Saving Faith
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Saving Faith

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  9,456 ratings  ·  385 reviews
In the field of popular fiction David Baldacci is far ahead of the competition. Continuing his string of New York Times bestsellers, Baldacci presents his most electrifying story to date-a novel of nonstop action, vividly etched characters, and an astounding vision of the inner sanctums of our government. Not far from Washington, D.C., in a wooded area of Northern Virginia...more
Hardcover, 464 pages
Published November 9th 1999 by Grand Central Publishing (first published December 12th 1991)
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This wasn’t bad. I have to say though, the first 300 pages were a bit slow. I also found it hard to like the characters. But the last 200 pages were very good. The story is about the FBI and CIA and their abuse of power. Faith Lockhart is caught in the middle of a “sting”. Her boss has been illegally bribing political officials in Washington for a good cause. One of the heads of CIA has caught wind of this bribery and gets involved. His idea of how to handle it is a lot more dangerous than anyon...more
Steven Peterson
Another creation of David Baldacci. I have now read a couple of his books. Strengths are obvious, such as fast paced action, plot lines, likeable (and unlikeable) characters. His writing is not always so smooth and sometimes there are elements in his work that seem improbable.

This work is a good read, and the plot speeds the reader along. Key characters: Lobbyist Danny Buchanan who uses corrupt methods for a good cause; his associate, Faith Lockhart; Lee Evans, a PI; Robert Thornhill (a top offi...more
This is probably the worst book I've read in awhile.

I checked out a few "summer read" books for a camping trip this last week. Loved his Wish You Well so thought I'd give this a try...

Ugh. Crappy story line, completely unbelievable interactions...i.e. after a bit of sexual tension, some anger, & some alcohol becomes a sexual assault, then suddenly the two protagonists are soul mates and can't be apart. Please. Then the big douche bag at work who took away the female protagonists FBI credenti...more
Faith Lockhart has been the right hand man for a powerful, successful lobbyist for years but strange things are going on and she thinks it's time to call in help so she goes to the FBI. Before she can even explain the situation, an agent is killed. I'm a huge fan of Baldacci and this is as good or better a story than his others. The characters are enormously interesting and likeable and the plot is wild and credible.
Aug 13, 2007 Jon rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Baldacci fans
Shelves: thriller
Another competent thriller from Baldacci, though with a few flaws. This is more a thriller than a mystery with way too many characters, flat dialouge and a flabby 450 pages. Not his best, but a little more believable than some of his recent books and an easy read. As far as his early works go, The Winner and The Simple Truth are better.
Chidi Okonkwo
I stumbled across the book at a local Barnes and Nobles last year. Thought I’d give it a try, after reading the overview on the back cover. I was instantly drawn into the pages of this political thriller, which was expertly written by a man who is well versed in his craft. The author definitely did a lot of research before writing this story. And all of the praise presented on the early pages prior to the story’s introduction was well deserved. This is not an action story, it is more of an intel...more
Beth Pearson
Hmmmm---I'm not even half through and I've been reading it for 4 days. That tells me it's pretty slow for me....even though I've been swamped and not reading much. I am sure I would sneak a bit more reading in if I was crazy about it.
Part 2
It took me a week to finish this book. It wasn't really slow; when I was reading, I enjoyed what I read. I just didn't feel that need to have to get back to it right away. It took me a long time to really care about the people and what happened.

I was bummed...more
Jun 06, 2008 Julianne rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Julianne by: Aunt Jere
Looking good so far (about 1/3 through). Gotta tell you, though, I'm not a politically minded person and I'm trying hard to keep up with the story (lobbyists, voting, etc). I've never seen so much hate for the FBI in my life. I'm surprised.

Had to ask my husband some federal agency questions, too. Baldacci isn't explaining it well enough for my understanding, or perhaps I just want to know more than the average reader (or maybe he'll explain later, who knows!)
You know those authors of which you always see books, always want to read one and never do....well Baldacci was one of those for me. Finally I read the first book and i am so glad about it.

The beginning was a bit slow but when finally everything was put in action it became better and better.

