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Don Juan
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Don Juan

3.67 of 5 stars 3.67  ·  rating details  ·  4,596 ratings  ·  73 reviews
Congregadas bajo el denominador común del género cómico, las farsas y comedias de Molière fueron un instrumento de crítica al mundo de su época. Irónico, mordaz, el dramaturgo y actor francés condena los vicios del cinismo y la hipocresía, creando un personaje inolvidable que ha sido interpretado por los más desctacados actores de la historia del teatro. Otro gran dramatur ...more
Paperback, 139 pages
Published May 2006 by Losada (first published February 15th 1660)
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Dom Juan ou l'Athée Foudroyé

Don Juan ; suivi de Le mariage forcé / Molière ; illustré par Janet-Lange ; [notice de La Bédollière]
Don Juan ; suivi de Le mariage forcé / Molière ; illustré par Janet-Lange ; [notice de La Bédollière]

Quand Molière présente le Dom Juan en février 1665, cette pièce fait un tabac (et quoique puisse dire Aristote et toute la philosophie, il n'est rien d'égal au tabac). Un an après le Tartuffe, les controverses qui ont accompagné sa dénonciation des faux dévots hypocrites sont encore vives. Fort de l’appui du Roi, il continue sur sa lancée avec un
Timeless. Many of the things, if not all of them are very actual for a book way ahead of its time, and it's something logical for a book that is about human nature. But it's always done in that unique and humorous way that Molière has. Above all, it allows us to laugh at our own attitudes and that's something to consider, but we shouldn't forget the moral effect that is way too overlooked in today's parodies.

As a great fan of Molière's work this comedy hasn't disappointed me at all. Very recome
“All the other vices of mankind are subject to censure, and anyone is free to upbraid them roundly; but hypocrisy is a privileged vice which knows how to silence every tongue and enjoy perfect immunity"
Jenna Fresco
Don Juan is one of the more lush, well-written plays I've read. The acts and scenes are not set up as with many other plays; the scenes are all very short. The interactions between Don Juan and his valet are comical and so well staged. Don Juan, an amusingly devious character, seems shallow through his actions, but he holds a certain complexity. One must wonder why he is what he is. Though he's destined to meet his downfall, I can't help up love the wittiness of his character.
I think that I was familiar with the legend of Don Juan, as are many of us in Western culture, long before I had ever seen any films or read any works about legend. It has become a sort of folktale passed down by word of mouth over the years, and it has been reinterpreted by many playwrights and poets. The first work that I encountered based on the story of Don Juan was Shaw's Man and Superman, which I read during my Shaw period many years ago (one of my favorite playwrights whose works I really ...more
Le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est que Molière a des couilles d'acier d'avoir présenté cette pièce de théâtre pendant le règne de Louis XIV. Une grande chance que Manzarin est décédé quelques années avant.
Одна лишь праздность, азарт и завоевания сердец двигает этого лицедея.

Весьма хорошая пьеса с которой необходимо было бы познакомиться каждой женщине.
Born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin to a prosperous upholsterer and educated at the College of Clermont, he changed his name to Moliere as a strolling actor to spare his father embarrassment. He was physically suited to the role of comedian with his swarthy complexion, wide-set eyes, long legs, and short torso, and he learned to write as an actor, during a fourteen year tour of the provinces with his company.

I could not find the edition of Don Juan--a selection of Moliere's comedies translated in 1739 a
Alejandro Teruel
Don Juan, like Ulysses or Dr.Faust, represents an archetype which has inspired numerous authors to work and rework variations on a basic story. It is fascinating to compare the different retellings, and in this case, how thin the line between comedy and tragedy can be.

