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3.59  ·  Rating Details  ·  1,101 Ratings  ·  104 Reviews
Since its appearance in Zucotti Park, New York, in September 2011, the Occupy movement has spread to hundreds of towns and cities across the world. No longer occupying small tent camps, the movement now occupies the global conscience as its messages spread from street protests to op-ed pages to the highest seats of power. From the movement's onset, Noam Chomsky has support ...more
Paperback, 122 pages
Published 2012 by Penguin Books
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كتاب صغير به ثلاث او اربع مقابلات لتشومسكي يتكلم بها عن حركة

فتشومسكي يشيد بالحركة انتشارها فى أماكن كثيرة بالولايات المتحدة , وينصح الحركة بعدم اختراع زعيم لها فهم من يجب أن يقرروا , ويجب ان ينضموا لبقية الحركات فى باقي الولايات حتى يقوموا بالتنظيم وعمل مظاهرة او اضراب بالتنسيق مع بعضهم .

فيقول لهم ان يقوموا بعمل حوارات ومناقشات مع العامة فى الشوارع لإيضاح الصورة لهم وان الوعي الذى اصاب أفراد الحركة يجب نقله لبقية العامة مثل نقل الشعب من واقع الاستهلاك والرخاء والالهاء الذى اغرقتهم به الحكو
Jul 07, 2014 Sam rated it liked it
This book is not written by Noam Chomsky per se, but is rather a compilation of transcripts from interviews he has done and speeches he has given relating to the Occupy Movement. There is a lot of information and insight in this book for anyone who is interested in the Occupy Movement and sympathises somewhat with its political direction, but anyone wanting a more in-depth analysis of the movement will not find it here. This is a mere pamphlet.
There is some repetition of points made in the few s
Sham Al-Ghazali
Nov 15, 2014 Sham Al-Ghazali rated it did not like it
Oh look it's captain obvious again pointing out shit we already know. Also what's up with page 94 and him saying chemical warfare wasn't used in Iraq the way it was in Vietnam? Hello? Fallujah? I'm sick of this guy now
Rhys Parry
I have a similar set of reservations about this pamphlet as I do other Penguin specials that have been a compilation of transcripts (Ai Wewei Speaks). There is a certain level of redundancy with some of the transcripts and no unifying narrative.

This however can be overlooked because Chomsky is a commanding orator and his views on the Occupy movement are compelling. Occasionally there is a superficiality to his answers, and while he is excellent at showcasing the failings of the economic governe
Malsam  - ملسم
تأملات قيمة جدًا ... لا سيما بالانفتاح على تجارب الدول والشعوب الأخرى .. فلست وحدك من تقاوم !

الكتاب مفيد للحركات النضالية والأشخاص أيضا .. يحوي نصائح وتوجيهات لكيفيةالتمرد والمقاومة السلمية.. فنتعلم من خلال التجربة الامريكية الكثير ... وهو يقدم نقاطا عملية للتعامل مع الاحتجاجات بطريقة لا تعرّض الحركة للخطر

أهم الأفكار التي يعرضها الكتاب برأي - فكرة النضال الشعبي (فلا بد من مشاركة طبقات الشعب كافة للحصول على التغيير المرجو) وذلك لا يتم عن طريق التنظير والتعليم إنما المشاركة بحق!
فكرة أخرى هامة تتم
May 23, 2015 Aahupinar rated it really liked it
Shelves: english
I bought this book on 23rd of May 2013, just a week before Gezi protests, totally by chance.. And now exactly 2 years later I finished it today..

This book is a transcript of Naom Chomsky interviews at different times but for Occupy act.

I've underline a lot of sentences and again it is very sad that history is reoccuring and nothing has been changed..

