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The Neighborhood Mother Goose
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The Neighborhood Mother Goose

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  229 ratings  ·  103 reviews
Every day, children the world over sing, shout, and celebrate Mother Goose rhymes. And now there's a new reason to cheer: Nina Crews has added her own remarkable, jazzy style of illustration to a collection of forty-one favorite verses. Whether it's Jack jumping over a candlestick (atop a cupcake), Georgie Porgie kissing the girls (at the playground), or a fine lady riding ...more
Unknown Binding, 64 pages
Published December 23rd 2003 by Greenwillow Books
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(NS) Panagiota Angelos
Nina Crews puts a new twist on original Mother Goose poetry in her book, The Neighborhood Mother Goose. This book features forty-one well-known and beloved poems such as Humpty Dumpty, Peter Piper, Ring around the Rosie and There was an Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe. The poems themselves are not altered. What makes this book unique is that the illustrator matches photographs to the text. Some of the photographs are altered on a computer; such as the illustration in the poem, There Was an Old Wom ...more
A contemporary Mother Goose set in Brooklyn, with photographs of children at play.

Intended Age Group 3-7

To many people, nursery rhymes seem dead and static—they are read merely for tradition’s sake, or because your child’s other grandmother’s sister gave you a book of them and it’s cluttering your shelf. Mother Goose books are often illustrated with pictures of bonnet clad children and members of the European peasantry, as well as workers like candlestick makers, whom we tend not to encounter i
Oct 30, 2009 Liz rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: kids ages 4-8
Shelves: lis-565
Forty one traditional Mother Goose rhymes are given a new spin with Nina Crews' photographs in The Neighborhood Mother Goose. The photographs taken in Crews' hometown of Brooklyn, NY show Jack jumping over a candlestick with happens to be on a cupcake and a little girl with a curl right in the middle of her forehead cutting the hair off her barbie doll. Each photo is engaging with lots going on, Crews also utilized photoshop to add some surprising elements to the pictures. The book is great fun ...more
Crews’ The Neighborhood Mother Goose promises to delight preschoolers. This updated urban anthology includes over 40 Mother Goose rhymes. Traditional rhymes mingle with digital collages of New York apartments and high-rises, sidewalks, supermarkets, bakeries, and living rooms, authentically capturing the diversity of modern life. African-American children play inside and out with Asian and Caucasian friends. The surrealistic-imagery of these rhymes is vividly depicted through Crews’ collages, of ...more
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The old familiar nursery rhymes are accompanied by photographs featuring racially diverse children and families. A great way to keep these rhymes in a current perspective, although sometimes the photographs are a little creepy (ex: a huge dish and spoon lurking behind a fence). This would make a great read-aloud story time book, and after a while, the children would recite the poems along with the reader.
Diana Garcia
I really like the illustrations of this book. It definitely made the rhymes come to life. There were real life photographs of children doing things related to the rhymes. You can tell the diversity in each photographs with many smiling faces. From drawing on an egg and describing it as humpty dumpting to the big spider used describing the itsy bitsy spider. I loved that it was different from the other mother goose books.

Girls and boys, come out to play,
The moon does shine as bright as day,
Nina Crews. The Neighborhood Mother Goose. (2004). A new take on the old Mother Goose. While Crews stays true to the traditional nursery rhymes, the photography is what makes the book. It modernizes the text that we are all familiar with and brings it into our time. The author uses real children from her Brooklyn, NY neighborhood. They act out the nursery rhymes and are photoshopped into the fantastical situations. I loved seeing the rhymes acted out by real children in a real setting. It was ni ...more
Nina Crews situates Mother Goose rhymes in a photographed city "neighborhood" full of children and, for the first time (for me, maybe others), they seem relatable and meaningful. I'm not a passionate Mother Goose fan--though I do believe in the power of shared singsong/nonsense/rhymes/etc--but if you want a Mother Goose book on your kid's shelf, this is the one I'd recommend (especially if you live, as I do, in a city--this version might be less relatable than others for rural kids), and also on ...more
Maggie KutsBorg
I loved this book - a standout on the otherwise incredibly samey Nursery Rhyme shelf. The rhymes are intact, but instead of old fashioned drawings of girls in dresses and cartoon mice, Nina Crews pairs each one to a photograph of children living and playing in a city environment. It's a really great way of making nursery rhymes feel like a part of modern life instead of a hokey 'throwback.' The only problem is that it was done in 2003, and 12 years is long enough for photographs to look dated (h ...more
American Library Association Notable Book Award (ALAN) 2005
Notable Book of the English Language Arts (BELA) 2005
The Neighborhood Mother Goose by Nina Crews brings traditional nursery rhymes into our modern day world. Nina Crews uses computer-enhanced photographs along with each rhyme. This contemporary spin on traditional nursery rhymes brings new life into the genre.
Today’s children can select this book and feel like it applies to their own life. Using a variety of images from the city of Br
Becca Buckman
The Neighborhood Mother Goose by Nina Crews fits into the picture book genre of Mother Goose stories! The story recites 41 remarkable and enjoyable rhymes students throughout all classrooms come to memorize, learn from and love! From “Hey Diddle, Diddle” to “Wee Willie Winkie”, Crews is able to transform students into the world of all 41 rhymes.

