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The Eternal Husband
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The Eternal Husband

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  2,020 ratings  ·  98 reviews
The most monstrous monster is the monster with noble feelings.

This remarkably edgy and suspenseful tale shows that, despite being better known for his voluminous and sprawling novels, Fyodor Dostoevsky was a master of the more tightly-focused form of the novella.

The Eternal Husband may, in fact, constitute his most classically-shaped composition, with his most devilish plo
Paperback, 180 pages
Published April 1st 2005 by Melville House (first published 1870)
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The Eternal Cuckold,
Screwed by Love,
Husband, I barely cut you,
Show me your fair daughters,
Laying with your wife,
Some men are perpetually drowned by love,
Hypochondriacs make the best lovers.

Not my favorite Dostoevsky, but definitely a novella that sticks to you, like a nightshirt after a fever. The big D is dealing with amazing themes: class, love, men, women. In someways it reminds me a bit of Beckett, but instead of Vladamir and Estragon, Dostoevsky gives us Velchaninov a
Jason Coleman
Dostoevsky took some sort of cue from Gogol--they both gravitate toward the pained, obstinate side of the Russian character, as opposed to Tolstoy's robust extroversion--but this nonetheless strikes me as a ferociously original work. Who else in the 19th century was writing like this? Dostoevsky can nail all the social aspects: the contrast between Pavlovich's squalid life and the well-adjusted families that look on helplessly is portrayed perfectly, and the cruelty of the children towards him d ...more
Ο Αιώνιος σύζυγος είναι διαφορετικό από άλλα ντοστογιεφσκικά έργα που έχω διαβάσει. Δεν έχει ούτε πολλούς χαρακτήρες(όπως το Έγκλημα και Τιμωρία) ούτε εσωτερικό μονόλογο( όπως το Υπόγειο). Δεν παύει ωστόσο να είναι εξίσου καθηλωτικό.
H πλοκή είναι απλή: ο Βελτσανίνοφ,ένας άλλοτε ζωντανός και ακμαίος άντρας, που έχει πια ξεπέσει και καταντήσει υποχόνδριος, δέχεται την αναπάντεχη επίσκεψη ενός παλιού γνωστού. Πρόκειται για τον Τρουσότσκυ, επαρχιώτη αριστοκράτη, με τη γυναίκα του οποίου διατηρούσε
sahar salman
كما هو معلوم لدى قراء دوستويفسكي أن هذا الكاتب الروسي في كل عمل له لابد أن يتحدث عن سيكولوجية الإنسان فكل شخصية في رواياته مرتبطة بسيكولوجية مختلفة وذات أبعاد لا تقارن بأي شخصية أخرى. ربما من أول وهله حينما تقرأ روايته هذه "الزوج الأبدي" تجدها صعبه على الفهم وغير مقبوله وربما أقل ما يمكن أن يقال عنها من أعمال هذا الكاتب الروسي. بالتأكيد هناك أعمال لا تضاهي هذا العمل، ولكن وبخاصة هذا الكاتب كل عمل له محصور بكينونه متفرده وأهداف مختلفة في كل ما تحتويه. الزوج الأبدي كانت صراع نفسي وعصبي بين شخصين ج ...more
Ramona Tudor
Dostoevsky's style is very interesting and somewhat peculiar, in a way or another. I quite love his work - well, whenever I remember Crime and punishment I'm a little bit thrilled… So I keep a tremendously good image of Dostoevsky in my mind. I didn’t have great expectations regarding this tale, but I found myself loving it in the end.

The story is pretty interesting and I didn’t figure it out until the appearance of the ‘eternal husband’. The concept of this ‘eternal husband’ it’s quite interest
Quand j’ai commencé à lire L’éternel mari je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre. Il est clair que ce roman ne s’inscrit pas dans une dimension philosophique ou religieuse, comme dans la plupart des grands chefs d’œuvre de Dostoïevski. C’est justement cette déviation qui a produit en moi un effet de surprise, suivi par l’émerveillement, pour enfin mettre place à la vénération.

