What a Boy Needs (What a Boy Wants, #2)
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What a Boy Needs (What a Boy Wants #2)

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A companion novel to WHAT A BOY WANTS.

Jaden Sinclair knows he'll never amount to anything...so why would he deserve a girl like Priscilla Mendoza?

Since last summer, things have been screwed up between Jaden and Pris. He knows it's his fault, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to go a few rounds with her new boyfriend. He also knows he’s the loser his dad calls him, bu...more
ebook, 124 pages
Published June 2012
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5 Stars!! You ARE AWESOME Jaden and so is Nyrae Dawn!!

This follow-up book to What A Boy Wants, is a little darker in tone, but just as wonderful and appealing! Heartbreaking and heartwarming, it’s a beautiful journey about self-discovery, self-worth and friendship!

What Jaden needs is to know that he is loved. Oh and he is, by so many people, but not by the two people who should love him unconditionally, the love he craves, the love he NEEDS! Jaden is the unfortunate target of his father’s verb...more
Autumn Review
I didn't think it was possible to love Jaden more than I already did, but seriously.....FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I adored What A Boy Wants, but What A Boy Needs blew my mind. Full review to come soon!

My Summary:
The end of senior year is approaching and Jaden Sinclair feels like he's stuck. All of his friends are getting ready to head off to college in New York and Jaden was originally supposed to go, but his college plans didn't work out and he doesn't have the money to last long in New York. Then to m...more
Great! I'm the first reader that added this... but after I finished What a boy Wants, I couldn't help it. I have to read the next book!!!

Nyrae, you have just joined my favorite writers list!!

My Thoughts After reading:

This book was fun and heartwarming. I was mesmerized from the beggining of the book -we know how is it that Nyrae can reflect so easily what a friendship that turnes into love feels like given that she married one of his high school friends- The only thing that I didn't like too muc...more
OH.... MY...... WORD!!!!!!!!! As i've always said, a true mark of an awesome read is wanting to devour it, in one sitting which i did with this book.... Jaden... wow... he just tugged at my heartstrings... this was such a different vein from its companion novel What A Boy Wants, it was so full of sadness and anger BUT man oh man did i still LOVE it!! And have i said that i am a SUCKER for male POV's? Well... just like What A Boy Wants was all in Sebastian's POV, What a Boy Needs was all in Jaden...more
Yup, I loved What a Boy Needs and I am officially convinced that Nyrae Dawn is a pretty kick-ass author.

This story plays out a little differently than What a Boy Wants as it has more serious undertones to it. So, no sugar pops and angels (or butterflies and faeries for that matter) in this book. Jaden's life has not been easy to say the least. I love the journey of self-discovery that we go through with him. In the first book we catch glimpses of a sort of seriousness to Jaden and this is most d...more
The summer after HS graduation Jaden and his 3 BFF's take a trip across country to NY where they plan to live and attend college. On this trip he will also take his own private journey on the road to self discovery. On his private journey he will find out who's important to him, what makes a true family, who he loves, who loves him and most of all he will discover that he is worth everything he has always dreamed he could never be or have. He will also get a bonus full of love at the end of his...more
Recently, I read a great book, WHAT A BOY WANTS (my review). I immediately fell in love with the story, the characters, and author Nyrae Dawn's ability to tell a great story and feel so much for her characters. So you can imagine how happy I was when I learned Nyrae was writing a companion book from Jaden's point of view, WHAT A BOY NEEDS. I received an advanced copy of this book and dove in whole-heartedly. I was thrilled to revisit the gang and to learn more about Jaden.

What I learned....brok...more
Jolene Perry
This book lived up to everything I wanted it to be.

Another FABULOUS guy POV.
A little deeper than What a Boy Wants, but it was SO fun to see Sebastian in action again.
Some great schmexy scenes.
LOVE the love story, and love what Jaden had to overcome.

Nyrae's awesome at creating some laugh out loud moments, some sweet moments, and some swoon worthy ones as well.

Well done :-D
Can't wait!!! Gonna read this as soon as it's available (hopefully sooner rather then later). Which means I'm going to drop EVERYTHING for it!!! That's right. Nothings gonna stop me.

