Isolation (Partials Sequence #0.5)
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Isolation (Partials Sequence 0.5)

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Two decades before the events of Partials, the world was locked in a different battle for survival: a global war for the last remaining oil reserves on the planet. It was for the Isolation War that the American government contracted the ParaGen Corporation to manufacture the Partials—our last hope in reclaiming energy independence from China. And it was on these fields of

Kindle Edition, 75 pages
Published August 28th 2012 by Balzer + Bray
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Partials by Dan Wells was one of my favorite books of 2012. This short story (or maybe this is more of a novella?) adds more depth to the world Dan Wells utilizes before the horrible biovirus breaks loose. This novella paints a world of war and chaos, taking place in 2060. In Isolation the reader is introduced to Mei, a general of the Chinese army who is working with Bao and Wu to prevent the Partials from taking over their land. But Mei has a terrible secret: (view spoiler)...more
We are at war," said the voice," a war we must win at all costs ; you know that-"
"What I want you to do," said Heron softly , " is to think long and hard about this. You made us to kill and conquer, and we are doing it better than you ever anticipated. Far better than you could ever do yourselves. You are no match for us. Do not make us your enemy." She stared into the darkness and a wicked smile crept into the corners of her lips , "Confirm?"

Whatta badass babe.

Oh hell . I want Fragments So baaa...more
Gina (Fantasia Books)
Jun 30, 2012 Gina (Fantasia Books) marked it as to-read
I want it in paperback....why does it have to be kindle....i don't like kindle.... *unhappy face*
Ophelia Mercy
Very few books pull a five star review from me, you have to really give me something good. Dan Wells Partials did just that for me, I liked the characters a great deal. The plot was done pretty nicely if a little bit confusing because we don't get to know the villians other than a few fights and a supporting characters. Isolation gives readers that. I have made a list of pros and cons to really give you an idea as to what I'm talking about.

+ Heron knows what she is, the second strongest typ...more
The Partials Sequence is a post-apocalyptic setting in the latter half of the 21st-century . Humanity has been driven to near-extension by the Partials -- bio-mechanical super soldiers. The Partials were created as specialized (and disposable) "weapons" in the global conflicts over natural resources.

This short story is set prior to the events in the novels, during the "Isolation War" -- a war between China and the NADI (North American Defense Initiative). It follows Heron, a partial Theta (or sp...more
I bought this because I totally loved Partials and think Dan Wells rocks! Isolation by Dan Wells offers us a unique look back at the Isolation Wars that created the dystopian world we learned about in Partials. This was truly fascinating and explains why the Partials rebelled.

The tale goes back and forth detailing the life of one partial over a four year period. We meet Heron while she is being created, trained and eventually set up as a spy for the United States Government. Wells explains how...more
Jen Blackham
I'm really not one for this new "novella" trend. I don't really watch the extras/deleted scenes on DVDs, figuring if it was really important, it would have been included in the "real" book/show. For the most part, I come away from them unsatisfied, especially if I have put off reading the next book because I felt I had to read the novella chronologically.

This novella (as many end up doing) comes before book 1 even begins. There is no one from book one in this, so it's really its own short story....more

A prequel novella from Heron's POV, set about 20 years before the events of Partials. The story gives a bit of insight into the war that led to the Partials being created, how the Partials were created and used, what their relationship with humans were like and the beginnings of the Partials revolting against their creators.
The few parts I enjoyed were the background information given on the war, the psyche of the Partials and the different roles the Partials played. Unfortuantely I was...more
"Isolation" was amazing. Dan Wells is an incredibly descriptive writer without being overly so. The pictures he creates in your mind help pull you into not just the story, but the world of the story.

"Isolation" is a short prequel to "Partials." In "Partials" we vaguely heard about the Isolation War--a war the Partials (essentially genetically manufactured bodies) won for the humans. In "Isolation," we learn the details of that war, how the Partials won it and what consequences the win had that l...more
So I read this before I started Partials. It came out after, and so most readers I am sure read it after. Maybe if I had, I'd have liked it more. I hope it is not indicative of how I will feel about Partials.