The first memorable version of Don Juan in literature is generally attributed to the Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina El burlador de Sevilla y el convidado de piedra written in 1630 where he appears as an insatiable, arrogant and
Scott Rorrison
I found this version in an old book store and paid about £1.50 for it, what a bargain! It's safe to say that now being introduced to Moliere, I will be reading a lot more of his works.
I read this play right after Tirso's version; I couldn't believe how modern and fresh it was in comparison, even though it's only 30 years younger.
I love the duality of the hero; on the one hand he is despicable, but you can't help loving him. He is the archetypal tragic hero, he is too intense, too resolute; he
sahar salman
هذه المسرحية التي استنفذت الطاقة العاطفية الكبيرة بهذا الرجل المتغطرس و المفتون بالنساء "دون جوان" والتي أظن القول بأنها استنفذت، بها ظلم كبير له. فطاقته الكبيرة في الحب هذه أو ما يسميه حباً لهي تعبر عن عجائبيةٍ في شخصيته المفرطة بإصطياد كل فتاة والموت في هواها. لقد أحببت الطابع الفني والفكاهي فيها، والعظات التي لم يكن يستمع لها من خادمه الفقير والغني بروح الإيمان والخوف من الإله. أغرقته في شر أفعاله وتسببت له بالهلاك لنفسه. أعتقد أن هذه الأسطورة تمثل وقائعية كبيرة للفتيات في النماذج الغير صاقة ...more
Dorottya Bacsi

I am on the fence about this play. There are things which I found genial in it, and things, when I was uhmmm, really? Please, no.

I really did not like how some parts felt totally episodical and not essential to the storyline. I mean, I get that the crookedness of Don Juan had to be explained, but that many examples were too much (like the one with the money lender). I also thought some of the laughs were really cheap, like the one where the jokes was on Charlotte's black hands. I had some pro
(Play read in the original French)

This play was one of the few of Molière's major works that I had still not read, and I decided to pick it up today : I don't regret it at all. It's a short read but totally engrossing and funny in places. I especially liked the numerous dialogs between Dom Juan and his valet Sganarelle.

I'm sure I'll read it again. Higly recommended.
"Life is a theatre" says Don Juan somewhere towards the end of the play, and I totally agree it. This is one of the few ate from Moliere that it is not a comedy and also do not have a happy ending. This is natural according to the believes of the time when the play was written, that required a strict moral behavior. Nowadays, this is changed and Don Juan type is not anymore uncommon.
My copy of this book is in Romanian.
A hilarious play.
One of the most amusing ones I have read.
This play is definetely one of these, I would recommend to everyone. It is just classic, interesting for the older and the younger generation.
A womanizer and his easy way of living and weird way of dying ;)
Great play!
Easy to read, fluent and full of humour!
Best play I have ever read! One of the funniest stories I read. Top ten for 17th century works. Definitely in my top 100 favorite books of all time.
Maan Kawas
‘Don Juan’ by Moliere is a beautiful dark play about the life of a libertine (Don Juan) and his tragic ending! It is enchanting from the opening pages and you cannot leave it before its completion. The play is mainly about the famous Don Juan and his adventures and flirting with numerous beautiful women and fake marriages, and the adverse consequences they bring to his lovers as well as to him in the end. One of the implications of the play is that playing with people emotions and virtues is not ...more
The translator notes that the “pervasive ambiguity of the work, which offended the devout of Moliere’s day, is for [contemporary audiences] a source of richness and nuance.”

I fail to see the nuance or ambiguity in the play. It seems a rather tired, trite morality play. Yes, Don Juan is reprehensible. He is a sociopath. Everyone in the play condemns his behavior. He’s the stereotypical evil doer (i.e., the amoral/immoral atheist/materialist/skeptic).

So where is the ambiguity? The amazing thing t
Really funny and very easy to read.
Don Juan is a super skeptical and reckless creature, he does not deny himself the pleasures of life however they may hurt others; whenever he "falls in love" (which happens quite frequently since he "falls in love" for every woman he sees), he commits himself to winning the fair lady's trust and to wed her. However dishonest he may be, he is a sciolist, a good speaker and convincer. Of course, once they get married, the passion is gone and he flees onto his nex
نمایش نامه بر اساس افسانه ی دون خوان نوشته شده، و بخش سوم از سه گانه ی مولیر ("مدرسه ی همسران"، و "تارتوف") است. دون ژوان در اولین شب های اجرا، به دلیل طنز علیه مذهب، متوقف شد. شخصیت سگانارل، پیشخدمت دون ژوان به دلیل خرافات کاتولیکی، در مقابل ارباب آزاده و لامذهبش، شبیه یک دلقک می نماید. به مولیر گفته شد چند صحنه را حذف کند. دون ژوان که زودتر از انتظار به مرگ می رسد، اعتراف به گناهان را کار بیهوده ای می داند. او بهرحال محکوم به جهنم است چرا که یک کازانواست، زنان بسیاری را به دام می اندازد و چون ...more
Sadly, with Don Juan, I believe that I have now read all of Richard Wilbur's translations of French drama. Then again, I had thought that years ago and they recently started republishing ones I hadn't read. So maybe I will be pleasantly surprised by some more translations.