5 HUGE STARS!!!! What a Boy Needs was just what this reader needed!! Wow, this book was just amazing! What a Boy Needs is a heart wrenching story about a journey of self-discovery and self-worth. As I read this follow-up book to What a Boy Wants, my heart broke for Jaden. This book definitely had a darker tone to it, but it was just as amazing and appealing as What a Boy Wants. I couldn’t get enough of both books, and the amazing characters they each held inside.

Jaden grew up in a house full of

Deea (Andreea)
Holly smokes this was a whole new level of AWESOMENESS! <3

I can't write a coherent review right now (you know it always happens when I get emotional over a book;)), but I loved it! Jay's story was beautiful and heartbreaking and powerful and sweet and inspiring and funny at times (I could go on and on here)... I may or may not have cried there at the end and I may or may not be super jealous of these four friends relationship and I may or may not have felt like calling my high school friends...more
Ornella (Nyx)
I think I liked Jaden's story more than Sebastian's, but I loved both of them anyway xD

What really grabbed at me was Jaden's struggle of always thinking that he wasn't worth anything and his friends being there with him even when Jaden didn't think he wanted it. Their unyielding support was amazing, especially Pris's. She was kick-ass, she knew what she wanted and even though her parents gave her crap, she made a life of her own and knew who she wanted to be. Jaden had more to go through but he...more
Jul 09, 2012 Carly rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: own
Woah. I didn't think it was possible, but this book was even better than What A Boy Wants (which I loved, too!)
Nyrae Dawn is such a natural writer. Can't wait to read more of her books!

You can read the full review over at the blog.
OOOOOOH Jaden!! <3


OMG!!! YES!! Can't wait to find out more :DDD
This review and others can also be found at The Nifty Novels Blog!

Another sweet book by Nyrae Dawn. I just have to say right off the bat -- Nyrae can sure nail the teenage boy voice with her narrators. In What a Boy Needs Jaden gets to be the star as the first person narrator of the story, and he is a fun person to get to know in this story. And by fun I guess I really mean fascinating. Jaden is a boy who is the product of a completely sucky home environment. Is he abused? Not physically. But th...more
What A Boy Needs is the companion book to What A Boy Wants, the first one followed Sebastian and this time it's his friend Jaden's turn to tell his story.

OMG! I loved this book! It made me cry, laugh, cry some more, and then end up in a really happy place!

I really liked Sebastian in What A Boy Wants but I loved Jaden more in What A Boy Needs! There were so many times during this book where I just wanted to reach in and give him a huuuuge hug.

The story starts with Jaden having to deal with Pris,...more
Stacy Girls in the STACKS
Nyrae Dawn does not disappoint in her sophomore novel, What a Boy Needs is a fantastic companion book to What a Boy Wants.

In this book Jayden is the star, and deservedly so. We got hints about his situation in What a Boy Wants, but he was overshadowed by the exuberant, larger-than-life-but-we-love-him Sebastian. We learn Jayden (sadly) comes from an abusive home. His step father verbally assaults him while his mother watches. As if that isn’t heart wrenching enough it gets worse, and with such...more
Katie Stout
Just as cute as the first one. I'm not sure if I preferred Sebastian or Jay as a narrator. But this one is a lot more serious than the first one, since Jay's parents are basically terrible people.

The romance was also on the steamier side, which I suppose fit with the more serious tone. What A Boy Wants was essentially clean, besides language, but this book isn't. (Just a note there for any readers who are concerned with content.)

Overall, I'm just really impressed with Nyrae Dawn, and I'm not sur...more
Dani Morales
Omg! I fell in love with Sabastian in WABW but I was always curious about Jaden. Nyrae Dawn is so amazing and I absolutely adore her! Jaden is the type of person to hold his troubles in and fell in love with someone who he thought was to good for him, but he just needed to realize how amazing he truly is!

Faced with a father figure who belittled him, a mother who wasn't there in the way he needed her to be left Jaden unsure of himself. Through the friendship he shares with Bastian, Aspen, and Pri...more
Lacey Weatherford
I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so when I saw a companion novel was available I immediately went and downloaded it. I was skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy Jaden's story as much as Sebastian's, but there were no worries there. In fact, I would have to say this was probably my favorite of the two.

