القدر على لسان بطل الرواية (زديج) الذي يعيش في بابل .. وهو بطل بمعنى الكلمة: شجاع، كريم، فيلسوف، صادق، عاشق، صاحب صاحبه، عادل ... الخ

وقد اقتطفت رأي طه حسين في الرواية الذي ذكره في المقدمة: "في القصة عرض وحل لمشكلة القدر على نحو ما تصوره الفلاسفة منذ أ
Zadig, the protagonist, is the story of a young Babylonian philosopher. Despite his wisdom and moderation, he meets with a series of misfortunes. He is nearly strangled in Babylon and roasted alive in Basra before being enslaved in Egypt. Only in the end does Providence reveal that these have merely been trials for the good fortune that awaits him on earth.

The principal theme of Voltaire's Zadig is the problem of human happiness. Voltaire's title character possesses every virtue and material goo
Это произведение великого писателя стоит отметить отдельно.

Здесь как и в большом количестве других работ автора высмеиваются все мыслимые и немыслимые пороки и заблуждения и глупость человечества, но в основе сюжета поставлен герой, который несмотря на все жизненные обстоятельства и личные ошибки не сдаётся и продолжает двигаться к своей цели, к своей возлюбленной, и постоянно находит силы не изменять истине.

Мир несомненно стал бы лучше, если количество людей подобных Задигу постоянно росло.
Jeff M
While I do like Voltaire's writings, I would have to recommend Candide over this one. Just not as witty or tongue and cheek as his other writings. Sort of a typical hero/fantasy story. Though Voltaire's style and imagination make it readable, the story is rather cliche, and sadly it was probably cliche even before the time of Voltaire.
Ayman Naqeeb
بداية موفقة مع فولتير بترجمة طه حسين، قصة ممتازة، تشبه التراث الشرقي وأجواء ألف ليلة وليلة، تنضح بالحكمة.
Sumirti Singaravel
This is yet another beautiful work by Voltaire. The story is weaved around the life of a virtuous, able, efficient, courageous man named Zadig. Throughout the story, Zadig undergoes both fortunes and misfortunes, blessings and curses, meets with both luck and ill-luck, not for what is worst in him; but rather for what is best in him. Tussled between life's highs and lows, which treats all men alike, he learns and unlearns aplenty which would help him to stay happy always, irrespective of his cir ...more
Marts  (Thinker)
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Eman AlRaesi

Zadig est un jeune homme qui vient de Babylone, il est riche et de bonne éducation, et il avait beaucoup d'amis et des livres Zoroastriens. Zadig aime sémire, une femme d'une grande beauté et d'une famille des plus riches families de Babylone, ils veulent se marier. Un jour Zadig et Sémire marchent près du fleuve Euphrate, deux hommes armés s'approchent et demandent à la jeune femme parce que Orcan le neveu d'un ministre est jaloux et il veut se marier avec Sémire. Zadig défend sa fiancée mais i
Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Candide, I was excited to jump into Zadig.

What was immediately apparent was Voltaire's immutable style which lays out these novellas like fantastical fables. Jumping through time and place to essentially present a series of philosophical vignettes whereby the protagonist Zadig, with his absolute commitment to his own sense of Holmseian-like ratiocination continually finds himself in some pretty hot water; ironically, only to rationalize his way forward to his n
María Elisa
Mon premier livre avec une certaine approche philosophique!

«Il n'y a point de mal dont il ne naisse un bien.»

«Les passions sont les vents qui enflent les voiles du navire ; elles le submergent quelquefois, mais sans elles il ne pourrait voguer.»

trés interesant!!
Shahda Mahouk
بسيطة ... عميقة ... حكيمة ... مشوووقة ... شبيه بألف ليلة وليلة لكن بروح اعمق ... ذكرتني بكتابات ابن المقفع :)
Simple and wise. When I read this book, I didn`t have strong emotions, I didn`t cry, I didn`t laugh. But after I finished reading, I felt myself in peace.

