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4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  358 ratings  ·  80 reviews
The story of an alienated alien

Beegu's spacecraft is stranded on Earth. Now she is lost and wandering. Waiting for a rescue signal from her mother, she fails to make friends with the strange creatures she encounters. Rabbits don't seem to understand her; windblown leaves won't stay still to listen. But at last, on a school playground, Beegu discovers a group of fantastic
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published September 9th 2003 by Farrar Straus Giroux (first published January 1st 2003)
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Lisa Vegan
Nov 25, 2011 Lisa Vegan rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: all young children; ET fans
Recommended to Lisa by: Abigail A.
Oh, this is so cute. Charming with a capital C.

Beegu is a very endearing character, a young alien who searches for its mother, and for local friends. I love how the children and puppies in this story are so welcoming to Beegu and it’s a big part of this story how the adults are not so welcoming. I love the happy ending. It’s so much fun seeing Beegu’s take on life on earth and its inhabitants and on its objects. It’s amusing and poignant the facts of earth life that Beegu misunderstands. The ill
Clare Neale
Beegu tells the tale of an adorable little three-eyed alien who unexpectedly finds herself alone on Earth after her spacecraft crash-lands, leaving her stranded. Feeling bewildered and alone as she awaits a rescue signal from her mother Beegu sets off to find friends with the strange creatures she comes across. Ignored by both the rabbits and leaves she seeks friendships from the adults she finds in the city of London, only to be dismissed. Sad and alone she finds comfort in a box of abandoned p ...more
Laura Noto
This picture book for 1st-4th graders says a lot without much print. It is about Beegu, an adorable alien, who gets lost on Earth. She doesn’t understand anything about Earth. She is lonely, confused, and sad. The pictures show her reaching out to adults only to be ignored. At one point she finds comfort with some abandoned puppies that all cuddle up to her. Then an adult from an animal shelter finds Beegu and it is obvious that, “Beegu wasn’t wanted there.” Later in the story Beegu befr
(NS) Panagiota Angelos
Beegu is a small alien who captured my heart from the start. Beegu, an adorable creature, crash-lands into planet Earth. She feels lost and scared and tries to make the best of the situation, so she attempts to make friends. She is unsuccessful when she attempts to talk to the trees, leaves and rabbits. Beegu finally finds some comfort when she curls up with several puppies in a box until a human tosses her out. Then she encounters young kids on the playground who accept her as a friend; that is ...more
u1124876 UEL
I have seen this story read to a class of year 2 pupils and it was totally captivating for both boys and girls. It can lead to discussions about confusion, loneliness, abandonment, getting lost and the way people treat each other. The gorgeous illustrations makes it accessible to EAL (English as an additional language)and SEN (Special Educational Needs) children and as the story is so simple it is ideal for children to act this out in role play.

Beegu is an alien who is lost on our planet and no
Review for ‘Beegu’ written by Alexis Deacon
Beegu is described by Alexis Deacon as a creature that was lost and illustrations show a space ship which has crashed onto Earth. Beegu attempts to communicate with things such as the trees. It is made apparent to the reader that Beegu is longing for her mother and she feels lonely as she is in a strange place with no friends. Beegu searches for some friends and eventually finds comfort with puppies sleeping in a cardboard box however Beegu is soon reje
Anaum Shaikh
Brief Plot Summary
Beegu is a captivating story about a little alien called Beegu whose spaceship crashed onto Earth. Beegu begins her adventure on Earth by trying to find someone to talk to with not much success due to several encounters with non-talking bunnies, trees and leaves. When Beegu does find a life form that she relates to, she is then shooed away by other unfriendly human beings. Beegu however finds friendship with ‘little humans’ but is shooed away once more. Soon Beegu finds herself
Erin Ramai
This book is appropriate for students in preschool through first grade. It was named a New York Times Best Illustrated Book in 2003.

Beegu is illustrated by Alexis Deacon, and although I disliked the artistic choices Deacon made for Jitterbug Jam by Barbara Dean Hicks, his choices for this book were perfect. Beegu is an iridescent yellow, three-eyed, female alien who is not supposed to be on Earth—she is lost. Not only that, no one understands her or cares to listen to her plight. She tries to fi
Jonathan Roberts
By Alexis Deacon

Beegu is an ADORABLE, yellow alien with floppy ears and three inquisitive eyes who has crashed on earth; no one understands her or wants to be her friend! That is except for the small children in the school playground. Eventually, Beegu is reunited with her family and she has mixed feelings about the people she met on earth.

