Lead Us Not (Love is Always Write)
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Lead Us Not (Love is Always Write)

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When Sam and Jess set out for New York City, they were young, deeply in love, and had big dreams for the future. Four difficult years later, some of those dreams are starting to come true—but at what cost?

Jess has stumbled into a fairly successful modeling career, but it feels like a consolation prize after his failed attempt at acting. He knows too his good looks will on...more

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Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions
Put down whatever your currently reading and pick up this FREE Story!!

This story was amazing. Its my favorite of the LiAW so far (from the ones I've read).

This was simply a beautiful heartfelt story. It made me laugh and cry and smile. It had my gut clinching and at parts so nervous I started sweating. It's pretty rare for a story to affect me so much physically as well as emotionally. I couldn't put this story down it was a wonderful read.

My favorite part is that while it is short it feels li...more
Life is not all rainbow. Couples are always tempted since everybody has a choice of staying with the current one or jumping into a new one when opportunity presents itself. It's all about what one considers important that prevents or pushes one to do something that one day he might regret.

I like this story. The characters realize that they're having a trouble that slowly crawling in. When they realize that there's a chance their lives and relationship are going to be disrupted, they talk to each...more
Jess and Sam have been together for 8 years. Sam's career as theater actor is moving up, while Jess's modeling career is a little stale. So how do they fight the temptation that might end up breaking their relationship?


I like established couple's story; that there is something after the supposedly HEA. Jess and Sam are fighting temptations that might break them up: Sam with his actor colleague, and Jess with his insecurity.

There is a 'will they won't they (act to the temptation)' sense s...more
Mandy*reads obsessively*
Ms McMurray was able to make a short story feel complete. Not an easy feat, but as short as it was, I finished thinking I know how Jess and Sam's story will continue.
There is no major drama or conflict, it's just that after many years you do forget to take time for the little things that are really important, doubts creep in and you can grow apart. This story portraits this perfectly yet left me happy and smiling and so glad I read it!
It's free and great - definitely recommended !

I must th...more
A nice story about Sam & Jess who find themselves drifting apart after 8 years of being together & how they find a way to reconnect with each other. I like how we learn about the two of them, their relationship & how there was a decent amount of communication that did not prolong the misunderstandings.
Heather C
This was a beautiful, sweet, angsty, non-explictstory!

I'm usually don't like reading stories about established couples but I really enjoyed this. Plus it was FREE!!...more
4.5 stars
Thank you Kate for a story that touched a part of me that has been hidden for a while. My partner and I have been together for 32 years and yes, sometimes it does feel like we have been coming apart. That we take each other for granted and we don't know how to find out what is the problem. It takes courage to take the initiative and bare your soul--even to your life partner. And yes I know we love each other and will always be there for each other and that we trust each other. Good to b...more
Lovely story about an established couple, Jess and Sam, who live in New York City and work as a model and actor respectively. Sam is enjoying the success of a new role on Broadway while Jess continues to take modeling gigs, even though he's disenchanted with the job. The two men wade through their doubts and insecurities regarding their slowly disintegrating relationship and are occasionally tempted by others. However, through it all they always remember the immense love they share for one anoth...more
...Phenomenal, actually. They're an established couple, but we also learn of their beginnings, read about it, live through it with them.

It's beautiful. I love how well the author seems to capture the dynamic nature of human relationships. The suspenseful elements were actually quite suspenseful; the senses of doubt the author portrays are quite tangible.

I liked the way the Big Misunderstanding was resolved. I also liked that it wasn't just one thing, but a bunch of little things exacerbated by...more
Susan65-Coug "Miss Behaving"
Very sweet. Both Sam and Jess are great guys.
MsMiz (Tina)
3.5 - This was so beautiful.
Loved this:)
I wanted to like this more than I did, truly, because it is an interesting premise about temptation and about yielding to it or not. The characters are eminently likeable, and the resolution is so sweet as to be almost barf-inducing.

That being said, however, the pacing is almost too fast for me. It jumps from Sam to Jess and back again in record time and that was dizzying, moreso since the story clocks in at under fifty pages. Speaking of Sam and Jess, if it weren't for the headings, I would hav...more
❂ Endless
Unexpectedly good...is the first thing that comes to mind to describe this short story. The author chose a refreshingly different way to switch back 'n forth between the MC's POVs such that i was with the guys every step of the way. Every single moment, me as a reader was "expecting" one of them to fall for the temptation the author so expertly sets up and then....ahhhh!

