Tutku Dersleri (Rothwell Brothers #2)
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Tutku Dersleri (Rothwell Brothers #2)

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Madeline Hunter'ın bugüne kadar yazdığı en kışkırtıcı roman olan Tutku Dersleri'nde yakışıklı, nazik ve şeytan kadar baştan çıkarıcı Lord Elliot Rothwell ile tanışmaya hazır mısınız?

Elliot'ı ilk olarak, tutsak edildiği yerin penceresinden bakarken görür:
Günah kadar çekici bu adam cazibesi ve bağlantıları sayesinde onu tutsaklıktan kurtarır. Ne var ki yazar ve yayımcı Phae...more
376 pages
Published April 2012 by Epsilon Yayınevi (first published 2007)
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3 1/2 stars.
MH is a NTM author and this being my first book, I wasn't sure what to expect. In reading the back of the book I expected a regular regency type historical romance. But it was really alot more than that. MH's writing was a bit uneven to me, in that at times her writing was very lush and descriptive and at other times she left me wanting to have a better description of what was taking place. (the love scenes could have used a bit more of this and sometimes the wording used was odd.)...more
Judi Lacanlale
The beginning was so slow I had almost put it down but the middle and towards the end made it worth while. The heroine, Phaedra Blair is so unrealistic in Regency era because of her feminist and modern day ideas that I just couldn't wrap myself around it. Besides that, I found her annoying & stupid, so it was hard to root for someone like her. The things she said and did just infuriated me and for the life of me did not, could not believe that anyone would fall for her especially the intelli...more
Célia Loureiro
Is it me or is it Madeline Hunter? It's probably her. I've read a bunch of books she've written and not all are good.

Take By Arrangement, for instance... it made me shiver at times. Take The Sins of Lord Easterbrook... made me yawn all time. What about this Lessons of Desire?

Ok, so you may already know Phaedra Blair from previous books arond this Rothwell family. Phaedra is a feminist and she believes in free love - which means, she doesn't want to get attached and she abominates marriage. Ellio...more
Não resisto. Tenho que começar esta opinião com o meu desagrado com a ASA. Por que raio é que não publicaram pela ordem correcta? Não percebo e sinceramente não gostei, mas pode ser que tenha um lado bom: o facto de assim ter mais uma razão para reler tudo pela ordem e voltar a pegar na história de Hayden e Alexia!!
Em relação ao romance aqui em relevo devo dizer que a minha opinião se assemelha muito à que tenho do livro Os Pecados de Lord Easterbrook. Penso que é o facto das cenas saírem um pou...more
Paula pccst
Foi através deste livro que me iniciei nas leituras de Madeline Hunter. Conhecida pelos seus romances históricos, carregados de sensualidade e sedução, "Lições de Desejo" não foi exceção.
Centrando-se em Phaedra e Lorde Elliot, dá-nos a conhecer as desavenças entre estes dois personagens. Phaedra tenta descobrir um segredo relacionado com a sua mãe, tencionando publicar um manuscrito, enquanto que Elliot tenta a toda a força impedir essa mesma publicação, pois sabe que prejudicará a sua família...more
Tempo de Ler
A história já uma vez provara que o amor era uma emoção perigosa para os homens Rothwell

Muito resumidamente: o enredo de Lições de Desejo não foi suficiente para prender o meu interesse e o desenvolvimento do romance entre Phaedra e Elliot revelou-se enfadonhamente repetitivo e previsível.

Algumas referências/curiosidades históricas pareceram-me mal colocadas, surgindo do nada…se é verdade que gosto da presença de detalhes nestes livros, também é verdade que aprecio uma boa dose de coerência. De...more
Ana T.
First of all I would like to say that Madeline Hunter is one of my favourite authors. I LOVED her medievals and have been faithfully following her ever since even if she left the medieval period behind.

Handsome, suave, and carnal as the devil, Lord Elliot Rothwell awaits readers in Lessons of Desire, bestselling author Madeline Hunter's latest book in the Rothwell series and her most provocative novel to date. A man used to getting what he wants, Elliot is every woman's most secret fantasy in t...more
Elphaba J
Bastou um simples olhar para semear uma sedutora chama, sem qualquer pudor ou receio, o medo, esse, nasceria com a imprevisibilidade de algo que ela nunca ousou imaginar possível para si.