But somehow "the countless small actions of unknown people" that lie at the roots of "those great moments" that enter the historical record. (with r
Abdelmjid Seghir
Aug 02, 2013 Abdelmjid Seghir rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
When I bought the book a week ago in Rabat, I thought it was written by Noam Chomsky. When I started flipping thorough its first pages on the bus, I discovered it wasn’t actually written but SPOKEN by Chomsky. This pamphlet is a collection of Chomsky’s speeches and discussions with some Occupy militants where he answers their questions and provides insights for the movement.

The book is divided into 5 main sections: Occupy, After Thirty Years of Class War, InterOccupy, Occupying Foreign Policy an
Jun 22, 2012 Diego rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Noam Chomsky nos entrega un pequeño libro donde describe el porque del movimiento Occupy en Estados Unidos.

Se realiza una critica al neo liberalismo y sus políticas económicas como responsables de la creciente desigualdad en la sociedad y la acumulación de riqueza fuera de control que lleva a una acumulación de poder político y de la misma forma a generar ciertas hegemonías culturales que resultan no estar en beneficio la gran mayoría de la población y perpetúan e incrementan la desigualdad daña
Miguel David
Jan 06, 2013 Miguel David rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
"Occupy" is one of those books that has a lot of juice. I knew this when I found myself underlining on every second page. It's a small book by Noam Chomski though it is not written by him as it consists of a couple on interviews (of him) and his speech at the Occupy Boston a year ago.
Noam Chomski is a Linguistics professor at MIT and that comes out in the extremely concise and clear way with which he writes and speaks. His ideas, though sometimes tagged as "anarchist" are brave, clear and constr
Oct 16, 2014 Pablo rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
A series of speeches and lectures from Noam Chomsky as to his opinions regarding the Occupy Movement (an international protest movement against social and economic inequality) where he calls for attention for things such as The 1%, and how some of the poorest US citizens basically have third world countries type of living standards.

The big take away and something he's constantly preaching, is how the people instead of listening to politicians, politicians must listen to the people, and that the
Apr 22, 2015 hayatem rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: سياسة
يقدم لنا نعوم تشومسكي في هذا الكتاب إضاءات حول البنية الهيكلية والشكلية لحركة احتلوا بمنظور بيوغرافي- جيوبوليتكس.
عبر الإجابة عن الأسئلة الرجراجة في الذهن من خلال محادثات ومناقشات أجراها مع أنصار الحركة.

احتلوا،، حركة ثورية لاعنفية استمدت قواها من الشعب، و انطلقت في 17 أيلول 2011 في مدينة نيويورك. والمظهر الأكثر اثارة لهذه الحركة تمثل في إنشاء حلقات اتصال متشعبة في كل أنحاء أميركا مما ساهم في تقوية نفوذها ومطالبها . تشكلت هذه الحركة بهدف تعرية النظام الاجتماعي الثقافي الأميركي الذي هيمنت عليه الرأ
راضية عشي
مبدئيا؛ هي قراءتي الأولى لنعوم تشومسكي..
كل ما في الكتاب، هو مجموعة قصيرة من حوارات أجريت مع البروفيسور، أو محاضارات ألقاها، وختمها برأيه حول شخصية هوارد زين.
ذكر البروفيسور عدة افكار حساسة ومهمة إضافة لتأملات قيمة، لكن بصفة سريعة وسطحية، وهذا معقول مادام يتحدث أمام الجمهور في محاضرة محددة بتوقيت معين، بالتالي لا يمكنه شرح كل ما أريد فهمه...

تلك الأفكار ستدفعني حتما لقراءة كتب أخرى له علني أجد فيها التوضيح العميق.

