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Los Maridos También Se Enamoran
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Los Maridos También Se Enamoran (Essex Sisters #1)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  5,415 ratings  ·  239 reviews
Una chispeante comedia romántica de enredo. Casarse cuanto antes y casarse bien: ésa es la meta de la joven huérfana Tess Essex. Sólo de esa forma, podrá encontrar los maridos más adecuados para sus tres hermanas: la hermosa Annabel, la romántica Imogen y la pequeña Josie. Sin más dote que un caballo de carreras, con el único apoyo de un tutor tímido y borrachín y los "sab ...more
Paperback, 485 pages
Published January 30th 2007 by Punto de Lectura (first published December 28th 2004)
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I enjoyed this one. It had some touches which made it more enjoyable than most, although the plot was somewhat predictable.

Things I liked:
- The four sisters are like real sisters. They love each other, but also drive each other nuts, argue, sulk, bitch and complain a bit. This is soo much better than all those romances where sisters just love each other and think the the sun shines out of each other's #@!*. Nope. Sorry. I've never met sisters who are like that. There's always tension there, and
Jacob Proffitt
This was a very fun Regency romance. Tess and her three sisters find themselves orphaned and thrown into the wardship of a kind, though indolent Duke. The obvious solution is that one of them should marry well, quickly, so that the others can be presented under her auspices. Tess, being the oldest, feels this responsibility keenly and begins looking about her for suitable candidates. Naturally, their guardian's friends are first up for consideration.

The book's scope is pretty limited, really, be
Hmm. Conflicted about this one in some ways. Silly me, who should really know better, believed what the description said, especially this line: "one of London's most infamous rakes. Lucius Felton is a rogue whose own mother considers him irredeemable!" which led me to having incorrect expectations. (It also turns out I forgot some of the description when I got around to reading the book! That one's my fault.) He . . . doesn't seem to be a rogue at all and that's not his mom's problem with him.

Much Ado About You
3 Stars

Following the death of their father, the four Essex sisters become the wards of the Duke of Holbrook who soon realizes that they re not the demure children he was expecting. The eldest, Tess, has her hands full keeping exquisite man-magnet Annabel, foolishly romantic Imogen and highly intelligent Josie under control, so it comes to as no surprise when all hell breaks loose and Tess finds herself married to someone completely unsuitable in order to save her family from di
Mmmm, it was okay. Sort of bland, honestly. There didn't actually seem to be any major central conflict in this book. And the secondary characters were all largely flat and 2 dimensional... with Annabel being the only *possible* exception (and that's really a stretch, honestly). I know this series carries on and follows each of the sisters as they fall in love, but I am so uninterested in the sisters that I don't imagine I will read the others. Maybe Annabel's book. But frankly, I find Imogen (s ...more
Series opener, each book featuring one of four orphaned Scottish sisters: Teresa (Tess), the eldest at age 25, Annabel, 22, Imogen, 20, and Josephine (Josie), only 15. This is Tess's book. The last half is top notch, beginning with her marriage to Lucius.

Susan Duerdan narrated this audiobook. Great job!! And a British accent is suitable for this riff on Much Ado About Nothing (it reminded me more of Alcott's Little Women -- an old fave). Also, horses play a big role in Much Ado, bringing to min
First of all, I have to take my hat off to Susan Duerden for pulling off something which, to my mind, would have been quite a daunting task. In Much Ado About You, there are four (possibly five) principal female characters and four principal male characters as well as various servants and other secondary characters. She managed to voice them all reasonably distinctly and clearly. Almost all those eight principals will appear in the other three entries to the series too, so I imagine a lot of tho ...more
Miranda Davis
I read this and was delighted by the author's wit and voice. And I really slipped into the time period, thanks to her command of Regency realities (or her completely convincing interpretation of them). There were many, many sharply observed moments I enjoyed. But...

The characters took me a while to warm to, though I did understand their different personalities with the fair/dark, romantic/mercenary, gorgeous/even more gorgeous/pudgy, etc. differences between the sisters delineated a number of ti
Erica Chilson
Loved the book. Read the majority of it when I should have been sleeping. Couldn't put it down. What made it a 4 star vs a 5 star book for me was the lack of contact and connection between the 'heroine' and the 'hero' because of the amount of POV change-ups. If you can call the change of narration when it was in 3rd person a POV change-up. A better way to describe it: there were too many people being narrated about, taking away from the main characters. Yes, I want to connect with the characters ...more
It's the start of a fun new series from James, as a bachelor duke suddenly finds himself the ward of four orphaned sisters, one of whom is preparing to marry for practicality's sake and another desperate to marry for love...
Perdani Budiarti
Cerita dengan banyak tokoh, empat saudari yang di"waris"kan kepada saudara jauh mereka setelah ayah keempat gadis tersebut meninggal. Tess sebagai yang tertua mendapat beban lebih untuk meneladani adik-adiknya yang punya karakter berbeda-beda.

