The Universe Doesn't Give a Flying Fuck About You
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The Universe Doesn't Give a Flying Fuck About You

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If you walk around every day on eggshells, nervous about making a mistake or looking stupid, then you should read this.

If you have a "next big thing" in mind you want to do because you know it will be awesome (starting the business, making the big move, launching the nonprofit, writing the book) but are afraid of doing what it would take to make that thing happen, then yo...more
Kindle Edition, 13 pages
Published January 14th 2014 (first published June 22nd 2012)
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In following with my 2013 reading challenge
* self-help in any capacity
* try something new: read a male author

boom we have a winner and its my signature expression!!!

I love the bottom line message :

Stop worrying so much about what others think and start being who you're supposed to be. It's time to do some epic shit❤❤❤
Khanh (Kittens, Rainbows, and Sunshine)
This is probably the best book title I've ever seen in my life.
This short book was free on kindle, and since the title caught my eye I downloaded it to see what else it said. I would recommend this book (since it is such a quick read) to anyone who is feeling down about themselves. Some of the author's advice from the book:

"Maybe there's a grand conductor, and maybe there's not. I do happen to believe in God, or the Spirit of Life, or the Force for all I know, but regardless of belief or disbelief, one thing I know for certain is that no matter WHAT or WHO...more
Joe Barlow
This is a powerful but ultra-short (13 page) manifesto from Johnny B. Truant, the outspoken and hilarious author of the FAT VAMPIRE series, and co-author of UNICORN WESTERN and THE BEAM, among many others. It's essentially a wake-up call for creative types, reminding us that life is a finite resource, and that every moment we waste is a moment we'll never get back.

It's a free download from most eBook retailers, and it's required reading for anyone who claims to have a goal (writing a novel, lea...more
I was on my bike pedaling home from work today lost in thought, hating my job and feeling miserable about the recent shitty circumstances in my life when the next thing I know a car slams into me and I'm somersaulting through the air (which apparently was awesome according to the witnesses). If you're asking yourself, what happened next, let me tell you....I sat up, looked at the mangled bike and walked off the road.

So here I am several hours later hurting like hell and looking around on Goodre...more
Nate Solberg
Brash and bold, makes me think of a punk version of the desiderata. For whatever reason this was something I needed to read, and Amazon provided it for free. I enjoyed it, both the brevity and the carefree use of the foul language. There are times when I think that's perfectly appropriate, and today it all seemed to work. I agree with the message of this short work, and I'll likely come back to it from time to time. There truly is a certain genius in daring to be bold. Fun stuff!
This book doesn't say anything that you probably never heard before or haven't thought of by yourself already, however it's short and to the point. It doesn't beat around the bush and tells you exactly what you need to hear. Plus, the tone is quite appropriate, in a flashy-loudmouth-mentor kinda way.

If you ever need some motivation, this quick (and free!) read is worth it.
I tend not to bother paying attention to the free ebook lists on Amazon but a random sequence of events led me to this book. The title being what it is, I had to find out what the hell it was about.
And this is the story of how I was tricked into reading my first self-help book. Gee, thanks, Universe!
The author makes a couple of good points; in the same vein as Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" philosophy, Johnny B. Truant argues that the Universe being mind-bogglingly vast, our pathetic little lives...more
Kerrin Proctor
Such a quirky book yet has such a meaningful message. Make the most of life because you're only here for an insignificant amount of time. The universe doesn't care about you, but you should care about you. Everyone should read this book. It definitely puts things in perspective.
The title is just beyond epic xD
This is probably how self-help books need to be, not that I read it for self-help (yeah right, im pretty messed up myself), but the title made me eager to read it anyway.

Two quotes:
- "So stop wondering what it all means and how you'll possibly ever do X and what people will think, and get on with your life already.
Stop being a pussy and go do something amazing. DO EPIC SHIT"
- "Most people think that they need to be tapped on the shoulder by the Epic Fairy if they...more
Shawn Ingram

Not really a book, more a medium length essay this book is inspirational and brutally honest. I enjoyed reading it and will read it again some day.
Ismael Schonhorst
Free on Amazon. Fast at reading. Bold, wise and hilarious.
C. E. Ferris (the Half-Blind Owl)
What I learned by spending ten minutes reading this:
1. The universe doesn't give a flying (I don't feel entitled to use that word at the moment) about you.
2. But, you can give a flying (again, not feeling it) about you.
3. When you give a flying (insert desired alternative for eff-you-see-kay here) about yourself, your whole universe will feel entirely different.

This was both hilarious and slightly depressing at the same time... which for most people is a complete turn-off, but for me is somehow...more
I got this short onto my kindle because I was intrigued by the title, however I feel it was a complete waste of the five minutes it took me to read it. Rather than being "self help" it was more like the ramblings of a young bloke in a pub after a couple of pints when he thinks his audience is more interested than they really are in what he has to say. The gist of it is that the Universe is big, and you are small, so do what makes you happy. Some reviews have stated that it has given them a kick...more
This super-short book was a much-needed kick-in-the-pants for me. Is there anything in here that you don't already know? Probably not, but it's written in a way that might help remind you.

To make this short book even more concise: everything dies, including you. Some people get to be famous, some don't. But this is your chance to do something with your life. You're on a train that goes one way and you can never go back, so live life to the fullest.

