Thrall (Daughters of Lilith, #1)
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Thrall (Daughters of Lilith #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  458 ratings  ·  92 reviews
Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends, Royal and Cassie. Together they’re doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their way by the popular crowd when a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door. Suddenly Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But as her sixteenth birthday...more
Kindle Edition, 305 pages
Published May 16th 2012 by Secret Tree Press (first published May 1st 2012)
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Savannah (Books With Bite)
Before you even start, this review. Put down anything you are doing and go read Thrall. It's AMAZING!
BREATHTAKING! It's makes you want to fall to your knees and beg for more. Yes, I want more. And I want it now.

Now, what hooked me into this book is that the plot is holy freaking intense! I mean, right from the start, I am enthralled till the end. Each chapter the reader faces more action, more secrets and much more hottness! At some points, I couldn't take it anymore. I was fighting against myse...more
Fist thing I loved about the story is the Uniqeness. Not all books choose a heroine that
was actually a Demon of origin. Lilith to start with is a mythological mother of Demon.
I was really unfamiliar with Lilith thing so I made a few research (which I always do, For me to understand more of the paranormal books I commonly read. Hehehhehe.) Here is a short research article I read hope it will be useful for you as well:

Lilith, Mother of Demons, appears throughout mythology and religions across the...more
The succubus fangirl in me is going happy-go-lucky. A coming of age story for a succubus, one of my favorite supernatural creatures of all time? Yes please! And amazingly enough this book does not disappoint. I meant to savour it, to draw out the pages and enjoy for as long as I could. Instead I tore through it in two sittings without being able to put it down.

Every once in a while I really want to buy the books that are self-published, first time novels, yet to reach the shelves in your local b...more
I was contacted by the author to read this. Normally, I'm somewhat leery when I get requests, just to make sure it's something I think I'd like. Well, when I saw it was something I would typically read AND it had a perfect 5.0 stars here, that pretty much sealed the deal.

Really, I'd probably classify this as a 4.5, but rounding up to 5 is just fine by me as well. 'bout them demons? I think the legend/myth of Lilith is actually quite fascinating, given that even though it's mentioned in t...more
Book Whales
Originally posted @ Book Whales

First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Quintenz for the ebook copy. Now on to my review. *winks*

I have to admit that the blurb didn’t really catch my attention that much (especially the “falling in love for the first time” part. This book was assigned to me for review and although I was a bit skeptical about it, I still went on to read it. And now, I’m glad that I did.

Thrall takes us into a whole new world where beautiful creatures known as Liliths exist. I love h...more
♥ Sarah
Personally, I just couldn't get into the story. I had to force myself to finish this. The romance lacked chemistry, the succubus story-line seemed unique, but it all fizzled with an anticlimactic end. The action scenes were also kind of a bust, and I just really HATED how the Guards treated Braedyn. And, she was also too much of a goody-too-shoes, one-dimensional character for me to truly appreciate. I wanted her to join forces with the Lilitu. And, I really just did not like Braedyn's love inte...more
Ooh, I really liked this one, guys. I was immediately sucked into the world of Braedyn, the daughter of Lilith. It has all the typical elements of a paranormal romance book and the battle between good and evil. The storyline won't surprise you. Average girl suddenly takes on freaky new powers, finds out she isn't who she thought she was her whole life, meets a hot boy that is forbidden, sets out to save the world... See what I mean? Not a new storyline at all. BUT...

This is a solid, well told st...more
I would like to thank the author, Jennifer Quinletz and The Cover Contessa, for the opportunity to read and review this book for free. The fact that I received it for free in no way influences this review.

Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends, Royal and Cassie. Together they’re doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their way by the popular crowd when a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door. Suddenly Braedyn
Christina M Condy
Now I have to say I loved this book. Normally the demon is the bad guy. And while this doesn’t change in this book the demon is still the bad guy, but there is a unique twist one demon is good.

I’ve always loved stories of Demons and add in the story of Lilith who I actually know the original story of was such a great aspect of this story. Lilith is a fabulous twist in this book, and while there are many stories about Lilith this one was totally unique. Because Lillith isn’t the main issue, nor...more
This is one RED HOT READ! Very intense and sexy. I have to say I was impressed. After being harassed by a few friends(bloggers) who had gotten the chance to read this, I was glad to be given the chance as well. It took me long to actually get to it then originally planned. I think I am a month behind.
IT definitely has appeal that everyone should want to pick it up and read it. The love story with this is very strong the characters are better together (Taylor Swift, eat your heart out kinda thin...more
Marlana Hatcher
This novel was so good. I received it this morning and just finished it a bit ago. I absolutely loved it.

