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3.54 of 5 stars 3.54  ·  rating details  ·  1,293 ratings  ·  165 reviews
Hlavním hrdinou románu Mezipatro je Michael Gascoigne, jehož zdravotní stav – zejména psychická stránka – vyžaduje užívání léků. Po spontánním rozhodnutí, že léky brát přestane, protože mu svět už dlouhou dobu připadá černobílý, dostane jeho život až nečekanou škálu barev. Při návštěvě přátel v Irsku uvidí při prohlížení obrazů na zdi nejasně vymalovanou dívku v zeleném. T ...more
Paperback, TRACK, 280 pages
Published 2011 by Kniha Zlín (first published 2009)
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“How comfortable that idea is: that everything wrong with the human race is the result of some malfunction, some microscopic chemical change in our brains, some evolutionary wrong turning in our genetic code.”

The Girl On The Landing is the third novel by British author, Paul Torday. For ten years, Elizabeth has been married to Michael Gascoigne, ten years that Elizabeth says “demonstrated that at least I had commitment, although in my bleaker moments I thought that it might just be inertia”. Mic
Susanne Hopkinson
If you have read Salmon Fishing in Yemen you will enjoy this book, although it is a bit different. I actually found it rather creepy and actually looked behind me when going upstairs at night to bed. The story follows Michael, an unusual bloke, no money worries, crumbling estate in Scotland. He is quiet, reserved and married to Elizabeth. The story unfolds through each character's point of view. Is Michael starting to fall apart into a different reality - ie schizophrenia - or has he really seen ...more
This was recommended to me by a friend who said it shared a similar theme with something I've written. I just dearly hope it was just the theme and that the quality and style of the writing are in no way similar. Only people who know me should read this review TBH.

Have some thoughts/observations...
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This is a library book read for Hartwell WI book club.

The book started out to be just another relationship drama, but as Michael dispeared and Mikey emerged as the book progressed it became more and more like a thriller. I didn't quite understand the Lamia references through the book, but that was made clear at the end. The book kept me hooked in and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing what the rest of the book club think of it tonight.
Wiebke (1book1review)
So I went into this book not knowing what it was about and I went out of this book still unsure of what I just read.
The story is narrated by two narrators, Elizabeth and Michael, who lead a rather cold marriage. Nothing exciting happens, Elizabeth keeps going on about how she got into this situation and that she is okay with her dull, desinterested husband.
Until things start changing and he starts paying attention to her, showing her what her marriage could have been like and she falls in love w
British novelist Paul Torday is a retired businessman who launched a successful second career when he published the bestselling Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (2007).

His follow up, The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce (2008), proved popular as well. The former was a comedy, the second a tragedy.

His third is something like a horror story. The author has a knack for creating a sense of unease in his narratives, and The Girl On The Landing is his darkest effort yet.

It is also his most uneven
Rodrigo Acuna
"Apparitions and mental conditions, inventions and creations of the mind."

This story is about letting go, returning to a more wild state, a place before nations and nationalities a place where legends, sensual, sexual passions and the true savage live, a place where you follow your instincts till you howl at the moon. Commune with the goddess and hunt animal all animals, till you disappear into the primordial forest in your mind.

A marriage of convenience between two strangers, and old fashion li
Late night reading, will be re edited.

This book was lent to me by a friend. I didn't really like the look of the blurb itself but I trust her instincts, and right I was to.
So, I started reading it and immediately, I loved the way it was written and the setting, I have not read a book set the way it is before, so it was really refreshing to read.
After a few chapters I quickly was into the plot of the book. I'm not going to lie the foreshadowing of the book was quite intense so I picked up on a l
Interesting book with an interesting approach, if nothing else.

Contemporary books with Victorian era suspense are rather sparse, so I was glad to come across this one since I completely, completely adore gothic horror. There's something very special in that style - above all it is the way how the most respectful and well-behaved ladies and gentlemen become faced with something completely inexplicable and monstrous that defies their rationalist world view. But not only that, in this book everythi
It's safe to say that The Girl On The Landing isn't one of those books that suck you in instantly. It takes time, and a bit of genuine effort to get into the flow of the book, but once you do it's truly hard to stop reading.

