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7 h�bitos de los adolescentes altamente efectivos
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7 h�bitos de los adolescentes altamente efectivos

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  14,310 ratings  ·  954 reviews
Ser joven es tan maravilloso como desafiante. En los 7 hábitos de los adolescentes altamente efectivos. Sean Covey aplica los principios imperecederos de los 7 hábitos a las difíciles circunstancias y decisiones que enfrentan los jóvenes.
De manera divertida, Covey presenta una guía que ayuda a los adolescentes a mejorar su imagen y estima, desarrollar su potencial, formar
Paperback, 288 pages
Published July 1st 2003 by Grijalbo (first published January 1st 1997)
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Jawaher Alkhateeb

من الكتب الي لازم ترجع لها حتى بعد ماتقراه !!
لو أتكلم من اليوم لبكره ماراح أوفي الكتاب حقه!
قليل الكتب الي تأثر فيني وفي تفكيري .
الأجمل أسلوبه في السرد بسيييطه وتوصل القلب بسرعه .
الكتاب مرتب جداً إخراجاً وأسلوباً وسرداً
مهم جداً يقراه الجميييع حتى المبتدئين في القراءه
، بعد الكتاب مستحيل ماتتغير نظرتك للأمور للأفضل .
ببساطه .. سأجعل العادات السبع معلقه في ذهني دوماً .
وبدأت فعلياً في تغيير نفسي نحو الأفضل بمساعدة من الكتاب .
Mrs. Kucinski
A great book about life in general. Adds neat stories, quotes and cartoons. Great for middle school students.
Deemah Al-Otaibi
قرأت هذا الكتاب عندما كنت في المرحله الثانويه , ساعدني كثيرا لأنه كما أحب ان اطلق عليه " كتاب شامل " .. ليس فقط يهتم بتكوين العلاقات الايجابيه مع الناس وانما ايضا يشرح عن كيفيه تقسيم الأولويات , فمن هذا الكتاب تعلمت تقسيم جدول الاولويات الى هذا اليوم ..
كتاب مازلت انصح به لكل مراهق ان يقرأه ..
My parents noticed I was having troubles with my self-being. They forced me to read this book (I was not impressed when the put it in my hands) but after the first page i was hooked. I was so impressed with this book it's crazy. It made so much sense, and I could totally relate to it on so many different levels. I was just incredibly surprised how easy it was to read, since usually when you pick up one of these "how-to" books, they're dry and not interesting. Well, not this book! It's great to s ...more
Due to issues that I will not speak of, a probation officer made me read this book (and, to worsen the circumstances, also made me write an essay on it--you can bet that it was a strongly opinionated essay!). Now, one can definitely argue that the unfortunate circumstances of this assignment has distorted my viewpoint and thus is what caused me to hate this book so much, but that isn't the case at all.
This book would be terrible regardless of whether I was forced to read it or not. In fact, it's
This book is an influential life-guide for teenagers. It has different stories of teenagers around us, associated with different scenarios and cases. In addition, its pictures decorate the pages, the quotes prove illustrate and explains the views, which makes it really fun to read.
I highly recommend reading this enjoyable book to find the perfect life waiting for you to jump right into.
This book is the your straight way to heaven on earth. It includes organized information represented in picture
Rayna So
Just found out that his father has died and reminded that I had read this book as a very troubled teen. I was given it by a concerned teacher that was also a guidance counselor at my school. I was still quite jaded when I approached this book and some people might roll their eyes at certain chapters like I did, but to be honest I think everyone can take away something important from reading the text.

In my case, a certain chapter which was marked really made the whole world make sense to me. It e
Ȝabdelrahman Farouk
لو أتكلمت من هنا لبكره مش هقدر أوصف أد إيه الكتاب ده مفيد ، بيكلمك بواقعية جدا يشدك من أول فصل.
كتاب غير و هيغير فيا حاجات كتير ، فعلا لقيت نفسى فيه و زعلت جدا لما خلصته :)

*ملحوظة : الكتاب ده لازم يتقرى أكتر من مرة و فصل فصل يتمسك و تحاول تطبقه فى حياتك.
Josh Stoll
This book... has me confused. At times, the author suggests overly saccharine and simplistic solutions to problems that are often more complicated. At others, the author seems to have a keen grasp of subject matter, and provides really good tips and in-depth study of problem areas for teens. At yet others, the author oversimplifies teens into roles that are often confined to three or four simplistic categories. Some of his advice seems like common sense-- if the teen isn't already practicing the ...more
Donavon Taveras
This book helped me prioritize and organize my social and academic life. As a teenager, it's easy to get confused and lost between school, friends and relationships. This book can help ease the confusion. This book mainly involves setting a path for yourself. It helps you to figure out what you want in life and what you want your future to be. Once you know what path you'd like to take, the book helps you to prioritize. Put the unimportant nonsense at the end of your 'to do' list and put the imp ...more
نادي بخطوة
اللقاء الرابع لنادي بخطوة

