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Dykumų gėlė

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By age 6, Waris Dirie was herding her family's sheep and goats, fending off hyenas and wild dogs as the family carved a path through Africa. She was just twice that age when she ran off into the vast furnace of the Somali desert to escape an arranged marriage to a much older man. Traveling for days without food and water, she made her way to Mogadishu and later to London a...more
251 pages
Published (first published 1998)
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Imagine living under the desert sky all your life, and then the ceiling of a New York City brownstone. Imagine not knowing how to use the bathroom facilities on a long distance flight from Africa to London. Think of never having used a telephone, loosing your shoe on a "moving staircase" and seeing beautiful studio images that grace the covers of fashion magazines and proclaiming, I want to do that. Imagine being illiterate at fourteen, unable to speak English and then Special Ambassador for the...more
Jun 09, 2013 Libby rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Women, Social Workers, Legislators, Humanitarians, Psychologists, Counselors
There are three reasons why I chose to pursue "Desert Flower" by Waris Dirie. Her book showed up as a GoodReads recommendation with a summary about the author overcoming tremendous odds in Africa; I delved into the book and realized that I recognized the author to be an international super model; and, once I started reading the book, its contents were so compelling that the text was difficult to set aside for even a little bit of time.

"Desert Flower" is an autobiographical account of how Waris D...more
brilliant book, I could not put it down once I started reading it.

I read it within 24 hours, and found myself mesmerised by this womans story, and how she overcame obstacles that most of us wouldn't dream of, to get to where she is today.

Without going into too much detail, she managed to convey the horror and trauma of being subjected to female genital circumcision, a practise that causes more problems, than it prevents, and convinces you, that as a woman, we have a duty, irregardless of where w...more
In my opinion this is a tremendously important book. It is not just a wonderful memoir and a tale of amazing bravery of Waris Dirie, but also an detail account of FGM from the perspective of a victim. The reason why I picked up this book was mainly because I wanted to learn something more about FGM. I did learn something more, the kind of information that is personal not just theoretical. In addition, Waris does not only tell her story. She tells the story of other women she had known that have...more
انتهيت بالأمس من قراءة رواية زهرة الصحراء. استمتعتُ كثيراً بقراءتها واكتشتفتُ عوالم أخرى جديدة كنت أجهلها. الرواية من نوع الروايات التي ما أن تبداً في قرائتها؛ حتى تجد نفسك وقد أنهيتها في مدة قصيرة لسلاستها و واقعية الأفكار فيها.
الرواية معنونة بـ" ديزرت فلاور" أي زهرة الصحراء. وهي لـ ويريس داير.
الرواية من القطع المتوسطة الحجم، في 430 صفحة.

الرواية بأحداثها وتفاصيلها تعتبر جريئة في الطرح، حيث أن الكاتبة تحكي عن قصة حياتها إبتداء من طفولتها الحزينة في صحراء الصومال إلى أن أصبحت سفيرة للولايات المتح...more
Jun 15, 2011 LG rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of biographies
Anne Russell wrote: “This is an easy read that gives one insight into female circumcision. One finishes the book with an interest to learn more about the issue and how effective the work the UN has done. It also provides an angle on the illegal immigrant story that is not as grim as so many tales are. For those of us living overseas one can appreciate her reflections in the end about being a nomad yet being very loyal to Somalia despite its problems.”

I read this memoir a couple of years back. I...more
Bobs (Reader Unbound)

I have very mixed feelings about this book, mainly because even with my most vivid imagination I could not imagine what that woman went through. Not just her but hundreds of women that even today have to go through this barbaric ritual to prove themselves untouched, innocent. To become the ultimate symbol of a good women.
This book made me think a lot about the life we live and the conveniences we have. The things we take for granted, for something normal that all people have, yet we do not real...more
Wow! This is the true story of Waris Dirie. Born as a nomad in Somailia, at age 13 she ran away from home to avoid an arranged marriage to a much older man, and she eventually made her way to London, where she was "discovered" after several years and became an international supermodel and even appeared in a James Bond movie.

Her story is unbelievable! I especially loved reading about her life growing up as a nomad - their only nutrition was camel's milk, they slept outside, worked hard (she had h...more
Waris Dirie is a former supermodel (famous in the 1980's and 1990's) who grew up as a nomad in Somalia. Around age 12 or 13, she ran away from home to avoid an arranged marriage to a much older man, and she eventually made her way to London, where she was "discovered" after several years. Soon thereafter, she ended up in a James Bond movie (the terrible one with Timothy Dalton) and appeared in calendars, major magazines, and Revlon ads worldwide.

