The Worst Witch
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The Worst Witch (Worst Witch #1)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  9,223 ratings  ·  159 reviews
Riding a broomstick is no easy matter!
Mildred Hubble is the worst witch at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches - she's always getting her spells wrong. But she manages to get by until she turns Ethel, the teacher's pet, into her deadly enemy...
Paperback, 107 pages
Published 2001 by Puffin Books (first published 1974)
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Lisa Vegan
Dec 18, 2009 Lisa Vegan rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: girls 5-8 years old – for early (but not just starting) readers and for read aloud
Oh too bad. I just realized I forgot to read this with an English accent. It would have been ever so much fun.

This book would have received 5 stars from my 7 & 8 & possibly 9 year old self. I would have also really, really enjoyed it if it had been read to me when I was 5 and 6, helping to read it of course.

The story is funny and sweet. It’s about a witch in her first year of boarding school for witches. The plot is predictable but I had no problem with that. Mildred is a clumsy student...more
This is a charming little story, perfect for children just embarking on chapter books. The chapters are all short (each can be read in about five to seven minutes) and while some of the vocabulary is a bit advanced (I wouldn't call this a beginning/easy reader), it's perfect for read-aloud (especially if you can muster a British accent, haha!)

In this first book in the "Worst Witch" series, Mildred Hubble is in her first term at Miss Cackle's Academy. It's a bit like a (simplified and all-girls)...more
Razaak Ahmed
For those like myself who went to primary school in the 1990s, The Worst Witch books were probably the closest thing we ever got to Harry Potter. Not that we should feel deprived in any way, as The Worst Witch books were and still are enjoyable reads.

The Worst Witch is the first book in the series and details the troubles of Mildred Hubble, a pupil at Cackle's Academy and one who always seems to encounter misfortune, but somehow manages to save the day and in the process save herself, not just...more
Mildred Hubble attends Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches and is probably the worst student the school has ever seen. Mildred seems to be always getting into trouble. Whether it’s potions, spells or broomstick riding, she can’t seem to do anything right. When Mildred’s class does a display for this years Halloween celebrations, Mildred finds herself at blame when their presentations turns into a disaster. How will Mildred ever earn her Witches Higher Certificate when she is the worst witch to eve...more
yesterday my friend and i went to booksale (she doesn't like reading but miraculously this time she initiated buying a few books) and imagine my surprise when i saw this as i was browsing through piles and piles of books. i mean, come on. childhood! and i cannot believe i forgot about this book when i'm sure this was one of the books that got me into reading. safjlksajflkadsjflawhyhowcouldiever. so when i was in sixth grade our classroom was in front of the library. *sighs. nostalgia* okay i'm d...more
Eloise baker
I bought this book because I remember my own children reading it when they were younger. My daughters would read it over and over again and so i decided to read it now with a view to reading it to my year 3 class.

This is a book which features a rather clumsy witch called Mildred. Although she tries hard, Mildred usually manages to mix up her spells and generally cause trouble. When she turns Ethel (who happens to be a very bright but rather unkind witch)into a pig her troubles really do begin....more
This is another book series where I was introduced to it through the TV show adaptation. Seems to be a trend with me. So this review is going to be both of the book series and the TV adaption, since it is fairly accurate to the source material.

I like to call this series the female Harry Potter and yes, I am aware that this came out a good 2- 3 decades before JKR's smash hit.

