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Sin City: A Dame to Kill for
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Sin City: A Dame to Kill for (Sin City #2)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  22,075 ratings  ·  286 reviews
It's one of those hot nights, dry and windless. The kind that makes people do sweaty, secret things. Dwight's thinking of all the ways he's screwed up and what he'd give for one good chance to wipe the slate clean, to dig his way out of the numb gray hell that is his life. And he'd give anything. Just to cut loose. Just to feel the fire. One more time. And then Ava calls.
Paperback, 208 pages
Published November 1st 1994 by Dark Horse Comics (first published November 1993)
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You got me good, Babe. Just when I was pulling it back together you come along and rip my heart out one more time. Only this time you crossed a final, fatal line. You tricked me into doing something there's no coming back from. You've damned my soul to hell.


In the first Sin City album, bruiser Marv got into a war with society over the killing of his one night stand. This time, scandal photographer and freelance investigator Dwight puts his own neck in the noose over an old flame of his. Av
I thought it would be fun in anticipation for the new Sin City movie A Dame to kill for to read the comic that the movie is based upon. I loved the first movie (Actually bought it today and will try to re-watch it again soon) and I hope that the sequel will be just as good.

Anyway the story in Sin City: A Dame to kill for is quite simple: Dwight is working as a photographer taking pictures of men having affairs with women. He gets contacted after a job by his old flame Ava Lord and she is the dam
Sam Quixote
It's hard to give a summary of the story without making it sound cheesy and stereotypical with far too much macho action, because the book, and series even, is all of those things but manages to be so much better than all of that. A sleazy photographer takes pictures of an extra-marital affair with which he plans to blackmail the man with - this is our hero. Then the noir element kicks in - the femme fatale enters the bar in a haze of smoke and shadows. She's in trouble, and the photographer cal ...more
Apr 28, 2015 Carmen rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Carmen by: Book Store

I don't like Dwight. And that's unfortunate, seeing as he's the main character. He looks down on other people. I also don't like the way he treats Marv or the way he talks about Marv. He also makes incredibly stupid decisions.

This book is actually a great portrait and portrayal of addiction. Dwight is an addict. He has completely given up alcohol, drugs, and killing. Because he thinks he's a monster. He's sure that any little thing... speeding, having a d
دومین کمیک از سری "شهر گناه" از فرانک میلر افسانه ای!
ساختار همه ی کمیک های این مجموعه، کمابیش ساختار فیلم های نوآره: ژانر کارآگاهی، با فضایی تیره، قهرمانی تنها با اصول اخلاقی خاکستری و عنصر بسیار مهم: زن زیبای اغواگر یا فِم فَتَل.
femme fatale

این کمیک، نسبت به کمیک قبلی (خداحافظی سخت) خیلی افت داشت. شخصیت قهرمان به اندازه ی قهرمان کمیک قبلی جذاب نبود، هر چند ضد قهرمان به نظرم از ضد قهرمان کمیک قبلی بهتر و هیجان انگیزتر بود.
مشکل بزرگ کمیک، این بود که بیشتر صحنه ها، به جای این که ضمن نقاشی ها نشون
It seems that Sin City is populated by noir stereotypes. All the men are plagued with aggression and will do anything for a dame, while all the women are calculating and trade sex for favours. With this in mind, I like to think that everyone who reads these books can have a laugh and consider how hyper-real Sin City actually is - the notion that the clear male/female dichotomy is something to be learned, might be a frightening one.

However, when viewed as the stylised hyper-reality that it is, Si
Roya Shaban
قرات الاول من فترة طوووووويلة جداً و الأن قررت العودة لاكمال السلسلة
علي كل حال ، الرسم بديع و فريد من نوعه اظنه السبب الرئيسي لمتابعتي للقصة
خصوصا التضليل و الاضاءات
و ايضا اللغة جميـلة لابعد الحدود

بعض السطور تبدو كانها بيوت شعريه من سلالة و جمال اللغة الانجلزية فيها

اعجبتني فكرة لم انتبه لها من خلال مشاهدتي للفيلم
ان بطل الكتاب الاول مات ف نهاية القصة
و ان بطل الكتاب التاني مات ف نهاية القصة
و البطل التاني كان موجود ف خلفية القصة الاولا
و البطل الاول كان موجود ف خلفيه القصة التانية

بداءت اشعر بالحماس
Felisberto Barros
“Se você não me puder amar… Então me odeie! Se não pode me perdoar… Me castigue!” (Sin City #2, pp. 63)

