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The Christmas Box (The Christmas Box Trilogy #1)

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  14,890 ratings  ·  1,083 reviews
In the Christmas Box a loving widow named Mary Anne taught us that the time spent with loved ones is precious and brief. Timepiece is the story of how she learned those lessons.
Paperback, 87 pages
Published May 1st 1993 by Pubs Wholesale (first published 1993)
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Someone just dropped off my "present" from the Relief Society. It's a copy of The Christmas Box. This is almost as bad as when the "gift" distributed at church on Mother's Day is a pamphlet about how good mothers should behave and then the dads get Snickers bars on Father's Day. At least they didn't leave a candy bar for Dan along with The Christmas Box for me this time. I bought a copy to read for a book club (and when I expressed my opinion as to the merit of this book at said book club, I fou...more
I read The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans yesterday afternoon. The best thing about it was that it was short. I feel a little like Elaine from Seinfeld when she hated the highly acclaimed "English Patient".

There must be something wrong with me. That's the only explanation, right?

Don't get me wrong. It's a sweet story. A sad story and a good reminder of what is really, truly important--especially at Christmas. I get the message. I gave my babies extra hugs last night.

So, maybe my real probl...more
Jess Michaelangelo
Usually, I'm not the type of person to cry over books. If I read something particularly sad, I usually end up sad for a little while, and then I'm over it. I'm not quite sure what it was about this book--but I ended up in tears. Sure, the ending was sad, but it was beautiful, as well. I have a younger brother, so the message that Mary was trying to make really hit home for me--about loving what we have because we don't know how much longer we'll have it. It's so true that oftentimes, everyone ge...more
Dec 08, 2008 Chandler rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
This was a really sweet book. I loved the lesson learned of the true gift of Christmas, and the love that was shared between these people. It was a really fast read and very touching, I thought that it depicted the true meaning of Christmas in a wonderful way. We have all been given a wonderful gift of eternal life, and we should all acknowledge that fact on more than the occasion of Christ's birth.
I'm aware that this is now some sort of Utah-Cult-Classic, but I hated this book. It was way too sappy and way to warm and fuzzy for my liking. I probably gagged all the way through it. No offense to the whole children-dying thing that the book was trying to portray, I'm super sad for dying children, but.....
Entrei eu numa Bertrand em Dezembro, para ver as novidades e se havia alguma pechincha quando me deparo com uma caixa de madeira com o título "A arca de Natal".
Eu, uma maníaca pela época, peguei logo logo nele e li a sinopse. Não que o fosse deixar lá quando o tema é o Natalinho, mas só para ver o que dizia. . .

Quando dei por mim estava a dirigir-me para a caixa e, como tinha dinheiro acumulado no cartão, ficou-me por apenas 8€. Estava a prenda de Natal de mim para mim feita.

A arca de Natal é um...more
K.D. Absolutely
34 days before Christmas! I just finished my first book hoping to start myself feel that Christmas mood!

I have around 10 Christmas-related books in my tbr shelf. Some of them, like Jan Karon's Shepherds Abiding and the two other books included in Charles Dicken's Christmas Books were from last year's horde. But I picked this one, bought only recently, as my first this year since I read and liked Richard Paul Evan's Grace: A Novel a few months back. Wiki says that this book, The Christmas Box mad...more
Jan 02, 2008 Scott rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Evil People
I never read this book, but I did see past of the movie. The woman scares me. It all started when I had a dream that I was in the dentist office and I was in the chair and she came in and asked, "you want your christmas box?" I said no, and she started the drilling. I remember that she was ugly, and scary and that I was strapped in and she drilled all over the place and there was blood and pain and I woke up in a cold sweat. That sense of helplessness is the worst part. She will always traumatiz...more
This is another review of a book that will probably incite people to violence against me.

I read "The Christmas Box" this week, a "Top 5 Reads" from Debbie Macomber. It's a best selling book by a Christian man who created the story for his children then stumbled upon a national best seller.