Let me start by saying poor Braedyn. Everything was going her way for once, and then rug is pulled completely out from under her... multiple times. You feel so bad for her! The life she has known is a lie. She is keeping a huge secret from the guy she loves. She has an inner war waging that could mean losing the world as well as herself. I love how strong of a character she is. Everything th...more
(Source: I own a copy of this book, and the author requested a review.)
16-year-old Braedyn is shocked when her father tells her that demons exist – very specific ‘succubus’ type demons called the Lilitu.
What is going on with the Lilitu? And what is Bredyn’s part in the battle against them?

This was an okay story, but it just wasn’t for me.

Braedyn was an okay character, but she did maybe allow herself to be led astray a little too easily at points. I could see why it would be difficult for her to...more
I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Shockingly I've had this for the best part of the year, I don't know how but it got lost in the list of review books I've got and forgotten about. Sorry about that. I like to be prompt with my reviews, I know it's not always possible but this was way too long.
Anyway, I came across it last Sunday evening and read the first 150 pages in one sitting before I had to put it down, I was really enjoying it and getting into the story. I...more
Stephanie Dagg
Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz is a zesty and very enjoyable YA paranormal novel. The opening seems a little conventional. We meet teenager Braedyn, bright and gutsy but a bit of a social misfit, against the usual background of American high school with the moody beauties and aloof good looking guys. However, suddenly a handsome new neighbour, Lucas, arrives on the scene and sticks up for her at school. Up to now there’d always been just Dad and Braedyn. He’s never talked much about her mother, who...more
Tahlia Newland
I’ve read so many young adult paranormal romance books that I admit to feeling a little jaded by the genre, yet I was pleasantly surprised by this story. It started out in a similar way to many in the genre with the classic teen-discovers-previously-unknown-powers-and-secrets-about-their-birth scenario but the book soon proved itself to be an excellent and unpredictable story with more depth than most.

Blurb: Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friend...more
Thrall was a really boring read.

Braedyn was an okay character to start with, but she quickly became annoying.
She could be quite stupid at times too.

The little twist that happened quite early on, was really predictable.
It didn't shock me at all.

I lost interest in the story very early on, so it felt like a really long read.
I just wanted the book to end!

Overall, slow, annoying and predictable.
I am not much into young adult stories but I like stories with a fantasy, supernatural element in them. Jennifer Quintenz does a great job of switching between the two worlds -- present day high school and the fantasy/dream world.

Braedyn is in for a shock when she learns that she is not just another teenaged girl negotiating high school jealousies and crushes, but a half-human, half-Lilutu who is being groomed for a deadly mission, to save humans from the deadly daughters of Lilutu.

There is pl...more
Rebecca McKinnon
Wow! I had an amazingly hard time putting this book down. Even after it ended. I wanted it to keep going, and I admit, I'm a little annoyed that I have to wait for the next book. :) That's a good sign, right?

I knew the second I saw the cover that this book had to join my TBR pile. Yep, I judge books by their covers. We all do, even if we aren't willing to admit it.

Braedyn is a fascinating character. I love the way she wants to be the person she's always been, rather than immediately accepting th...more
Marla Hayes
Not since the Harry Potter books has a novel so quickly, so deeply captured my utmost attention, my need to read, read, read it without putting it down!
This author has quite a talent for writing dialogue, multi-dimensional characters and description that doesn't get in the way of advancing the plot.
When I read the last page, I wanted MORE!!!(I have it on good authority that Book 2 will be out by the end of 2012.)
**** SHOUT OUT TO HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS: Look no further for a worthy successor to Har...more
Allison (Rally the Readers)
Also posted on Rally the Readers.

* A copy was provided by the author for review.

1.5 Stars

Thrall sounded like a story I would really enjoy. Demons, angels, and demon hunters—what's not to like? What I wasn't expecting was all the stereotypical teenage angst and high school drama that took up most of the book.