Resumidamente um dos valores cultivados em Sin City! Esta cidade é mais uma vez o panorama que não dá tréguas e paz aos seus cidadãos. Mais uma dose muito bem conseguida de desespero, vingança, violência e, claro, uma boa dose de amor que serve de mote para a narrativa. É assim a vida em Sin City, não se escolhe: ou se morre assassinado ou vive-se assassinando. É a cidade em que o amor à própri
My Brief Bookshelf Overview: badass-to-the-extreme, bold-or-unapologetic, grim, hell-of-a-ride, likable-or-deep-characters, mature, suspenseful-or-engaging, violent

Story Synopsis: (view spoiler)
The Sin City movie is literally the only film in the huge mass of comic book movies that have been made lately that is an improvement on the graphic novels. I enjoy Frank Miller's signature art style, all the black drips and angles, but his writing is just terrible. Lines that were charmingly campy and over-the-top in the movie, are juvenile and awkward in print.
Summary: Dwight holds a tight control over his inner monster - he doesn't drink, plays by the rules and stays out of trouble. But then Ava comes back into his life, a woman that broke his heart. When she tells him she's in danger, his control starts to slip.

What I liked:
- There were some nice twists in the story that I didn't see coming
- The art sometimes has a kind of cut-out quality that looks pretty awesome; though everything is done in black and white there is still plenty of detailing
- A Da
The end of my review for Volume 1 was "It's great stuff, I hope the rest is even close to being this good." Fortunately, I was not a bit disappointed.

This time around, we follow Dwight, a man who had a great fall and has tried to live a better life, albeit one that still deals in the smut and dirty-dealing of life in Sin City and its environs. When a woman from his past comes back with one hell of a sob story, will he stay strong? Or fall right back into the abyss he thought he'd managed to craw
Apr 02, 2008 Andy rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: storyboard
Shelves: comix-novel
Frank Miller may be the ultimate storyboard artist. His comics are stark black and white sketches with little dialogue involved. The plot is laid out like a basic outline and there’s nothing wrong with that, but by no means does he deserve the genius tag some people give him.
“A Dame To Kill For” is a pretty cool drink of noir erotica, but it’s pretty stark stuff and not too deep. Not bad, but nothing that’ll frighten the horses..
only the end essay of # 4 would be worth to read this. The essay is about the degeneration of comics and especially comic artists agreeing with that. If you love comics stand up for it, if people don't understand f*ck them. Some days ago I was asked why I still read comics, while being an university student. I think that question is bullshit. Why wouldn't I be allowed to read comics when I am 'too smart'? One way of talking other people into the ground. Comics are just as smart as regular books. ...more
Alice Marsh-Elmer
A huge fan of both the series and Frank Miller, full disclosure--I knew this would be excellent before I even requested it on Netgalley. Still, I enjoyed the opportunity to revisit it.

The Sin City series is pulpy, noir, and altogether splendidly done. This one, which highlights a female antihero and a rather lost protagonist, attempts to turn the "damsel in distress" quite on its head. A few of the other characters whose storylines intersect are the focus of other Sin City novels, and the interp
A Dame to Kill For has me oscillating between two and three stars. I go for two after writing my review and seeing how frustrated I currently am with this volume. There are good things here, but right now the annoyances are winning. For starters, the whole thing is far too familiar, with this story told so many times that anyone with a sophomore knowledge of noir could predict the whole thing. And herein is the big problem.

Miller's world is pretty cool and his black and white visual style excell
Hannah  Messler
This one is just like my life. Cats, sandwiches, murder, treachery . . . the bathtub . . . yeah. I can really identify.
Lars De Richter
Perfecte kerstlectuur ;-).

Minder bij de keel grijpend dan de eerste, maar misschien komt dat wel omdat de eerste echt nieuw was voor mij. Ik ken de film zo ongeveer van buiten, maar dat doet niets af aan het boek.

De tekeningen zijn buitengewoon mooi. Het spel met zwart en wit en het gebruik van licht, schaduw en tegenlicht is heel fascinerend.

Wat ook leuk is aan dit tweede deel is hoe de samenhang met deel 1 gesuggereerd wordt, in sommige prenten zie je op de achtergrond gebeurtenissen uit het e
Первый том Син Сити был о мести, слепой ярости и Марве. Второй же сконцентрирован на женщине, за которую стоит убивать — Аве Лорд. Марв использовал грубую силу, а что в наборе у хрупкой и ранимой женщины? Центр тяжести ощутимо сдвинулся в сторону блистательных дам.

