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Tumbangnya Seorang Diktator
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Tumbangnya Seorang Diktator

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  9,755 ratings  ·  454 reviews
Edisi Indonesia El Otono Del Patriarca. Terjemahan dari bahasa Inggris.
Paperback, 332 pages
Published 1992 by Yayasan Obor Indonesia (first published 1975)
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A-dziko Simba gegele Well, it was certainly a demanding read so much so that one reading, for me, is not sufficient - I hope to be able to get back to this novel sometime…moreWell, it was certainly a demanding read so much so that one reading, for me, is not sufficient - I hope to be able to get back to this novel sometime in the future and re-read it. The technique with its lack of punctuation where punctuation would be expected, it's epic sentences and swtiching in time and point of view, after a while, sinks into the subconscious and no longer stands out but it does take perseverence to get to that place.

Once in that place, there were no hitches in my enjoyment of the work which is truly magnificent.(less)
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A novel of blazing, indefatigable brilliance. A tale in which absolute power of a uniquely Caribbean variety corrupts its possessor absolutely. Year by year el presidenté grows ever farther from any connection with his people until he's a pampered Howard Hughes-like recluse. In his detachment he looses a succession of evil proxies on his people, who perpetrate genocides without a cause. In one, 20,000 children are murdered for their unwitting collusion in a lottery scam which el presidenté alway ...more
K.D. Absolutely
Jul 13, 2012 K.D. Absolutely rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to K.D. by: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2006-2010)
Hypnotic and brilliant.

This is my fourth Garcia Marquez book and this is said to be his most difficult book to read. It took him four (1968-1971) years to write this book. Four years. He wrote this as a follow up novel to his masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude that catapulted him to stardom in the world literary arena. This was his most recent novel when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.

I picked this 1001 book because there was a new member in our book club who is also a GGM
خريف البطريرك

في السابع عشر من أبريل رحل ماركيز، صاحب (مئة عام من العزلة)، ثيربانتس الجديد، الكولومبي الذي حصد نوبل بكتابين أساسيين هما حكاية ماكوندو المذهلة – مئة عام من العزلة – وهذه الرواية التي نشرها قبل نوبل بسبع سنوات.

كنت قد أحببت عوالم ماركيز رغم أنني ولجتها من ترجمة رديئة لمئة عام من العزلة – فلذا أنوي إعادة قراءتها بترجمة صالح علماني خلال هذا العام الماركيزي -، ولكن (الحب في زمن الكوليرا) و(قصة موت معلن) جعلت ماركيز من كتابي المفضلين، وجعلت بقية كتبه على قائمة قراءاتي الفلكية الطول.

Update: Rest in peace, dear Márquez. Your books will always live on.

Why do I let Márquez torture me so, with his convoluted sentence structures and brilliant use of the comma, his obvious disdain of the semi-colon and colon, the thoughts that go on and on, so intricate and philosophical these sentences that he has me choosing his words over the weekend movie or tennis game, has me so brainwashed that I'm typing this review and can't seem to stop for something as simple as that small dot known
This is Garcia Marquez at his most complex and polemical. It is an uncomfortable read, disturbing at times. It is also difficult with very few chapters, no paragraphs and sentences that go on for several pages. Garcia Marquez conducts an extended love affair with the comma; his punctuation mark of choice in this book.
The novel concerns the nameless dictator of a nameless Caribbean nation; principally it is the story of his decline and death with added detail concerning his bloody reign. He has
Maintaining lucidity is a central challenge for both audience and protagonist in the dizzying and illusory narrative of Marquez's Autumn of the Patriarch. While its easy to dwell on the uncompromising style of a novel devoid of paragraphs, punctuation, and quotations delineating dialogue, such blurry tactics seal the bizarre entrancement of a novel concerned with the solitude of a bastard patriarch. Certainly it's no easy pie being tossed randomly into an unspecified Caribbean climate and period ...more
Jul 08, 2007 Ian rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone
It took Garcia seven years to write this book. Seven years. I guess that's how long it takes to make sure fifty-page chapters are turned into one paragraph and as few sentences as possible. But the effect is to make the entire book run together and make each story within the story melt into the ones around it. The consequence is ending the reader's sense of chronology, timeline, and even details. We are only left with the horrible man - and leader - that was the patriarch.