Այն ինչն է, որ աշխարհում ամենից երկարն է, և, միաժամանակ, ամենից կարճը, որ բոլորից արագավազ է և բոլորից դանդաղընթացը. որ ամենից հեշտ է բաժանման ենթակա և առավել բաժանելի է` իր միասնությամբ և անընդգրկելությամբ. ամենից շատ է զանց արվում, բայց որին ամենից շատ են ափսոսում. առանց նրա ոչինչ անել չի կարելի, նա կլանում է այն ամենը, ինչ փոքր է, և կենդանու
Suatu hari Voltaire berkunjung ke rumahku. Saat dia datang, aku sedang menonton televisi. Layar televisi mempertontonkan berita mengenai seorang pemuka agama yang menceraikan istri tua demi istri muda. Kubilang,"Ah, namaya juga manusia, punya nafsu. Televisi terlalu berlebihan membahasnya." Sambil membolak-balik koran lama dia menimpali,"Tapi, bukankah menjadi hal yang memuakkan ketika di depan umum mereka bertingkah suci tapi ternyata di belakangnya sebaliknya?" Dengan malas kuganti saluran tel ...more
Silash Ruparell
This review also appears on my blog

My one liner: Arguably, even exceptional people can only ever expect to achieve 55% of what they want in life. A dip into the 18th century philosophy of Voltaire can help us understand why.

Here’s a basic hypothesis for life outcomes. Bear with me on this, as those of you who know your Voltaire are going to say I’m straying far too far off the reservation…

Imagine that the outcomes that happen to an individual person in life are determined
Karl H.
Zadig is the story of a kind, just, wise, and talented citizen of Ancient Babylon who alternates between a series of fortunes and misfortunes while traveling the Middle East. As Zadig is cast about by the vicissitudes of chance, he often wonders what purpose or design is behind his misfortune. Why are the good so often punished, and the evil so often rewarded? Even though it sounds like serious subject matter, Voltaire has impeccable comedic timing and turns even the worst calamities into dark h ...more
i haven't read voltaire since HS, when we translated candide from french-- being the hardest academic endeavor of my early teenage life, i didn't appreciate him so much. but, now, minus the heavy french work thks to roger pearson (everyman's library edition, 1991), i give voltaire... 10STARS! zadig is a perfect tale about how all the talents and wisdom in the world do not lead to happiness. there is suffering. humor. the future unknown. the essentials in beautiful narrative.
For my second Voltaire story, I chose his tale influenced by Arabian Nights. Sort of similar to Candide, Zadig experiences a period of happiness, followed by a period of hardship. Rinse & repeat, and repeat, and repeat. The main differences between the tales are the styles (Zadig even feels to me like a tale from Arabian Nights), and the lesson the lead character needs to learn. While Candide is THE optimist, Zadig gets caught up in the details instead of seeing the bigger picture.

I actuall
Shawgi Al-o
من البقع التي تركتها في ذهني :

فلم اجنٍ من العلوم والأخلاق والشجاعة إلا البؤس

ذات ليلة نشب مناقشة كبيرة حول شريعة من شرائع زرادشت (أحد الفلاسفة) تحرم أكل العنقاء فقال بعضهم : ( كيف يحرم أكل العنقاء والعنقاء لا وجود
لها؟) وقال البعض الاخر : ( هي حتما موجودة لأن زرادشت حرم أكلها ) وأراد أحد الحكماء ان يوفق بينهم فقال : ( إذا كان ثمة عنقاء فعلينا ألا ناكل منها، واذا لم يكن ثمة عنقاء فلن ناكل منها أيضا، وفي كلا الحالتين نطيع جميعا أوامر زرادشت )

ما حياة الانسان ؟ وأنتِ، ايتها الفضيلة! بم أفدتني؟ ...كل خ

Plagiarism of what Voltaire read of chinese and arabic wisdom apparently (notably Zhuangzi(Chuang Tsu), and the Quranic narrative of Moses and Khidr, at least the ones I could identify). The editor does mention Zhuangzi in the notes but does not deem it useful to say that it's simple blatant copy-paste.

Zadig only regurgitates ageless metaphors and allegories that are, in fact, much better expressed in their original source.

