Brian's Return (Brian's Saga, #4)
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Brian's Return (Brian's Saga #4)

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As millions of readers of Hatchet, The River, and Brian's Winter know, Brian Robeson survived alone in the wilderness by finding solutions to extraordinary challenges. But now that's he's back in civilization, he can't find a way to make sense of high school life. He feels disconnected, more isolated than he did alone in the North. The only answer is to return-to " go back...more
Paperback, 128 pages
Published May 8th 2001 by Laurel Leaf Library (first published September 11th 1992)
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It was about 20 years ago in school that my teacher read to us The Hatchet. It was always one of my favorite books. One that I would come back to and read occasionally as I got older.

I started re-visiting classics that were popular when I was a child. So with the power of the internet, I was able to discover, much to my surprise, that Gary Paulsen hadn’t been idle with his young character, Brian. Naturally I knew about The River, but not that fans had badgered Mr. Paulsen to write an alternative...more
Macey Schoenick
I liked reading this book a lot because I enjoy the outdoors like Brian. Brian Robenson survived living on his own when his plane crashed in the book "Hatchet", when Brian goes back home and realizes civilazation doesn't really fit who he is. Brian talks to his school counselor and lets out how he is feeling, the counselor enjoys listening to Brian talk and tells stories when and how he survived being in the wilderness the first time. Brian wants to return back to the wilderness. Brian wants to...more
Garrett Dunn
This book is a sequel to the book hatchet. In this book, the main character is brian. recently he was stranded in the woods after a plane crash. in the months he was there he became almost like part of the woods. when he finally came back he didnt like everything how it was back at home. people made him mad and it wasnt the same. he beat up a guy almost just out of instict. he talked to a therapist for a little while,and decided to go back to the woods. thats why its called brians return. Brian,...more
Austin Marker
In the book Brian's Return there is one main character who is Brian. Brian hasn't felt the same sense he came back from the woods everything is different part of him was left back in the woods and he is going to return back retrieve it. At school Brian doesn't feel right Brian is a junior in high school many people think he is weird because he acts different. Brian has some enemy's in school one is a big football player who gets in a fight with Brian which Brian beat him up in self defense. Bria...more
Elisa Babyyy(:
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I think that much of what makes Brian Robeson such a compelling figure is the way that his character reflects the life and philosophy of author Gary Paulsen. Brian is an intensely autobiographical creation, and the spirit of personal independence and craving for nothing more than to just be a part of the wilderness—a craving that had its origin in the first book of his adventures, Hatchet—is clearly the heartfelt desire of Gary Paulsen played out on the page, in a situation that he has imagined...more
Matthew M
Genre: Adventure
Pages: 144
Brief summary: It is about a kid named Brian and he comes back from his trip from the wilderness. He comes back and he goes to school but he is not a normal kid he went to the wild stayed there he knows what is like. So he was interviewed a while back when he came home but a couple years passed by and this girl wanted to get to know him better. So they go somewhere to eat but when they do this football player really likes the girl that Brian was with so he gets mad and...more
Joe Schalkowski
I read the book “Brian’s Return” by Gary Paulsen. The book is about a young boy named Brian who is dying to get back into the wilderness. While he is at school he really doesn’t talk much or make a whole lot of friends. One day a girl in his class walks up to him and asks him out on a date. When they get to the place they are going to eat, a mean boy in their class pushes the door open and knocks the girl over. Then he punches Brian and Brian’s first instinct from the wild is to fight back. He...more
Dan Tews
I really enjoyed ¨Brianś Return¨ because I enjoy reading about books written about nature. This book is about a boy named Brian who was lost in the wilderness after a plane crash. He wants to go back to where he was found, because he does not like being in civilization. He can't stand it, because he was in the wilderness for so long, he found it peaceful.