Faith Lockhart is the assistant lobbyist of on of the best lobbyists in the United States. A man who changed his life to help the foreign poor but started to change. When faith isn't allowed to be part of him...more
Fiona Leonard
Ever had a book hangover? You know the feeling that you get when you've read a brilliant book and you can't get it out of your head? OK, well you won't have to worry about it with Saving Faith. It's about a woman named Faith and a guy called Lee and the CIA and FBI and it's set in Washington and people get killed and rescued and shot and stuff. I read it in 24 hours, and beyond that description all I can say is I wish I knew what happened to the dog. Did the FBI hurt it when they stormed the hou...more
Copywright - November 1999.

Two things cught my attention.
Ponzi Scheme - thinking Medoff, I questioned my meomory; I thought that all happened in 2000 something. Ponzi goes back to 1920.

Acknowledgements - Rod Blagojevich - for allowing me a glimpse into the life of a member of Congress. An excellant source when the story is centered on manipulating government policy, corruption when connected with the rules we live by and the rules we are governed by.
Think the rich versus working drones. Moving...more
This novel, which likely is not going to become a series (in fact, since it was first produced in 1999, I think that’s a relatively safe bet) introduces an interesting character named Lee Adams, an extraordinarily resourceful private investigator. Lee has been hired by an unknown person to follow a young woman named Faith Lockhart and to find out what she is up to; having established that she is making periodic visits to a remote cabin in the wilderness, he goes there on one of the off-days to c...more
This is one of Baldacci’s older books, first published in 1991. Being that old, I found a thriller involving Washington lobbyists and operatives from both the CIA and FBI with no reference to terrorism to seem a little odd. I wasn’t as impressed with this one as I’ve been with other Baldacci books. I still enjoyed the story but I think there was a little more fluff than I usually like.

The main and title character is a Washington lobbyist who knows her job well, but her job is not the action in...more
It started well, lulled me into a stupor for the next 300 pages and ended predictably. The opening scenes described a formidable villain who, somehow, never reappeared after a little nick in the arm (not so formidable, I guess). The book was littered with lengthy descriptions of congressional lobbying and wrangling, layers of useless bureaucratic triviality and character histories that, combined, amounted to a lot of unnecessary filler, imho. I was initially impressed with Mr. Baldacci's Absolut...more
Saving Faith by David Baldacci.

This is an early work by David Baldacci - 1999. The writing reads like an early work, shorter, slightly choppy sentences. But Baldacci's witty dialog is evident throughout the book. Not the best story of Baldacci's but a good early effort.

I liked that Faith was one of the stronger female characters Baldacci writes - Faith and Lee bicker and don't immediately fall in lust. This story premise has been used before and I think there were some missed opportunities but...more
Book very slow at the beginning and then it picks up. Ending was kind of predictable which I didn't like. Doesn't compare to his other books like "The Winner" or "Total Control" which were amazing
I couldn't put this book down, I started reading it on holiday, it was on the bookshelf where we stayed.I had only read part of it when we left so headed for a bookstore to buy it so I could continue.You just want to follow the lead characters story, to see where life takes her and hope everything works out for her in the end.Its a lovely story and I dont want to spoil it by giving it away.Suffice to say I have tried reading more of David Baldacci but haven't found another book written in this v...more
It's interesting that two German versions of this title have different translations: one means "The Temptation" Die Versuchung Baldacci, the other "The Conspiracy. Die Verschwörung Baldacci" Neither is remotely close to the original English: Saving Faith. The pun, of course would have been lost in translation, but I'm not sure why two CD editions would have different titles.

This book has everything: a really evil CIA character, conspiracies, interagency antagonism between the FBI and the CIA and...more
This is the first book of this author's that I read and perhaps the last. Baldacci and I share a common love of Virginia and I liked that the story took place around northern VA and mentioned streets and places that I know well in addition to including some scenes in North Carolina's Outer Banks, another favorite place of mine. However, that was about all that I enjoyed of the book.

The book is a fast read and entertaining and reminds me of the summer movies that are entertaining only because of...more
3.5 stars. Abuse of power. Amorality reigns in The halls of power in DC. (Who knew?). A lobbyist has an epiphany and bids for redemption by dispensing with the rules to serve the world's destitute masses. The cause is just, and the facts are delivered in the context of the tale, which didn't hold together well. Unlike the driving purpose of Danny Buchanan, (saving his soul as well as his Faith, a theme that was left untouched, undeveloped) the characters were all of dubious worth. The story-trai...more
I'm kind of amazed, based on the (lack of) quality of the writing, that this was even published. So poorly written I'm struggling to finish it, and I may not succeed.