Dans cette tragi-comédie, il s’agit –encore une fois- du célèbre triangle traditionnel. Le mari, la femme et l’amant. U
Pardis Parto
داستايوفسكي در " هميشه شوهر" به مثلث و مربع عشقي مي پردازد يا به شكلي ظريف در "نيه توچكا" از عشق دختران به يكديگر مي گويد البته مهم است اما نبوغ او تنها به خاطر طرح اين مسائل بديع در يك و نيم قرن پيش نيست. آن زمان در اروپا و البته در روسيه آخرين راه حل و همين طور شرافتمندانه ترين راه براي خلاصي از چنين ننگي دوئل بود. همان كاري كه در "برادران كارامازوف" احتمال در گرفتن اش ميان پدر و ديمتري - پسر بزرگ تر- مي رود. خداي من! در هميشه شوهر اتفاق عجيب ديگري مي افتد، برخوردي از نوع ديگر كه نبوغ داستايوف ...more
همیشه شوهر قصه پیچیدگی روابط بین انسانهاست. ولچانیف مرد جوان باهوش و خوش قریحه‌ای که با وجود روابط اجتماعی خوب مدتی است از جامعه فاصله گرفته و درگیر خاطرات گذشته و ذهن بیمار خود است. شخصیت دیگر داستان پاول پاولوویچ یک "همیشه شوهر"، همسر زنی‌ست که سالها پیش معشوقه‌ی ولچانیف بوده. ارتباط بین این دو آکنده از دشمنی، دوستی، انتقام، ترحم و تنفر... است.
به نظرم این کتاب
بیشتر به فیلمنامه شبیه بود. فضاسازی‌هایی بی‌نظیر به خصوص در آخر داستان و
ملاقات دوباره‌ی ولچانیف با پاول توی ایستگاه راه آهن اوج هنرمن
Another great story from Dostoyevsky.
Very brief summary: cuckoldee confronts cuckolder, and in the end finds that hate is the strongest love.
Sample text: "Yes, sir, nature doesn't like monsters and finishes them off with 'natural solutions.' The most monstrous monster is the monster with noble feelings: I know it from my own experience, Pavel Pavlovich! For a monster, nature is not a tender mother, she's a stepmother. Nature gives birth to a monster, and, instead of pitying him, executes him—a

When, at the dead of night, Pavel Pavlovitch knocks at Veltchaninov's door, this rich, idle man, apparently bored with life, is suddenly confronted with the husband of his dead mistress, opening up the door to memories of shared love, hatred, guilt, the bonds of sex and so on.

This was an enjoyable enough read, with interesting themes, yet I usually don't have an easy relationship with novellas/short stories and this is once more the case.

I was confused with the feelings each men had for each oth
Shahda Mahouk
أجمل مافي الرواية هي الطريقة التي يصور بها شخصية الزوج المتذبذبة .. مابين الرذيلة والفضيلة ..
Pavel is pathetic. His feelings are feverish and confused. His actions are always distressingly inadequate. Pavel is human. I am Pavel. You are Pavel. Actually, he is quite the monster. I would put him right there with Dracula, Frankenstein's creature and the Orla. Scratch that. Pavel is scarier. We all are. I hate to break it to you. Humans can be more terrifying than made-up monsters. Particularly, those humans that are undergoing pain and don't know how to deal with it.

The blurb of my edition
Dostoesvskij non diventerà mica il mio preferito?? Impegnativo come standard, arduo trovare altri che riescano a portare allo scoperto l'animo umano mantenendo sempre un livello artistico pari al suo, anche qui, in una storia ideata come racconto da pubblicarsi su un quotidiano. In "L'eterno marito" D. analizza minutamente il rapporto tra un marito e l'amante della di lui moglie e l'avvicendarsi dei loro dubbi, ansie e paure (stessa situazione trovata in "Le braci" di Marai, ma lì le menti dei p ...more
Ancora una volta davanti al gigante Dostoevskij. In questo breve romanzo si contrappongono due figure, uno, Vel’caninov, “eterno amante”, scapolo impenitente, un dongiovanni non in senso bonario, un amorale che ha dissipato patrimoni e rovinato esistenze solo per il gusto di divertirsi; l’altro, Pavel Pavlovic, “eterno marito”, un uomo qualunque, un mediocre che non conosce che una condizione di vita, quella del marito, divorato dalla gelosia. Si sono incontrati in passato, li univa una donna, l ...more
It is not what I expected, but yet that doesn't mean that I didn't love it. Of course, I did.
It is something different from his usual works, it's not a story filled with many people and various characters, neither is it his private thoughts written in the most enchanting way. It is different and it is amazing.
Gemma Williams
I love Dostoyevsky with a passion, and the sad thing about loving a dead writer is that you don't get any new books. I thought I had read everything he had written so was amazed to come across one I had never heard of and assumed it must be either fragmentary or somehow not much good. What a great surprise though - classic stuff. Psychological tension, high absurd drama, broodings on guilt, dark obsessions and that whole hallucinatory Dostoyevsky feel. Fantastic - and it's short too, so anyone p ...more
I am c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y blown away by this book, but to be honest, I am completely blown away by every book of Dostoyevsky.

