Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir
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Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  5,402 ratings  ·  739 reviews
In 1982, sixteen-year-old Marina Nemat was arrested on false charges by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and tortured in Tehran's notorious Evin prison. At a time when most Western teenaged girls are choosing their prom dresses, Nemat was listening to gunshots as her friends were being executed.
She was condemned to die, but survived because one of the guards, whose family was...more
280 pages
Published 2007 by Penguin Canada
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May 18, 2007 John rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
This is the most moving, powerful and astonishing book I've read since "The End of the Spear."
In a matter-of-fact tone that makes her vivid descriptions all the more compelling, Marina Nemat describes how she became a political prisoner in the early days of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary government for the crime of asking her calculus teacher to teach calculus instead of government propaganda. She was spared execution for this horrendous crime (but not imprisonment) only through the intercession o...more

"الثورة الإسلامية الإيرانية بعيون معتقلة !" -عنوانٌ طويل، يصلح كعنوان بديل.. بجدارة !

سجينة طهران.. عندما تتجلى آيات الإبداع، قلباً وقالباً, كأجمل ما يكون. فأما قالباً, فحدّث ولا حرج؛ من رشاقة السرد، وعذوبة اللغة ورقتها، وسهولة البيان، وبراعة الصياغة, وحسن اختيار المفردات، ووو... وأما القلب؛ فأستسمحك، يا زميل القراءة، بالإسترسال في الحديث عنه، على سجيتي :

دخلتُ دار الشروق ذات يوم أبحث عن كتاب ما، فلم أجده. فتركتُ لعينيّ الحبل على الغارب لتسرح في الرفوف، على أ...more
Tea Jovanović
This is one of the first books that I've sold to Alnari, as a scout when I started the agency... and I've translated it as well. I was fascinated by the life story of a woman just few months older than me... with similar innocent childhood full of joy... turned into nightmare overnight... and she ended in famous Evin prison at the age of 16, as political prisoner... Her life story is awesome...
I had a pleasure to meet the author just after Serbian edition was published in 2008 in Turin during th...more
دايما كل ما يخص ايران مثير وجذاب بالنسبه لى . سواء ادب او سينما او حتى تاريخ
المجتمع الايرانى بتطورات الاحداث فيه شبيه جدا بالمجتمع المصرى مع بعض الاختلافات.
فى كتاب سجينة طهران (لمارينا نعمت) :
نجد اننا امام امام عمل مميز جدا . ليس فقط لتميز التجربه ذاتها او تميز قلم الكاتبه بقدر تميز العمل ككل.
المجتمع الايرانى مجتمع مسكين .
من ديكتاتورية حكم شمولى تحت حكم الشاه الى حكم اكثر قسوه واكثر شموليه تحت اسم الدين
الحكم الدينى فى ابشع صوره . ظلم وقسوه وعنف واضطهاد للمخالفين.
ثورة 79 كانت ثورة شعبيه راقيه جدا
فهيمة محمود
سجينة طهران ،،
سجينة للذكريات ، وحكومة ، وناس ، وأهل ، ونفسها
كان لازم أحس بالتعاطف معاها وأنا بقرأ اللي كاتباه ومشاعر كتير وانغمست غصب عني فالأحداث وحسيت بشوية من وجع كبير حست بيه ، أنكرت عليها بعض التصرفات

ليه محبتش علي !!
أكيد صعب تحبه ، بس هو زيها بالظبط ..
نفس الظروف بس بأفكار ضد ،
حالة حب علي ليها الصح تتعمل رواية ..

هي مقدرتش تحبه ، وهو كان القشاية اللي اتعلقت بيها

أنا كنت ناوية أكتب كلام كتير ع الكتاب ..