a.) A positive feature depicted in this wonderful story of rhymes are the brilliant pictures that correlate to each page!

b.) Distinguished action and st
Debbie Gillespie
Citation: The Neighborhood Mother Goose, written by Nina Crews (Amistad, 2004)

1. Genre: Children’s Book/ Mother Goose
2. Summary: The Neighborhood Mother Goose, by Nina Crews is a beautiful new rendition of the tried and true classical mother goose rhymes set against the urban background of Brooklyn, New York.
3. Critique:
a. The strength of this inspiring book is the author’s ability to present the classic Mother Goose rhymes with fresh new imagery that brings life to the old stand bys.
b. Through
1. Genre: Mother Goose picture book

2. Summary: Including real life photographs is such a great, contemporary twist to the timeless nursery rhymes that we all grew up hearing.

3. Critique:
a.) The illustrations in this story are photographs which makes the classic nursery rhymes we all grew up on more contemporary. The photographs really bring the classic rhymes to life.

b.) The real life photos help children to connect to the classic nursery rhymes. The photographs of real children really allows t
Sharne' Cherry
1. Mother Goose
2. The 41 rhymes range from the most familiar ("Pat-a-cake," "The itsy-bitsy spider") to a few that may be new to readers. Crews sets the verses in an urban environment full of city sidewalks, fire escapes, and brownstones. The pages are peopled with modern-looking, jeans- and T-shirt-clad youngsters of a variety of ages and backgrounds, as well as several adults.
3.a. Pictures/Illustrations
b. The pictures in this book all depict children in real life.The pictures are real and show
Kristina Charnecki
Genre: Mother Goose Picture Book

This book introduces many classic Mother Goose rhymes and verses, like ‘Hey Diddle, Diddle’ and ‘The Itsy-Bitsy Spider’, as they take the readers through a local neighborhood.

a.) A major strength of this book is the photographs and the manipulation of such photographs to correlate with the theme of the specific rhymes and verses.
b.) The use of photographs opposed to cartoon-like illustrations helps the rhymes and verses in the book to be more relatable to the read
1. Mother Goose
2. This is a collection of well-known Mother Goose rhymes set in a city.
3. A. Pictures
B. How can one make a Mother Goose book stand out? This semester, I am required to read two different Mother Goose books. My first thought was, “Why two? They are all the same.” To my surprise, my first thought was trumped by this book.
According to the biographical commentary on the back flap of this book, Nina Crews uses her Brooklyn neighborhood as the inspiration for the pictures in the book
Jade Nguyen

1. { Genre }: Mother Goose

2. { Summary }: Over 30 Mother Goose rhymes blended in with real photography, photo manipulation and cartoon characters.

3a. { Area for comment }: Composition, Text

3b. { Critique }:
The Neighborhood Mother Goose has a unique composition in which it takes Mother Goose nursery rhymes and places it into real-live neighborhoods.

3c. { Critique Example }:
Crews mixes mother goose, cartoon and real photo to create a unique composition of rhymes. These are photos of real childr
Courtney Canino
The Neighborhood Mother Goose, was a book that had all of the traditional Mother Goose poems, with a unique twist to it. The twist being that all of the pictures that accompanied the poems were pictures of modern day kids doing modern day things. For example, one of the poems was about how rude and nasty a little girl could be. The picture that went along with this poem was a picture of a little girl cutting all of her Barbie's hair off. This book had a lexile of this book was 340 so it would be ...more
Citation: The Neighborhood Mother Goose, by Nina Crews. (Greenwillow Books, 2004). 64p. Mother Goose.

Summary: This is a fun book of familiar nursery rhymes illustrated in a fresh new way.