In this book the main character name is Brian. He really likes the wilderness, because it is peaceful to him. He does not like civilization, b...more
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Austin Hammond
I just finished reading the book “Brian’s Return” by Gary Paulsen. I’m not big into reading, but I enjoyed this book. It’s about a boy named Brian who loves the wilderness. He would pick living out in the bush over living in a city or town. Any day Brian feels that he has the wild in him and he needs to return back to the bush. He lived there previously, but he ended up having to return home. He makes the decision to return back to the wilderness after getting into a fist fight with a bully who...more
Dichotomy Girl
After enjoying both Hatchet and Brian's Winter, I decided to go ahead and read this book as well.

An interesting follow up to Hatchet, this book explores what it's like for Brian to try to reintegrate to life outside the wild, and his longing to return to the woods.
It is 3am and I am determined to finish this book. It is captivating and gives you that hunger to see what will happen next. Brian is so happy to be back in the woods as he learns to expect the worst, no matter what. This book isn't as specific as Hatchet in his ordeals, but it's interesting non-the-less. I was quite impressed with how the author came to write these books--you should follow your heart and live each day to its highest peak.
Molly Womack
I really liked this book. It is one of my favorites now. I thought it was going to be really boring, but I actually really enjoyed it. I have read it at least three times since the first time. It really gets you into the hunting and woodsy mood. there were a lot of details that i really liked. he should definately write more books like this. they are amazing! i recommend this book to all the kids that like hunting, fishing, and adventure. it makes you want to just be in the woods all the time an...more
The writing and ideas that went in to this book are very high quality and well thought out. Brian has returned home to live with his mom and attend school, but even though Brian is out of the Woods the Woods are not out of Brian. He finds himself thinking about if he had to do it again what he would bring with him and do differently. The list he creates shows so much forethought and insight. I do not think going out solo was a good idea for a 16 year old even if he did survive their before. My n...more
Josh Reavis
I Enjoyed this part of the saga as well. Brian is a junior in high school and is really different from everybody else. He gets picked on and a big football player tried to beat him up but Brian beat him up instead because of self-defense. He tells his counselor that he belongs back at that lake where he crashed. When he goes back he is really excited and never wants to leave. He finds himself again, and his knowledge on survival come back to him. He feels like he is home at last. I would recomme...more
"Once you have the woods in you, you can never get it out." This is what Brian says to his counselor while telling him about his time surviving in the wilderness. Brian is now in high school and living a normal life. It's been a year or two since the plane crash which was in the book Hatchet. Everyday Brian wishes he was where he belonged, the woods. At school Brian has been struggling to keep up, his grades are poor and he is constantly getting into fights. When school comes to an end Brian dec...more
After reading Brian's Winter, this sequel felt too short yet again. Brian’s Return is a continuation of The River – after Brian returns home, he is once again uncomfortable in his old environment. He loses interest in hanging out with his friends and watching TV, and ends up accidentally reverting back to wilderness mode in public after being in a “threatening” situation. After being forced go to counseling sessions, Brian realizes that he has to go back to the wilderness. No surprises in Brian’...more
I picked this one up out of curiosity, to see how Mr. Paulsen got Brian back to the wilderness. (Besides, it's short and a quick read.) You can see from my previous Goodreads reviews that this series has been hit and miss for me. Brian's Return, the fourth installment of the saga, was mostly a hit.

After his extended period of time alone in the wilderness, Brian has a hard time readjusting to "real life," even after being back for more than a year. In what would undoubtedly be diagnosed today as...more
Antonio Oreamuno
Nov 17, 2011 Antonio Oreamuno is currently reading it
Time read 2 30 min
book Brians Return
author Gary Pulsen

I read that Brian was acussed of hitting a kid because Sam had pushed him. When Sam pushed him he stangely transported to the woods where he lived. In the woods there was a crazy deer trying to attack him. So Brian defended himself as he remembered. But when he was back in the resturant he noticed that Sam was all beat up and bleeding. So the owner of the resturant called the police and hey got there really quick. When they got there they go...more
Jane Stewart
Very enjoyable continuation of the Brian story about survival in the wilderness. I really liked it.

