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Odessa Again

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Fourth grader Odessa Green-Light lives with her mom and her toad of a little brother, Oliver. Her dad is getting remarried, which makes no sense according to Odessa. If the prefix "re" means "to do all over again," shouldn't he be remarrying Mom? Meanwhile, Odessa moves into the attic room of their new house. One day she gets mad and stomps across the attic floor. Then she...more
Published May 14th 2013 by Listening Library (Audio)
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Susan P
Cute. After her parents divorce, Odessa, her little brother and her mom have to move to a new house. Luckily for Odessa, her attic room turns out to have a magic floor. She can jump through it and go back a day. This comes in very handy as over the course of her fourth grade year she makes some embarrassing and cruel mistakes and is able to correct them - but she only has a limited number of times to jump. Can she get to a happy ending before her do-overs expire? This would be a great book discu...more
Lisa W.
Eh. Clunky writing at times, telling rather then showing what the characters did. I wish I could give it a 2.5. Remarriage and a light fantasy (girl stomps on floorboard....goes back in time 24 hours. Why? Who knows) I didn't mind that they did not explain the time travel mystery, wish the writing would have been strong. A good pick for girls and people who enjoy family stories. Illustrated, quick read. Positive potrayal of divorce family with parent co-parently well and cordially. Worth a try f...more
Shiralea Woodhouse
I found this book cute and enjoyed the "do-overs" element; liked that we see Odessa grow and get a little wiser as the book goes on. For me, the most unbelievable thing in the book wasn't the going back in time, it was divorced parents who got along. That happens about as much as time travel. I found myself hoping she would actually get her parents back together - I mean hey, as long as we're in a fiction story... :)
A solid choice for booktalking to 3rd and 4th graders, especially if you need to have a book with particular girl appeal. With a great hook, likeable characters, and situations spot on for kids at this age, I think it will be a big hit. If I were rating it on my reading preferences, I might only give it a 3. However, I think it is so well tuned to its target audience that it needs to have a 4 star rating.
Laura McNeal
This wonderful novel reminds me of how happy I used to be when the Scholastic book orders would arrive and my teacher would sort out the loot and I would find on my desk brand new glossy editions of Beverly Cleary novels. The kid that I was and the adult that I am now are in complete agreement: Odessa is a sweet, funny, timeless book with a magical premise.
Great family story about self discovery and family. When Odessa's mom and dad divorce,they sell their family home, she moves to a new rental home while her at home mom looks for work, her dad is getting remarried and her younger brother Oliver aka toad is driving her crazy. Between friendships, school and boy crushes and sharing Wednesday night dinners with her dad, life has changed and not for the better. Odessa finds a way to deal with the changes when she discovers her attic bedroom has a mag...more
Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt
Wendy Lamb Books, 2013
196 pages
Recommended for grades 3-6

Fans of A Year Without Autumn and 11 Birthdays will enjoy this time travel story. Here we have Odessa, parents recently divorced, father getting remarried and mother moving into a new house. These kinds of changes are the real deal issues so many of our students are dealing with, and they can be heavy on young shoulders. None of Odessa's family issues are taken lightly, but the book does not have an opp...more
Who doesn't like the idea of do-overs?

Odessa Green-Light is a typical fourth grader. She's nine years old (almost ten you know), has a toad of a younger brother named Oliver, has a best friend, a crush on her math partner, and her parents are divorced.

Odessa, Oliver and their mom move into a new house and by accident Odessa finds she can go back in time for "do-overs."

"Odessa Again" tells the engaging tale of what Odessa chooses to do with her new powers, using them first for her own gain and th...more
Fourth grader Odessa Green-Light lives with her mom and her toad of a little brother, Oliver. Her dad is getting remarried, which makes no sense according to Odessa. If the prefix "re" means "to do all over again," shouldn't he be remarrying Mom? Meanwhile, Odessa moves into the attic room of their new house. One day she gets mad and stomps across the attic floor. Then she feels as if she is falling and lands . . . on the attic floor. Turns out that Odessa has gone back in time a whole day! With...more
Who hasn't wanted to go back and change things? You could take back the mean thing you said to your sibling, eliminate that most embarrassing moment in school, and never have to grow-out the results of a terrible haircut. Odessa finds a way to do just that in her attic bedroom, which has a magic, time-traveling floor. While the premise might sound far-fetched, Odessa's voice and experiences are so down to earth and real that the story feels authentic. The author doesn't take plot short-cuts or s...more
Clare Rossetter
Dec 19, 2013 Clare Rossetter rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 2nd-6th graders/listen to/read
Recommended to Clare by: no-one
Odessa, her brother and mom move to a new house after a divorce. Odessa is not happy and wants her parents to get back together. She sees her brother as a toad who is a nuisance. One day after having a fight with her brother she goes to her room and stomps. When she does this she is taken back some twenty-four hours. She is able to change what happened. She figures out that she can do this only a finite number of times and each time the time she travels back is less. When she choses to go back a...more
After her parents' divorce, Odessa moves into a new house with her brother, Oliver, and mother. Though the divorce hasn't turned her world upside down, Odessa is struggling with her mom's job search, quirky little brother, and the normal ups and downs of 4th grade. In a fit of anger, she jumps on the rug in her new attic bedroom and falls 24 hours back in time. Given the chance to change her life, she makes little adjustments to fix embarrassing moments and mistakes. Odessa loses an hour from ea...more
This is a fun, quirky little read about a 4th grader named Odessa who is going g through some unsettled times. She and her mom and her annoying little brother have moved to a new home, while her father has decided to marry a new woman named Jennifer. In addition to all of this, Odessa must figure out how to navigate the trials and tribulations of any normal 4th grader, from boys to best friends. However, somehow she is able to stomp on her attic bedroom floor and go back in time. The first jump...more
This book has an interesting premise. Odessa finds a way to go back 24 hours in time through her attic floorboards, but she only gets 24 chances, and every time she goes back she gets one less hour. What would you do with those chances to change your past?