However this is still a delightfully charming, albeit predictable series about She I mean Mildred Hub...more
Alex Baugh
Mildred Hubble, 12, is a first year student at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. Though well-meaning and well liked by most of the other girls, Mildred always seems to be in trouble for something: "You could rely on Mildred to have her hat on back-to-front, or her bootlaces trailing along the floor. She couldn't walk from one end of the corridor to the other without someone yelling at her, and nearly every night, she was writing lines or being kept in…(pg 3) Mildred does have a best friend, Mau...more
Ben Phillips
A classic tale made into a feature film, which I actually watched first before reading the book (as I never read the book as a child). The book tells the story of Mildred Hubble, who to say the least is nearly always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mildred is in her first year of at the Witch Academy with her best friend Maud. Mildred can not seem to get any of her spells right and even ends up turning her worst enemy into a pig instead of the intended toad. Will Mildred survive the her fi...more
Mildred is a witch but she is not very good at it. In the end however she's able to save the whole school from the evil witches' attack.
The book is a nice quick read but also very predictable. It's a bit of a Harry Potter version for younger kids, but mothing I enjoyed immensely.
Ellie Matthews
This is Hogwarts before Hogwarts- written in 1974, a magical boarding school called Miss Cackle’s Academy with a school song, potions lessons and lots of broomsticks. Poor hapless Mildred Hubble has been called the ‘worst witch in the school’ by her form-mistress Miss Hardbroom; she is the only witch in her year to have a tabby cat and not a black one, and she frequently ruins broomstick displays. However she triumphs by the end of the book after getting into lots of amusing trouble beforehand....more
What if you were the worst at an assignment? Would your friends stick by you? How would your enemies react? What if you were part of a group presentation for an important person? Could you handle the pressure? These are some of the dilemmas faced by Mildred Hubble in a delightful book called The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy.

Mildred is clumsy, but it's her failure at riding a broom and performing spells that land her into the most trouble at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. One day, Mildred and h...more
Author/Illustrator: Jill Murphy
First Published: 1974
Series: Book 1 of 7

I love it when it's my turn to choose a book. Being older and so much wiser I obviously have a better judgement on what makes A Good Book than the 7yo.


Okay, in all reality I am more likely to choose a classic or book that has stood The Test of Time and is age appropriate. The 7yo chooses books-her-friends-like or books-her-sister-likes; so either contemporary just released books or books that are too old (her sister is...more
Helena Spiteri
I have chosen the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy for my sixth book review. The story concerns the adventures of trainee witch Mildred Hubble who attends Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. To the annoyance of her strict class teacher, Miss Hardbroom, Mildred is always getting everything wrong, from forgetting to tie her shoelaces and casting the wrong spells to encountering all sorts of trouble on her new broomstick. To make matters worse Mildred also has to deal with Ethel, the class sneak, who make...more
Mildred Hubble is a clumsy witch who is in her first year at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. She tries hard but always gets things wrong and ends up in trouble. She is secretly scared of the dark and everyone knows to stay clear when Mildred is making potions or learning a new spell. You never know what will happen! Nothing seems to go right for poor Mildred; she even gets a tabby cat rather than a traditional black cat because by her turn to receive a cat, the school had run out of black cat...more
Mildred Hubble is a kind, friendly young witch who is starting school at Miss Cackle’s Academy for witches. Although she tries hard Mildred isn’t very good at casting spells or flying a broomstick and she is also very clumsy. This quickly lands her in to trouble at school after she turns Ethel, the bossy know-it-all into a pig. Luckily she has her friend Maud and her cat Tabby to help her out. Despite being the worst witch at the school Mildred manages to single-handedly save everyone from being...more
Shanaz Khan
I used to love reading The Worst Witch books when I was younger. Mildred Hubble is in a school for witches, in her first year she learns how to fly and receives her own black cat. Her black cat is different to everyone else's and calls hers Tabby. Mildred gets into trouble with the headmistress, Miss Hardbroom on various occasions. Mildred also has an enemy called Ethel who she accidentally turns her into a pig! Throughout the book Mildred has a bad time with magic and potions and faces being ex...more
Like all my favourite children's literature, this book is squarely on the side of the outcast. Disorganised, accident-prone witch Mildred and her plump, bespectacled friend Maud are smart, kind and generally awesome. My own mild dyspraxia, which vanished when I was about 14, made Mildred an especially helpful role model, and whenever I broke something or failed to achieve the expected result in a science practical I thought of her. I teach science these days so Murphy's message must have done it...more
Jenifer (JensCorner)
Mildred Hubble is starting her first year at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches — and making a mess of it! She can’t ride her broomstick without crashing, she’s always getting her spells mixed up, and worst of all, the teacher’s pet, Ethel, has just become her sworn enemy. -- publisher