Oh, the drama. I was slightly offended reading about Braedyn's high school life. Being in high school myself, I found the whole interpretation comical and highly inaccurate. You had the mean...more

This book was so much better than I thought it would be and isn't it great when you are surprised in such a way?

Thrall tells us the story of Braedyn, a 15-year-old girl who lives in Puerto Escondido with her loving father, Murphy.

She has two best friends - Royal and Cassie - and even though the three are very unique in their own way, deep down they're just normal kids going through high school and trying to survive all the drama and general bitchiness thrown their way.

But then a guy called Lucas...more
Katie Watkins
I wavered back and forth between 3 and 4 stars. The whole storyline was very original and gripping. I enjoyed the way the characters were woven together and the way things unfolded. The reason I kept wanting to go with 3 stars was the violence. It wasn't graphic, but there was a lot of it--decapitation, daggers, stabbing, beating, punching, fighting, killing, etc. I really appreciated that it wasn't graphic and although things were implied, it stayed clean.

Braedyn is just an average girl...until...more
Traci (Mad Hatter Reads)
I received an e-Copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

I have to admit a certain fascination with the subject of Lilith and that she’s often portrayed as the mother of various demon races…usually succubi or incubi. So THRALL seemed right up my alley and from the moment I started reading, it proved that it was. It’s rich in demon lore, has quite a bit of action, and has an excellent young adult perspective without being too teenage-angsty.

The Lilitu are succubi demons that target m...more
Chelsey Nichols
I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with Jennifer Quintenz’s Thrall, but holy Hannah I was not disappointed. I’ve read a lot of young adult lately, but Thrall is young adult done right. Braedyn is introduced as a regular 15 about to be 16 year old who’s about to go through some big changes—and it was at this point that I started to worry. So many stories start this way (a young girl going through some unexpected supernatural changes or some sort of supernatural connection)—and peter of...more
*I was given a copy of this book on kindle in return for an honest review*

This review can also be found on our blog

3.5 Stars

Thrall is just what you need if you are craving a new, unique, paranormal story with a likable main character, but also a plot filled with equal parts romance and kick-ass action.

I must admit, there are so many YA paranormal books now, that I struggle to find a story that is interesting and unique. However, I found Thrall to be a breath of fresh air - in fact it was my firs...more
Stephanie ♥Loves Adrian Ivashkov♥
First things first, technically I would give this book 3.5 stars but I don't usually work with halves so I gave 3. Just wanted to get that out there. And also a huge thank you to author, Jennifer Quintenz for being so kind to let me read and review her book.

I (obviously) liked Thrall. When Jennifer send me the review request I thought at first I would probably have to turn her down because at the moment I wasn't taking a lot of new requests but then I read the description and thought, wow this i...more
Lee (Rally the Readers)
Also posted on Rally the Readers.

* A copy was provided by the author for review.

I seem to be stuck in a bit of an odd reading cycle lately, where I either absolutely love a book or have to push through to finish it. Unfortunately, Thrall falls into the latter category, another case of a solid premise that pulls up short in the execution. Although I really liked how the story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife according to some legends, was worked into the novel, that alone wasn’t enough to wholly inve...more
Lisa Dess
I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. Once I started the book I didn't want to put it down, however, had to because a girls has to work. I was always eager to return to the book at the end of the day.

The story flowed well and it kept my attention. Jennifer did a wonderful job with balancing Braedyn's life struggles with all of the emotions she was experiencing.

I really loved the characters. Braedyn is brave and loyal. Lucas is the gu...more
Tricia Ballad
I really enjoyed this book - it was one of those rare few that actually left me questioning the reality of my own world when I set it down. Can't wait to read book 2. I've discovered a new "must-read" author.
Demons, and thralls, and teenagers. Oh, my! Thrall is a paranormal read that will have you practically wanting to dagger someone for more!

Book one of the Daughters of Lilith series starts out with a teenage girl who finds out her father has been lying to her for the first fifteen years of her life. While that storyline does sound eerily similar to a lot of other supernatural YA books, Thrall manages not to linger on the angst that comes with an untruthful parent finally copping to the dark and m...more
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Jennifer Quintenz is a film and television writer, author, and graphic novelist. She has written for Twentieth Television, Intrepid Pictures, and Archaia Studios Press. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

Thrall is her first novel.
More about Jennifer Quintenz...
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