Seperti biasa, untuk menyelesaikan masalah keuangan dan agar mendapat status, Tess harus menikahi seseorang yang dianggap potensial, tak lain Earl of Mayne. Namun kenyataan tidak seindah harapan saat pria tersebut meninggalkan Tess di altar. Untung saja ada
I like how this book started out with describing the Essex sisters and how they are all different. Series which have lead ladies with different personalities are always fun reads for me. (Wallflowers anyone?)

I don't mind when it becomes apparent right off the bat who the heroine is going to fall in love with, in fact I kind of enjoy how giddy I get when they are about to meet or are meeting for the first time. When Lucius is about to walk into the dining room and meet a slightly tipsy Tess the
I have not had time to write any reviews as of late but I had to on this book. Let me just say, I read this book from this author because they were promoted by an author I enjoy a great deal, but from now on I will only be enjoying that authors books and not taking their reccomendations because this book killed me...SLOWLY!! I made absolutely no connections with the characters and the ones I found a semi conncection were not even the main two. She was setting up her series and instead of making ...more
Elis Madison
If I could've called it, this book would've been titled Something Wanton. You'll see why in a bit.

The Essex sisters are orphans. Their mother died years ago, and their father, an avid horseman, took a fall and died a rather more lingering death. His madness for horse racing has left the young ladies penniless—their only dowry is his stable—each of them has a prize-winning Thoroughbred as her portion.

And their guardian is Rafe, the Duke of Holbrook, who agreed to take them on in exchange for (wh
I am really liking reading Eloisa James's historicals. Desperate Duchesses was my intro to her work, and it hit so many right notes I'm digging into more in that series, and other series as they come to my attention.

I'm not sure of the exact timing of this book, but probably early 1800's. No, wait, there's mention of Waterloo. So, sometime after 1816 then. No panniers and powdered wigs, anyway. There is a lot of talk of horses - breeding them, racing them, riding them, betting on them. Horses a
Flight read, and I was so pissed the book was longer than the flight - I kept whipping it out whenever I could. And got frustrated when my luggage came so damn fast. Seriously, airport? Seriously?

Charming, mostly funny and definitely fun story about four Scottish sisters, 15-22, who end up as wards of an English Lord. Within a week, there are engagements and feelings where there ought not to be. Miss Pythian-Adams was hilarious: "I have done my best to repel my fiancee. I have learned reams of S

I must confess to having enjoyed the "Why Heroines need sisters/best friends" afterword much more than the book itself. Tessa is about as fun as a limp dishrag and Lucius doesn't figure much. I get why Eloisa James spent so much time describing the sisters' relationships rather than the romance between the hero and the heroine. But in the end, when you look back, you realize that they actually don't know much about the other person. And that they fell in love because they really enjoy bumping ug
**** SPOILERS *****

Liked it. Wasn't blown away. Ended a little abruptly. Maybe I missed something. Weird story. The girls are "orphaned" but since they're in their 20's for the most part, they go to live with a guardian they don't know. Guardian is a drunk but is still a good, sweet man. Tess is betrothed to one guy but then he bails. The guy she REALLY likes steps in and marries her but tells her he isn't capable of love, yadda yadda. After lots of great sex they fall in love with each other. H
This one is really for adults only, but it's my favorite Regency novel for a long time. It's as much a family novel as a romance, and the characters are all fabulous. I loved the romance - such fantastic chemistry between the hero and the heroine! even some of the most technically innocent scenes were among the most sexy I've ever read because of the glittering tension between them and their perfect dialogue - but I equally adored the relationships between the heroine and her three younger siste ...more
This beginning of the Essex Sisters series was a good read. Good premise of four sisters becoming wards of a unprepared and inebriated lord before unknown to them. This book is primarily about the eldest sister finding a husband. Great characterizations. Being a fan of sensual love scenes, I had to wait until the final third of the book before things heated up, but when love did come, it was believable. I enjoy Ms. James' writing and will be following up on the Essex sisters.