اسم الكتاب : العادات السبع للمراهقين الأكثر فعالية
اسم المؤلف: شين كوفي

مقدمه عن الكتاب :

كونك مراهقاً أمر رائع ومثير للتحدي. في كتابه "العادات السبع للمراهقين الأكثر فعالية"، يطبّق المؤلف شين كوفي المبادئ الأساسية للعادات السبع الشهيرة على المراهقين والقضايا العسيرة وقرارات الحياة المتغيرة التي يواجهونها. يقدم شين كوفي دليلاً خطوة بخطوة، بأسلوب ممتع، لمساعدة المراهقين في تحسين صورتهم أمام أنفسهم، وفي بناء علائق صداقة قوية، وتحقيق أهدافهم، وغير ذلك كثير، فإن هذا الكتاب يزخر
This is possibly the best book I have ever read.
It has amazing principle for living the effective life, and whenever I read it, I feel like all that Sean talks about is within reach, is achievable. I absolutely love the cartoons of gangly teens that riddle the book, illustrating what's being discussed. Sean's style of writing in this book is so hilarious, and it makes an enjoyable read. It's not just some self-help book that preaches at you on how to change, but more of a journey to greatness. T
no recuerdo porque decidí ponerlo en la lista de mis libros por leer, esté libro es más para adolescentes y pues ya pase esa etapa, así que lo recomendaría a mis sobrinos de esta nueva etapa de sus vidas, y si hay varios consejos que me ayudaron, y creo que el pdf que leí era más resumido, la parte de al final, casi lo resume todo. :)

Todo dependerá del modo que pienses de ti mismo, enfrentar las decisiones, cambiar las cosas si no van del todo bien, decidir a que sea el "momento" el punto en que
Christy Stewart
The author tries to be real hip in that jeans-jeans-shirt-jeans-jacket 90s sort of way that made us all smell the teen spirit.

Obvious hippy bullshit. Also it reads WAY too young for teens.
قرأته حين كنت مراهقة والحمد لله ، ويبدو أنني بحاجة الآن لقراءة العادات السبع للعجائز الاكثر فعالية .
Alanoud alrabaih
ما رأيك بالكتاب ؟
- حجم الكتاب كبير ، حيث أن الكاتب أكثر من القصص التي تدور حول موضوع واحد و ربما بعض القراء لا يحبذ الإطالة في موضوع واحد بالقصص الكثيرة و لكن البعض الآخر قد يعجبه ذلك لكي تترسخ المعلومة أكثر
- مما يثير الإنتباه أنه نوه عن أمور يجب علينا كأفراد فعلها و قد تصبح مع مرور الوقت عادة و هذه الأمور نرى أن رسولنا الكريم "عليه الصلاة والسلام" قد حثنا و أوصانا بها
- أسلوبه مضحك و لايخلو من الكوميديا فهو يرسم البسمة على شفتيك
- كتاب بسيط يمكن للجميع قرائته
- أسلوب الكاتب جميل فهو يطرح عليك أسئ
Beautiful  Oblivion
This book was torture. I spent my whole summer reading this book along with my other classmates who might feel the same. It was just...boring.