أهم الأفكار التي خرجت بها من الكتاب:
"لا يعني التثقيف مجرد ابلاغ الناس بما عليهم أن يؤ
Христо Блажев
Окупирай настоящето в името на бъдното:
От трибуната на своята репутация Чомски сипе огън и жупел връз политическата класа, нагласените избори, изчезващата демокрация, разпалването на консумеризма, на оглупяващия стремеж към забавления и всички други добре познати недостатъци на САЩ. На няколко места той все пак признава, че американците като цяло са далеч по-добре от повечето страни в света, но утвърждава някакво хипотетично щастливо състояние, което може
Malcolm Hebron
Occupy is a gathering of various interviews and transcripts of speeches by Chomsky on the ideas and aspirations of the Occupy movement. Briefly, the sage of MIT sees Occupy as a result of a 30-year class war, which started with the adoption by the US and other Westrn powers of neoliberal policies in the 1970s, overturning the post-war decades with their focus on industrial development and the pursuit of common gain. In a reversal of this economic policy, industrial jobs were exported, and 'finan ...more
دايس محمد

ملايين من الأفعال الصغيرة لأناسٍ مجهولين*
بهذه الجملة يبدأ نعوم تشومسكي واحدة من محاضراته و هو يتذكر هوارد زن، و أبرز إنجازاته على مستوى تأريخ المجتمع الأمريكي و الدفاع عن المضطهدين ليس في الولايات المتحدة فقط، بل على مستوى الإنسانية، هوارد الذي تغيرت حياته في سيرته و هي رائعة بالفعل في حوض لبناء السفن ثم في الحرب العالمية الثانية.
غير أن تشومسكي يصر على أن أفعال الناس تأتي أولاً ثم التنظير و النقد لها، و أن النقد و التنظير و ابتكار الأفكار وحده غير كافٍ، ففي كتابه هذا و هو محاضرات و حوارات خصصها
Feb 20, 2015 Daniel rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
That’s a great movement. I heard, just coming out here this evening, that the first Occupy the
’Hood action took place just yesterday in Boston. And it’s been happening in other places, New
York, and elsewhere. That’s perfect. It’s just the kind of reaching out in the general community that makes sense. People have to do it themselves. I can’t tell people at an Occupy in Roxbury what to do, and if I did, they shouldn’t listen to me. They know how to do it. We should work hard to get this integrate
May 06, 2012 Soyuz rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
So stimulative, although very short. Largely focused on the Occupy movement in the US, but is applicable to ones in else where or any other grass-root activities. Made me think of how I could take an active role to change system in my home country that is equally depressed -- and the world ultimately. Also I got to be wanting to know more about current affairs worldwide.
Thomas Nilsen
Dec 24, 2014 Thomas Nilsen rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Chomsky gives examples of successful outcomes of previous popular struggles and advice that the Occupy movement and others can make use of in this important present protest. Many important questions were asked and Chomsky delivered useful answers to most of them. Book also includes a tribute to Howard Zinn.
Katie Mcsweeney
Question and answer format - need I day more??
Well I will; the questions are good and Chomsky has one of those great minds that produce insightful musings with apparent ease. The Q&A format isn't conducive to trandmitsing Chomsky's genius.
One question, which I liked, was on Gramsci and how valuable Chomsky finds his ideas. The answer was a glib paragraph where Chomsky basically said, - "he's good, I like him, he didn't really say anything new but read him for yourself"(not a direct quote but
Karlo Mikhail
great discussion on the potentials of the occupy movement. but some of parts on the political economy of the roots of the present crisis (i.e. everything was okay until neoliberal assault 30 years ago) misses its mark
Fred Kohn
Mar 15, 2014 Fred Kohn rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: political
Noam Chomsky is one of those brilliant thinkers whom everybody agrees is important and almost nobody reads. I think his analysis of the problem is accurate, but two years after this book was published, it is obvious his hopes for the Occupy Wall Street movement were wildly optimistic. I don't regret reading this book, however. For one thing, there is a moving tribute to Howard Zinn, and I am reminded that I still need to read People's History of the United States.
Sophie Wang
Oct 16, 2014 Sophie Wang rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Not the extremist voice I expected to hear from Chomsky. Not that I'm accusing Chomsky of being an extremist. When I read his Neoliberalism, it was filled with technical jargon and an abundance of political and philosophical terms that made the book itself very hard to appreciate. But this was very different. It was relatable and real. Down to earth. Prompts a lot of self reflection and critical thinking about things we would probably rather remain ignorant towards. Opens your eyes to a lot of t ...more
Terry Clague
Feb 21, 2014 Terry Clague rated it liked it
"Occupy is the first major public response to thirty years of class war" says Noam Chomsky and there's some thought-provoking stuff in this pamphlet which transcribes a few talks and interviews he's given on the subject. For such a short book, you could do without the repetition and I'd pay significant amounts of money to read a proper new Chomsky book though that seems unlikely now if this spot of email bragging is anything to go by.
Dorian Mcfarland
Nov 11, 2015 Dorian Mcfarland rated it liked it
I read the penguin edition which had a speech and some interviews in it. The interviews were largely repeated material from the speech.