Another note...the l
(The new shelf is for the sake of my own, odd humor.)
I listened to audio version and narrator is great. I listened to this a couple weeks ago so here's sloppy review.

Some complained that this one was a little boring but I think that may be because there was a lot of set up of characters that continue through other books in the series. So yes, it was a little slow at times but this is not seen in future books.

A running theme in this series seems to be, who will she end up with? The blurb tells you one thing but as you are listening/reading, there a
A fun Regency romance that manages surprising depth despite its formulas. I really enjoyed the inclusion of strong, realistic female friendships between Tess and her sisters. How often do you see a heroine in a romance with any women friends, much less three different fully developed relationships with three different (fully developed) women? Every scene where the Essex sisters are interacting with each other was engrossing, particularly their dialogue with each other. The romance between the tw ...more
Tracy T
This story was just okay, not bad, not great either. I really really liked the hero, Lucious Felton, he was awesome! The heroine a bit wishy washy at times.

The switching back and forth between the sisters and who they were going to marry was a bit confusing and I didn't really care for that. First one sister is going to go after Mayne then the other will go for Lucious then maybe Holbrook, then they switch, or get jilted.... that was a bit annoying. Then one sister Imogen was sort of stupid and
Trudy Miner
This book introduces the four Essex sisters who arrive in London from Scotland after their father died, leaving them orphaned and in the care of their guardian, Rafe, Duke of Hollbrook. The introduction to all of the main characters occurs in the beginning of the book with Rafe thinking he was guardian to children but instead is guardian to three full-grown women and one girl still in the schoolroom. Rafe's three best friends also arrive on the scene, setting the stage for all of the books. Of t ...more
Mandy Glover
The Essex Sisters

I loved this series as a whole. You could take the story line and plop it down in any timeline. The issues the sisters faced were struggles that women, and men, go through every day. Self image, alcoholism, grief. Individually, each story was great in its own right, but together the four of them create a really great series. The sisters were much like real sisters treat each other. They fought, the cried, they screamed, they cussed and they made up and loved each other still.
Bueno, lo primero que diré, apartando de esto a los protagonistas de la historia es: Imogene eres un ser despreciable, maldita descerebrada, estúpida, resentida, idiota, superficial, cabeza hueca, caprichosa, rencorosa, inmadura, tarada, imbécil, dramática, hija de tu .... mamita.... Creo que no había odiado tan rapido a un personaje, ni a Dasha, ni a Jo. Jamas. Es un personaje tan estresante y fastidioso, a lo largo de la historia se ve la envidia y el resentimiento que tiene a Tess, la protago ...more
I'm so sad to give this book two stars. But I just didn't like it. I found the characters dull and forgettable, the story was a bit boring, even though sooooo much happened in such a short time.

Too many characters introduced right away. I think it took until about the 15% mark when our "hero" entered. By that point, I'd even gone back to read the book blurb to see who the love interest was supposed to be! Lucius Felton is described at a rogue. Nope. Read nothing to support that behavior. He was
Premise: Tess is the eldest of four broke Scottish sisters who are left penniless after the death of their ne'er-do-well father, who somehow leaves them to the care of one of the hundreds of dukes running around Regency England. But the duke isn't Tess' hero, and neither is the (handsome yet slightly dissolute? I guess?) Earl of Mayne - although you'd be forgiven for thinking so, given how long it takes for Tess' future husband to appear.

This book kind of gave me confused feelings. On the one h
3.25 actually with bonus points for the author's afterward. Loving her idea about being inspired by Alcott, as well as her own relationship with her sister. Also love the way one sister falls for a guy just like Dad, despite his many flaws. I also really really like how the two main protagonists are drawn to each other due to charecter more than beauty. There's sexual chemistry on top of that, but the relationship does not flow from it as a basis, which is an increasing problem in romances these ...more
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New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa's very first book that she "found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar"; later People Magazine raved that "romance writing does not get much better than this." Her novels have repeat ...more
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He didn't look sardonic now, but truly surprised. She had to leave. This was all entirely too intimate and uncomfortable.
"Alas," she said, gathering up her skirts again and turning toward the rockslide. "I have quite forgotten the next line, so we shall have to delay this learned discussion." He was at her shoulder in a moment, helping her over the stones.
"As many as the stars," he said, conversationally, as if they were talking of gardening, or Romans, or any number of polite topics. "As many as the stars, when the night is still, gazing down on secret human desires.”
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