Lições de Desejo é um genuíno romance repleto de belas descrições e com um casal de protagonistas atractivo. Convida-nos a entrar num século em que a sensualidade e o requinte são duas faces da mesma moeda e que por vezes fazem parte de um jogo demasiado perigoso.

Madeline Hunter concretiza a sedução como muito p...more
I'll try to make this review to-the-point (Don't I always?). Phaedra Blair is an interesting romance lead, but her "deal" didn't flow well with me. The heroine is obnoxious rather than stubborn, manipulative and childish rather than independent. Elliot Rothwell would have been a great male lead with a different female. Phaedra Blair really overpowered him in this book. She is supposed to be a free- thinker, but her only thoughts were things her mother had told her. No free-thinking at all. That...more
Might trade the next one in this series, so I had to put a wiggle on and read this one first so I can tackle that TBR.
Now a number of rings have arrived so it will have to wait. I do enjoy Madeline Hunter's writing - can't think of one I've read that I didn't like. In this there were times when Phaedra's militant feminism almost turned her into a figure of ridicule, which I would not have been happy about, but I managed to just barely wince when this was the case and plow through. On the whole i...more
I enjoyed this story perhaps more since I had really liked the first book and was looking forward to Elliot's story. It wasn't a surprize that Phaedra was the herione yet no matter how well MH wrote, Phaedra is simply a women that would not endear herself into an favorite 5 star romance. She had her unique qualities but was slightly too over the top for me to root for Elliott to turn his world around for her. As a whole the series is well worth ready!
Elaine Mcdonald
This book goes so slow! If I start a book, I almost always finish it, but it was hard with this book. It took me 3 days to read it. I could not recommend this book. I am not sure I would ever read another book by Madeline Hunter after having read this one! It has been a while since I read the first book in this series and I thought I liked it. But this book just drags on and on... Boring!
Büşra Bal
Bir önceki romanına göre daha iyiydi ama gene de favori Hist yazarlarım arasına asla giremiycek bu kadın,ben çok fazla aşk hissedemiyorum bu kadının romanlarında,zorları dertleri yatağa atlamak.Yanlış anlaşılmasın abartılı bir yatak sahnesi yok,ama güçlü bir aşktan çok güçlü bir yatak ilişkisi var aralarında,arkadaşınızda varsa alın okuyun,yoksa para vermek gereksiz :D
Kitapta agır bir hava hakimdi, sanırım yazarın dili böyle, çeviriyle alakası oldugunu düşünmüyorum. Çünkü Aşk Gibi Günah Gibi kitabı da böyleydi. Okudugum kitaplardaki kadın karakterlerin fiziksel olarak masum olmalarını seviyorum, bana aşkı daha özel ve güzel gösteriyor öyle olunca. Ancak bu kitapta evlenmemiş ancak tecrübeli bir kadın karakter görüyoruz. Annesi de babasıyla evlenmeden dogurmuş onu, 16 yaşına geldiginde kendi haline bırakmış kızını. Kadın ve erkeklerin eşit oldugunu, kadınların...more
Neither of the main characters was very sympathetic, and the basis was unrealistic: into "free love" or not, no gentleman at that time would have married a woman who ran around sleeping with anyone who interested her. Especially not when she was so abrasive and repellent. Did not enjoy this one at all. Ms. Hunter has written much better.
Although I found the female protagonist, Phaedra, supremely annoying and strident, my love for Elliot won out and I tolerated her. In the end, I could see why she made her stupid choices, but truly, I still don't care for her. The story was good, as usual, and I am so pleased to continue reading Hunter's work.
I think Phaedra was just a little too non-conformist for me. She just seemed too strong and independent for Elliott. That being said, I really like Madeline's writing style!
Este é o livro da série _ e eu sei que venceu o prémio RITA _ do qual eu menos gostei. Sinceramente. Adorei o primeiro e o terceiro. Mas este, não.
Hesitei entre 2 ou 3 estrelas.
O romance não me convenceu. Acho que a Phaedra e o Elliot não combinam e ela irrita-me.
madeline hunter is the best historical romance author I've ever read. and this is one of her best, if not her very best.
Disappointing. When I read Romance books I don't want to read about a hippie who's misplaced in the 19th century.
Ana Carolina
I don't know...i think i was just expecting the book to gave me a little more and it just didn't happened
Liz B
I took a break and eventually realized I had no desire to pick it up again.
Jaqueline Miguel
Este é um daqueles livros que podemos classificar como uma leitura leve, que nos envolve num mundo romântico, de desejo e amor. No entanto, há muito mais do que aquilo que se vê. Este livro é uma verdadeira lição sobre o que significa o casamento e o porquê das pessoas optarem por se casar.
Já tinha lido um livro desta autora antes que me foi emprestado, já não me lembro há quanto tempo, chamado As Regras da Sedução. Lembro-me que o adorei e ainda me lembro bastante bem das personagens principa...more
Sofia Oliveira
A minha primeira experiência com Madeline Hunter não me seduziu, no entanto, decidi dar-lhe uma segunda oportunidade quando me confrontei com Lições de Desejo numa promoção convidativa há poucos dias.