This book is very touching and I would use it in circle time with Key stage one or two children if I had a new child joining the class as it teaches us t
Beegu appears to look like a rabbit with extremely long ears but is in fact an alien who is stranded on Earth. Beegu is very lonely and is lost wandering where she is. She is waiting for a signal from her mother as she fails to make friends on Earth. She does eventually come across a lovely group of children on a playground who are happy to play with her. The story ends with Beegu’s family finding her on Earth ready to return back home.

Beegu seems suitable from children as young as Reception as
Christina Linz
Beegu is the most charming alien-child imaginable. She has crash-landed on Earth, and feeling all-alone goes in search of friends. My children ask for this read-aloud again and again, and love filling in the spare text or wordless pages with their own interpretations - a great early literacy skill. Children in my preschool storytimes adore Beegu - though they may need to be introduced to such concepts as telephone booths, "beaming up" and speech bubbles. Unique illustrations and gentle, sweet hu ...more
Emer Mattimoe
Beegu is a simple story of a creature whose spaceship crashes on planet Earth. Beegu is lost and begins to explore this new planet she has found herself on. She is very lonely and finds adults on Earth to be quite mean, however she finds a lot of friends in small animals and children who are kind and accepting of her. A the end of the story Beegu is reunited with her parents. Thus is a lovely book which I used during SEA with Year 2. We did lots of activities based on the book and the class real ...more
Summary: Beegu is a friendly little alien. She is lost in the earth. The Earth creatures don’t seem very welcoming at all. She meets a group of children on a playground. This is simple, bittersweet picture book.

I think this is good picture book for children. Beegu is very cute. She has three eyes and long ears. She looks like a rabbit. But she is very bright yellow. Beegu figure can attract children’s attention. She is a little alien. She lost in earth and no one can understand her. Beegu talks
Elizabeth Murphy
Beegu is a children's picture story book about this adorable little creature from another planet. Looking at the cover, I assumed the book would be similar to the book we read in class about a character named Beekle who is an imaginary friend. However, Beegu was not quite an imaginary friend only seen by children, but an alien type creature who just did not know where he belonged. Beegu tries very hard to fit in with all kinds of different groups, but he just can not find where he is meant to be ...more
Beegu tells the emotional tale of a young alien child, who looks much like a yellow rabbit with 3 eyes and long floppy ears. She crash lands on earth and finds herself separated from her family. Finding herself in an unfamiliar world, she sets out to find shelter. Being rejected by everyone she encounters (namely adults) except the small children she encounters. The narrative is told from the child’s perspective and her experience of being in a foreign place, the difficulties faced not being abl ...more
Jessi G
I was really disappointed in Alexis Deacon's picture book "Beegu." A space alien, Beegu experiences isolation and uncertainty on the planet earth. She searches acceptance and friends. She befriends some children; however, because Beegu was different, an adult (through the drawings, it appears to be a teacher) separates the new friends. This story seems to have no moral of the story and it did not have a captivating theme aside from rejection. I was honestly disappointed in the book.
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
This is the cutest story, about a little alien that looks sort of like a rabbit, whose spaceship crashes on earth. Beegu goes in search of friends, but the only ones who seem to accept her are little ones (puppies and children). It's a sweet, short tale of literally feeling alienated--without friends--and wanting to be accepted, and teaches that, though someone may look different, they can still be your friend. A lovely, lovely book. Recommended.
Alan Forbes
Beegu is a small, yellow, long-eared alien that is stranded on earth and searching for her parents. Her strength as a character is that she is immediately recognisable to children, looking much like a rabbit. Her search for friends, of trying to fathom human beings and their often brusque nature is one that children also immediately associate with.

I have read this book to a class of year ones. Whilst the imagery is considerably more meaningful that the text, it is an excellent book for getting c
Alexandra Hammerton
A small and adorable looking little alien crashes her spaceship and gets lost on planet earth. She feels small and lost and lonely. She looks for other on earth who look like her and for some friends. The 'big ones' e.g. adults were unkind to the Beegu but the 'small ones' were. When the Beegu was reunited with her parents and told them of the kindness that was shown by the children of earth.