Okay, I think the majority of the world's teens will not read this. Maybe adults, but not teens. This is the 21st century people, teens don't want a book telling them how to manage their lives. If they can't even listen to their parents what makes you think they'll listen to a book? The majority don't even like reading. I'm already seeing this, they rathe
Sandy Yang
Title: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Author: Sean Covey
isbn13: 9780684856094
288 pages
I have always loved guide books, books that I could always go back to. Because of this I have read many different guide books, and honestly, many of them were very repetitive. I couldn't find a very interesting book to read, but then suddenly, I saw Michelle Wong, a fellow classmate of mine, reading this book. I couldn't help but flip through it, and it was truly a book that was meant for a teen. Even t
I listened to the audiotape on my way to Chicago, and I nearly drove off the road. On purpose. Alright, it wasn't THAT bad, but I wasn't very impressed. Covey merely restates everything our mothers taught us: prioritize, do your best, and play nicely. The content was simplistic, redundant, and cheesy. While the 7 habits are nice ideas and good goals to strive for, they're common sense. And there's something about the way Covey delivers his material that makes me cringe. He's overly simplistic an ...more
عبد الكريم جليد
كتاب رائع بكل ما للكلمة من معنى
كنت قد قرأت جزئاً من كتاب ستيفن كوفي: العادات السبع للأشخاص الاكثر فعالية
ولكنني شعرت بالملل بعد قراءة الثلاثين صفحة الأولى
أما مع كتاب الابن شين فلا مكان لملل
الكتاب يعطيك في البداية دفعة معنوية كبيرة
ثم يبدأ شيئاً فشيئاً بتهيئتك للخوض في غمار هذه التجربة الممتعة
التي تعلمك أن الحياة قصيرة جداً لنضيعها
أحس أنني سأتغير كلياً بعد الانتهاء من قراءة الكتاب
ما زلت أقرأ في الفصل الأول وسأجرب العادة الأولى
ثم أتابع التجربة فصلاً تلو الفصل وعادة تلو العادة
وعند الانتهاء من الكتاب
Maryam Fehmina
When a child enters teenage, he/she experiences many psychological, and social problems. He starts to think differently, and see things with a different perspective. His thoughts are way different from that of a child, and a mature adult. The way Sean tries to solve general problems faced by a teen, and shows him a way towards a brighter future, makes him/her realise, that there is someone who understands their problem.
Though the title suggests 'for teens'
I must say, it is a truly epic book, r
Melano (Melania) Durmishidze
The Novel , “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey was so enjoyable to read. It is an influential life-guide for teenagers. It has different stories of teenagers around us, associated with different scenarios and cases. In addition, its pictures decorate the pages, the quotes prove illustrate and explains the views, which makes it really fun to read. The book allows the reader from the optimistic point of view , explore possibilities of how to be one of the most effective teen. F ...more
“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” was a very informative book. This book made me think about my life and the good and bad habits I have. I enjoyed the book because Sean Covey made his book interesting and fun to read and also, I feel like it was made specifically for me.
My favorite habit was Habit 2, “begin with the end in mind”. This habit was really well thought, because many teens do things at the spur of the moment, and don’t think about the consequences that they will face afterwar
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens was a very informative book. This book made me think about my life and the good and bad habits I have. I enjoyed the book because Sean Covey made his book interesting and fun to read and the book was informative.
My favorite habit was habit 2, begin with the end in mind. This habit is very important because many teens just go with the flow or do whatever they want, without really thinking about the future. Covey starts out by asking us to make a personal mi
Shauna Edwards
Author Sean Covey talks about habits that can help teens become successful in life. The 7 habits are: Be proactive; Begin with the End in Mind; Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood; Synergize; and Sharpen the Saw. In each of the 7 chapters Sean Covey goes into each habit in much more detail. He includes quotes, cartoons, and real-life experiences from teens in every chapter which makes it realistic.

There are many principles and practices that I’
The book, The 7habits of Highly effected Teens is a really good book my first oppion on this book is and how i feel about it is......

While it's all well and good to tell kids how to live their lives, "teens watch what you do more than they listen to what you say," Covey says. So practice what you preach. Your example can be very influential.

Covey himself has done well by following a parent's example. His dad, Stephen Covey, wrote the book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, which sold over
I did a book report on this a while back. 7 Habits is a book that presents powerful lessons in personal challenge. This book focuses on internal vision and behavior as well as external vision and maximizing your environment to achieve your long-term goals. The book presents 7 significant actions common in effective people. The first three develop personal effective characteristic- be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first; the second three develop environmental interactiv ...more
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Mostly, it had fun cartoons, short sections, and nice chunking of the generally reasonable advice into easy to digest piece. The author makes an effort to include personal accounts from all walks of life to appeal to a broad audience.

On the flip side, the advice wandered into the platitude range a few times. In one section, the author's advice to students who say they can't focus on studying is simply to "discipline themselves". I'm pretty sure those ki
Gretchen S.
Secan Covey
Nonfiction Information
245 pages

This book give teen a look at seven habits that can help them in their life. All of the habits build up on the other ones. It is like a tower with layers. Habit number one is the first layer. You can't do the second habit until you do the first habit. The habits build up and rely on each other. If you don't get one down then you can't get the other habits straight. the book also includes baby steps at the end of
Mark Bratkowski
I read this book because it is required for all Ursuline freshmen. Despite the intended audience, I found some good lessons about life. I must say that sometimes I find self-help books too didactic, repetitive, or unrealistically positive. "The Seven Habits" was no exception to this trend. However, I was different this time. When I've read self-help books before, I've always been looking for some great answer to life; this time I wasn't. Instead, I was looking for a way to provide help and stru ...more
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Sean Covey was the starting quarterback for Brigham Young University during the 1987 and 1988 seasons. He was benched due to an ankle sprain. Following his college football career wrote a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. It is a book based on the principles of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which was written by his father, Stephen R. Covey, but directed towards the ...more
More about Sean Covey...
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