بس حاسة أني كنت بجري معاها في مراثون الثورة اللي ملهاش أي ذنب فيها ، إلا أنها قالت لاء...more
Mohamed Shady
يبدو أن العالم لن يخلو يوما من الأوغاد !
التعصب الدينى .. ما أبغضه !
أينما وُجد التعصب الدينى وُجد القتل والإضطهاد باسم الله ..
ارجع معى بالتاريخ إلى الصراع المسيحى الوثنى فى القرون الأولى لظهور المسيح وفى القرون الوسطى حيث محاكم التفتيش البغيضة !
والآن يتكرر الأمر بحذافيره .. يصل المتعصبون إلى الحكم ليمارسوا تعصبهم بكل عنف !
سياسيون صامتون خوفا .. جاهلون يطيعون طاعة عمياء .. ثوار يقُتلون .. إنها ثوراتنا التقليدية التى تنتهى دوما بأن يصل من ظُلم مسبقا إلى الحكم ليبدأ فى ظُلم من أوصلوه إلى ما هو...more
Mar 30, 2008 Amy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
Recommended to Amy by: Suzy
Shelves: non-fiction
This book was amazing, I highly recommend it to everyone! It is about an Iranian girl that was taken political prisoner (at the age of 16) in Iran during the early 1980's. Her crime? Asking her calculus teacher to teach calculus rather than talking about political issues. The teacher refused and told Marina to leave class if she didn't like it, she left and so did the rest of the class. Even though the subject matter is heavy, the book is written in a very readable way. I read this book yesterda...more
This was a very interesting book, with a beautiful and inspiring story. The writing itself was bland and often contrived, but I can forgive that because the author is writing in her third or fourth language. However, the story was almost too perfect. The villain finds redemption right before he dies, the heroine is reunited with her prince charming, and everybody lives happily ever after. It is difficult to believe that, in circumstances where so many others died, Nemat openly flouted the govern...more
One of the better books I've read in a long time. Always so interesting for me to read about other people's experience during the Iran Revolution. I was too young to remember much but it definitely had a major impact on my life and those of my family/family friends, etc. This woman's experience was so moving. So hard to believe she experienced all that she did and at such a young age - she was only 16 when they arrested her. I had read other reviews of this book that criticized her memory of exa...more
I loved this book, couldn't put it down! "Prisoner of Tehran" is a moving memoir about a Christian girl in Iran during the Islamic revolution. She is arrested for 'anti-government' activities (such heinous crimes as walking out of her calculus class because the teacher would only talk about politics, not calculus). She is sentenced to death but is saved by a prison guard who then forces her to convert to Islam and marry him. The book describes her stay in prison and her forced marriage while als...more
Nazila Khalkhali
I read this book some years ago (2006). The author was student at the same school I was. The way she wrote her story I found it unreal. It's just a part of it real. I lost some of my friends. Some of them were executed, and some of them were imprisoned for some years. I'm familiar with that atmosphere. However, the way she narrates it seems that she changes it for North American audience, and it becomes like a Hollywoodian movie with a happy ending. At the end of the day, she came to Canada and...more
sorry Marina :
but i Couldn`t find lower rate to give it to your book .
your book is all about your private life with your investigator at Evin prison ,i`ve been in Evin when i was just 2 years old up to 4 with my mother...
and i can`t believe your whole story because tens of thousand prisoners die in evin prison and you are the one that proudly worked and felt in love with your investigator !!!!
كتاب رائع فتحلى أفق جديدة وكشف تعقيد النفوس البشرية
صدمنى شخصيا لإنى ماكنتش اتوقع دموية النظام اللى لمفروض انه "ثورى" فيبقى اسوء مليون مرة من النظام اللى ثار عليه
شخصية "على" شخصية معقدة رغم انه اتعرض للظلم إلا انه تحول لأداة من ادوات الظلم يعذب ويقتل عن عقيدة وبالرغم من كده تكون نهاية حياته على إيد رفاقه !