The book was free on Amazon, so that was a big p...more
Liudas Sodas
In Lithuania, we have proverb - "Train don't wait ones who (are in the wc|taking sh*t)". If you wanna understand why, read this book. It is quite good remainder about the end.
Chris Sanfilippo
Your presence on this earth does not even make up a tiny fraction of the history of the universe. Not even a fraction of a fraction. Everyday you get older, never will you be as young as you were yesterday. It's a clock that goes only one way, and it gets faster and faster as it goes on.

That means you need to slow the f down and appreciate your life a little more. Seriously stop and grab the freaking person next to you and tell how great of a freaking day it is. Smell some flowers and relax a li...more
Realistic and uncompromising. A call to arms! Wel, to keyboards anyway....get writing/taking over the world.....
Dri Polacco
Everything dies. Everything. You were born with a terminal disease, just like everything else that has ever existed. You, your lamp, the sun, and the Bee Gees all have that in common.
Jeremiah Sholes
It ended with me wanting to be epic

I liked the analogies comparing our lives in the eyes of the universe like that of an insect in a busy city or the fact that time waits for no man. I think everyone already knows the points delivered in this writing but if your like me; you sometimes disregard or feign ignorance of these facts in a subconscious desire to forget about mortality or to feel more substantial than you are, but I now intend to be epic and maybe after you read you will too.
Robert Bahensky
Found this "book", if you can really call it that, to be quite an enjoyable read. Like most people, I picked up the book because of the title, and left with a lot of questions about whether or not I was really living my life to the best of my abilities. It is a motivational "essay", per se, that does quite a good job of mixing humour together with key advice. Some of the quotes and analogies will definitely resonate with you for the rest of the day (possibly a lot longer, if you read it more tha...more
Holger Haase
Short essay and a quick kick up the behind for everyone who is too worried about starting a personal project or daring to live the life they truly want to live for fear of failure. The author has single handedly created the genre of the Lovecraftian self-help book.... which is fine by me as that's probably the only book of its type I could stomach. A wonderful anti-Secret. Oh, and did I mention it is freely available for download all over the place?
I loved his style of writing. I definitely read this book at the right time.. definitely needed to hear what he had to say. it might be hard to hear for some overly sensitive people but it's realistic.. and there's nothing I appreciate more than a healthy dose of realism.

I especially love the part where he mentioned the philosophy major.. laughed so hard.
Johnny Hu
This short book was free on Amazon but the message invaluable. Direct, unfiltered, strong point that would encourage anyone who reads it to make the most out of their life, if they aren't already doing so.
Antoinette Murphy
To me, this book is common knowledge. Do what you want to make yourself happy because in the grand scheme of things, you're just a tiny speck.
Aug 01, 2014 Stephanie rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: realistic people, people who sometimes need a kick in the butt to get them off their lazy ass.
*You can get this book, and the other books of the series for free on Amazon.**
This is a short book, but it makes sure you get the point; The universe doesn't give a flying fuck about you. After reading this book my attitude had changed. All I could think (and you will probably too) was: "I need to get off my lazy ass and do something epic. Life is so goddamn short, it practically doesn't exist in the timespan of the universe. So if I die, nothing, absolutely nothing "bigger than me" (if you ge...more
K.J. Colt
The universe doesn't care about me? *sniffles and looks at the box of rat poison on the bench*

What's the point anymore if it's all on me? And even if I try, it all amounts to nothing?

*Catatonia ensues*

I'm kidding!

This is a well argued and optimistically written nihilistic piece. When we think of our lives as having no [objective] meaning, chaos ensues in the mind. Luckily, we have many a defense system in place to thwart that kind of cognitive spiral (unless you're a prepper --joking!).

But ser...more
I wouldn't call these 12 pages a book. I'm guessing it was a blog post that was published as a free ebook for some reason. Either way it was good.

There have been times I've thought the same as the author. How people are just tiny, insignificant specs within the universe, and life is too short to be so concerned about failing or worrying about what people think.

The author pretty much says to go out and be awesome. Whatever you want to do, do it.
Abby Halili
As a reader of positive thinking books, I find this contradicting to my usual non fiction list of authors. However, once you get the concept of the writer, you will soon realize that he wants you to go beyond your limit. Aim high and reach for the sky. Do what you want. Do what you need. His manner of expressing was a bit too awesome for a non fictional book. I love it! Something unique! ---> Describing this book to a Pinoy expression, it will be:
"Now na!" ^_^
Jun 07, 2014 Marsha added it
It was kind of a stream of consciousness, it seems sort of directionless say,. I agreed with it for the most part, but as I say, it's sort of directionless. There appear to be 2 main point, but they weren't tied together for the most part. They did both seem like good points, but the connection was really unclear. Fortunately, it was kind of short, and I have a short period time it wasn't horrible to use it reading this book…
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Johnny B. Truant is an author, blogger, and podcaster who, like the Ramones, was long denied induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite having a large cult following. He makes his online home at and is the author of the Unicorn Western series, the Fat Vampire series, The Bialy Pimps, and a handful of other properties and growing every week.

You can connect with Johnny o...more
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“Stop being a pussy and go do something amazing.” 11 likes
“Realize that time will never stop. NEVER. You will never be younger again. It's like being on a train with no stops that's always leading you father and farther from home... or closer to home, depending on how you look at it. You can never get off the train. You can never board a train going the opposite direction. If you missed a stop, tough shit. If there was this great thing even just two miles back that you decided not to do, you can't change your mind and go do it. That place is gone forever.” 5 likes
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