What is truly impressive about this spunky and cou...more
There is a lot to admire about Waris Dirie and her story. Raised in a nomadic Somali family, apparently raped at age four and then mutilated in a female circumcision ritual at age five, Dirie bravely ran away from home at thirteen to avoid being married off to an old man. Dirie endured a great many trials and tribulations -- finding her way to Mogadishu and to her long-lost relatives, a string of unsuccessful living arrangements, working as a maid in London and then as kitchen help in McDonalds...more
Όταν τελείωσα την ανάγνωση τις συγκλονιστικής αληθινής ιστορίας της Waris Dirie, που μου πήρε μόνο μια ημέρα, καθώς δεν μπορούσα με τίποτα να το αφήσω από τα χέρια μου σκεφτόμουν ξανά ότι σε πολλές περιοχές του κόσμου το φύλο μου υφίσταται εξευτελισμό και πνευματικά και σωματικά μαρτύρια μόνο και μόνο επειδή είναι γένος θηλυκού. Ευχαριστούσα την μοίρα που με έφερε στην Ελλάδα και μεγάλωσα στην οικογένεια που μεγάλωσα συνειδητοποιώντας πόσο τυχερή είμαι. Το προτείνω!!
I just... I don't even know how to begin to say how inspired I was by Waris' story. It was harrowing in many places and yet somehow, against all odds, she has not only survived but emerged resilient. She shows such bravery in fighting back against the scourge of Female Genital Mutilation. It is such a hugely personal and difficult thing to discuss but she has done it, not fearlessly but despite her fear and doing so helped to bring this important issue back into the public's attention. Horrifica...more
"Desert Flower" is a deeply moving, inspiring and incredible true story of a courageous, brave woman born into a Somali desert nomadic family and her development into an international fashion model, a mother and special human rights U.N. ambassador. At the age of 5, she suffered horrifying procedure of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), or circumcision (with a broken razor blade!), which is a common practice in most of the Islamic countries in Africa, but illegal in the rest of the world.
This stu...more
Често чуваме предимно отрицателни неща за моделите, било то поради злоба или предразсъдъци. Но ''Пустинно цвете'' не е просто изповед на една жена, издигнала се от ''номадския живот до модния подиум'', както гласи рекламата върху българското издание. Всяка история, всеки живот представлява поредица от сблъсъци, промени, радости, падения, и това, което прави събитията специални, e нашето лично отношение към тях. Книгата, леко, приятно и увлекателно четиво, представя колоритния живот на Уерис Диър...more
Bistra Ivanova
Брей, че съм бърза, почнах я към обяд в дупка между две срещи и до вечерта бях готова. Доста слабо написана биография, но пък вълнуваща история на селянче номадче от Сомалия, което тича след козички в пустошта, дои камили, гладува със семейството си с дни, когато се налага, оцелява след женско обрязване, бива му намерен възрастен съпруг иии... решава да избяга - първо в столицата Могадишу, после чак в Лондон, където започва кариера на супер успешен световен модел, а в по-късни години става посла...more
This is a must read book.
It highlights female circumcision, a horrific problem that continues in Africa and even in places like the UK.
if more of us read these books then maybe the outcry against it would stop it from happening.
Awareness is key.

Not the best written book in the world but a very inspiring book by an empowered woman.
Dirie's story really shocked me. I remember when I first heard for this book.. a teacher told us and I thought to myself...I have to read this book! I've read it two years ago. It's so heartbreaking knowing the world is so different in some places. Things, that really shouldn't happen to anyone, sadly DO happen.
Mar 17, 2008 Heather rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: women
Certainly worth the read. It is a short, easy, and intersting autobiography. I really enjoyed the first 150 ish pages and, despite the human rights issues at the end, I was less impressed with the conclusion. Still, quite good with an important message.
Sandra D
Interesting, but Born in the Big Rains by Fadumo Korn -- also a survivor of FGM -- was a much better book.
I'm not sure why this book receives so many great reviews.
As much as I understand that people sympathise with Waris Dirie's struggles and the horrors of her genital mutilation, there seems to be little to no critique towards the author's own lack of empathy and cruelty towards others. She seems to go through life using and discarding people however it suits her best. On top of it, many parts of the book come across as disingenious and the writing itself is pretty bad. I give it kudos for directi...more
Lauryn Owens
Waris is a famous supermodel. She is the narrator and main character of her autobiography. The autobiography is about all of her struggles and the events that led up to her stardom. In the Somalia desert in where she lived there was no medication. She was circumcised with no medication where, her legs were tied together to prevent the stitches from breaking. She couldn't move for about a month. Every time she peed it stung really bad. From this event I can tell she is really brave and strong. Th...more
Desert Flower is about the struggles of Nomad, Waris, in Siberia. She struggles with everyday life, and fights the culture that she was born into. Every girl has to go to the same thing to become a "woman", circumcision. Waris wanted to go through this, she wanted to be respected, and liked by boys. Boys didn't want anything to do with "girls", they wanted the real "women". Waris eventually watched as her sister goes through the pain, and then is married off to a stranger, she then didn't know...more
Desert Flower by Waris Dirie is a book I chose to re-read because my mum recommended it as a quick but amazing book and I believe I could get more out of reading it again as I am older therefore able to comprehend a better understanding of the book and its meaning.