This takes place 60 years before the events in Partials. It explains how and why they were made. Heron is a Partial specifically engineered to be an assassin. She was made with the perfect body and to look Chinese since that is who she will infiltrate. She was grown in a tank and is 'born' a...more
Isolation is a prequel novella in Dan Well's Partials series. Although it is technically a prequel and can be read alone, I still recommend reading it after the first book, Partials, because there is a bit of jargon, but more importantly, it's clearly a supplement to the series and it's just not very strong story by itself. The story is from the point of view of Heron, an assassin Partial created to infiltrate Chinese headquarters.

I admit I might be a bit biased since this novella is set in Chin...more
Jennifer Marie

If you're a Partials fan and haven't read Isolation, I would absolutely recommend it. The back story provided is amazing--what we learned from Kira that she'd been told about the Partials' creation and the hazy references to The Isolation War pales in comparison to watching an actual Partial narrator experience her birth, training, and finally the war itself.

Heron is a fascinating narrator. From her perspective, the folly of humans in considering the Partial race machines is blatant, even when H

Partials is one of favourite books of 2012, so when I heard that there was a prequel I just had to read it. Told from the perspective of Heron (a Partial we meet at the end of book 1) it gives a glimpse into her story - we see her being created, trained and eventually set up as a spy for the United States Government. It's a brilliant back story that gives you a glimpse into the Isolation War & Partial history. Plus, at the end there is a teaser from the first chapter of Fragments the sequel...more
Even though it is technically a prequel, I read this story after I finished the Partials Sequence (needed more Partials in my life!). I feel that I enjoyed this more due to that fact. Heron was already a well established and mysterious character in my mind, and this story was well written. It showed me exactly why she was the way she was in the Partials novels. It was comforting!
I wouldn't recommend reading this first... I don't think it would have the same effect.
Great story though!!
Hwee Goh
It is some time in 2060. The Middle East has imploded, and the world's powers are dividing the rest of the territories for energy. History repeats itself, and China is in the thick of an Isolation War against an invading US. The Americans have developed its army of BioSynths, later known as Partials in Dan Wells' series of the same name. This is the short story of Heron. Artificially developed as a "spy model," her story crystallizes how and why the "weapon" fighters that the North American Defe...more
Loved it! Just loved it!

If you read and liked Patrials you really should read this 
Think this is an excellent addition to the world building, and it gave more insight to the Isolation War and off course more understanding why the Patials are such magnificent warrior and a hint of why they in the end rebelled against their makers, which by the way totally makes sense (the scenes in the shower really made my stomach turn).
I would recommend that you at least read the first book before this, becau...more
Lynn Worton
This is a short story that is a prequel to the Partials Sequence, but is set during the Isolation war, nearly twenty years before. I loved it!

Heron is a Partial, a human hybrid super soldier. She is designed for espionage, and is trained to infiltrate and blend in with the humans. I was a bit unsure, when I first met her in Fragments, and then again in Ruins, if I liked her or not. This short story allowed me to get to know and understand her better.

Any war, in my opinion, is a terrible waste. M...more
pretty awesome little novella :) just wish it was longer! had some great ties to "I, Robot" but that might be an artifact of me listening to that audiobook right now too.
This short story definitely gives the background information that, I myself, was wondering about after having finished the first book. I had wondered how the Partials were made, so it's cool that that is one of the first things you learn from this short story. Gaining more knowledge about the Partials, in general, is interesting. Finding out why the Isolation War began, and what happened during the war, was very intriguing. Ultimately learning why the Partials no longer trust the humans explains...more
Suzy (ereaderuser)
I loved this peek into how the Isolation War began and how the Partials were developed. Super short story!
The beginning of the end. Quite interesting and thrilling.
I really enjoyed Partials and have been eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, so when I saw that there would be a novella that would provide some more background about the Isolation War, I was all over it. If you haven't read Partials yet, you could conceivably read this one first, as it deals with events that take place before the timeline in Partials. However, I'd recommend reading Partials before this novella, as the character this novella focuses on plays a small role in Partials, an...more
As far as short stories go I really enjoyed this one. It adds something to the world and it gives so much in terms of world building.

