How to Be a Pirate
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How to Be a Pirate (How to Train Your Dragon #2)

4.03 of 5 stars 4.03  ·  rating details  ·  5,036 ratings  ·  404 reviews
Follow the further adventures and misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III as his Viking training continues and his father leads a stranger and the Hairy Hooligans to the Isle of Skullions in search of a pirate's treasure.
Paperback, 222 pages
Published 2004 by Hodder
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This is another book that was recommended to me by my son. I found the hero, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, to be very likable and funny. He is an unlikely viking, scrawny and uncoordinated, who is forced to take pirate lessons from "Gobber-the-Belch," another member of his tribe. Luckily Hiccup has a sympathetic best friend named Fishlegs and a small pet dragon named Toothless to see him through his adventures. An engaging quick read with a surprisingly wise ending, I recommend this book to all...more
This book is really good, also it's not that difficult to read,but a challenging book.This book is about a kid/boy named Hiccup Horrendus the should really try to read this really great book.
The Flooze
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is not so Heroic - at least not by Viking terms - despite the fact that he’s the Hooligan chief’s only heir. What he is is very, very clever, an attribute overlooked in a society revering such skills as Shouting, Senseless Violence, Badd Sppeling, and Advanced Rudery. (Well, with a clan name of Hooligans, what did you expect?)

Hiccup is Heroic by my standards though. He reads and observes and studies, and uses that brain of his to make decisions for the good of...more
An Odd1
"How to be a Pirate" (How 2) by Cressida Cowell are hilarious memoirs with crude black stick illustrations, from when Hiccup, Viking heir to Hairy Hooligan tribe, was a skinny freckled 11ish. Gobber the Belch teaches swords to twelve village lads on a rolling deck. In the storm, their ship crashes into a coffin. Famed ancestor Grimbeard the Ghastly leaves many warnings, but Alvin the-poor-but-honest-farmer convinces the warriors, including boys, to face deadly Skullion Isle for lost treasure. Hi...more
Aug 23, 2010 miaaa rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Dahlia Naga
You don't always have to be a Hero to get a Hero's Welcome

Suku Hairy Hooligans kedatangan tamu mencurigakan yang membawa peta rahasia harta karun moyang Hiccup, Grimbeard the Ghastly . Seperti biasa ayah Hiccup, Stoick, memutuskan seluruh pejuang untuk berangkat mencari harta tersebut.

Di petualangan ini Hiccup baru menyadari dia kidal dan berhasil menemukan wasiat asli buyutnya Grimbeard the Ghastly tentunya bersama Toothless yang rewel seperti biasa dan Fishleg sobatnya.

Buku yang kocak masa d...more
The story is about Hiccup and his friends getting taught how to be a pirate. Then they docked an island and started digging and found coffin and in it there is gold and a sword. They take out the sword. Then bad things start to happen like dragons start to attack and a lot of other stuff. At the end Hiccup finds a note and reads it and it said the treasure is yours. I loved the book and i can't wait for the third book.
How to Be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell is the second book chronicling Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third's marvelous adventures. I liked this book; filled with funny drawings and situations, this book was very enjoyable. It even had PIRATES in it (I think I liked this one so much because of that, just like Treasure Island had PIRATES!)
Hiccup and the rest of the Pirate Training Program, along with Gobber the Belch, and a STRANGER who claims to be a "Poor-but-Honest Farmer", go in search of BURIE...more
Buku kedua dari serial petualangan Hiccup III. Buku pertamanya yang How to Train Your Dragon. Tapi kalau belum membaca buku pertamanya, buku kedua ini cukup bisa dinikmati.

Hiccup III, seperti anak-anak Suku Hooligan lainnya, mesti mengikuti pelatihan menjadi seorang bajak laut. Yang jadi masalah adalah, Hiccup sepertinya tidak memiliki kepribadian yang cocok untuk menjadi seorang bajak laut. Berbeda dengan Snoutlout, misalnya, yang begitu berambisi menjadi bajak laut paling garang, Hiccup nyaris...more
Joseph S
How to be a pirate by Cressida Cowell was an awesome book! I loved the book because it was a hilarious and suspenseful book all in one. I couldn't put the book down! I also loved the book because the author put lots of detail into the book.
First of all my favorite part was when Hiccup and Alvin were sword fighting in a cave and Hiccup found out that he was left handed. I liked this part because it was an adventure and suspense part of the book. This part also surprised me because at fist he wa...more
Okiriza Wibisono
This is my first book I read as a novel enthusiast (and this is my first review about anything, ever). I randomly bought it and finished it in five days. Had I bought a wrong book, I might not be as interested in books (especially, fantasy ones) as I am now.
Cressida Cowell has done a great job writing this book. Written in a simple and funny, yet not meaningless, language, this book attracted me to keep reading it, and I had to put a hard effort not to finish it in LESS than five days. All the c...more
Angelic Zaizai
Ga selucu yang pertama
tapi tetep menghibur..

