Shiloh Season
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Shiloh Season (Shiloh #2)

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After Marty Preston worked so hard to earn the dog Shiloh, he had hoped that his troubles with Judd Travers were over. He could not rescue all the dogs that Judd mistreated, but since shiloh was the one who ran away and came to him, Shiloh was the one he loved.
Judd, however, has other problems. Anyone who cheats and swears and lies and kicks his dogs has troubles inside h...more
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published September 1st 1996 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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Austin Marker
The main characters in Shiloh Season are Marty Preston's, Judd Travers, and Shiloh. This book was taking place in the town of Friendly, West Virginia at in the woods of the preston resident. Judd Travers has been drinking a lot lately and has been seen up at the Preston's land hunting for small game out if season. Marty is very worried that Shiloh is going to be shot by Judd when he is playing in the woods. The reason that Marty thinks that is because Shiloh used to be Judd's dog but Marty work...more
Mccall h
so far it is not as good as Shiloh but it good.Marty (shiloh owner) is having a sleepover with David so marty is worred about if Judd comes along or shiloh runs away or gets lost.after he comes home shiloh is fine.then a week later they hear shiloh barking and they think it is that greman sheperd again.But when they come out it was only a car muffler.Shiloh barks down he hill were a other road is sitting and there is judds car on its side.yes he broke his neck and leg and sprained hi...more
"Open Season on Beagles!"

Hey—it’s not fair! After all I sweated through reading SHILOH, you mean to tell me that our favorite hunting dog is not really safe?
I mean, Marty earned that dog fair and square with two weeks’ drudgery—enduring Judd Travers’ insolence, arrogance and psychological
brutality. Can that creep really go back on his word by trying to
take Shiloh away from Marty?

Well it’s now hunting season and Judd is handy with a gun in the woods, but he’s been drinking heavily and won’t tr...more
Katie Carson
Our textbook states that contemporary realistic fiction expands readers awareness and allows them the opportunity to witness life experiences beyond their own. Marty goes through both of these transformations himself as he works through his own moral dilemma in the novel, Shiloh. I really love the way that Phyllis Reynolds Naylor provides young readers with a story that shows just how much we can learn about a situation and actions of individuals involved by investigating further into those peop...more
The Shiloh Season is the sequel to Shiloh and I seen Shiloh the movie and book. Shiloh is a dog that had a owner that didn't treat him that well. Shiloh ran away from is owner and found Marty. Judd Travers finds Shiloh and gives Marty chance to keep the dog forever if he does work for him. Marty did the work and then Judd kept the dog! After that Judd deiced to give Shiloh to Marty. But in this new book Judd is drinking again and he has a gun. That combination is very dangerous so you'll have to...more
This story shows the importance of working for those things that one wants. This can be seen when the boy really wants the dog and so he goes to work with the man in order to properly pay for the dog. Also, it shows that people are in need of a friend. The mean man is not very nice and therefore people usually stay away but really when the boy starts coming the the man's house to work for the dog, the man realizes that he likes having the boy around.
Jared Little
This is another one of my favorite books of all time. The story about an 11 year old boy who finds a neglected dog and becomes his best friend is captivating. The boy must also deal with the dog's owner, whom he blackmails and eventually works for to pay for the dog. The story of perseverance for a friend makes this story a touching tale for 4th or 5th grade students.

This is a story where friendship is a major theme. I could see myself doing a lesson where students must write about the lengths t...more
shiloh! but watta weird name...

This book is bacesackly about a boy name Marty.Who finds this little brown beagle.And then the boy decides to name the dog Shiloh.Because Marty sees that Shiloh has been beaten and kicked.And he has from his owner the MEANIST NASTYIST LOADOWNIST MAN EVER!And his name... IS... JUDD TRAVERS.Who mistreats his dogs.They don't even got a name!Just dog number 1,2,3,4 and thats it.And Marty was sure there was nothing Judd can do to take Shiloh away from him.So Marty decided to make a pin for Shi...more
Shiloh Season is a strong sequel to Shiloh, though of course, like many books with sequels, none will ever surpass the first. However, this sequel comes close. When Shiloh's original owner, Judd Travers, starts drinking and harassing the Prestons, Marty begins to worry that he, his beloved dog, and even his younger sisters are in danger of Judd's gun. Marty does some more growing and learning about the importance of telling the truth and showing kindness to others, even to those who are delibera...more
Interest Level: 4-5th Grade
Lexile Level: 890L
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Setting: West Virginia
Point of View: 1st Person
Main Characters: Marty, Shiloh, Judd, Mr. and Mrs. Preston

When Marty finds a young beagle near his home, he is sure that the dog's owner Judd Hunter is abusive. Marty is determined to save the dog from harm. The dog continues to run to Marty's house and so Marty names him Shiloh and hides him from his parents. He is faced with many ethical issues as he tries to save Shiloh such...more
I'm a sucker for anything with dogs in it, Old Yeller, White Fang, Where the Red Fern Grows, the original Shiloh, and this sequel's no exception. Got this as a hardcover when it first came out and absolutely loved it. What ten year old kid wouldn't want to read about a kid his age and the dog he rescued from its old, abusive owner? So I finally dug this book out of my closet, and looking back, while my appreciation has slightly waned, book's still excellent.