I'm sorry, I know it's a touching and heartfelt story but it reads like the winning short story of a ninth grade High School student. My expectation of a book that sells successfully across the nation is at lea...more
Polly Watson
Dec 23, 2012 Polly Watson rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
*FYI: Spiritual as well as very personal content. Read at your own discretion:

THE CHRISTMAS BOX by Richard Paul Evans is a simple story about the true meaning of Christmas. Mary, the elderly woman in the story, truly GETS what Christmas is all about because, like God Himself, she gave (albeit unwillingly) her child's life. Anyone who has lost a child, knows and understand the sacrifice God made in sending HIS ONLY Son to live and die simply because He loves us so very much. Parents love their ch...more
I read this book quite a few years ago and knew that this was a special author. I have read most, if not all, of his books over the years. In fact, during a recent move, I parted with most of the books on my bookshelf, but the RPE and the Nicholas Sparks all made the move. They are just special books that I love to share with friends and reread over time. This time, I read the Christmas Box aloud to my daughter. She looked forward to a chapter or two every evening and fell in love with the chara...more
I don't often re-read books, but this is a book I have read now the last 3 Christmas'. It is an easy enjoyable read and best of all reminds me how important it is to cherish our children's childhoods. I keep it in my Chirstmas box - not the ornate nativity engraved box of this story but my big blue rubbermaid box. The story is about a young couple and their daughter who have outgrown their apartment and respond to an ad for a family to stay with a very wealthy elderly widow. They quickly realize...more
Honestly I thought this book was very... unprofessionally written. Evans would describe the setting with gigantic words and vivid colors that would jump out to you, but yet he could not describe people's actions correctly.

I felt like this story was less of a story and more of a review. All it did was tell. It was like reading a book about water marine animals- full of fact, lack of showing.

For example;

'Jenna looked up sadly.'
'Mary paused thoughtfully.'
'Mary looked up sadly.'
'She asked sleepily....more
This is a very quick seasonal read, just over 100 pages long. The Christmas Box is a story that the author used to tell to his two daughters and is about the true meaning of Christmas.

A young couple and their 3 year old daughter move in with an elderly lady, they agree to clean and cook for her, in exchange they will get free lodgings in her huge mansion.

Richard, the husband, discovers a beautifully carved wooden box in the attic of the house which contains letters written in the early 1900s -...more
I was looking for some books to bring on a Christmas trip to Canada, and to my dismay, I didn't have enough room for some books higher up on my tbr list.

Then I saw this one on my bookshelf, so little which would benefit my packing and my goodreads 2012 reading challenge I was behind on, so I brought it along.

A nice, simple Christmas story. It was so short it seemed like it could have been a magazine article story or something of the like. But I was secretly thankful for the length. I only wish...more
I had heard about this book for years and always wanted to read it. I was at a booksale a couple months ago and they had some Christmas books for sale & I spotted a nice new looking copy of this book. Today, I had a 45 minute train ride to take and grabbed this book on the way out to read. I was able to finish it in exactly 45 minutes - as the train was pulling into the final station - I read the last line! Perfect timing!

It is a sweet moving story with a nice message. I enjoyed reading it...more
Tricia McKean
This book was supposed to be uplifting and heartfelt but all I wanted to do was make farting noises with my hands. Every line is written like a punch line, it REALLY wants you to know what an. inspirational. story. it. is. Also it is ridiculously outdated (written in the 1990's but so completely gender biased that it made me ill). It felt as though it was written by someone with NO writing experience who thought they'd cash in on people's sentimentality for Christmas. Perhaps this would be a goo...more
JG (The Introverted Reader)
The Christmas Box is about a young couple and their young daughter who move in with an elderly widow to help her out with light chores in exchange for rooms. Mary, the widow, becomes an adopted grandmother to them all and feels compelled to pass on wisdom she has gained with her years.

This was a nice, easy read (I literally read it in about an hour). The lightness of the story, though, masks the underlying lesson about the first gift of Christmas and the preciousness of time.