And when the story abo
Jul 26, 2008 jess rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: ryan golden
Recommended to jess by: me!
on the whole, the novel is impressive. i can't imagine what it took for him to write this whole thing the way that he did. most of the sentences run for ten pages, moving from one point-of-view to another without warning, from dreams to real-life (maybe?)action. at the beginning of each chapter, we are reminded that the patriarch of the novel's title is dead, but we are quickly taken back to years before his death and pushed through memories of the years leading up to his first fake and then rea ...more
Sanabel Atya
"خريفُ البطريرك،،رواية
خطب الديكتاتور الموزونة،،قصيدة لمحمود درويش
وكلاهما يخطان السيرة ذاتها!"

للوهلة الأولى،وربما تنتهي من الفصل الأول دون أن تفهم شيئاً،أو بمعنى أدق-مش عارف وين راس الرواية و وين رجليها!-وهذا بسبب كيفية صياغة العبارت،في طريقة فريدة من نوعها.
حقاً،لحتى هذه اللحظة،أقفُ عاجزة أمام عبقرية هذا الرجل -على الأقل- في كيفية صياغة الجمل،صياغة جمل طويلة جداً،بحيث أنه نادراً ما استخدم الفواصل والنقاط! ربما استخدم نقطة واحدة فقط في فصل كامل.
قرأتها بالعربية،،ويقول المُترجم أنه حاول قدر المُستطا
If I was forced to chose a single favourite book, this would be it. I red it when I was 16 for the first time and I can still remember myself thinking "bloody hell, that's it! that's how books are supposed to be written - no rules, no boundaries, no cliches or fake emotions. Just plain, nude feelings and thoughts... so deep, so poisoning and suffocating!". This love of first sight (or, to be more accurate, of first page) totally ruined my literature grades - with notes from the teacher "shorten ...more
Nov 18, 2008 Jessica is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
If ever a book a stumped my rhythm, this one takes the prize. It is written as one fluid thought, one ranting narrative, sans paragraphs, with sentences that rival even St. Paul's run-ons.

It's racy, delusional, oh so very violent (in language, sex, war, illness, execution, thought, etc.), and even comical at times. Each time I laugh, I feel a tinge of guilt - like the uncontrollable snicker at a disabled person tripping over their untied shoelaces into a puddle of water.

I've decided that it's b
"după atâta amar de ani de speranțe deșarte începuse să întrevadă că nu viețuiești, la naiba, ci supraviețuiești, afli prea târziu că până și viețile cele mai lungi și cele mai folositoare nu ajung pentru nimic altceva decât ca să înveți să trăiești"
Rosa Ramôa
Sobre um ditador,de 107 a 232 anos,que permanece no poder sem saber quando lá chegou.Foi pai de 5000 filhos.Tem um testículo inchado e orgulha-se das suas proezas sexuais...Tem tanto poder que até as rosas lhe obedecem...
This is the most powerful GGM novel I have read. Written over 7 years from 1968 to 1975 it metaphorically condemns dictatorial powers. Rafeal Trujillo comes to mind, but there were many other (Caribbean and elsewhere) dictators of the time to inspire it and the portrait is valid today.

You read how the dictator treats his double, courts the most beautiful woman in the country, destroys anyone with a hint of knowledge of his ill gotten gains, marries and how his wife and son die and what is done
Кремена Михайлова
Трудно ми е да си представя, че човек може да напише това... Мога да го повярвам, само като си спомня, че същият човек е написал „Сто години самота”. Но тук задачата му е била сякаш още по-трудна – в сравнение с роящите се поколения в „Сто години самота”, в „Есента на патриарха” има единствен център – диктаторът (обобщаващ образ на латиноамериканския диктатор – защо не на който и да е диктатор).

