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Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
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Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  1,527 ratings  ·  119 reviews
The precepts of Hermetic philosophy remained shrouded in secrecy for more than 2,000 years, clouded by obscure language and dense allegories. This concise guide offers a modern interpretation of the doctrine, distilling its teachings with seven compelling principles that can be applied to self-development in daily life.
Hardcover, 223 pages
Published October 1st 1998 by Devorss & Co (Txp) (first published February 1st 1900)
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This is NOT a book on magic (as in the description from goodreads). It explains the "science" of spirit or "All-That-Is". It resonated with me, and from it my interest in hermetic philosophy was ignited.
This stands as one of the most important books I've read about the nature of reality and the supersensible universe. As with any work intending to teach through words something that is larger and exponentially more complex than language will always require careful study. And though this book is not long by page standards, it requires careful, slow study if one is to get the maximum weight of the material.

If you are unable to let go of the question of whether there is more to the universe than me
this book explains everything. Why study quantum physics when it is all here in a few basic principles. This is my bible.
What I learned from this book is that people think I am crazy if I try to talk about this stuff with them hahaha.
Desiree Finkbeiner
This book changed my entire spiritual view of the universe and strengthened my faith in God, but in new ways. It also helped me understand with greater efficacy the teachings of Jesus Christ. Though the Christ is not mentioned in this text, is was a useful tool in improving my understanding about how he worked the miracles, and the universal laws that govern even God. The principals here are open-ended enough that they may help those from virtually any faith gain greater understanding for the wo ...more
David Acevedo
Kuddos to the people who aim to give away "secrets", hidden from the layman for centuries, without really giving them! This book is a waste of time. It says too much and doesn't really say anything that you cannot find already in pop culture. My guess is that if your approach in reading it is to discover how to develop magical and telekinetic powers, you are only fooling yourself (truth be told, this is one of those books that led me to where i am today: an atheist, though not a bitter one, than ...more
This book was written in the early 20th century and while it argues the validity of its teachings on the basis of a misinterpreted view of the antiquity of Hermes Trismegistus's writings, it is still interesting and applicable philosophically. Hermeticism in general took a hit when it was realized his writings took place a few centuries into the A.D. time period rather than in the early period of the ancient Egyptian kingdom. He was incorrectly viewed as the father of alchemy, mathematics and ot ...more
Mike Randall
This book is exactly the way the universe works, and not at all the way it works. To those who have travelled far in their search for the truth, it holds the secrets to everything. To the uninitiated, it is a "tough read." Actually, being written in 1908, it is on the tougher side, but honestly I found the Great Gatsby harder to understand. ALL in all, this book holds the answers few people (and scientists) know to be the truth.
Maggie Reed
I understand the concept of this book, and it is true that most of philosophy and religion is based on this philosophy, but to attempt to say at the outset that all religion is based on alchemy is a little absurd. The 7 Principles are generally accepted. I understand that. But all I could envision in attempting to recreate what they were trying to teach is Mickey Mouse in a wizard's costume. I was rewriting the Principles in my head in a more logical way to the point that - at times - I was very ...more
Markham Anderson
More laughable than the religions which it scorns but which pretend to less. It has no respect for the intelligent examination or application of its own tenets; and even as a second-grader I could certainly have traced the path through which its arguments lose their own framework every few pages.

Excerpt p.58: "There are certain truths connected with [THE ALL's:] existence which the human mind finds itself compelled to accept." I found the following "truths" not compelling; the book must take as
Desiree Finkbeiner
I've yet to read anything written or collaborated by William Walker Atkinson that I didn't love. Hermetic philosophy lifts the vibration of truth seekers by identifying principals of eternal weight and substance, universal law, and ethereal mystery into palpable language easy for most open minds to understand. This book, as additional study companion to other volumes of sacred text, expands and expounds arcane schools of thought into well-explained discourses. The understanding will come in vary ...more
An absoute classic and one of my favorites.

The book is extemely easy to read and is accessible to anyone. The concepts preented are pretty easy to accept and there is enough depth to make those seasoned readers really explore the material. So, while it is simplistic enough to read over a long day, it is complex enough that you can work on it our whole life time.