I would recommend th...more
Bennett Rosner
This book could have been a 4 maybe 5 star read, but it was overdone and thought of itself too highly. The book itself seems to hold itself in the esteem that its the next Christmas Carol or Book Thief, but it is not deserve even a sliver of an about of comparison to these. The sappiness levels and cliches of "love is the greatest power" just kill this book for me as well. Yes, love is a great thing, but beating it over our heads constantly about it is a sin in itself. Overall, I enjoyed the rea...more
Nov 23, 2009 Heather rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Heather by: My mother
A man learns how to appreciate and love his family through the help of Mary, the lady they stay with. It's a short, fun read, but the edition I read had a lot of editing errors. Also the narration is in first person, but later it would change to first-person omniscient? Not very readable...really annoying. It feels like this was a first draft and was printed without any editing...maybe the later editions are a little more cohesive.

But overall, the idea is within the Christmas and Holiday spirit...more
Nice story, but not very compelling. I was reading this to my family before Christmas, then stopped when all the festivities began and then didn't pick it up again until last week. Evans tends to be flowery in his writing which gets a little old: "It is not my intent to launch upon a lengthy or sanctimonious dissertation on the social significance and impact of the lowly box, well deserved as it may be. But as a box plays a significant role in our story, please allow me the indulgence of digress...more
I received this book as a gift during the Melbourne Art Festival earlier this year. Though it is less than 100 pages, I just got around to reading it. After its conclusion, I am happy to report this book was worth it, and I don't mean just because it was free. The Christmas Box is a simple story, with a simple message, but excellent delivery, superb use of vocabulary, and an underlying theme that shows the true nature of who Jesus Christ and God is.

First, this book was free so I can't really say...more
I loved this book. Unfortunately, my mum packed it away with our Christmas decorations, but if I could, I'd read it RIGHT NOW! I usually don't cry over books. I believe there are only two other books that I had cried in. With others, if someone dies, I just say, "Aww... no!" and then get over it. But...

This book made me bawl like a BABY!

I loved this book either way, and it had a very good ending (though it was sad).

Megan Bell
It is always a good reminder to treasure your children and their childhood while you can. They grow so fast. This was a short, sweet Christmas story about the first gift of Christmas, loss, the promise of reunion and the natural man's ability to forget what matters most and get caught up in work and other distractions.
"As I opened the door to her room a distinct voice came to my mind. You are trading diamonds for stones."
Clayton Tune
By far the most moving of christmas books I've read. (Probably only read three). I will be honest, I went in to it thinking it may be a bit hyped up. Everyone used to talk about this book constantly. Gave it a shot. Was in tears by the end. If you're a father of a little girl... or even a little boy... or just want a good coffee reader by the fire... but especially you dads... this one is for you.

I probably over hyped it.
A nice, short (125 small pages) Christmas story. The Evanses, new owners of one of the first rental formal wear stores in Salt Lake City, find a once-in-a-lifetime rent-free arrangement of living with an elderly lady for simply making her meals, mowing her lawn and a few other inconsequential services. They soon become friends and find they never knew the meaning of Christmas.

3.5 stars
Epiphany Acevedo
My fifth grade teacher started reading this book to my class and my family moved out of state before I could ever find out the ending. 15 years later, I stumbled upon a copy in a used bookstore and decided to finally figure out what I had missed. I realize that there are probably a lot of books I read when I was 10 that I wouldn't like now, but I still couldn't help feeling disappointed. I just expected so much more. This story was supposed to be heart warming, but before the warming got a chanc...more
I finished the first story in the trilogy, which is really quite short (around 85 pages). This was a reread for me, and I remembered most of this story, which I still love just as much as the first time I read it. It is a lovely Christmas tale that reminds readers what is important around Christmastime (or any time)- your family. A father of a budding family is reminded to spend more time with his young child through a new friendship that will impact his life forever. I can't really say too much...more
You can read this in a couple of sittings. I cried like a baby for 20 mins after I finished the book. I read it every Christmas and I have given it as a Chirstmas Gift many times.
Oh, I cried! This book is wonderfully written. The author is LDS, but the themes apply to all families. I really enjoyed reading this one.
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When Richard Paul Evans wrote the #1 best-seller, The Christmas Box, he never intended on becoming an internationally known author. His quiet story of parental love and the true meaning of Christmas made history when it became simultaneously the #1 hardcover and paperback book in the nation. Since then, more than eight million copies of The Christmas Box have been printed. He has since written ele...more
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