A Patch of Blue
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A Patch of Blue

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  574 ratings  ·  69 reviews
With over 1.5 million copies in print, here is a novel of great power and beauty in which a blind white girl and a black man beset by hardships find love together. "Its impact will leave you gasping".--Saturday Review Syndicate.
Paperback, 144 pages
Published April 13th 1988 by Warner Books (NY) (first published 1961)
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Mar 06, 2008 Lisa rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone.
"Sleena, you blind tomato!" Who could ever forget Selena's evil mother and feckless grandfather drunk and berating her? Though now I can't remember if she was actually the mother or aunt. This is a remarkable story of a young blind woman (blinded in a horrible accident) kept sheltered by her ignorant, and yes, evil, guardians. Selena, finally allowed by her keepers to be escorted to a park to do bead work (her occupation)meets a young black doctor. When he figures out the reality of Selena's sit...more
Christy Stewart
Oh my God.

Tears. Tears.

Kata is an amazing writer and I will be mourning this book until I die or get amnesia.
When I first started reading "A Patch of Blue", I didnt like it very much. But slowly it started to grow on me. The story takes place in an un-named big city in a poor district. The time is also hard to tell. It does not say for sure but there is alot of open racism so I am guessing it is in the time when blacks were hated. The main character or the narrorator is a young lady at age 18. You slowly find out that she is blind and has been a majority of her life. But she still can remember what som...more
Feb 02, 2008 Penny rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people with an open mind
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
At first glace, I hated this book. It did not hold my interest at all, and I did not appreciate the way my freshman english teacher shoved it down my throat. Every word was digested by force. I held no pity, nor passion for Selena or Gordon. The mother and the aunt bored me. And, I couldn't care less about Oh Mr. Faber. It bothered me quite a bit that many of my fellow classmates couldn't read aloud as fast as I, because I just wanted to finish the book, complete the review, pass the test and mo...more
Manipulative melodrama. Kata piles on the hardships: prostitute mother, a murderer for a father, alcoholic grandfather, abuse, rape at the hands of one of her mother's clients, poverty, isolation, boring work, constant insults, the prospect of being forced into prostitution with men who get off on having sex with a blind girl. Did I mention she's blind? But she's untouched by all the sordid reality of her life. Because she's pure in heart. We know she's pure in heart because she's blind. And blo...more
Neil Schleifer
A great character study of a young blind girl being raised by her abusive mother and alcoholic grandfather in the 1960's and how one man can make a difference in the life of someone else.

This is the source material of an equally wonderful film. The book is told from the perspective of "Sleena" (that's how her drunken guardian's pronounce her name -- Selina", an 18 y/o girl who was blinded by her mother in a domestic abuse incident when she was 8. Kata captures Sleena's voice beautifully -- resig...more
If any book should be sold without a cover image and blurb, it's this one. I initially read it back in high school, ignored the blurb on the advice of the teacher, and was surprised by the twist ending. The twist ending is the best part of the book, I feel like it's crucial to the story if the reader is as blind as Selina, the main character. Without being surprised by the end, the book is still interesting, but very depressing. That's all I'll say about it, in hopes you haven't yet read the boo...more
I read this in ninth grade for school. I don't remember being impressed by it.

I know that I didn't actually understand parts of it (and I was a very good reader) as I remember going back and rereading parts because I couldn't figure out how the story had gotten to where it was!

I suppose that for the time it was written it would have been rather provocative.

I thought it was kinda smutty for a 14 year old in a Catholic school to be reading.

Funny, I haven't heard of the book since then. It was a l...more
I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about reading this book, but once I got into it I literally couldn’t put it down! (And for those who know me, will know that although I read a lot of books there are very very few that I actually like)

What I liked best about this novel is the structure and imagery of the story and the over exaggerated character interactions in various parts actually help create the imagery in our heads.

This book talks about racism in the late 60s and class structure in that er...more
I read this at fourteen, I think, and absolutely loved it. Of course, at that age, I loved everything I read! I'm much more cynical now.

It's the story of a very poor, abused, blind girl and her first love. I wish the goodreads synopsis (and book cover!) didn't reveal any more than that, because the late revelation had such an impact on me. I would want other teenage girls to read the book in just the same way. (Yes, I know it was made into a rather famous movie).

Review yang saya berikan sangat subjektif, sangat bergantung pada selera pribadi saya.

Ini adalah novel berbahasa Inggris pertama yang saya baca. Sudah lama saya membaca novel ini, tahun 2001. Saat itu kemampuan berbahasa Inggris saya masih sangat rendah, sehingga saya tidak terkesan saat membacanya. Mungkin saya akan lebih terkesan jika saya membacanya sekarang. Namun, sayang sekali novelnya hilang entah ke mana.

Inti ceritanya tentang rasisme. Selina, seorang gadis buta yang tidak diperlakukan d...more
Sleena is a young girl that has been blind for years. Her disability was caused by accident, her mother accidentally spilled acid into her eyes while she was trying to defend herself from Sleena’s father. She has been blind forever since.
She lives with her mother and grandfather. She doesn’t really get along with her mother because of the fact she is always blaming Sleena for her problems.
She does not have any friends and she never gets to go out of her house. She is always working around the ho...more
Lauren Hackbarth
I don't normally pick up love stories, but I just couldn't help myself with this one when I saw it at a book sale. I found it simple and complex at the same time. My heart goes out to the main character, Selina. There is just something about a person that has to endure a filthy lifestyle and is forced to play a part they never wanted or asked for that just gets to me. She was not made for this ("this" being a drunken household, a whore for a mother, being used and unappreciated, and being verbal...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jake Brown
Sep 30, 2008 Jake Brown rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone that likes sad storys with a chance for a happy ending
A Patch of Blue is a book about a blind girl named Salina whos eyes were burned by acid accidently during a fight between her mother and father. everyday is more torture for her not knowing what anything looks like other then a few colors. Red was the last color she saw as her father killed her mother's "friend". Black is the color she is forced to always have in front of her. And blue is the color of the sky which she remembers so dearly.