Сюжет и интрига довольно просты, но я читала том в один присест, так что некоторые повороты стали для меня неожиданностью. Атмосфера нуара никуда не делась, отвлеченные пассажи о городе и окружении все так же читались у меня в голове г
Sinister. Sexy. I love this volume because it is both those things in abundance. The characters are volatile, unpredictable, manipulative and deadly and Sin City itself is dark and filthy yet deliciously corrupt and immoral. I just love reading about the place and watching as characters try to stay ahead in a world that is always looking to crush them.

The main character, Dwight, is very endearing and you find yourself willing him to succeed. I love how he represses some sort of buried anger whi
Ahh, Sin City, where men are men and broads are dames.

This is the volume that the upcoming movie is named for. I'm looking forward to seeing how Dwight, Ava, Marv (again!), Manute, etc., are treated on screen.

And, a tip: if (when) you read this, keep vol. 1 handy ... some things from that volume are referenced in this one, and if you're like me, you'll want to flip back to take a look.
Michael (Tattoogirl Reads)
I’m a big fan of Frank Miller’s Batman and his Sin City art.

The way Frank Miller sets mood is awesome:
“In Darkness I listen. Rain hits glass, a window It’s Sin City rain, though, nothing to write home about. I count the seconds before the lazy smack of each individual drop. Another passing desert shower that won’t even cool the night off.”

His language and art style is really amazing. The story was good, and was a four star read all the way up until the last page. When I finished the last page I
Ahmed Jadaa
Classic Noir and so stylistic it makes me frustrated I dont have the other books. A great start to the series for me and hopefully more to come. I cant find a flaw other than my preferences in the story. The use of shadows and the black and white just makes this a fantastic ride. Definitely worth more than the movies thats for sure
Steve Magay
Though this book doesn't provide the same amazing action sequence as the 'The Hard Goodbye' did but it makes up a lot for its immense story. Never really liked Miller as an artist but his stories is just amazing. Perhaps 'A Dame to Kill For' is one of the best. The story validates the truth with some women. Somehow I wish Miller could have used more scenes to showcase how Ava's wits instead of just spreading her legs. They can be more diabolical than that. Miller also starts using Nonlinear narr ...more
If you're reading chronologically, this'll be your second trip to Sin City.

Dwight is (apparently) some sort of recovering addict who's trying to keep together and has a job taking photos of cheating married folks. He seems to be doing an OK job at this until his old flame Ava shows up.

But is Ava an old sincere lover of Dwight's, beaten by her now husband and hoping to have Dwight again? Or is there more to all of this?

The answer, of course, is that there is more to all of it. But to say anyth
This volume is a great mixture of Dwight's story (for those that have seen the movie, this is what happens before what you see there--what turned him into the man you see) and a return of Marv from the first volume, since it takes place before and during those events.

It was great to finally know what happened in Dwight's past to turn him into the man he is during the movie, since you get very little backstory and you only know that he had some rough times and was wanted by the police. It's an in
I enjoyed this 2nd book in the series just as much as the first.It was great seeing Marv and Dwight team up and kick some ass.Story was very fast paced and Ava was a truly interesting character.Throw in Miho and you have quite a cast of characters.Frank Miller has really made Sin City one place where we all like to visit but i doubt few of us be tough enough to live there.
Wow.. talk about a Black Widow! Great Read!
Im just stunt on how much this series is changing the way i enjoy graphic novels. Frank miller combines true alleyway horror with the beauty of love, passion and friendship. The black and white art just makes everthing come to life. I keep on loving the charecters every new volume brings. Im excited/terrified of what will happen next.
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Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories. He is one of the most widely-recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation. His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the
More about Frank Miller...

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“Most people think Marv is crazy, but I don't believe that.
I'm no shrink and I'm not saying I've got Marv all figured out or anything, but "crazy" just doesn't explain him. Not to me. Sometimes I think he's retarded, a big, brutal kid who never learned the ground rules about how people are supposed to act around each other. But that doesn't have the right ring to it either. No, it's more like there's nothing wrong with Marv, nothing at all--except that he had the rotten luck of being born at the wrong time in history. He'd have been okay if he'd been born a couple of thousand years ago. He'd be right at home on some ancient battlefield, swinging an ax into somebody's face. Or in a roman arena, taking a sword to other gladiators like him.
They'd have tossed him girls like Nancy, back then.”
“Nancy's got a guardian angel. Seven feet plus of muscle and mayhem that goes by the name of Marv.” 9 likes
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