What I mean by "working on it", I mean it gives you practical things to work on. It isn't a self help book, but rather a philosophy in a
Rosi Guastella
I first read "The Kybalion" in 1998. It changed the way I recognized spirituality, the principles and the universe. I am reading it again and it is even more enlightening than the first time. These seven hermetic laws, the Principle of Mentalism (Mind), Correspondence (Analogy), Vibration (Nothing rests - everything moves - everything vibrates), Polarity (Duality), Rhythm(Everything flows, out and in - everything has its tides - all things rise and fall - the pendulum swing manifests in everythi ...more
Keith Lawrence
This book clarifies the principles behind all religions and philosophies in a most elegant way.
Without too many attempts to convince readers, the Kybalion lays out seven principles that can be easily applied to any area of life;health wealth relationships, any area of life. If applied to a religion or a science, it will clarify the meaning of a written passage or an experiment.
While the book does offer explanations, it is really meant to be experimented with and applied to life. For example, the
Iván Daniel
Tenemos una visión tan absolutista de nuestro entorno, de nuestra realidad, que nos negamos rotundamente al cambio,"pese a que este cambio es una Ley Universal", y el kybalion es como un mapa mental que condiciona nuestra interpretación de las cosas.
No es una verdad, es una semi verdad que debe ir tomada da la mano de la convicción más profunda de nuestro ser, es cambio continuo, no es un enemigo con el cual luchar, sino más bien es fuerza natural, similar al viento. No se puede cambiar la fuerz
Hermetic philosophy has been an interest of mine since I was about 16. I, much like everyone else out there, equated it to the new age definitions of magical thought. Oh was I wrong... This book is so much more. A crash course on how to change your perception without truly giving away any ancient teachings. What really struck me is what you learn from reading this book about yourself. Whether this book is BS or real doesn't matter. What matters is how you look at the world when you finish readin ...more
Nell Grey
I really liked the simplicity and tone of this basic outlining of the Seven Hermetic Principles. I have to admit to questioning some of the logic, but had to laugh, when reading the chapter on Polarity I realized that the author/s (or indeed the Kybalion (if such a thing existed)), had covered that eventuality with the sliding scale of truth/falsehood (all truths being not wholly true and all lies containing some iota of truth. Ha...!

On the whole a perspective-widening read.

This is an amazing look into the origins of some of the main philosophical and spiritual teachings and thought found throughout the worlds religions and spiritual systems. It also gives excellent insight into the nature of the human mind and how we may transmute ourselves from a mental slave state into complete self mastery. Excellent book! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in Hermeticism, personal growth, self mastery and meditation.
Aug 17, 2007 Nathan rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: seekers of any sort
Shelves: philosophy
This book details a deep and elegant philosophical system which ostensibly dates back to the early Egyptian dynasties, and was first put forth by the legendary Hermes Trismegastus, also known at Thoth. Colorful origins aside, it is a fascinating and internally consistent system for looking at and understanding the universe, both in its material and more numinous manifestations.

The Kybalion is known as "the master key" for a reason. These are the aphorisms set forth my Hermes Trismegistus, known also as Thoth. I have studied this book over and over, and each time, I get it at a deeper level. In all seriousness, if you only read and study one occult text in your entire life, this should be the one.
Authors manage to pull together a very understandable explanation for the One Source; the nature and substance of life itself, and our understanding of it. Can't agree 100% with all of it, but a VERY good read.
While the style of the book may be off-putting to some, the concepts are intriguing and refreshing. I wish I knew where to go as a next step in learning more!
Garrett Dunnington
The most quintessential read concerning Hermeticism. Understood every word of it. Now I am looking forward to reading The Book of the Law.
Everything in this book strongly resonated, and used great examples to affirm what I believe of the universal laws :)
Robert S.
One of the cherished keys to unlocking the door of understanding reality.
re-read it at least once a year.
This book is a fundamental text for Hermetic thought and occultism. As a work of philosophy it was grand in scope and at times very deep. I found at times it made perfect sense, providing plenty of "ah ha" moments. At other times it left me asking: what the heck does that mean? Definitely might be reading and rereading this one, if I feel so inclined.

I really enjoyed the chapter on the "the Universe is Mental", the chapter explaining the concept of the Hermetic All, and the chapter describing d
Lindsey Thibodeaux
The Kybalion teaches the seven Hermetic Principles, which have been around, supposedly, since Ancient Egyptian and Greek times. I found a few points fascinating (the idea of 'the all') and a few others interesting (gender roles, polarities); overall the book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand format. It doesn't always follow up with the arguments made, and I also found exceptions made only for certain situations that would work out in favor of the teachings with no background informat ...more
Given the title, I expected this to be the actual text of the Kybalion, rather than an introduction to hermetic principles with occasional quotes from the Kybalion. Of course, that was based on the assumption that there is such a book. I figured it would be one of those spurious 19th century grimoires that were a condensation of occult thought presented as ancient knowledge, but this is instead a condensation of occult thought presented as coming from a book which does not actually exist. At lea ...more
I have no idea how this book can be rated with more than five stars.( Look above). This is a piece of mystic/occult literature that strives to give a mainstream interpretation of hermetic philosophy. It states that it was written by the three initiates, whoever they are or were and they claim that there are seven basic principles of the universe. Many of these principles are already well-known and there's really nothing here that's shocking. The principle of gender, cause and effect, polarity, ...more
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William Walker Atkinson (December 5, 1862 – November 22, 1932) was an attorney, merchant, publisher, and author, as well as an occultist and an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. He is also known to have been the author of the pseudonymous works attributed to Theron Q. Dumont, Swami Panchadasi and Yogi Ramacharaka and others.

Due in part to Atkinson's intense personal secrecy and extensi
More about William W. Atkinson...
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“Nothing stands still - everything is being born, growing, dying - the very instant a thing reaches its height, it begins to decline - the law of rhythm is in constant operations....” 10 likes
“When the pupil is ready to receive the truth, then will this little book come to him, or her. Such is The Law. ...The Law of Attraction, will bring lips and ear together - pupil and book in company. So mote it be!” 7 likes
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