Hiccup digembleng jadi pirate
pelajarannya selain adu pedang, ada juga pelajaran yang
aneh-aneh seperti hinaan tingkat tinggi dan meludah haha
seperti biasa Hiccup - dan Fishleg - tetep jadi pecundang

gara-gara Hiccup dan Fishleg (okay kalo ditelusuri lebih jauh lagi sih, si Snotlout yang jadi biangnya) Alvin-petani-miskin-tapi-jujur mendarat di pulau Berk, dan mengatakan ada peta harta karun warisan nenek moyang Hiccup di sebuah pulau yang dijaga oleh na...more
Sarah S
This book is the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon. The story starts during a Sword-fighting-at-Sea lesson during a storm. Hiccup attempts to fight with Dogsbreath the Duhbrian, but ends up losing the fight and is almost killed. But the fight is cut off as the wave tips the boat over and is holed by an object. Hiccup realises it is a coffin and he and Fishlegs ride on it backto the Isle of Berk, where the others, surpirsingly have survived too. It is clearly the property of Grimbeard the Ghastl...more
Saniya(Will Herondale is mine)
I loved this series but this book wasn't as entertaining as the previous book, how to train your dragon. I am giving this a fairly low rating not because there was anything particularly bad about this book, it just didn't really appeal to me. Because first of all, this book is totally for "boys" and If a girl reads this book, she would be bored easily. Well it was a bit boring for me. The drawings are kind of extra poor, thats about the only turn-off. And writing in Capital seemed at little over...more
A Hooligan salute that requires you to fart as loud as a clap of thunder?!! What's not to love about this book and this series?!

Hiccup makes a surprising choice at the end of the book, deciding that it is better to be a good leader than a hero - how profound is that?
This book is another winner for me. Humourous with values you can stand behind and no "preachy-ness".

I was touched by one of the doodles in Hiccup's Advanced Rudery classes. He said that if anyone found his notebook to return to him...more
Mira Roderica
I don't have much expectation in series. Though I really like the first book, I didn't dare to expect much from the second book. Why? I often find a very interesting book which is followed by bad sequel(s). So, I was really happy when I can close this book with a smile. I still like it :)

Just like the first book, the story is still simple. Hiccup didn't grow from zero to hero just like some cheesy hero story. He learn the hard way to become a hero. Well, he may seem like a very very very lucky p...more
হাঁটুপানির জলদস্যু
দ্বিতীয় পর্বে এসে গল্পের মোচড়গুলো আরেকটু সংহত আর চমকপ্রদ হয়েছে। বেশ টানটান আর উপভোগ্য।
Dec 03, 2011 Kiri rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Kids, Doctor Who Fans, The DTEB, anyone who likes clever and fun children's stories.
Shelves: reviewed
One of the films that was on during the Thanksgiving holiday was "how To Train Your Dragon" with everything going on I did manage to sit down with the kids and see most of it. It is really good. Then I ran across these audios.. I'm hooked.

This is a really cute. funny, and clever set of stories.

It doesn't hurt that David Tennant - whom I'm familiar with as the 10th Doctor - is narrating. He's really quite good at reading this. I may just have to see how he is at the Doctor Who audiobooks now. :...more
AudioBook Review:
Stars Overall: 5 Narration 5 Story 5

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is still a highly unlikely Viking hero: smallish, bookish, not very sporty, with the smallest and possibly most spoilt and recalcitrant dragon of all the trainee boys. And far from the first task to become a Hairy Hooligan, the trainees now need to spend 4 years training to be Pirates, because you do know that all good Vikings must also have pirate skills.
Of course, Hiccup and his best friend Fishlegs aren’t pa...more
I definitely preferred the second novel of the series to the first. Perhaps it was because it was untainted by the movie, but I actually think it had more to do with the stronger friendship between Hiccup and Toothless.

Hiccup begins the second novel training to be a Viking pirate with his friends. I was kind of surprised, only because I expected the series to be more Dragon-training-centric, something it pulled in later. Once again, bright Hiccup and his common sense-laden friend are ignored whi...more
These are great books.
I can go on and on about them.
I can honestly relate to them. This book isn't a romantic book, it is a book following a young boy.
in the second book he is just trying to find something he is good at, he isn't trying to be a hero, he just wants something other people can respect because what he can do now isn't good enough.
Even though people are pushing him down he still has the will to stand up even if it means he may get killed.
Because to him it is whats right. Because ev...more
Addiction noun \ə-ˈdik-shən\: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something.