Mostly because I absolutely love Marty...more
This story is one of a young boy, named Marty, who falls in love with a beagle named Shiloh. Marty finds the dog by the Shiloh schoolhouse and is confident that the dog is being abused by his neighbor, Judd. Despite his parents telling him to return the dog, Marty feels it is best to keep the dog and hide it from his parents. Hidden in the woods, Marty feeds Shiloh and keeps it a secret until his mother finds outl. Marty is able to keep Shiloh until he is attacked by another dog; thus his secret...more
Tom Berg
I honestly feel like I've never felt the way I did with this book with another book. I finished the first book as a young lad in the fifth grade, and it's enraging to find that Judd travers is trying the get Shiloh back again, because Marty got that dog fair and square through tough labor, worse yet if Shiloh returned to Judd he said he would break his legs.
Alex G
The reason i picked five stars is that i thought it was an amazing book and was really clear in details. I felt like i was actually there seeing the stuff happen to me and it was like I could smell and feel the stuff that was going on in this book. I also thought the details the author dicribed were so realistic. Another reason is that it's a kind of a sad story and yet it's a happy story in the end because all of the people are mad at each other and right towards the end they come together and...more
It was awesome! the last sentence kind of freaked me out that Shiloh licked his hand. In the third book I think they will be best buds and Judd will be nice.

I though that Becky was shot by Judd and died. When I found out she was not shot I though were is she.
Pretoria Cooper
I liked Shiloh Season it was a good book. It showed that it just take a little bit of kindness to make someone day. I really like how Marty show's Judd kindness when he really does not have to and athfer all the things he been throught. Like when he tried to shot Marty or Shiloh on day by the bright,or that time when David came over and to septed the night and he wanted to play spy and he tried to shot hem. and I really like how Marty even thought he don't like Judd he is still nice to hem afthe...more
Di buku kedua ini, Marty berusaha mempertahankan Shiloh agar tetap menjadi miliknya. Sebab, Judd Travers tidak ikhlas melepas Shiloh. Judd mulai mabuk-mabukan dan berulah, hingga membuat penduduk sekitar marah. Di akhir, Judd mengalami kecelakaan mobil tidak jauh dari rumah keluarga Preston, dan Shiloh lah yang menjadi penolong pertamanya.

"---. Konon, seorang laki-laki harus terpuruk sampai dasar dulu baru berhenti. ---"
p149: Ayah

"---. Tebak apa yang kupikirkan? Dia tidak hanya marah kepada duni...more
Brittany Perry
just as good as the first an All American sort of novel that recalls the old moral values and hard work that is being forgotten in today's society
This is a great example that people can change. I recommend this book to those who believe that people can change.
This book was great, way more suspenseful and intense than I would have ever imagined.

Who knew that the story of an 11 year old kid and his dog and his mean neighbor would make such a thrilling adventure in 3 books?

This book has some of the best similes I have have ever read and the comparisons and grammar used are incredibly awesome.

The plot to drove me on to read more with a stunning climax that had me reading right on.

I read this book in one day, which isn't to bad to think about since it i...more
This book is an book about a young man who tries to help a loving dog by sneaking him scraps of food and caring for him.I would always try to help an animal in need and care for him.I loved this book because that dog needed help because when his drunken owner came to clain him the boy would not let the dog go without a fight. He ended up working for the owner until he had enough money to buy Shiloh that is the dogs name.My favorite part was when the boy got shiloh.Ireccomened this to peole and a...more
Judd actually changed (is it going to last)
I liked shilohs season because It shows you how even when people can be really mean they can change. The book shows you how a person like Jude was really mean at first like chaining up his dogs hunting out of season. Jude also blames marty for taking his dog. Later in the book Jude also gets mad that he took one of his best hunting dogs. He then says to marty that for the time being he desvers shiloh but marty doesnt give him back beacause he says he earned it far and square. Then eventy after h...more
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Well written kids story! Book 2 in a trilogy. Seen through the eyes of 12 yr old Marty who has rescued a sweet Beagle pup from his cranky, hunting, dog-abusing neighbor, Judd. Now Judd seems to be getting worse and causing more trouble. This is an engaging and interesting book club discussion for children ages eight through 12. Has several timeless life lessons addressed throughout the story such as truth vs. gossip, learned kindness, and right or wrong thing to do may not always be black-and-wh...more
Layla Strom
Great book! Very sad at some parts but well worth it.
Shiloh season was about a boy who black mail a drunk man for his dog. He black mail him by telling him he will tell the police for shooting a deer because its not hunting season. Then other stuff start to happen like some one ran over his mail box and other crazy stuff. And one time he was drunk and he a had a reck the boy and the father ran down there to help him. Also the dog never like the drunk man. so at the end of the story the dog lick him on his hand.
At first, I felt like this book could really be combined with the first one. It seems like the plot of the first concentrated on Marty getting Shiloh, where this one concentrated on Judd being an asshole. Those two plots really would've worked well together in one story, one book. a children's book, as a short book...I can see how this works. It was still enjoyable, despite the very slight plot that made it run for a mere 120 pages. On to the conclusion!
This book wasn't nearly as good as the first book Shiloh, but it was definetly a good book. I think I'm still curious about how Judd got gentle to Shiloh all of the sudden. I hope he will treat his other dogs with the same respect he now gives Shiloh. If you've read the first book and liked it, I'm pretty sure you would like this Shiloh Season. I'm looking forward to reading the last book in the series, Saving Shiloh, with a few questions in mind.
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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in Anderson, Indiana, US on January 4, 1933.

Her family were strongly religious with conservative, midwestern values and most of her childhood was spent moving a lot due to her father's occupation as a salesman.

Though she grew up during the Depression and her family did not have a lot of money, Naylor stated that she never felt poor because her family owned good boo...more
More about Phyllis Reynolds Naylor...
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