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Daz 4 Zoe
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Daz 4 Zoe

3.35  ·  Rating Details ·  287 Ratings  ·  29 Reviews
It is the year 2051 and Britain is a divided country, deliberately divided by economic and education strategies. Half the population shelters in fortified suburbs (Newtown); the other half resentfully smoulders in sealed-off ghettoes. This is the story of privileged Zoe and Daz, the semi-literate ghetto dweller, whose brother was executed for raiding with the underground r ...more
Paperback, 176 pages
Published June 29th 1995 by Puffin (first published 1990)
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Jun 18, 2013 Mr_S rated it it was ok
A dystopian social structure, Romeo and Juliet love story - the covers announcment sounds both promising and interesting. However, the novel turns out to be more ordaniary than expected.
Basically it is a downsized Romeo and Juliet story placed in a society that leaves too many question concerning for example the genesis and conflicts of such an dystopian society. The two worlds are strictly seperated, yet permeable. An intruiging ambivalence which could lead to much more tension than Swindells i
John Doe
An O.K book but not the best book iv'e read in my life.
Jun 20, 2013 Banana-Agent rated it really liked it
When I first heard about the book Daz 4 Zoe written by Robert Swindells I expected that it would be a futuristic lecture about a boy caring about a girl named Zoe.
The book "Daz4Zoe" deals with two different people who love each other, the problem is that both live in two different living conditions.
Zoe lives in Silverdale, a wealthy suburb, and Daz lives in bad area named Rawhampton. Thus, Swindells calls Zoe a "Subbie" and Daz a "Chippie". The whole community is segregated with fences and ment
Jun 20, 2013 Maik rated it really liked it
Separation in the society can be a distopian world in the future and is the topic of the book Daz 4 Zoe written by Robert Swindells. The book is about the problematic relationship of the two teenagers Daz and Zoe. Daz is a guy from the city called Rawhampton, which is the area where the poor "chippies" live. Zoe is a forteen years old girl who lives in a suburb named Silverdale. This place is gated with fences and protected by guards, because only rich people live there and the poor are not allo ...more
Jun 20, 2013 Liliya rated it liked it
Rawhampton vs. Silverdale
In his novel Robert Swindells created a seperated society in England. Half of the population,called Chippies, live in dirty and poor areas and the other social group, Subbies, in rich and wealthy suburbs. They have not got any contact with each other. One day the young chippy boy Daz meets the subby girl Zoe and they fall in love. After this "suprise meeting",their lifes change forever. Swindells chooses a sciene fiction topic with a modern lovestory of Romeo and Juliet
Tomasz S.
Jun 20, 2013 Tomasz S. rated it really liked it
A dystopian society separated in two groups, a poor one called chippies and a rich one called subbies. Extreme prejudices reinforce the hostility between this two groups. The contact beween this two societies is strictly forbidden, walls and fances separate this two groups. The book tells the story about two young persons, Daz and Zoe who fall in love with each other. Daz is a rebellious young chippy who has a lack in education because of his social situation. Zoe is a young subby, she is smart ...more
Simon Stevens
Jan 02, 2011 Simon Stevens rated it liked it
As a new-to-the-trade English teacher I've very quickly become immersed in teenage literature and find Swindells to be one of the most compelling authors. After reading Stone Cold with a Year 9 class I was extremely impressed and felt compelled to conduct some further investigation.

Daz 4 Zoe had been described to me as a modern day Romeo and Juliet. There are obvious comparisons, nevertheless I feel the association is unhelpful. Swindells sets his love story in a dystopian vision of 2050 Britain
Ip Man
Jun 20, 2013 Ip Man rated it liked it
the novel was quite good because it is really interesting to see how other people,like Robert Swindells,think about the future in our "society". Everybody asks themeselves how the future of our society could be and how it develops. the novel shows us a possible future society.
It is about England who is divided into two societies ("subbies"-> are the people who live in the better part of England; "chippies"-> are the people who live in the bad part of England) and it is strictly forbidden f
Center Of
Jun 20, 2013 Center Of rated it really liked it
"daz4zoe" is a distopian lovestory which was written by robert swindels in 1990.
the book is about two young persons who live in seperated societies.
on the one hand there is daz a bad educated boy who lives in very bad living conditions and on the other hand there is a beautiful, decent and rich girl named zoe who lives in the suburbs.
one day both meet each other by chance and fall in love.
they do everything to stay together but because of the relationship between this two societies its almost im
Jun 20, 2013 Eugen rated it it was amazing
The book is about a forbidden love story with two teenagers and a dystopian society.
This book is outstanding, it exceed all what I read before.
Robert Swindells is an master in his time he change my view of the world.
I love this book!
Apparently I read a lot of Robert Swindells books between the ages of 12 and 18.

I was driven to seek out every book of his our local library carried after reading the bleak but very good Brother in the Land. This one was not so good.
Aug 06, 2013 Ayline rated it liked it
The novel Daz 4 Zoe by Robert Swindells is about a girl called Zoe and a boy called Daz who live in different societies which are split in rich and poor. The two kids fall in love together but because they are not allowed to have contact there is a big problem in living together and meeting each other.