The book is great for inclusion and celebrating differences. The illustrations are captivating with the B
Holly Palmer
This is a heartwarming story about a creature called Beegu who has found herself on planet Earth- lonely and desperate to make friends.

Beegu manages to make friends with some puppies and small children but on both occasions adults take her away from them.

This is a really nice story which would be really good to use with a class to get them to think about making other children feel welcome. I would read this book to a year one class and get them to think about how Beegu is feeling and what things
John Foakes
Beegu is a very endearing book. It's says a lot about our approach to life without using very many words.

Beegu is lost on planet Earth looking for her mother, and while she is looking she meets a lot of very unfriendly big creatures. It's only when she meets the little ones that she realises human beings are not all bad.

Perhaps we should all give just a little more time and attention to the little things in our lives; we could see something extraordinary.

Beautifully illustrated and written, th
Tyler Lutz
What a weak alien. At least E.T. got drunk and made shit.
Sharn Samra
Beegu, is a story about a yellow rabbit-like creature with floopy ears that crashes her spaceship on Planet Earth. She begins her adventure on Earth by trying to communicate to various things such as bunnies, trees and the leaves but finds herself in an unresponsive environment. Alone on planet Earth, she finds comfort when she snuggles up to six puppies in a cardboard box. It’s not long until she is shooed away by an unfriendly man who takes her out of the box. She then finds herself in a playg ...more
Samantha's Review:

Beegu didn't know where her mom and dad were. This book should be for five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten year old kids and four and three. Do you have a Beegu book? If not, you may want to get one. Don't worry. The book is not real. But if you believe it's real, then it's real to you. This book is signed from the library.

Beegu knows that you can meet new friends. Guess whose Beegu friend'll have to read the book to find out!
Beegu is a sweet, funny, rather poignant story of a little lost alien and how she tries to find her way home. Beegu has crash-landed on Earth, a little yellow droopy-eared rabbitty alien with three eyes. She speaks, but only in pictures in word balloons, and nothing seems to understand her, not leaves nor rabbits nor anything she encounters. She spends the night cuddled with some puppies in a box, but in the morning even the shelter turns her away. When she meets a playground of small children s ...more
Marissa Garcia
Beegu is lost. She was left her on Earth by her parents by accident. Earth is very strange to Beegu and almost every is unfriendly or unresponsive. Every time she finds kindred spirits, like when she snuggles in a box of puppies or plays with children on a playground, some adult sends her away. When Beegu’s parents come back to Earth to rescue her, these kind friends are the ones she tells them about, and she hopes they will always remember her like she remembers them.

This unusual, fascinating l
Sweet and interesting "outsider" protagonist. There is an interesting subtext to be found about acceptance and rejection based on appearances...
I also found it really funny that Beegu - being an alien - was sad that the leaves (which Beegu assumes are sentient beings?) didn't stop to listen. And I liked the way that Beegu's language was depicted.
Cute and easy to read, this book is about a small alien that gets stranded on Earth, encountering mean adults and nice kids along the way. Easy enough to understand by Pre-K and up, this would be a good story to read aloud in a group, reminding kids what it's like to treat someone who may be different.
Samia (Sam)
Beegu lands on earth and is lost. She is a friendly yellow alien with three eyes and floppy ears, very cute (as my year 1 children decided). She find out big humans are not friendly but the little ones are playing with her, until a very stern looking teacher comes along and tells Beegu to leave. The children want to say 'goodbye' and Beegu feels very very sad. As she looks to the sky she sees a spaceship. Could that be her parents?
I used this book during topics of creative writing and incorporat
Shazia Hassan
Beegu is a great book about an alien whose spaceship crashes on earth and finds herself lost and lonely. She has three eyes and is yellow in colour. She goes in search for friends but finds that the big people are unkind and nasty to her. However, the little ones were nice and friendly towards her. Beegu was finally found by her parents and she goes back home on their new spaceship.

This story has beautiful, big and colourful pictures which helps tell the story and adds meaning to the text. This
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Alexis Deacon is an acclaimed author and illustrator. Beegu and Jitterbug Jam, both of which he illustrated, were named as New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of the Year. He lives in London.
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