Before the Storm (Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis, #1)
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Before the Storm (Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis #1)

3.19 of 5 stars 3.19  ·  rating details  ·  3,661 ratings  ·  56 reviews
In the blockbuster bestselling tradition of Heir to the Empire comes this thrilling addition to the Star Wars(r) saga, as peace gives way to a new threat...

It is a time of tranquillity for the New Republic.The remnants of the Empire now lie in complete disarray, and the reemergence of the Jedi Knights has brought power and prestige to the fledgling government on Coruscant....more
Mass Market Paperback, 309 pages
Published March 1st 1996 by Spectra
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Crystal Starr Light
"What have you done with *Fill-in-the-Blank*?"
Luke Skywalker feels that he no longer can feel the Force the same way and decides to leave and search out a life of hermitude, like Obi-Wan and Yoda. However, a woman penetrates his fortress, with stories of his mother. Luke ventures out to find out more.
Lando is bored stiff and goes to Admiral Drayson, chief of Alpha Blue, for an interesting mission. Lando then gathers a team of Lobot, C-3PO, and R2-D2 to investigate a mysterious "ghost...more
See, it can be done. Not may not please Star Wars fans, but it's better science fiction--and a better story--than most bearing the SW imprint. The first contact thread was fun. Speaking of which, yes, there are distinct threads (so far) interwoven to keep the tension up, if nothing else.

Luke has a crisis of faith, Leia has a crisis of confidence, Han smirks, and Lando plays the odds. Lando's thread is probably the most unique, and therefore most enjoyable. The Yevetha resonate with nineteenth ce...more
The worst Star Wars book I ever read. And truly, that is saying something to earn that distinction- it beat out Barbara Hambly and her off the charts absurdity. Congrats, Michael P. Kube-McDowell!
Eh. Not as good as SW books can be (the X-Wing series), but not as horrible as many of them (Courtship of Princess Leia, for instance). The trouble with many of the SW books that feature the movie characters is that I find the characterizations in the book to be extremely inconsistent. Leia in this book is ineffectual, naive, and narrow-minded, pretty much the opposite of her movie character. Luke goes from peaceful hermit determined to take no more action in the world to an impatient jerk while...more
I am giving this 4 stars, but it really is a 3 star book. The reason is the overall rating for the book is like 3.12 or something, which it deserves, but there are worse SW books out there that have 3.86 or so ratings...

Anyways, The Black Fleet is a lost division of ships that when the Emperor was defeated was supposed to self blow up and be destroyed so the Rebels wouldn't get it. But another alien race took over and stole it before it happened. The setting is 12 years after Return of the Jedi,...more
Scott Rhee
Every once in a while, I have to let my sci-fi geek get its freak on (I have no idea what the hell that statement means, but it sounds appropriate), which usually entails a lazy day of watching six hours straight of cheesy science fiction movies. My wife loves it when I do this.

So, anyway, I just recently watched the original Star Wars trilogy again, for the 153rd time, and it still remains awesome. Now, of course, I am back on a Star Wars book-reading kick. There are roughly several hundred-pl...more
This was a thousand times better than Crystal Star. I still shudder when I mention that book. This novel had some intrigue, a reasonable plot, and some decent action sequences. I do believe the writers for Star Wars could condense these three book arcs into longer, but better edited single books. Like the Jedi Academy series, this one has such separate plots, you get the feeling that each could have been handled in its own book. Besides that, I didn't think Leia was so gullible. Is the position...more
I've read a LOT of Star Wars books. The first time I tried reading this book was about 10 years ago. I couldn't make it past the first few pages. The writing it pretty horrible.

I tried to read the book again about three years ago. I figured maybe my reading skills weren't up to the task the first time. Nope, the book is still trash.

I've never come across another book before that I physically couldn't read. I just don't understand how a professional writer can write so poorly.
Jada Hope
I read this series because I am a completist when it comes to reading (no more!). Please, take my advice and put the book down, don't order it, don't download it . . . just walk away.
Mark Oppenlander
This is the first book of a trilogy and the author seems intent on getting a whole bunch of stuff rolling all at once. The story is set about 10-12 years after the original film trilogy. Leia is now the Chief of State of the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire are mostly wiped away. However, other threats emerge.

Leia enters into negotiations with a mysterious alien named Nil Spaar who represents a sector that has largely been cut off from the rest of the galaxy during the civil war. Howe...more
Benjamin Thomas
I am a Star Wars fan. When the first movie came out I was just out of the 9th grade and was absolutely captivated. It is one of the few movies I have seen more than once in the theater and I actually saw it 5 times there, even taking my 85 year-old grandfather to see it. I've seen every one of the movies as soon as it came out and while I agree with most people that the second trilogy (prequel) was not as good as the first trilogy I still enjoyed them. I read the first few novels that came out a...more
The Black Fleet Crisis is a trilogy of books set about 12 years after Return of the Jedi. They consist of:-
Before the Storm
Shield of Lies
Tyrant's Test

Plot ***Spoilers***
Before the Storm
It is a time of tranquillity for the New Republic. The remnants of the Empire now lie in complete disarray, and the reemergence of the Jedi Knights has brought power and prestige to the fledgling government on Coruscant. Yesterday's Rebels have become today's administrators and diplomats, and the factions that fou...more
As a kid collecting EU novels and stories, I was always puzzled by _The Black Fleet Crisis_ trilogy. It was wildly different in tone and subject matter from most of the EU, I didn't know whether I hated it or loved it, and it seemed to have been largely ignored by the rest of the EU (ever see the Yevetha or Black Sword Command or the White Current mentioned elsewhere?). This ignoring has happened for a number of other books like the _Dark Empire_ comics or _Crystal Star_, but usually for good re...more
2 Ryan W
Sep 26, 2012 2 Ryan W rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: star wars fans who are good at reading and are looking for a challenging book
Recommended to 2 Ryan W by: No one, I just saw it on my bookshelf
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I'd actually give this about 3.5 out of 5. It was a very quick, refreshing read. There were several aspects which I liked, including the depth and potential of the story lines. The book delves into the political realm of the New Republic, as well as some of the covert operations that go on behind the scenes. Lando's thread of the story is very intriguing and the introduction of Hiram Drayson is interesting, as well.