What a story! There are so many valuable things about this book, beautifully written, intelligent, witty, profound, but among everything else, the plot is so exciting, an incredible psychological thriller. I was so tense, waiting to see what will happen. Dostoyevsky is magnificently creating an atmosphere of suspense and portraying most complex characters and emotions. Bril
M. Hornbuckle
Though I've read a good bit of Dostoyevsky, I had never heard of this work until I stumbled across it at the AWP conference a couple of months ago. It's a very interesting story about betrayal and revenge with complex characters who even themselves cannot always determine the reasons for their actions. The novella explores the interrelatedness of love and hatred between men in a way that I don't think I've ever seen before. The provocative quote on the back cover sums it up well: "The most monst ...more
الترجمة: محمد ماشتي وإصدار المركز الثقافي العربي.

كانت الترجمة رائعة وفاقت توقعاتي والقصة عبقرية ومذهلة وهذا أول كتاب أقرأه من الأدب الروسي وبداية جيدة الحمدلله. سأعطي هذا الكاتب المزيد من وقتي وللأدب الروسي المزيد من الإهتمام.

جميل جميل جدا.
Matheus Cavalcante
Uma boa narrativa, com grande dose de emoção e cheia de significado. Não me agradou tanto quanto obras primas como "Irmãos Karamazóv", talvez por ser mais curto, mas definitivamente entrou no meu rol de obras significativas.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Well... high class society, hatred, mind games, cheating on husbands... Wasn't really sure whether to laugh or to cry! Amazing! Art in letters.
بافل بافلوفتش .. من أعظم الشخصيات الأدبية !
جنون .. هذيان .. حبكة كابوسية .. ونهاية رمادية مضببة
I love Dostoyevsky. His characters are all so anxiety ridden. He gets inside their minds like no one else.

A fairly crazy guy sees someone following him. It turns out that the crazy guy had a torrid love affair with the other guy's wife years before. So the wife has just died. But she had a daughter, raised by the other guy, that may be the crazy guy's daughter. Does the other guy know this?

So these two deal with each other with a huge elephant in the room. Of course, they're both nuts (it is D
Maxwell Harwitt
The Eternal Novella
ترجمه افتضاح
Post completo em

Depois de se começar a ler Dostóievski, é difícil não querer ler os seus restantes livros. O motivo é simples: as suas obras exploram algumas das emoções mais frágeis e primitivas do Homem, descritas sob um olhar atento e analítico, pragmático e crítico. Em ‘O eterno marido’, esta característica está patente da primeira à última página. Como um autor uma vez me disse, as obras para terem sucesso e interesse têm de retratar avida de dois tipos de homem: ou sob
Vittorio Ducoli
Un tono inatteso, ma sotto la superficie è sempre Fëdor Michajlovič

Grazie a questo breve romanzo, la galleria dei personaggi Dostoevskijani si arricchisce di una nuova perla. Si tratta di Pavel Pavlovič Trusockij, l'eterno marito del titolo, personaggio grottesco, quasi gogoliano, la cui tragicità ed umanità deriva in buona parte, come spesso nei personaggi del nostro autore, dalla contraddittorietà del suo agire.
Segnalo innanzitutto il tono del romanzo, che differisce da quello dei più noti cap
Mo Ibrahim

Pavel Pavlovich, The Eternal Ephebophile
I wrote on my writer's blog about what the award winning non-fiction writer Rich Cohen wrote in a Vanity Fair article about his effort to ghost write a book about Theodore Forstmann. Cohen wrote, "Writing a nonfiction story is like cracking a safe. It seems impossible at the beginning, but once your're in, you're in." And I mentioned in The Allure of Nymphets that once I started writing the book, I was in
i liked the concept of the 'eternal husband'.

it felt like velchaninov was only a hypochondriac up until he met pavel pavlovich, or maybe his strangeness just paled in comparison. the story was mostly unpredictable but i totally saw (view spoiler) coming. except i wasn't actually expecting him to say it!

it amused me that at several parts i was heavily reminded of crime and punishment, especially velchaninov's dream of lying on a sofa and having hoards
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Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky (Russian: Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский), sometimes transliterated Dostoevsky, was a Russian novelist, journalist, and short-story writer whose psychological penetration into the human soul had a profound influence on the 20th century novel.

Dostoevsky was the second son of a former army doctor. He was educated at home and at a private school. Shortly after the death
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“The most monstrous monster is the monster with noble feelings” 11 likes
“il m’aimait tout en me haïssant ; cet amour est de tous le plus fort...” 2 likes
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