Critique: (a.) The illustrations make this book modern. The photograph collages were inspired by her Brooklyn neighborhood and depict all types of children.

(b.) Each of the forty-one rhymes in this collection takes on a new perspective when presented in modern times. The pictures of everyday people in neighborho
Ashton Livsey
Genre: Mother Goose Children’s Book
Summary: Old, classic nursery rhymes are put in this book with real-life pictures of children which coincide with the rhymes.
Critique: a) The pictures detail everyday life of people in neighborhoods, houses, and even in the kitchen. The pictures are real which give children something to relate to. Using the pictures gives a more up to date feel to the nursery rhymes. They are something that are becoming more out of date and in the past. This book and it’s pict

Genre: Mother Goose Picture Book

Summary: This book uses real photographs and manipulates the size and position as well as pictures within other pictures along with familiar nursery rhymes to provide a unique take on these traditional rhymes.


a.) The use of actual photographs is a wonderful way for the author to provide a relationship between the traditional words and modern reality of the reader. The photographs are all real yet when manipulated to provide relation to the rhymes provide
Sara Check
1.Mother Goose, picture book.

2.This title has 36 mostly familiar Mother Goose nursery rhymes that are depicted in a contemporary setting of the city.

3.A. Nina Crews compiled common nursery rhymes but gave them quite a twist on how she illustrated them. This twist gives these rhymes, an oral tradition, new life and appealing to new generations.

B.The greatest strength of this title is the manipulation of photography to entice young readers to truly understand the poem and relate it their own lives
Katlyn Campbell
Genre: Mother Goose
Summary: This title takes you through a number of Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Each rhyme in the book is related to the life of children in a neighborhood today.
a. I believe the best part about this title is the relationship between the text and the illustrations.
b. The relationship between the text and illustrations in this title work toward giving the book a unique twist and perspective. It also relates the old mother goose rhymes to the lives of children today. The
1. Mother Goose Picture Book
2. This book provides 41 classic Mother Goose poems with unique images. The images present children in a city or urban situation. This is great because the many children live in urban surroundings and can achieve a connection through these images.
3.a. Images
b. The images in this picture book were created with real children in an urban situation. This is great for a connection to young urban children. However, I feel like some of the images were not put together well.

Genre: Children's, Concept -Mother Goose


Using photographs and overlaid illustrations the classic Mother Goose rhymes are told in the context of authentic, real life settings. Rhymes from georgie Porgie to Hey Diddle Diddle are collected along with lesser known rhymes of equal whimsy and rhythm. Photographs that depict children living in the current time period bring these older stories into the present, giving the reader a fresh backdrop in which to conceptualize them.


The use of
1) Genre: Mother Goose

2) How can an author revamp traditional mother goose rhymes and make it relevant to kids today? Look no further than this book. This book includes common rhymes such as “The itsy-bitsy spider” and “Little Miss Muffet” with actual photographs of real adults and children.

3) Critique:

a) By far, the best feature of this book are the photographs that accompany each rhyme because it represents diversity.

b) I have never come across a mother goose book quite like this one! I am
Lisa Mason
1.Mother Goose

2.This book is a lovely collection of Mother Goose rhymes illustrated with photographs of children from primarily urban neighborhoods. The children reflect a diversity in race and ethnic backgrounds that brings a modern emphasis to these timeless nursery rhymes.

3.a. Illustrations/photographs b. The photographs are realistic renderings of some of our most beloved nursery rhymes. c.“This Little Pig” is represented by a loving mother with her barefooted daughter in her lap. Together t
Jerri Miller
1. Mother Goose- Picture Book

2. This book is a collection of Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Some of them are very familiar some are not. The book is illustrated using life like photographs.

3. a. Illustration (Photographs)

b. I thought it was wonderful to include photographs into this book of nursery rhymes instead of just basic illustrations. I think that children would enjoy this book because the photographs would help them relate to the rhymes by giving them real life visuals.

c. I could give ex
The Neighborhood Mother Goose by Nina Crews

1. Genre: Mother Goose Picture Book

2. Summary: Pictures of real children and adults make the rhymes in this Mother Goose book come alive.

3. Critique:
a. Area for comment: The beautiful photographs and computer manipulations make this modern day book of traditional nursery rhymes a treasure.

b. Comment: Photographs and computer tools illustrate the nursery rhymes and make them real and believable for the reader.

c. Example: The ”Hey diddle diddle!” r
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Nina Crews is a well known author and an illustrator children's books. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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