During the story we find that her mother is a prostitute...more
Jan 14, 2013 Katie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Katie by: my mom
This is my favorite book, because my mom gave it to me as a gift when was 9 and I've read it a bunch of times. This is a book I reflect on often and will always cherish. I still have my original copy! A Patch of Blue is story about a blind girl in the 60's, who lives with her prostitute mother and alcoholic grandfather. She meets a black man in the park and falls in love with him. She is racist, due to the times and what she has been taught by her mother and grandfather. She does not know that t...more
This was a quick read, inspired by watching the film and really liking the acting. Unfortunately the book didn't have the same tidy ending the film did, so I was left sad and disappointed. Although I don't know how well researched the book was in terms of understanding how a victim of acid burns would manage, it wasn't an enraginly bad interpretation of blindness on the part of the author. When it really counted in the novel, the blindness of the protagonist wasn't made so central as to be fake...more
Justin B.
Sep 29, 2008 Justin B. added it
Recommends it for: everybody
Recommended to Justin by: Mr. Shecter
A Patch of Blue is about a blind girl. Her name is Saliena and he sister and her dad treat her really badly. She does everything around their room even though she is blind. She strings beads and her boss Mr. Faber pays her for it. One day Mr. Faber takes her to the park. She loved the park a lot. Then she meets a man. His name is Gordon. Saliena and Gordon fall in love.

Every day Saliena talks Old Pa into taking her to the park. Gordon always comes and finds her and they talk to eachother for hou...more
Found in an op shop and thought it looked interesting. When I looked it up on Goodreads it had another title "A Patch of Blue", and has also made into a film.

I much prefer this title for the book, the line is from a poem, which features in the story. This cover also gives nothing away about the rather disturbing ending, and I do wish I had not seen the other cover featured on Goodreads.

Selina is blind. She has been brought up by her mother who has no parenting skills or empathy whatsoever, and S...more
Alexis B
A Patch Of Blue-Elizabeth Kata

A Patch of Blue is about a blind girl. Her name is Sleena. She lives with her (Grandpa) Ole Pa and Rose-ann. Sleena is 18 years old, She has pale gold hair, and a heart shaped face. Ole Pa and Rosee-ann are alcoholics. Sleena goes to the park everyday to make beads for Mr. Faber. Sleena hates the color black.
Sleena meets a guy named Gordon at the park and he talks to her and helps her make her beads. She meets Gordon at the park under the oak tree everyday. Sleen...more
Tenishia reynolds
Sep 30, 2008 Tenishia reynolds is currently reading it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Do NOT read the goodreads synopsis for this book. I think that it contains a major spoiler that is critical to how the book is experienced.

I read this book years and years ago when I was very young and had totally forgotten about it. I only thought of it the other day because I am currently taking a children with special needs class. To be honest, I don't remember the book completely, but I will say that this was one the books from my childhood that that made me think critically about race, tho...more
This book was unexpectedly enjoyable. I am not sure whether I like the movie or the book better. They are both interesting in their own way. The cover and the movie spoilt the surprise at the end, but I suppose it is quite shocking if you don't know since the main character never expects it. The ending of the book is much more depressing than the ending of the movie, but the lesson is the same. As odd as this book was, I thought it was pretty relaisitic, it gives great insight in to racist 'whit...more
Oct 20, 2008 Suzan rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: adult
I read this for the first time several years ago but the story has stuck with me. It is not a happy book, but it is thought provoking. It takes place during the 60's, and is about an 18 year old blind girl who lives with her negligent mom and her grandfather. She strings beads to help bring in money for the family, and is finally allowed to go to the park to do this. A kind man befriends her and they fall in love. As you can see from the book cover, he is a black man. A black man with a white wo...more
I read this book a few years ago, after already having seen the movie based on this story, about 50 times. So because I love the movie, I'm sure my opinion here is very slanted. But this is one of the rare exceptions where I prefer the movie version! The book is much more dismal and has a very different and depressing ending. The movie on the other hand, is uplifting!
Kara Kilgore
This book is also always on my list of favorites. I imagine its probably kind of hard to get a hold of, but it is so worth it if you do. Its about a blind girl who has basically spent her entire life in a small apartment caring for her selfish mother and grandfather. Then one day she meets this kind man in the park who shows her how much more there is to life.
The writing in this isn't amazing but the story is heartbreaking.
I read this for school in grade 8, and although it affected me a lot at the time, the only long lasting memory of it I have was when she ate a bug in her sandwich and how helpless she felt over it! I can remember that it really gave us an awakening of just how bad being blind could be.
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Elizabeth Katayama (1912 – 4 September 1998) was an Australian writer under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kata, best known for Be Ready with Bells and Drums (1961), which was made into the award-winning film A Patch of Blue (1965).

She was born of Scottish parents in Sydney in 1912. After marrying a Japanese man named Katayama in 1937, she lived for ten years in Japan. During the last years of World War...more
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