I have to be honest, The Girl On The Landing isn't on top of my list of favourite books, but it's pretty damn close. Where as the slow-paced beginning almost put me off the book, the second half made me finish it in a matter of hours.

Towards the ending of the book I found m
I've been totally gripped by this book over the past couple of days. I enjoyed 'Salmon Fishing', but found this one much more of an entralling read.

Paul Torday explores the degeneration of the the mind so well - as Michael stops taking his anti-psychotic medication he slowly and certainly slips back into the grip of schizophrenia. His wife, Elizabeth, who has spent the past 10 years of their marriage feeling rather underwhelmed suddenly discovers a new side to her husband, a side that she finds
After spending about 2 months reading 2666, it was a relief and a joy to be able to finish a book in just 2 or 3 days. I AM still a reader! Hurrah!

So thanks to this book for that.

Otherwise, shrug. It was forgettable.

"The Girl On The Landing" was spooky and suspenseful, and I haven't read a book like that in a very long time. It's a bit of a psychological thriller, with the main character slowly turning into an evil elf from Lord of the Rings and sloughing off his dull, stodgy, upper class Brit
I went from thinking this was a ghost story, to one about mental health, but by the end decided its open to all sorts of conclusions. The fact that others could see Lamia was perplexing.
The tension builds gradually and is sustained during the last part well. This was a pretty gripping read. It was a bit creepy reading last thing at night!
While not my favourite of Torday's books (I love the inheritance of Wilberforce book) it was one I enjoyed.
I did wonder at giving away so much of the Charlie
I will have to think some more about this book. Is it believable? I guess for the plot to be so I have to accept the author's premise that evil has a genetic basis and can be passed through generations, the 'bad seed' theory. There is something nagging at me about the storyline though, as though I have missed a clue that will make the whole novel more plausible. This book is a gothic thriller, set not in the genre of the nineteenth century but in the Scottish highlands of the twenty-first centur ...more
I have often said that one of the reasons that I enjoy being part of a book group is that I am required, at least once a month, to read out of my comfort zone. The Girl on the Landing by Paul Torday was well out of my comfort zone! I had heard of Paul Torday and his first novel, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which was published in 2007, was made into a major British film starring Ewan McGregor in 2011. So I was very interested to be reading a book by this author. He turned to writing late in life ...more
Back cover reads:

`You think you know someone – but you never really do…

Elizabeth has been married to Michael for ten years. She has adjusted to a fairly monotonous routing with her wealthy, decent but boring husband. Part of this routine involves occasional visits to Beinn Caorrum, the dank and gloomy house is a Scottish glen that Michael inherited from his parents. There are memories there that Michael will not share with her.

But then, on a holiday in Ireland, Michael begins to change. It star
Well well well, I certainly was not expecting that. Don't read a blurb, don't read a synopsis if you'd like an old Victorian Gothic horrors set in the cold, remote of Scotland (my home!) dive right in like I did and be swept away in a tale that leaves you breathless. The twist and turns come thick and fast, astounding you at every turn of the page. A fantastic, and indeed, a very gripping read, I started an finished on the same day!
Brett Hetherington
Two books on from the commercial success of his first, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen,” Paul Torday has, with “The Girl on the Landing,” written a more conventional tale about a man who experiences a new mental and emotional freedom, but those around him fear the dark side of these changes.

Released from the sense-numbing haze of psychotropic prescription drugs, conservative, predictable Michael becomes “Mikey” (as his wife starts to call him) - a more caring and passionate husband, though his appa
This is the first book I've read by Paul Torday. It kept me on the edge of my chair. I don't want to put any spoilers in, but it did interweave human drama, English manners, suspense, and something extra... sort of dark, sort of odd, and it kept me turning the pages! I won't say any more...
I liked this quirky tale though I wasn't too convinced by the ending. There was an air of potential menace throughout which added to the book's appeal and the plot definitely held my attention. A million times better than "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" which I didn't like, at all.
Just finished it and I am BORED! My general feeling is it is a cross between Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and The Yellow Wallpaper. If you know even the tiniest bit about mental health you will find this book utterly predictable and the wife Elizabeth's ignorance and perspective very frustrating. The last couple of chapters held the most suspense, the rest of the book was quite repetitive and monotonous. I haven't read Salmon Fishing in the Yemen but had watched the movie and loved it so I was hoping ...more
Carey Combe
Clever - that is to say, I don't like ghost stories (as I really don't believe in them), but I love, plausible, scary stories that have rational reasons for a 'ghost's' existence in someone else's life.
This book gave me the creeps.