It's quite remarkable how "much" an author can pack in, in less than 50 pages! This is testament to the ingenuity of the autho...more
You fall in love, work hard to establish yourself in a career and then find that through time you may start drifting apart. It happens. What to do when time and events separate you and open you up to straying? I really like how the author worked around the prompt given for this story. She was told 'no cheating' yet cheating was one of the main characters here but not as you'd expect. This was about how to keep trust and love strong in the face of temptation. A sweet story.
Wendy (wluvsbooks)
A beautifully done story about an already established couple that goes through a bout with some work and life challenges and begins to feel like things are slipping away from them. Lucky for them (and us), they are stronger than the odds and don’t let a good thing get thrown away. They realize that what they have is rare and beautiful and worth fighting for. I thoroughly enjoyed this one – it gave me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling! :)

Jess Candela
Sweet story about a couple who's been together long enough to start taking each other for granted and drift apart. They could have let the fear win, and ultimately break up. I loved that they actually talked to each other, admitted what they felt and wanted, and made it work again.
Riina Y. T.
This was beautiful - the writing is beautiful - rich and powerful and just really good.

I had a lump in my throat throughout the whole thing..*sniff*

"He smiles and it's like a thousand smiles and yet like none because such a smile is so rare these days."
Pete W
I like this one. The story felt true and authentic of how couples could drift apart by life and works.

Sam finally realized what happened and determined to fix it.
Little Butterfly εïз
Very cute story. I liked the change of point of views. Good characters.
A bit too sweet for my taste.
Lauren Lewis
So cute! This was a really sweet little romance and another great addition to the LiAW event :)
Trisha Harrington
Lead Us Not was really good and it probably would have been better, but a couple of times I did worry about this couple. I understand (sort of) that couples drift apart sometimes and they just need reminding. But I still think it doesn't have to happen the way it did here.

Saying that, I was really happy with how the author ended things. She didn't leave it really open for them. And I wanted that for these two, especially when you consider how difficult these two had it. I would have been extreme...more
Lena Grey
Sometimes it's productive for love to hurt; it gives us perspective. It helps us remember why we fell in love in the first place and why, even though things become complicated, through all the temptations, we still love each other, and that love is a precious gift worth holding onto with all our might. Jess and Sam, in 'Lead Us Not' by Kate McMurray, are in the throes of such a battle.

I loved Jess and Sam. They are two of the most endearing characters I've ever encountered. They are so admirable...more
Bettye Kanady
Dec 02, 2012 Bettye Kanady rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Bettye by: Love is Always Write List
Lead Us Not; we have heard what comes after this..."into temptation..." But this book expounds on that very thought. The story is about Jess and Sam, an established couple who hooked up in college eight years ago. Both wanted to become actors so they left Ohio and moved to New York. Sam is described by Jess as "the guy everyone wants to be around. He just knew he would be famous." Jess is described by Sam as "pretty. He's 100% everything he looks for in a guy." The two of them clicked at a cast...more
ARe Cafe
Lead Us Not by Kate McMurray centers on two young men who fear that the show business life is wearing them down and causing them to drift apart. They each get a first person perspective clearly organized into short sections labeled with each character’s name. The story could have been wearyingly clichéd. (How many times have we read about actors and models in New York City?) However, the sharp, vivid details make the guys’ jobs realistic. Sam doesn’t just vaguely triumph on Broadway. He gets his...more
I finished Lead Us Not. I didn't really connect with the characters. I found Jess too whiney and insecure and Sam too he's-just-the-most-perfect-perfect-person. Neither of them are perfect as they feel each other slipping away but steadfastly refuse to communicate. Of course, the sort of ennui they are suffering is a normal part of a long-term relationship. In that sense, this story is achingly realistic. Still, it isn't my usual cuppa for my escapism.

I say this is a 2-2.5 star read. I just did...more
I'm torn between two or three stars. The ending was sweet which made me think about 3 stars. But then before the story was sad how they grow apart and I just didn't like it-- 2.65 Stars
Erica Pike
Sweet, non-explicit romance about two guys who went to the Big Apple in hope to become Broadway stars...only things didn't quite work out that way. One can only get modelling gigs while the other is slowly rising, but they're drifting apart.

Most of this story is in internal monologue, but it's extremely well done. We get to see their pasts and how they came to the place they are now. I'm especially fond of Jess. A lot of lookers like him would be egotistical, but he's a very sweet, insecure man....more
This one gave me low-grade heartache through the entire was story in a "hurts so good" kinda way. It was just a bittersweet slice of real life - a glimpse at what happens (or can happen) to long-term relationships even if you truly love the other person...
2,5 stars.
I started to read this story because a reviewer said that there was "no cheating involved, physically or mentally". ...What a lie, really. What do you call it then, (view spoiler)

Anyway, that's not even the motive I didn't like this story. =/
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Kate McMurray is a nonfiction editor. Also, she is crafty (mostly knitting and sewing, but she also wields power tools), she plays the violin, and she dabbles in various other pursuits. She’s maybe a tiny bit obsessed with baseball. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with a presumptuous cat.
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