This book fits in to my personal choice category on the reading hopscotch.

Waris Dirie the star of the text is both a role model and hero. She is a strong-minded and willed woman who is respectful, courageous, smart, intuitive and true...more
Desert Flower is the story of the life of a girl named Waris who lived in Africa. As the book goes on, many things happen to Waris; some things good, but many are bad. I love this book because it makes you realize that in some countries, there are some people who suffer more than you would ever imagine.
When I read this book, I couldn't put it down. It made me angry that these things happened but there is a good ending! This book left me with many questions. Such as, what would it be like to l...more

Desert Flower is an extraordinary autobiography of an extraordinary woman. Born in a nomadic tribe in Somalia, Waris was circumcised when she was 5, fled an arranged marriage with a 60 year old man when she was 13, had a face-off with a tiger, escaped rape attempts, worked as a construction worker, worked as a house-maid, scrubbed floors at Mc Donalds, then became a Pirelli girl in her teens and eventually an international Super Model and a UN Special Ambassador. She is now a human rights activi...more
Sanne Meijer
Well, it's actually the third time I read this book and it's still a beautifully written book. This is the book which urged me to study Gender Studies. When I turned the last page I just knew I wanted to study Gender Studies.

In short what this book's about: it's an autobiography in which Dirie writes about her life and how she fled from home at age 13 when she was forced to marry a very old man. A really important topic is the circumcision she experienced when she was just 5 years old. She talk...more
Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
Όσα χρόνια γνωρίζομαι με την Νικολέτα, έστω κι αν η γνωριμία αυτή παραμένει προς το παρόν διαδικτυακή λόγω της απόστασης που μας χωρίζει, προσπαθεί να με πείσει να διαβάσω το "Λουλούδι Της Ερήμου". Απελπισμένη προφανώς από την αναβλητικότητά μου, αποφάσισε να μου τα χαρίσει και μαζί με αυτό, μια λογοτεχνική εμπειρία ξεχωριστή, μοναδική και πάνω απ' όλα, αληθινή και την ευχαριστώ γι' αυτό. Γιατί τι θα μπορούσε να είναι πιο αληθινό από την αφήγηση μιας ιστορίας από το ίδιο το πρόσωπο που την έζησε...more
This is a true nonfictional account of coming-of-age. The story begins in a poor pastoral seminomadic family in the middle of Somalian drought. The little girl is already working more than eight hours a day at the age of five and in the same year subject to complete female circumcision. There is a lot of description of making a living out of a barren land just barely managing to stay alive, due to scarce living from the land and also racing for life and death with the African wildebeest such as...more
Outstanding, it may be the true definition for this book. I read it in two days, every page of this book was something new about the fascinating story of Waris Dirie, and how from being an extremely poor somalian girl living in the dessert, she became one of the biggest and most unique models in the model profession. The courage that she has after going through female circumcision, almost getting raped, to survive in the desert of Africa and to then be forced to get married, is unbelievable, to...more
Тази книга трябва да достигне до всеки, който иска да научи малко повече за живота и света. Най-вече за хората, които се чудят дали просто да хванат пътя и да се запрашат по големия свят. Независимо от какво трябва да се лишиш, колко лишения ще трябва да преживееш, колко неща ще научиш, с какви хора ще се сблъскаш и т.н. Увлекателно е разкала историята на живота си Уерис Диъри. Нейната история звучи почти невероятна, като измислен роман, но тя е Уерис, действително лице, с действителни факти. Ле...more
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Waris Dirie (Somali: Waris Diiriye, Arabic: واريس ديري‎) (born in 1965) is a Somali model, author, actress and human rights activist.

In 1997, Waris abandoned her modeling career to focus on her work against female circumcision. That same year, she was appointed UN Special Ambassador for the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM).
More about Waris Dirie...
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“I feel that God made my body perfect the way I was born. Then man robbed me, took away my power, and left me a cripple. My womanhood was stolen. If God had wanted those body parts missing, why did he create them?
I just pray that one day no woman will have to experience this pain. It will become a thing of the past. People will say "Did you hear, female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Somalia?" Then the next country, and the next, and so on, until the world is safe for all women. What a happy day that will be, and that's what I'm working toward. In'shallah, if God is willing, it will happen. ”
“My mother named me after a miracle of nature: Waris means desert flower. The desert flower blooms in a barren environment where few living things can survive.” 16 likes
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