Originally released in 1974, The Worst Witch is being re-released for a new generation to discover. Young readers are bound to fall in love with little Mildred Hubble. This poor witch-in-training is the student with...more
Asha Stokes
The Worst Witch, by Jill Murphy is a lovely early chapter book telling the story of the adventures of Mildred Hubble – a student at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. She is best friends with a girl called Maud and finds an enemy in a school goody goody called Ethel. Mildred is a clumsy witch who, despite her good intentions, is always getting herself into trouble! Mildred gets so frustrated and fed up with her unsatisfactory performance and with the fear of being expelled she decides to run awa...more
Short review:

I heard about this series for a long time, but I could never find the books in English here. Stupid libraries. :(
So I found them elsewhere, and I am really happy that I got a chance to read them.

This book is the first one, and where everything starts. We meet Mildred who is very bad at being a witch, though most of the time she doesn't even mean to do wrong, she tries her best, but well disaster tends to follow her where she goes. I really liked Mildred, though at times I wondered...more
Ashley Ferguson
*I received this book as an eARC from Candlewick Press on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Apparently the Worst Witch books have been around for 40 years and there has even been a movie and a TV series based on them. I wish I had been introduced to these books as a child, because I think I would have really enjoyed them and devoured all of them!

Mildred Hubble is the worst witch at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches, and she always manages to mess up even the simplest of tasks. It's act...more
Oct 02, 2009 Kirei rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone, but especially kids five to ten
I saw this on a shelf at a bookstore and had to get it for Halloween. It is a fun book, although the storyline is very basic. I don't think it is as popular in the U.S. as it is in the United Kingdom.

It definitely feels like a precursor to Harry Potter. Written in the mid `70's, it is about a girl who attends a school for witches. I can totally imagine a young J.K. Rowling reading it and loving it.

Anyway, read this before you read Harry Potter.....
I remember watching this everyday after school, I loved it. I did not realise it was a book series. I am so glad it is though. I asked for this via netgalley but they denied my request so I bought it straight away. I read it in one sitting, well it is only 100pages long.

It transported me back to my child hood. I loved all of it. I was pleased to see all the characters I knew and loved were there. Especially Miss Bat, I love her, she is such a funny character. The pictures were good, I do not kno...more
I have anticipated this book for many years. As a young girl I watched the Canadian/British television show, The Worst Witch, and cherished it as my all time favourite kid's show. Boarding school stories, though not a popular genre for film or books by the time I hit the scene, were probably my favourite backdrop for a story. The show focused on friendship, on persevering against unsupportive teachers, and the complex relationships between young girls. The show, though it is meant for children,...more
A great premise, but more of an outline for a book than a book proper. (No wonder it translated so well into film & television.) I remember enjoying the book as a kid, but there's not enough substance to it to keep me engaged as an adult reader. Still a good one for the age group for which it was intended though.
Poor Mildred, nothing seems to go well for her in her first year at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. She snaps her broomstick in half while learning to fly, creates the wrong potion during a potions test and turns a classmate into a pig when she meant to turn her into a frog. And to top things off she doesn't get a black kitten, she gets a tabby cat. After a disastrous flying demonstration at the annual Halloween program, Midlred decides that maybe the Academy for Witches isn't the place for h...more
I love the Worst Witch with a PASSION. I love Mildred's scrapes! Miss Hardbroom's tight bun! Mildred's tabby! Horrid Ethel! I first read this when I was about seven, on a rainy day by the sea, and if I'm honest I choose Mildred over Harry any day.
Jan 08, 2012 Manny marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
One of the many Easter eggs in Kraken. Most recruits at the magical police squad's training center refer to it as "Hogwarts". But a few call it "Miss Cackle's" and look superior when the others don't get the reference.
Rachel  Of Questionable Luck
The entire Worst Witch series was whole and entertaining. I whizzed through them several years ago. Apparently the author's written a fifth, which I happily do not consider myself too old to read!
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Jill Murphy is a London-born English children's author, best known for The Worst Witch series and the Large Family picture books. She has been described as "one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the land."

Jill Murphy was born in London and attended the Ursuline Convent in Wimbledon which, together with the boarding school stories she enjoyed reading, provided much of th...more
More about Jill Murphy...
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