مارينا رغم الألم اللى اتعرضتله الا إن ممكن تكون حالتها اخف كتير من حالات مثيلاتها فى السجن
Hadeel Hossam El-Din Moustafa
تجربة قاتمة ببشاعة !!
مرهقة جداً تلك النقلة مابين أحلام الطفولة والمراهقة البريئة و كوابيس السجن ..
لا الزمان هو الزمان ولا المكان هو المكان ..
ومع ذلك رأيت يومنا في أمسهم !
رأيت برائتنا تموت بأيدي جلاديهم و جلادونا يقتلون برائتهم !!
مازلت لا أفهم لما لا يخلو العالم من هؤلاء !!
مازلت لا أفهم مايقدمه لهم المال والسلطة والنفوذ وهم فانون وهم يعلمون أنهم كذلك !!
ما الذي يستحق أن يتجردوا من إنسانيتهم وأن يتنازلوا عنها وأن يتسابقوا لنيل أدنى المراتب مع الجمادات !!
و الأدهى أنهم في هذه التجربة يفعلون بإسم "الل...more
Anna McMaster
Feb 21, 2011 Anna McMaster rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: ANYONE
This was an amazing book to read, it is so well written and the feeling you get from the book makes you know how lucky you are. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This is a brilliant book!
I had not heard of this book before I added it on my list of books to read by Iranian authors and the only reason I wanted to read it was that I had read an autiobiography of anybody that was a political prisoner of the Islamic Republic and particularly, had spent time in Evin prison.
Evin prison was built by the Shah and during his reign, when I was a child is when I was introduced to the word prison and though my parents never talked about the torture and horrible things that went on behind it...more
Carrie Rundhaug
In the Amsterdam airport I headed into one of the many bookstores to look at magazines however I didn’t have much time so I was kind of rushing thru the store however while I was walking by a table with English books on it I noticed this book right away. I picked it up and read the back cover and was instantly drawn to this book. Knowing I would have plenty of time to read it between the flights and my layovers. Once I got to my gate and was able to sit down I instantly started reading it. The b...more
Mohamed Mohamady
"الحزن أمر غريب! إنه يتخذ أشكالاً وألواناً متعددة. تساءلت دوماً هل تمكن أحد من تحديدها كلها وإعطائها أسماءً وهمية."
واحدة من تلك الجمل التي أراها تعبر في طياتها عن الكثر من جوانب هذا الكتاب، هو سيرة ذاتية لـ مارينا نعمت المسيحية التي أسلمت قسراً لتعيش خمسة عشر شهراً تحمل إسم فاطمة الذي لم يكن لها يوماً. تتناول السيرة فترة تقارب العشر سنوات منذ ما قبل بداية الثورة الإيرانية وحتى هجرتها واستقرارها في البلد التي استطاع فيها بركان ذكرياتها في الإنفجار لتخرج هذا الكتاب البديع للنور .. كندا
واحدة من نسا...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I found this book by coincidence at the bookstore & the only reason that it got my attention & made me buy it was the fact that it was written by a persian writer & its name included Tehran "as i have an iranian nationality & i love iran though am originally a proud armenian" .. I can say that am so glad i got it as it turned out to be one of the very best books that i've ever read! It's avery sad & painful story but every sentence makes you want to read the next one & se...more
Ahmed Galal
عجبني جدا انها عيشتني تجربة جديدة, تجربة سجينة في سن ال 13 سنة, وان سجنها مش مجرد تعذيب جسدي (يتلّخص في اغتصابها من قبل زوجها المرغوم عليها), انما تعذيب نفسي, من اللي شافته, من مينا اللي كلمتها في يوم تاني يوم اتقتلت, من عشرتها لأم لطفل سجين معاها, وبصراحة مدهشتنيش لماقررت انها تتجوز من اندريه حب حياتها لانها منصغرها وهي متمردة على اي حاجة متعجبهاش,

لفت نظري انها فالت ان مكنش لها نشاط سياسي رغم انها عملت صحيفة وكانت بتندد بمساوئ الخميني, اعتقد ان ده نشاط سياسي

رومانسية غريبة بينها وبين اراش في سن...more
Marina was 16 years old in 1982 after the Iranian Revolution when she was arrested and taken to a prison in Tehran. There for a little over two years, she was tortured, imprisoned and blackmailed. She is now married with two kids and living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The back of the book actually tells more than my summary, but I wanted to leave some of that out, so be cautious reading the blurb unless you want to know more.