This is the second book in as many months that I've read by a big-name, much-published author, that is just plain **badly written*** that was published back in the 90s - and it makes me wonder: was it just that we didn't care back then, and anything that a popular writer wrote was immediately gobbled up, or were our standards for fi...more
Maybe 3.5 stars. Based on this book, it's hard for me to believe that David Baldacci has such a huge following, but then again, this was a fluffy, quick read, so maybe that's the appeal.

Faith is a lobbyist who's gone to the FBI with information that could lead to a major shakedown of D.C. politicians, but the people who could be hurt by her testimony are powerful (working for the CIA) and try to kill her one night. She escapes, with the help of a private investigator who happens to be tailing h...more
Another typical Baldacci book. I needed a fun quick read and this was it. *** stop here for spoilers**** Faith is a girl, and of course, he saves her, and the rest of the world too.The villain is a classic spy caricature: cold-war CIA super-patriot Robert Thornhill wants to reclaim the glory days of the Central Intelligence Agency--when money flowed like the Mississippi during a flood, and the FBI watched helplessly from the sidelines. Working from his secret underground bunker, he blackmails Da...more
Post listen Review: Well this is about what I thought it would be. There are some good guys, some bad guys and they run around trying to kill each other. One dude has to "Save Faith" who is actually a girl not a religion and of course they fall in love. It always bothers me when people are being chased and decide to "get intimate". If I was running from hitmen and the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., spending some quality time snuggling would really be the last thing I would decide to do. But anyway, lots...more
I’m a huge Baldacci fan. Yet, this one let me down. I would have attributed to the bad writing to early writer development, but Absolute Power, his debut, was phenomenal.

My problems with the book:

1. Doing your research into aspects of the intelligence community does not mean you need to use every opportunity to tell the reader about everything you learned. After a while it just makes the pace feel jerky.

2. Romance for the sake of romance’ sake makes the story feel a little artificial. I can beli...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
Synopsis: Not far from Washington, D.C., in a wooded area of Northern Virginia, a small house at the end of a gravel road serves a secret purpose. With its sophisticated security apparatus and hidden miniaturized cameras, it is being used by the FBI to interview one of the most important witnesses the agency has ever had, a young woman with an incredible story to tell. But a few people know about the secret meeting. And for them, a violent drama is about to begin.

One man -- a local private inves...more
Seizure Romero
This is where I pretty much gave up on Baldacci. I thought I could rely on him for brainless filler reading but now he's just annoying. "Willing suspension of disbelief." Look it up. Basic agreement between author and reader. I'm willing to accept a lot of things when I'm reading fiction (I read vampire novels, fer chrissakes), but I cannot abide shaky premises in order to support an equally weak plot. YET ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT: Faith has set up a complete fake identity and even purchased a hous...more
The World's Poor vs the CIA Kill Team. Danny Buchanan, America's top lobbyist, has shed his skin and now conspires to help the world's poor and sick. His protégé, Faith Lockhart, is put off by his borish behavior after being her savant for 15 years. Hoping to stave off disaster, Faith approaches the FBI and is being shepparded into their shelter when Robert Thornhill tries to take her out at an FBI safehouse and only kills an FBI agent. She is rescued by Lee Adams, a PI hired by Buchanan to keep...more
This is a story about the "real" Washington, D.C., or at least the reality that fiction writers want us to believe in. A CIA career man gets a hold over the best lobbyist is town, and he manipulates him ruthlessly for 10 years, all in an effort to gain greater control over enough congressmen to shore up the CIA's funding and increased autonomy for decades to come. The main character, Lee Adams, is a private investigator hired by an anonymous client to tail a woman. In the process, Lee witnesses...more
Tom Gorski
First published in 1990 this was a good quick read (a one day type book) that had an interesting story and characters. However, having read most of his later and current writing I think in this one he was experimenting with themes and characters and I can see some of it in succeeding novels. Nonetheless, he is always a terrific story teller.
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David Baldacci made a big splash on the literary scene with the publication of his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996. A major motion picture adaptation followed, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star. In total, David has published 28 novels, all of which have been national and international bestsellers; several have been adapted for film and television. His novels have been translated in...more
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