Sadly also, this is the only Wilbur translation that has any false notes, specifically the dialogue of the rustic peasants in Act II sounds anachronistic and tinny, with phrases like "Hell's bells." Clearly an artistic choice o
John Wiswell
Aug 06, 2007 John Wiswell rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Literary readers, theatre buffs, philosophy and religious readers
I'd never seen or read a Jean Moliere play before Dom Juan, and became an instant fan. The play is so clever that it doesn't need to be seen to be appreciated in full. It follows Don Juan, famous fictional womanizer and amoral jerk, with a particular focus on his religious scruples. It rightly mocks the self-importance of the orthodox and the selfishness of atheists in some sweeping but utterly entertaining caricatures. The "Dom" in the title, rather than the Spanish "Don," connotes Moliere's in ...more
Wassima Kara
C'est 6:53 du matin, je viens de finir la lecture du "Don Juan". Je pensais que j’étais entrain de fumer plutôt que de lire. Ma tête, maintenant, est remplie de fumée de cigarette.

cette pièce a fait un tabac.
Dec 01, 2014 Eleftheria rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Eleftheria by: Συμεών
Shelves: greek, fiction, theater
Ομολογώ το πήρα με μεγάλες προσδοκίες που μάλλον απογοητεύτηκαν. Σίγουρα είναι ένα καλογραμμένο και στην προκειμένη καλομεταφρασμένο έργο, που λέει πολλά, απλά αυτά τα πολλά είναι τόσο παράλληλα με το σύμπαν μου που κάπου μου άφησαν μια ψύχρα.
C’est bien sur un classique auquel on ne peut absolument rien dire de mauvais, cependant il y a quelque bémol au niveau de l’intrigue, selon moi encore une fois ; car je pense que Molière et son talent nous emmène parfois dans des digressions ce qui rend la compréhension plus difficile. Mais je pense que la compréhension est difficile car c’est du théâtre, donc destiner à jouer.

J’ai beaucoup apprécier le personnage de Sganarelle qui est très croyant et très pudique contrairement à son maitre, il
[first played on 1660] This book is a play written by Molière. When we first see it, we may think this book is boring but it's not! It's a bit funny at some parts. Dom Juan is such a - sorry for being rude - fucking bastard. The more I read the book, the more I hated him. He loves women so much that's just crazy. And he can't even fix to one woman at all. The funniest, or the saddest, is that the women are feeling special whereas Dom Juan is acting the same way with all of them! That was a short ...more
Alex Kartelias
It was a shock that I would enjoy this so much. It was just a book I picked up at random at a library and trying it out, I ended up finishing it in one day. A play like this really shows what went on in 17th century France and it was both witty- in a good way- and halirous. The story is older than Moliere but, it's still a masterpiece. He is defintely now one of my favorite playwrights.
Frederik Vigil hansen
den er faktisk meget sjov at læse men tror den er bedre opført
Badriya Alamri
من أروع ما قرأتُ في المسرحيّةِ .. ناقش قضايا عدّة في مسرحيّتِهِ ..

المسرحيّة تتحدّث عن دون جوان شابٌّ من طبقةِ النُّبلاء ..مزواج ... عبث كثيرا بشرفِ العوائِلِ ، وغرّر ببناتِها ، يسلبُ كلّ من تعجبهُ من يدي خطيبها أو زوجها .. يجدّف كثيرا على السّماء ..لا يؤمن إلّا بـ أربعة زائِد أربعة يساوي ثمانية فقط هذا هو ما يؤمن بِهِ في الحياة ...عاقٌّ بوالدهِ الّذي لا ينفكُّ يعاتِبه على أفعالِهِ المشينةِ ...

ورغم رغبة الكثيرين بالانتقامِ منهُ إلّا أنّ ذلِك لم يُغيّر فيهِ شيئا ، بل جعله يبتدعُ طريقةً جديدة وهي ا
Sophi A faustin
A classic - Worth reading
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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name, Molière, was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. Among Molière's best-known dramas are Le Misanthrope, (The Misanthrope), L'Ecole des femmes (The School for Wives), Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur, (Tartuffe or the Hypocrite), L'Avare ou l'École du mensonge (The Miser), Le Malade ...more
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