This was very good. It was quicker to read than I'd expected, as well...more
ﻻ أدري لما أعشق كل ما هو إيراني . قصة طهران الجميلة نراها بعيني مارينا نعمت طفلة ، مراهقة ، سجينة ، زوجة علي ، أرملة علي ، محررة ، زوجة أندريه ثم المهاجرة الى كندا . رواية و ما أجملها في الأسلوب واللغة و ما أقبح حكايات سجن إيفين !
بعيني مارينا الطفلة نرى طهران بسيطة و جميلة هادئة في عهد الشاه ، تأتي ثورة الاسلاميين و تسهم في نضج مارينا و تحولها من الطفلة الى القومية الحرة المتمردة على السلطة ، تربكها و تحولها الى سجينة في إيفين ، تنجو من الموت بأعجوبة و تسلم ثم ترتد ثم تترك طهران التي أحبتها رغم...more
Dina Abdallah
كتاب مؤلم
مفعم بالذكريات بالحب بالحزن بالألم بالمشاعر القوية
أروع مذكرات ممكن يقرأها حد صيغت بأسلوب مشوق وممتع رغم الحزن لكن فيه مسحة من الأمل في أسلوب وصف مارينا ربما يكون بسبب تخلصها من الكوابيس والعذاب ده
كتاب جميل أوي استمعت بقراءته أعتقد ان اللي اتكلمت عنه مارينا في "إيفين" بيحصل لكتير من الشباب في مصر دلوقتي ومن زمان وهيحصل وكل واحد من دول كان ليه حياة ليه ناس بيحبوه
أنا عارفة ان في بلدنا كم مساوي من الظلم والألم والمعاناة :(
أتمنى فقط انها تنتهي في أي مكان
Megan Baxter
How do you review books about trauma? I've been thinking about that a lot the last few days, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to say about this book, and also the two I read around the same time, reviews for which will appear over the next few days. I've said the universe sometimes throws me books in clumps? Well, this time it was three about traumatic experiences under authoritarian governments. Two fiction, one non-fiction.

Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the...more
Marina Nemat was imprisoned for two years in Iran, during the time of Khomeini. In 1982, when she was 16, she was arrested for speaking out against government propaganda in her highschool. She was taken to Evin prison, tortured, and sentenced to death. Just before the scheduled execution, she was saved by Ali, one of her interrogators, who had her sentence reduced to life in prison. In return, in the face of threats to her family, Marina was forced to convert to Islam and marry Ali. Her story is...more
Alison Strachan
I am probably about to make a lot of enemies with this review, goes...

Also, SPOILER ALERT...I am going to give away some of the plot here.

I did not care for the main character and felt she was a bit of a whiner. Okay, fair enough she lost her freedom, was forced into a marriage she did not want, lived in a country under war, was penalized for her religious and political beliefs and was sexually assaulted, but I felt she could've made better decisions most of the time.

I know some will...more
What would you do if the life you once knew was gone? Marina Nemat would encounter this situation head on as she seen the country she loved transformed in the late 70's. Marina was born in era of the dictatorship of the Shah in Iran. Back then people lived in harmony with no laws against certain religions and with no strict laws on how to live. A Christian Marina happily attended church, enjoyed holidays by the sea and loved her granmother. Things began to change for her when Islamic revolution...more
Eric Wright
Jul 18, 2010 Eric Wright rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone interested in Iran, Muslims
Recommended to Eric by: Globe book review
The compelling story of Marina, arrested at 16 on false charges and tortured. She alternates between describing her childhood, growing years, life under the Shah, the revolution, etc. with the terrible events of her arrest, torture and confinement in Evin prison. We see through her eyes the condtions under which women who were routinely arrested lived, the terror they faced, the executions, the cruelty of the guards. She was condemned to die but saved by one of prison officials who fell in love...more
La Petite Américaine
This is one of the best books I've read about the Middle East since Reading Lolita in Tehran. The cover blurb about a terrifying prison survival story couldn't be more wrong, and I'm assuming that they wrote it just to promote book sales.

This is one woman's extraordinary story not just of her time in a torture jail (the torture part is actually minimal in the book), but of surviving a life in which she watches her friends die along with their old way of life with the Iranian revolution. It's a...more
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Marina Nemat was born in 1965 in Tehran, Iran. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, she was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than two years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, where she was tortured and came very close to execution. She came to Canada in 1991 and has called it home ever since. Her memoir of her life in Iran, Prisoner of Tehran, was published in Canada by Penguin C...more
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After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed Prisoner of Tehran and After Tehran: Marina Nemat's Memoirs

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