Apparently, and this is quite hilarious frankly, Voltaire never a
Laila al-hafez
حكايا فولتيرية .... ذات عِبر و حِكَم و موعظة
و الترجمة بنكهة .... طه حُسين

كتاب خفيف و سلس يروي قصة زاديج الصادق الحكيم و ما كتبه له القدر من متاعب و مسرات
مغانم و خسائر
حب و حرب

هَدَف فولتير توجيه رسالة توعَوية لمجتمعه ، و لكنه لم يوجها لطريفة مُباشرة ، فاستعاض عن فرنسا ب بابل

و عن قصر فرنسا بقصر بابل .
S. M. Sigerson
Zadig is my favourite of Voltaire's tales.
I'm surprised that Candide is the one that's best known.

Zadig is similar in some ways, but less gloomy, less apocalyptic. It has more romance, and a happy ending.
E.J. Matze
Voltaire, I was taught, is one of the guiding figures of the Enlightment; this period in western history that forms a start of modernity,
and travels and such (in the real world (different cultures) and the mind (form your own dogma's) as well)
form a big part of the Enlightment.

François Marie Arouet, dit Voltaire - l'origine la plus couramment acceptée de ce pseudonyme est l'anagramme obtenue à partir des lettres capitales AROUET L(e) J(eune) écrites en latin AROVETLI -, né le 21 n
Excelente libro. La escritura es un poco diferente a la actual claramente, pero considero que la filosofía y el mensaje es impresionante. Recomendado un poco para lectores avanzados.
Translated by H.L. Woolf. This story is a philosophical, romantic satire, attacking religious mania for ritual minutiae, the foibles of people in general and the burdens of being virtuous. Voltaire uses ancient Babylon as his setting, which is a great counterpart to France of the Enlightenment, since the Babylonians had a regulated, scientifically and technologically advanced culture mixed with an absolute monarch. I wonder whether Voltaire was being ironic when he had the angel Jesrad propound ...more
On pense que Voltaire etait un athée, mais ce n'est pas vrai. Le seul but de ce livre court est d'expliquer son croyance qu'il y a une grande puissance, ce qu'on appelle "Dieu," les moyens de qui l'homme n'est pas capable de comprendre. Ce livre est une collections de petits contes qui montrent l'impuissance d'un homme virteux, Zadig. N'importe quelque bon fait qu'il finit ni quel bon avis qu'il donne, il est puni. Mais a la fin, il devient un roi riche avec une belle reine qui l'aime, grace a l ...more
Shardh Shah
Some very good insight to happenings of life. Ancient wisdom shared in brisk voltaire style, very precise that would continue to enlighten us!

Best lines from this book
" He has created millions of worlds,not one of which can be like any other. This immense variety is an attribute of His immense power. There are no two leaves on all the trees of the Earth nor any globes in all the infinite reaches of the heavens which are alike. And everything you see down here, on this little speck of dust where
Ioli Psycchobuddha
nope. not even going to bother with this translation. do i look like fucking ye olde englishman to you? fuck offfff
Meskipun status msh buku pinjaman, tp tangan ini gatal skali ingin menulis komentar tentang buku ini :p
Oke. Pertama kali baca judulny, lgsg merasa ini adalah buku yg sangat...sangat...sangat...serius. Tp stelah mulai membaca malah ktawa2. Cukup menggambarkan kehidupan saat ini. Penuh ironi, tp djalin menjadi cerita yg enak bwt dbaca.
Alkisah ada seorang bangsawan bernama Zadig yg berkarakter lurus dan berpandangan luas. Tp, hidup menjadi tdk mudah baginy sampai2 dia sempat berpendapat bahwa susah
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In 1694, Age of Enlightenment leader Francois-Marie Arouet, known as Voltaire, was born in Paris. Jesuit-educated, he began writing clever verses by the age of 12. He launched a lifelong, successful playwriting career in 1718, interrupted by imprisonment in the Bastille. Upon a second imprisonment, in which Francois adopted the pen name Voltaire, he was released after agreeing to move to London. T ...more
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“It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.” 361 likes
“Zadig dirigeait sa route sur les étoiles... Il admirait ces vastes globes de lumière qui ne paraissent que de faibles étincelles à nos yeux, tandis que la terre, qui n'est en effet qu'un point imperceptible dans la nature, paraît à notre cupidité quelque chose de si grand et de si noble. Il se figurait alors les hommes tels qu'ils sont en effet, des insectes se dévorant les uns les autres sur un petit atome de boue.” 2 likes
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