Things I liked:

-It takes the ups and downs of childhood very seriously and has a realistic portrait of how a 4th grader would act in this situation.
-Good for kids whose parents are going through a divorce--works through those feelings well.

Virginia Brace
There is a clever gimmick Odessa uses to go back and change things that didn't go well or weren't to her liking during the day. It is the author's method for getting kids to look at the choices they make and to think about how they can handle issues with friends and family in a better way. But Odessa makes some really selfish choices and I never grew to like her very well even when she went back in time and "fixed" things. I didn't like the way she treated her elderly neighbor or her brother, Ol...more
Dana Reinhardt moves away from her powerful young adult novels, such as Things a Brother Knows, to a more whimsical upper-elementary tale.

Odessa gets in a fight with her younger brother one day. In a fit of anger, she stamps her foot on the floorboard so hard that she falls through. Suddenly she finds herself 24 hours in the past. She has a chance to re-do her day. Using this technique she changes several things she wishes she had done differently - but she needs to determine how often and what...more
Odessa is not happy about having to move to a new house with her brother and mother. She is also not too pleased about her father's upcoming marriage to his girlfriend.

But when Odessa finally convinces her mom to let her have the attic as her bedroom she realizes that if she jumps on a certain part of the floor she travels back in time 24 hours. Then 23. Then 22. Each time she decides to go back she loses an hour and when she realizes this she starts being more careful about why she is going ba...more
A fourth grader discovers a way to travel back in time and starts reliving parts of her life. At first she’s selfish, but over time she begins to use this power for a greater purpose.

I listened to the audiobook and it was pretty good. A little simplistic, but a cute little story.
Jeff Raymond
Of all the books involving time loops, this one might be my favorite.

The idea is simple: Odessa finds a time loop in the attic that allows her to go back in time and replay the last 24 hours. The problem is that the next time allows her to only go back 23, and so on. The book follows Odessa's attempts to set her life correctly with this finite loop in play.

The book is near-perfect. Odessa is a fun character who truly learns and grows as the story goes on. The way Reinhardt handles the fantastica...more
Gail Shipley
It took me a few chapters to get into the book. It was interesting how Odessa kept getting to repeat days that she messed up on. I know I would like to have some do overs. It was interesting to watch Odessa's character change from thinking only of herself to using her do-overs to help others. A lot of discussion can come from reading this book.
Jun 19, 2013 Kate rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 3rd-5th grade
A story of Odessa, a 4th grader whose parents are divorced and whose world has therefore changed. Odessa discovers a way to travel back by hours and uses that to make changes in her day. Some changes are somewhat frivolous while others have real consequences, for better or worse. Odessa's feelings about her parents' divorce, her younger brother, moving to a new house, and her father marrying another woman are realistic. As for the time travel, who wouldn't want the opportunity to rethink their h...more
Odessa has difficulty with the many changes in her life (parent's divorce, moving, mom job hunting, etc.) until the day Odessa falls through the floorboard and learns that she can redo her day. A cute story that girls will enjoy.
This was a really cute book, about a girl named Odessa who finds, in her new house, that she can go back in time by jumping through her attic bedroom floor. The first time she goes back 24 hours, the second time 23, the third time 22, and so on. The author didn't explain that concept really well so it took me a while to get it. Eventually she figures out that she can use her discovery as a sort of "power" and fix little mistakes and embarrassing moments. I would've liked it more when I was 8 or...more
Not my favorite, but may recommend to teachers looking to read RICBA nominees because it could lead to some good discussions about making choices.
What would you do if you could turn back time and do a day over again? Fun children's book.
Ruth Ann
Fourth-grader Odessa would like to change some things in her life. She would her family to move back to their old house. She would like her parents to get remarried. She would like to move up to the best spelling group.

When she is sent to her room one day, for shoving her little brother when he listens in on her phone conversation, she stomps around on her floor. When she falls through the floor she makes a big discovery! She has gone back in time for a day.

This isn’t a one-time-only opportuni...more
Odessa Again was similar to 11 Birthdays: it is about Odessa, who discovers that she has 24 chances to go back in time 24 hours or less. She uses these chances to fix things like fights with friends, help her brother, avoid embarrassment, and others. But she is able to discover that sometimes, changing the past can not fix the future. Marvelous book!
Great read for 3rd-6th grade students.
Susan Cox
This is a book about Odessa who discovers a time loop in her new home. She uses it to correct things that go wrong in her life. The time loop enables her to go back 24 hours in her life the first time. The second time, it's 23 hours, then 22 hours, etc. In the end she's able to correct a lot of wrongs, help her "toad" of a brother, and discover that not all things that seem bad are. The author captures the mindset of the children at their ages. Charming. Highly recommended.
Karen Arendt
I enjoyed this story. Odessa experiences many emotions as a 9-yera-old, occasionally makes some selfless choices and occasionally some selfish ones. While there is not ultimate explanation of how she is able to travel back in time starting with 24 hours and decreasing one hour each time she does it, Odessa begins to realize that she need to choose wisely when it is worth going back in time.
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