The Luke portion of the story leaves a bit to be desired, but there is potential...more
I love this novel! The characterization is deep and richly textured and Princess Leia in particular shines, which impressed me a great deal because I feel quite often her character suffers the most in the novels for lack of understanding of her personality. I also liked the fact that there is hardly a chapter of this book that doesn't contain at least one of the main characters. A lot of times, authors are so infatuated with their own creations, they'll dedicate chapter upon chapter to them. Not...more
The story idea of this book is not bad, but it all takes too long to develop. The dealings in space are difficult to follow and at times boring. I am also not happy with the way Leia is being written. Sure, she is stubborn and being Chief Of State must be overwhelming and challenging even for somebody brought up in a royal family and with her diplomatic skills, but when the crisis finally arrives near the end of the book the real Leia would step up and act immediately no matter what insecurities...more
This was the book that caused me to abandon reading this Expanded Universe crap altogether. I picked up R.A. Salvatore's "contribution" a few years after this, and that confirmed that I had made the right decision. Pure garbage.
Stephen Shores
I've enjoyed these books so far. They are very dense, with plenty going on from scene to scene. They are better-written than any of the other novels after the Thrawn series, and the action keeps going at a good pace. If any flaw could be found, it's that perhaps too much information is being presented, but I suspect that these books might hold up to repeat reading just as well, or better than, the Thrawn books. I don't know why so many Star Wars fans are so harsh on the EU books...maybe they tak...more
Feb 26, 2008 Chad rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Star Wars readers
In my opinion, another excellent trilogy. The critics say it is drawn out too far and not exciting...they aren't 100% wrong, but I would say about 90% wrong. The author inter-winds 3 story lines through the books with excellent plots for each story. The characters include all the Classics, Han / Leia / Chewy / Luke / Lando / C3PO / R2D2 / Lobot (the guy in cloud city with the computer strapped to the back of his head) / Mon Mothma / Ackbar / and some new characters and others from the books. If...more
Erick Garcia
One of the BEST Expanded Universe novels. This Trilogy is marvelous.
Alex Castellanos
There are a lot of things I loved about this book. The addition of the Yevetha was great. I found them very intriguing and I love cunning villains. I thought Lando and Lobot's story was good and a nice way to tone down the intensity of the Han/Leia/Nil Spaar story. But I was really disappointed in Luke's involvment. I would have enjoyed this book and the series a lot more if his story didn't stray so far from the prequel movies...can't blame McDowell though since this was written in 1996. Overal...more
Pretty much first two books are a long introduction for book three in trilogy.
Jen TheArtistLibrarian
I really wanted to give it a one-star, since this is the ONLY Star Wars book trilogy that I remember not liking, or not being able to get into, but I'll give it another star for being Star Wars and because I don't think it was the author's writing (in the mechanics, as least) that makes me dislike it. I borrowed books 1 and 3 of this trilogy "The Black Fleet Crisis" from our library, but because of my dislike, I've never brought myself to read book 2 (didn't see the purpose in it).
Cary Spratt
For the most part I enjoyed this book. I found the mystery of the vagabond ship intriguing, and I enjoyed the moments of Han & Leia being parents. I'm only giving it 3 stars, however, because of how annoyed I got at Leia in her role as Senate President. She basically stopped being president and stuck her head in the sand (to put it politely) at one point. If this is the leadership of the New Republic, they need a new leader, and I would've expected better of Leia.
If The Crystal Star is the forgotten one-off SW EU book, the Black Fleet Crisis is the forgotten trilogy. It hits some kind of trifecta, with a main plot (Luke searching for his mother's people) rendered moot by the prequel trilogy, a big bad alien race that's never mentioned outside of this three-book set, and even a class of starfighter that's brought up here and is supposed to be awesome but is never mentioned again.
Amanda Kay
Sep 16, 2012 Amanda Kay rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Star Wars Fans
I would give this a 4 but I just didn't like the way Luke and Leia lose their minds in this one with no explanation :-/ I did give the the other two a 4 though. I would say this was one of the best over all I have read so far, I don't know why other people didn't like it...
My blog review...
First thing I'll say is this book is NOT recommended, in-fact you can skip it. This series makes our heroes seem like wusses, who cannot lead and are just plain idiotic. All the story lines are dragged out. The sides of the conflict are so defined b/t good and bad that it just smacks you in the face, and it excruciatingly annoying.
If I remember this correctly, the Yevetha were basically precursors to the Yuzhaan Vong. I'm not sure if it happens in this book, but somewhere in this trilogy I remember that Han was captured by these Yevetha people and brutally beaten while Leia had to watch. That's pretty much the only thing that has stuck with me.
This book is just not well written at all; I believe another reviewer said something about Luke and Leia losing their minds in this book - that pretty well describes it. This book makes Leia out to be a wimp with no strength or intelligence and sends Luke into a self-inflicted hermitage for reasons that make no sense.
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