Започва засмукващо и човек трябва да е наясно и да реши иска ли да продължи. (view spoiler)
هذه الرواية من الفئة التي تود ألا تنتهي أبدًا وتحاول قراءة الكلمات حرفًا حرفًا خوفًا من الوصول إلى صفحة النهاية،

شعرت بالفراغ الرهيب عقب انتهائي منها

رواية أحضرها ماركيز لنا من الجحيم مباشرة ..


ولنا أذواق ..

أعطيت هذه الرواية مع مجموعة روايات أخرى لأحد أصدقائي، فكانت هذه أول الكتب رجوعًا لي (وآخرها عاد بعد سنة ونصف تقريبًا ^_^ )، وقال أنه لم يستطع تجاوز الفصل الأول!!

لا أعلم، ولكنها مازلت تبهرني حتى الثمالة!!
رائعة ماركيز هذه
هي عن ديكتاتور أفرط في الديكتاتورية والغرور
كان عمره طويلًا جدًا مما جعله يظن نفسه خالدًا
متوحش ومقزز لدرجة جعلتني أتخيله معمر القذافي
الرواية كلها تحكي عنه، كيف يعيش وكيف ينظر لنفسه والأهم ماهي أفكاره ونظرته الداخلية تجاه نفسه وشعبه وأمه ومخاوفه ورغباته، مما يقرب القارئ لحقيقة هذه الشخصية المقززة والذي يزيده احتقارًا لها
ماركيز هنا أبدع بالوصف الدقيق حتى أنه يجعل القارئ يرى الأحداث بوضوح وهو يقرأ
فكأني كنت في غرفة البطريرك ومجلس اجتماعاته وبين البرصى والمشلولين والعميان
و و و...
Lamski Kikita
When you start this book you will be taken aback by the intensely strong language (both difficult AND vulgar) and the very very very long sentences which sometimes are as long as the whole chapter. But at the first page you are sure to be mesmerized by the beautiful prose and intense imagery, and the small details that just keep u pinned to your chair tasting fully every word.

The story of your typical Latin tyrant, but with a little twist in detail which makes him more of a criminal, pervert, lo
It is hard not to distinguish the writer's infamous tone and subject matter in this sumptuous tale which might be the first time that a character study is so well meshed with the locale of his biography: "The Autumn of the Patriarch" in less than 50 sentences spanning pages and pages and a thick layering of symbols and leit motifs tells the sad story of a mad tyrant ruler who, despite being bathed in power and glory, is nonetheless a HUMAN: he kills but suffers immensely and if the book were a p ...more
While on a word by word level the language is often lyrical and inventive, this book suffers from overinflective prose and a sort of misleading vividness. What results is plot totally dominated by the character alluded to in title... an intentional fallacy often compounded with monotonous hyper-emphasis... I say intentional because the narration is simultaneously doing all sorts of stunts - changing person(s), refusing paragraph breaks, making asides - to draw attention to itself. In the end, I ...more
Metto questo libro tra i più belli che abbia letto in assoluto. Lo pongo addirittura al di sopra di quel capolavoro letto e riletto, evocatore di sogni e immagini sublunari che per me è stato Cent'anni di solitudine.
Abanob Ibrahim
this my Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez best novel of all time
I read this one after the 25th January revolution in Alexandria
how fragile was that dictator in both the novel and reality makes so dump how could we let him treat us like that
how could we let him get so corrupted
you can't imagine the similarity between that dictator and those we had in the arabic world
Mubarak sold Egypt to foreigners
Ben Ali and that other one before him had all the women in Tunisia
And of course Qaddafi and that one I
Sara Sbaraglia
E' il mio settimo libro di Marquez, che tra l'altro è uno dei miei scrittori preferiti, se non il preferito in assoluto.
Questo è sicuramente il libro che più si distacca dalla sua solita produzione. Lo stile cambia molto a cominciare dal fatto che viene abolita la punteggiatura ad eccezione della virgola. C'è un punto ogni 30 pagine o giù di lì (ma si può arrivare anche a 50-60 pagine senza un'interruzione). Ciò fa sì che la narrazione sia un vero e proprio flusso ininterrotto di parole (ricorda
بثينة العيسى