One of the things I missed in Partial was explanation about the Isolation War and this novella gives that missing piece of information. I love world building and everything that gives me more anshwers and world building is great. This novella focusses not only on the Isolation War, but also on the Partials. It is told from the point of view of a Partial and it was...more
Petra Sýkorová

Z prvního dílu série, Partials, jsem byla náramně nadšená. Není to ovšem kniha pro každého. Víc si ji nejspíš užijí kluci, než holky. Přece jenom je autor sám chlap a i samotnou knihu tak pojal. Je v ní geniálně popsáno bojiště, až cítíte, že vám okolo hlavy sviští nějaká ta kulka a vy se spolu s hlavními hrdiny krčíte pod přímou palbou. Při čtení jsem alespoň já měla takový pocit. Stejně tak měl krásně propracovanou biologickou část hledání protiléku na neznámý vir. To jsou věci, které dívky př...more
Courtesy of Smash Attack Reads

Heron’s story was super interesting. We get background on why and how the Partials were created. I really enjoyed experiencing a Partial’s “birth” from their perspective, as well as the social, emotional and physical developmental processes. It was pretty fascinating and well-written. Heron had issues with being “different” from her counterparts because she was a special Partial, who would be sent on a special mission. However, she was developed with no empathy and...more
ISOLATION, is not just a short the ones that are very common now a actually describes you the background story of Partials, the first book....and it is WONDERFULL. With a very diferent protagonist.....Heron is a spy Partial who discovered what humans (NADI organization) are planning to do with them....

This story makes you realize how heartless humans can be....and how weak they become when they want to conquer something. Human ambition is too complex to describe, even more...more
Ryan Lawler
Of all the Novella / Novelette size stories I have read recently, Isolation is one of the better ones. Isolation is a prequel of sorts to Partials, centred around the actions of Theta-class Partial Heron (who we met at the end of Partials). Set during the Isolation War, we get alternating chapters between the infiltration of / battle with the Chinese army, and birth / training of new Partials.

The birth / training scenes provide some fascinating background knowledge and eventually insight into ho...more
Isolation is a novella set during the Isolation Wars, so before the happenings in Partials. I wouldn't recommend reading Isolation as an actual intro into the Partials Sequence world; it's much better enjoyed when you know the backdrop better.

In Isolation we get an insight into the life of one Partial we already met, Heron. She's an espionage Partial, created without an empathy package. It immediately becomes clear though that even though she's bred inside a vat, Heron is more human than her dev...more
Eric Allen
By Dan Wells

A Review by Eric Allen

A few months after he released Partials, which I loved, and a few months before he released Fragments which I loved even more, Dan Wells released an E-book novella called Isolation. This is a brief sequence giving the back story for the character Heron, who played a major role in the second book. This book is almost too short to even really call a novella. It's more like a short story, or, more likely, a deleted sequence from Fragments that just didn'...more
Amanda Masters
I couldn't believe when I saw this was out! I loved the Partial book and can't wait to read more in the series so when I saw that Dan Wells had created a 0.5 Book well I snatched it right up! finally got to it in my reading got to say thought I liked the book I was a little disappointed with it I was hoping for at least some connection to the Partial book would be in this but there was nothing at all but at the same time not surprising as it takes place two decades before...more
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Dan Wells is a thriller and science fiction writer. Born in Utah, he spent his early years reading and writing. He is he author of the Partials series (Partials, Isolation, Fragments, and Ruins), the John Cleaver series (I Am Not a Serial Killer, Mr. Monster, and I Don't Want To Kill You), and a few others (The Hollow City, A Night of Blacker Darkness, etc). He was a Campbell nomine for best new w...more
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