I read this all in one sitting, and I my heart hurt over how broken Jaden felt on the inside. I loved the message that was portrayed, how people shouldn't judge others because...more
I was curious but anxious to read about what was going on in Jaden's life. His story broke my heart and I just wanted to hug him the entire time. I'm so happy that he realized he was worth it in the end and the epilogue just warmed my heart. Just like in What A Boy Wants, what I love so much about this book was the amazing bond between the four friends. So strong and true and unbreakable. Love it. Congrats to Nyrae Dawn for writing another amazing story. Hope to see more with these characters!
Amber ♥
I wouldn't say I loved this book as much as the first, I really loved Jaden's charactor but his story line kinda fell flat for me. I felt the ending was rushed and the book shouuld have been longer.
I really liked Want a Boy Wants, but I loved What a Boy Needs! At times Jaden's story was so heart breaking, he never had it easy. I'm glad he got to tell his story and got his HEA.
Steph Campbell
A bit deeper than What a Boy Wants, but just as fun. I *think* I love Jaden more than Sebastian. Maybe. Full review once it's released. :)
4.5/5 stars

Nyrae Dawn knows how to write boys, and write boys well. With Bastian, and now with Jaden, I’m so impressed with how she can get inside their heads and make them convincingly all-boy, but also give them a layer of vulnerability and real emotion. Where Bastian is amusing, clueless, and hilariously adorable, there’s a more serious, emotionally scarred, tormented side to Jaden that I just gravitate toward. His home life less than ideal, Jaden has grown up enduring years of heavy emotiona...more
Nyrae Dawn… you are one talented mama!

I totally loved What a Boy Wants. Upon finishing I was so high on that book that I immediately purchased What a Boy Needs. I just had to have more and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.

This book is written in Jaden’s POV and takes place about a year after What a Boy Wants. You’ll find that What a Boy Wants is light and funny whereas What a Boy Needs is delivered in a more serious voice but written just as well.

Upon finishing this book I have only one...more
Leigh Ann - Silver Wings Reviews
After reading What A Boy Wants and loving it so much I knew I had to read What A Boy Needs right away. I wasn't really prepared for the difference between the two books. Sebastian is a comical character and he loves his friends unconditionally. What A Boy Wants is light and funny. What A Boy Needs is written from Sebastian's friend, Jaden's, point-of-view. Jaden, while laid back on the outside, is a tortured soul on the inside. Sebastian hints that Jaden has problems at home in What A Boy Wants,...more
What A Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn was simply stunning. I didn’t think I could love this book more than I did with What A Boy Wants. I didn’t think my heart was big enough to fit in Jaden since it had already been claimed by Bastian, but I was so wrong. Somehow, Nyrae Dawn was able to allow me to open my heart for Jaden, to love him in and out all the way. Diving back into this story with Jaden, Pris, Aspen and Bastian was like a breathing in a breath of fresh air that I have been holding for so lon...more

Thank you Nyrae for giving us Jay's story even if it did break my heart and leave me struggling to hold it together by the end. *cries all the tears*

I fell in love with Sebastian in What A Boy Wants but was also a HUGE fan of his smart ass BFF Jaden Sinclair. Jaden is cute, snarkilicious and the kind of guy whose always there for his friends no questions asked. His biggest flaw is not sharing his feelings with the people who love him. This is because his home life sucks and he's so be...more
Nereyda Gonzalez
It’s no secret how much I absolutely LOVED What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn. (Click HERE to read my review). It was one of the very few all male POV book I had read and I was hooked on Sebastian from the very first page. Although the main story was about Sebastian and Aspen getting together, it also featured a beautiful and hilarious friendship between Sebastian, Jaden, Aspen and Pris. I loved every aspect of their friendship, from their PPP (Pre-Party Plan) to the boys strong urge to take care an...more
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I love nothing more than writing about young adults. There is something so fresh and fun about it. You can pretty much always find me with a book in my hand or open document in front of me.

I live in Southern California with my husband and two children.

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