هذه رواية من العيار الثقيل، وهي لأصحاب النفس الطويل في القراءة، ليس بالضرورة لطول المحتوى، بل لدسامته، وهي تفتح لك عالما من الواقعية السحرية التي دشن ماركيز معالمها ببراعة ..

أنصح بقراءته.
Hayyan Jacob

بدأت بقراءة نسخة من ترجمة ..محمد علي اليوسفي...لم أفهم شيئاً..بدت لي وكأنه قد ترجمها على مترجم موقع غوغل...فقذفت بها إلى أقرب سلة مهملات على سطح المكتب....ه
ثم جاء أخي وأعطاني نسخة ورقية من ترجمة ...فضل الأمين...فأعاد بذلك إلى ذهني مجدَ.. غارسيا ماركيز العظيم....ه
Ella Wagemakers
A difficult read right from the start for me because I had practically learned to meditate my own anger away and the book reminded me that anger expressed this way can help make things clearer. I especially appreciate the lengths he went to to make some sense of the chaos that whirls around like debris inside a dictator's head and the trouble he took to describe what the consequences are when this debris is allowed to have a life of its own. The entire work is terrifyingly real and yet comfortin ...more
Opens with suggestion that “vultures got into the presidential palace” and “stirred up the stagnant time inside” (1). The point of the dictator novel is to provide access otherwise unavailable in illiberal caudillo states, to allow the reader into the presidential palaces. We should accordingly understand that the point of our reading here is to stir up stagnant time in “the forbidden house whose monarch had become invisible” (135).

Our autumnal dictator is not interested in “the sluggishness of
Where to start, this was terrible, and really, really dreadful, there was no direction, no goal, no nothing, reading it was difficult but I can usually deal with that if it was well written but it was not, this novel consists of memories, or reminiscences, of six people, presumably six different people but who the fuck knows, of the asshole of assholes, the Perpetual Dictator and his story, oh before I forget he is delusional, ridiculous, and cruel, the first thing that hits you are the sentence ...more
Justin Evans
I picked this up thanks to William Gass's otherwise terrible essay on magical realism; the essay reminded me that I'd never read any, unless you count very early Borges, or believe that everything ever written in Spanish is magical realism (a position Gass seems to flirt with). The reasons I haven't read any are fairly simple:

a) I do not care about a book's having a 'sense of place.'
b) I loathe 'lush prose.'
c) It's just so popular.

There are good reasons for me to like stereotypical magical re
رواية اخرى رائعة للكاتب الرائع ماركيز تتحدث عن خريف ديكتاتور من ديكاتوترات امركيا اللاتينية والذي يمثل بدوره اسلوب حياة اي دكتاتور اخر في اي مكان في العالم..يغرقني وصفه الدقيق للتفاصيل حتى لكانك تغمض عينيك لتشاهد صورة المشهد الرائي يتمل امامك..اصابني الملل في بعض الاحيان والدهشة في البعض الاخر نتيحة وصفه الدقيق لفاصيل حياة ديكتاتور تتكرر حتى يومنا هذا مع دكتاتوريات وامبراطوريات اخرى مثبتا ان الديكتاتورية والجبروت والتسلط لايعرف جنسا ولا دينا ولا لونا ..وان لكل فرعون نهاية مهما طالت
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(Arabic: جابرييل جارسيا ماركيز)

Gabriel José de la Concordia Garcí­a Márquez was a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist. Garcí­a Márquez, familiarly known as "Gabo" in his native country, was considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century. In 1982, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

He studied at the University of Bogotá and late worked a
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