Generally it's Noam Chomsky giving lots of context to Occupy in the continuum of class war & grass roots activism; how people can make a difference, quoting Howard Zinn "The countless small actions of unknown people".

My takeout was: Just get on with building real communities of people, and use the real needs of those communities to help restore/define the dem
Michael Palkowski
Very quick read covering Chomsky's speeches and interviews around the occupy movement. A critique that is clear within any book writing on a movement still in progress, still 'becoming' is the immediate obsolescence it gains months, hours, minutes later. 'Occupy' ostensibly has lost a lot of momentum but it has ventured into other areas of community organization and mobilization in ruptured centrifugal collectives. "Occupy Sandy" is a fantastic example whereby volunteers got together to help vic ...more
Apr 29, 2012 Stephen rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: AlterNet
what can I say other than with the name Noam Chomsky associated with any printed material it must be relevant and this little pamphlet is not a disappointment. Living in Vermont, I admit that I feel estranged from most of the world - I am unable to articulate how that happens, it just does. It is such an amazing place: full of small towns and clean air. So as Mr. Dick Cheney said - we create our own reality, this is my reality and I have no real connection with out there except when I read littl ...more
Robert Strandquist
Despite the fact that this brief text is the transcription of a speech followed by Q&A, its fire burns long and bright sending its light all around the country and to Europe where the 99%ers are protesting against the unbalance in our nation's economy and the demonizing of pubic institutions. Obviously what's missing are the sounds of Chomsky's voice and those in the audience. The speech begins with rather general comments that aim to validate and inspire the efforts of those involved in the ...more
Jan 21, 2013 Jordan rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
A slim volume, but Noam Chomsky is as brilliant as ever.
I think I had inflated expectations for this book, but it was all it purported to be: transcripts of Chomsky's speeches to various Occupies across the US, as well as an essay dedicated to Howard Zinn. They were repetitive, but only because he was delivering the same ideas over and over, in slightly different forms, to these rallies.

This is supposed to be an affordable and accessible part of the Occupied Media Pamphlet series, and it achie
Simon Wood
Sep 03, 2013 Simon Wood rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition

"Occupy" is a selection of speeches (as well as one interview) made by veteran radical Noam Chomsky at Occupy events in the U.S. late last year.

The speeches are a mixture of Chomsky putting events into context, an extremely brief history of the Neoliberal era (the "Thirty Years of Class War" referred to in the title of this review), a eulogy for the late Howard Zinn (of "A People's History of the United States" fame) and some rel
Matthew Wilson
Jan 02, 2016 Matthew Wilson rated it really liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, political activist, author, and lecturer. He is an Institute Professor and professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chomsky is credited with the creation of the theory of generative grammar, considered to be one of the most significant contributions to the field of linguistics made in the 20th century. H
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“It's not going to be easy to proceed. There are going to be barriers, difficulties, hardships, failures- it's inevitable. But unless the process that is taking place here and elsewhere in the country and around the world, unless that continues to grow and becomes a major force in the social and political world, the chances for a decent future are not very high.” 8 likes
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