It's not the typical horror thing with supernatural beings on it but the ones that I am totally afraid of - those that are in the mind.

When Michael started to change, Elizabeth finally found herself falling in love with her husband. But what brought the changes? Where is the spooky part?

I don't want to give any spoilers and ruin the fun of reading a very good story. With alternating POVs from Michael and Elizabeth, you will be inside their world and start guessing o
Steven Palmer
A well written book that still leaves you guessing at the end. Throughout the story you wonder whether the protagonist is dealing with psychiatric problems or if there is some metaphysical events taking place. The author's exploration of schizophrenia is dealt with in a sensitive manner and he manages to encapsulate both the difficulties of living with this condition and the problems those around a schizophrenic encounter in coping with a loved one who has that condition. The characterisation is ...more
Ote takakansitekstistä: " Brittiläisen yläluokan hillitystä charmista rasistiin kannanottoihin, vahvasta psyykenlääkityksestä harhoihin ja kummituksiin, rakkaudettomasta avioliitosta välitilaan, jossa jokainen on hetken metsästäjä." Pitkästä aikaa jännitti paikoin lukea jotakin kirjaa. Muutamassa kohdassa loppupuolella hieman ärsyynnyin, olisin itse päättänyt muutamat asiat toisin. Mutta kaikenkaikkiaan viihdyttävä, helppolukuinen kirja, joka myös välillä hymyilyttää. Loppuratkaisuja saattoi aik ...more
An intriguing, unusual story, strangely told. I found myself continuously forgetting that the book was meant to be set in the present day. So much of it is written in the style of a turn-of-the-century ghost story; man with inherited wealth owns giant house in the country, belongs to an old-fashioned club called Grouchers, likes whisky and cigars after dinner etc. Occasional references to mobile phones almost jar in this strange, backward world inhabited by the characters.

I find myself wondering
Silash Ruparell
This review also appears in my blog

My one liner: A disturbing thriller, which leads you into an uncomfortable zone somewhere in between the supernatural and the deepest primaeval recesses of the human mind.

“Serendipozan is one of the new generation of neuroleptics. While we must concede that extrapyramidal symptoms (e.g. acute Parkinsonism) and neuroleptic malignant symptoms (sometimes resulting in mortality) have been observed in control groups, we believe that these occu
Beatrice Baumann-Fahrni
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Estelle Munroe
I really liked his style, found it very easy to read, but wasn't blown away by the storyline to be honest.
The last part of the book felt rushed as I think someone else has said, and there was one thing that I found surprisingly annoying, is petty, I know - but there is a word that is mentioned several times in the book, and when Elizabeth is talking the the 'new' Michael, she asks him a few times about it, and he never answers, so why, oh why, does she wait until it's all over, ask some pub qui
Pragya Thakur
I give it three stars because I didn't want to put it down, I wanted to keep going and see what was happening. But it is definitely not as marvelous as his book - Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

Paul Torday writes with an uncertain hand here and this reader got the sense that he wasn't sure whether he wanted this effort slotted in the horror or the psychological thriller genre.

The novel is written with dual perspectives, that of Michael and of his wife Elizabeth, which I liked. However, I wanted a bet
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Paul Torday burst on to the literary scene in 2007 with his first novel, SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN, an immediate international bestseller that has been translated into 28 languages and has been made into a film starring Ewan McGregor, Kristin Scott Thomas and Emily Blunt. His subsequent novels, THE IRRESISTIBLE INHERITANCE OF WILBERFORCE, THE GIRL ON THE LANDING, THE HOPELESS LIFE OF CHARLIE SUM ...more
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Salmon Fishing In The Yemen The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce The Hopeless Life Of Charlie Summers More Than You Can Say The Legacy of Hartlepool Hall

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