Não sabia que este livro integrava uma colecção dedicada aos irmãos Rothwell mas não tenho dúvidas que farei os possíveis para ler todas as obras da colecção pois este, não sendo necessário conhecer o anterior, é bastante bom!
Os romances de época, habitualmente, não me encantam porém, a este em part...more
Lessons of Desire, Madeline Hunter (A-) - Disliked the title but greatly enjoyed the book, which was nice because I have had contradictory feelings about Hunter's books. I liked The Arrangement but found myself somewhat emotionally distant from it, and I did not care much for Dangerous in Diamonds. I think this is a good example of why it can be rewarding though to continue on with an author, as Hunter is a writer that produces a wide range of quality (for me, at least). Lessons in Desire was em...more
I liked this book. I can't say I loved it, but it was an entertaining read. I liked Phaedra and I grew to really like Elliott. Elliott sounded like a quiet, mousy brother in the first book and I'm glad that in this book he was much more interesting and desirable.

I consider myself a feminist and I agreed with most of Phaedra's principles though there were moments I felt she acted like a shrew but as the book progressed I became endeared to her. There were passages in this book that reminded me a...more
Apesar de não me ter arrebatado tanto como o anterior livro que li de Madeline Hunter, Jogos de Sedução, este Lições de Desejo teve o seu quê de romanesco e de aventureiro. A autora coloca mais uma vez uma donzela em apuros, a precisar de descobrir um segredo do passado da sua mãe, e um homem deveras atraente que precisa de convencer essa mesma mulher a não publicar as memórias do seu pai. Isto porque essas memórias denigrem o bom nome da sua família. Mas o destino vai fazer das suas e vai uni-l...more
Judy Croome
This book surprised me. It is deep, well-written and deals with a modern woman's dilemma: how does one who has been brought up on "feminist" ideals actually find a healthy balance between an innate, and perfectly natural, need for a serious, loving relationship with a strong, decent man and still retain one's independence of being?

Phaedra is not your usual romance heroine and there were times when she took her struggle for independence too far. But she evolved from her experiences, and at times...more
Mais uma vez dei por mim completamente envolvida na história de Elliot e Phaedra, e Madeline Hunter não desiludiu. Percebe-se que este livro, entre outros com personagens que se cruzam, tenha recebido o prémio RITA, porque é ainda mais envolvente que "Os Pecados de Lord Easterbrook", cujas personagens são aqui referidas também.

Em "Lições de Desejo", Madeline Hunter encanta-nos com a história de Elliot Rothwell, o mais novo dos filhos do anterior Marquês de Easterbrook, lugar hoje ocupado pelo se...more
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Madeline Hunter is a nationally bestselling author of historical romances who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. In a parallel existence to the one she enjoys as a novelist, she has a Ph.D. in art history and teaches at an East Coast university.
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