My expectations before reading it and only knowing the title were very low because the title has no interesting signal words which make the reader curious. But when i read it my opinion changed som
Natalie aka: PajamaBookGirl
May 13, 2013 Natalie aka: PajamaBookGirl rated it it was amazing
** Not a proper review, This is from my Blast from the past - Book of the month section from my website. This is May 2013 book of the month and my reasons why.**

The reason I chose this book for blast from the past-book of the month is because without it I wouldn't have taken a bigger interest in reading as I got older.
In secondary school I was a bit on the naughty side. My head of year was an English teacher and I spent a lot of time with her in isolation for my behavior. Banned from a school tr
Oct 17, 2011 Cat rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2011
Seperated by a high wire fence, subbies and chippies live in completely different world. The subbies are surrounded by nice houses, nice schools, nice people and covered in a thick protected blanket where nothing could go wrong. Chippies live in mayhem, in poverty, grime and dirt, scraping by to make a living and forced to survive horrible conditions. But one night when a subby girl (Zoe) ventures past the fence, to the clubs the chippies are so famous for, she spots a boy (Daz) and falls in lov ...more
Jun 20, 2013 Booklover94 rated it it was ok
We read the book Daz 4 Zoe in our English class. Its abaut an dystopian society in which people are geographically and psycologically isolated. The author tries to underline this situation by an lovestory which remembers to Romeo and Juliet. In this case it becomes clear to me that this situation could also affect us in a few years, if the gap between rich and poor increases. This was kind of an interessting point wich motivated me to go on reading this book. But after a while I noticed that the ...more
Bruce Lee
Jun 20, 2013 Bruce Lee rated it it was amazing
The novel is a different kind of book, which I have never read before. It became clear to me when I read the first three pages. Because it has a change in the first person narrator. This narrator also has a different spelling, so the reader must rethink. The narrators are Daz and Zoe who live in seperated societies.
In my opinion the story is very interesting, because it is like a new version of Romeo and Juliet. The book deals with two people who are in love with each other but cant get in touc
Jun 20, 2013 ... added it
Review „Daz 4 Zoe“

Robert Swindells’ „Daz 4 Zoe“ descreibes a typical love-story, which is complecated. Daz and Zoe are the maincharacters and lives in two complete different social groups. They meets themselves randomly and fall in love together. This love-story is very simple build and many situations are foreseeable. That aspect makes the book a bit bad. It was a nice idea fromRobert Swindells, but the “romeo and Julia”-lovestory destroys everything! Besides the plot is sometime very fast. Daz
May 01, 2011 Carly rated it it was amazing
Loved this book,, have read it at least six times!! Never get bored of it it's a quick easy read!! It's brill!! It's like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, with forbidden love and danger at every corner!! I like zoe,, but it's daz I really feel for!! His upbringing,, etc... U wud think he wud be a bad lad but he's soooo sweet!!

I like how rob swindells wrote for the character daz he wrote things as they are sounded it made the character seem more real to me!! Thouroughly enjoyed this book will be R
Erin Wynn
I absolutely adored this book. My teacher lent me it to read over the holidays and it's just brilliant. I'd love to study it in school but apparently it's not on the curriculum anymore. Zoe is an extremely relatable character for me, I loved her from the second I was inroduced to her. I was undecided about Daz's horrible spelling and grammar at first, but it grew on me and I loved it in the end. I read this all in about three hours, I need to thank my English teacher when I go back to school.
I liked the story but I did find it hard to read when daz was talking.The chapters are told by zoe and daz alternately. Zoe is called a subby because she lives in the suburb and daz is called a chippy as he lives in the ghetto. This is a story set in the future and daz and zoe fall in love even though they belong to different communities. Quite a powerful story.
Kea M
Aug 19, 2012 Kea M rated it it was amazing
i read this book ages ago when i was still in high school, i loved it then and i'd love to find it again. It's so unassuming but really lovely. it's a grungy, east-london take on romeo and Juliet. one of the few versions of the classic play that's actually very good and original. this will forever remind me of my adolescence :)
Jan 26, 2014 Helen rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Bearing in mind the date this was published its dated pretty well. A nice idea but since this is really a teen novel its a bit simply put together. Had I read this 10 years ago I would have loved it. The ending is a bit rushed.
Imogen Howe
I absolutely loved this book, being the first ever romantic romeo-&-juliet-esque book i'm pretty sure i ever read. If your starting and you don't want anything too cheesy and also something scary and real-world-like, then this book is perfect.
Nov 15, 2011 Katherine rated it it was ok
I dont like this book very much, to be honest. Zoe is stupid, naive and obsessed with Daz. Also she doesnt really think about her friends and familys feelings when she does certain things. It annoys me how in Daz`s parts of the book, it is all spelt wrong. It takes me ages to read!
Jan 08, 2013 Bianca rated it really liked it
This is a cute love story in extreme circumstances and shows how true love conquers all. I found it inspiring and uplifting and truly adored it.
Feb 15, 2012 Orla rated it liked it
Shelves: childhood, romance
A slightly in the future version of the Romeo and Juliet of the social classes. Swindells, king of the dark realism for our sheltered youth, shines through in a compelling if predictable story.
Nov 12, 2013 مريم rated it liked it
2.5 stars..

It reminds me of The Hunger Games. The Capitol and the Districts. The Subbies and the Chippies.
Rowleys rated it really liked it
Jul 10, 2012
Mhargreaves rated it really liked it
Jul 01, 2011
elizabeth turner
elizabeth turner rated it it was amazing
Dec 25, 2015
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