- gambling
- alcohol
- lightly buttered popcorn
- video games
- tumblr
- ice cream
- Cressida Cowell's How to Train Your Dragon novels

When I first commenced reading Cressida Cowell's novels a... erm... few days ago, I did not know if I would enjoy them. I tend not to read children's literature at all, and I did not know if these sorts of wacky tales could catch my interest, let alone my en...more
Melissa Reitano
My 9 year old is loving the series. Again, this book has nothing to do with to the movie except for the names of the characters and their roles in the community. Poor Hiccup has more troubles trying to be the hero he is expected to be as heir to the throne. His cousin Snoutlout continues to make him look foolish. However, as to be expected, Hiccup, with some last minute help from Tiny Toothless survives perilous danger and comes out on top. The difference with this book as opposed to the first i...more
The second installation of the How to Train Your Dragon series has sailed through the middle for me.
For one Hiccup is still bent on trying to do that one great Heroic act while not realizing that his intellect will help shape him into becoming a good Chief.
The bias I have comes from the films, where I expected to see this loving bond between Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless. When in fact, Toothless is stubborn, doesn't want to be trained and I find his dialogue quite annoying. The dragons thems...more
Toolah hussain
god that was a really good read.
at first i admit going through the first 100 pages of the book i was not pleased and i kept comparing it to the 1st one since i liked it so much. but wait just until the page 106 i think ? the action started and never stopped. i ended up liking it more then i thought i would, alot !.

the development of the characters here are so good, fishlegs, stoick, and not to mention hiccup who surely gonna be a great leader someday, even toothless which was aa huge factor in l...more
Toothless ini menggemaskan sekali ya disini.
Cerita lanjutan ini gak kalah seru dari yg pertama. Lucu-lucu banget ngebayangin Hiccup belajar jadi bajak laut, nama mata pelajarannya juga aneh-aneh.
Nah, yg gak kalah serunya selain cerita naga, disini ada cerita si Alvin yang ditemukan terjebak dalam peti harta karun yang mengaku ingin membantu bangsa Viking mencari harta karun yg legendaris itu, lama kelamaan Alvin yang ngakunya jujur itu ketauan juga kedoknya. Toothless sih udah curiga duluan sa...more
Much more rollicking adventure than the first. I love the rambling writing style and the pencil drawings that make it seem like it was done really carelessly. If you're just digging into this series and find it a little bit too cheesy for you, don't worry: the later books in the series get surprisingly deep in a completely different fantasy world than the first few.
Because we have the coolest adopted nephew in all the land, we're reading these before we give them at Christmas. Book two: as enjoyable as the first, though again I'm struck at how much younger they read than other books said nephew enjoys (HP, Percy Jackson, etc). Still, plenty of fun while he's yet young-ish.

[3 stars for fun]
This is basically the first book, except with boats, treasure, and cannibals. Hiccup is terrible at being a Viking, a problem comes up, nobody listens to Hiccup, things go wrong, Hiccup uses his smarts to save the day. Oh, we find out that Hiccup's left-handed, though. So there's that, I suppose.

Otherwise, nothing really changed.

Hiccup saved everyone from the giant sea dragons in the first book, and literally after one sentence, everybody forgets about Hiccup exploding a dragon as big as a mount...more
امروز داشتم با عجله از کلاس خارج می شدم که دستم، در واقع آرنجم، محکم خورد به چارچوب در. در لحظه که ضعف کردم، هیچ، اما از سر شب دستم به اندازه ی یک تخم مرغ قرمز شده و شدیداً هم درد می کنه. همینطور که پی مسکن رفته بودم آشپرخانه، کتاب برادرم رو از روی کابینت برداشتم که مثلاً چند خطی بخوانم بلکه حواسم یک کم پرت شود. در کمال ناباوری تا آخرش خواندم. در کمال ناباوری، چون قبلاً جلد اولش رو امتحان کرده بودم و همون بیست صفحه ی اول انیمیشن ش رو هزار بار ترجیح داده بودم.
همچنان به نظرم انیمیشنش جذاب تره و ج...more
Ahmad Turkhamun
awalnya mo ngasi 3 bintang. tapi saya tendang yang satu gara-gara:
1. ilustrasinya.
saya nggak apa-apa sik ama ilustrasinya yang terkadang ngeganggu itu. tapi di sini, ada bagian-bagian yang nggak konsisten macam: si alvin itu kidal bukan sih, kalo kidal penjelasannya di mana ya? apa saya yang kelewat? ( ._. ) ada juga kok yang lain, tapi... baca sendiri ah. enak aja mo nyuruh-nyuruh. #SapeJugaYangMinta
2. bahasa naga.
ummm. ini nih yang ampe nutup buku saya masih bolak-balik nyari penjelasannya. di...more
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Cressida Cowell grew up in London and on a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. She was convinced that there were dragons living on this island, and has been fascinated by dragons ever since. She has a BA in English Literature from Oxford University, a BA in Graphic Design from St Martin's and an MA in Narrative Illustration from Brighton. Cressida loves illustrating her own w...more
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