This is a sequel to and should be read after the “Hatchet.” It is the 4th book. Books 2 and 3 are not required before reading this, although I recommend reading them in order if you like Hatchet. In Hatchet 13-year-old Brian was stranded in the Canadian wilderness for 54 days after a plane crash. It was a survival story. Now at age 15 Brian yearns to return. He doesn’t feel right living...more
The Lakers recently acquired Jason Kapono, a former Bruin who was, at one point, the most accurate three-point shooter in NBA history. So what happened? He got more playing time is what happened. While Kapono is undoubtedly one of the best three-point shooters in the game, it's just common sense that, the more shots you take, the harder it'll get for you to maintain that percentage.

This is kind of what happens to Gary Paulsen with Brian's Return, the fourth book about Brian Robeson. Paulsen is a...more
The Hatchet series has bean a great read. The fourth book in the series brings another end to Brian's life in the wilderness. It almost reminds me of Alec in WILDerland because both are about a boy learning to survive in nature.

This story continues after Brian finds the Smallhorn's house in the winter. They bring him back home and he learns that he is unable to live that life anymore. After a counseling session over a fight that took place he learns how he is able to return to nature. This story...more
Brian's Return By Gary Paulen. It is the third book written by Paulsen about a boy named Brian who learned how to survive in the wild after his plane crashed. This book begins two years after he was rescued. The time period is around the 1980's. The main character is a sixteen year old boy named Brian. He lives in the city with his mom. After being alone in the wilderness for so long, he is finding it difficult to be back home in the city and around people. When Brian beats up another student w...more
Anna Nastasi
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Drew Graham
Two years after the events of Hatchet , Brian's Winter and The River , Brian is finding it difficult to adjust back to "normal" life. He's restless and discontented, he doesn't get along with his classmates, he doesn't enjoy school, and he can't stand the noise and mess and distraction of civilization. After a violent altercation with another kid from school, he meets with a counselor who is fascinated by his history and experiences, and encourages him to return to the wild to find whatever it...more
Lee Koehler
I read the book Brian Return and I had made a strong connection with it. Like how it seems like you don’t fit into school and the only thing you can fit into is the wilderness. It fells like home sometimes and you never want to leave. This book has a couple awards like a winner 2000 of the ALA Quick Pick for Young Adult Reluctant Readers, winner 2001 of the Arkansas Charlie May Simon Children’s Book Award, and nominee 2000 of the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award.

Brian realized slowly...more
(Doing project on this, but reading other book.)

Brian’s Return

My book was Brian’s Return. Brian Robeson is a boy who has gone back into the wild, and only finds peace in the wild. He goes against all in the wild. Bears, Moose, Deer, and all sorts of animals.

Brian asks his mother to go back into the wild to find peace from all the kids and teachers at his school. He just wants to go back so he doesn’t have to deal with it all. Brian also talks to a blind man about going back. Caleb, the blind ma...more
As readers of "Hatchet," "The River," and "Brian's Winter" know, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson survived in the Canadian wilderness for months after his plane crashed in the woods. Now he's back in civilization, but things just don't feel right. He finds that modern society overwhelms and overstimulates him now. Before long, he's yearning for the forest. At the advice of his therapist--a blind man who is the one person who understands Brian's "homesickness"--Brian heads back out for a canoe tri...more
Shay Nelson
It has been two years since brian has been in the forest by himself and he kind of misses it in the woods because it is quiet and you can see the stars at night. Brian is in school and it is really close to the end of the school year and brian beats up a kid because the kid beat him up. His mom thinks he needs to go to a counciler so brian's mom pays for a councilar. The counciler and brian dont talk about emotions and stuff the counciler ask's brian to tell him what it was like. the counciler s...more
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Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age. After a librarian gave him a book to read--along with his own library card--he was hooked. He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another.

Running away from home at the age of 14 and traveling with a carnival, Paulsen acquired a taste for adve...more
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