Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones
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Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones (Gravediggers #1)

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Ian was the one who chased the majestic buck into the forest. Kendra and PJ followed him. They all hoped to return to the hiking trail before anyone noticed they were gone. However, the mountain had other plans for them: dark, sinister plans that only nightmares are made of.

The Goonies meets The Evil Dead in this series about three kids who become separated from their back...more
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published September 11th 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books
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Ms. Yingling
A school class travels to a mountain to have a Homeroom Earth experience... a mountain where a troupe of ballet dancers mysteriously disappeared a while ago. Ian (the jock), P.J. (the geeky film nerd), and Kendra (geeky internet nerd) are all a bit dismayed to be there, but things get even worse when they chase a buck into the forest. They get separated from the group, and as night falls, begin to worry. They eventually find a house and take shelter there, but it's creepy and smells weird, so of...more
If you ever thought, "Hmm, you know what I need? I need a book that's a combination of Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, and Blair Witch Project. Except I need it to be appropriate for a 4th grader. Yep, that's what I need," this is the book for you.

Basically, it's hugely obvious that Christopher Krovatin is a HUGE horror movie nerd, and wanted to bring the joy of horror movies to the upper elementary/middle-school set. Which is kinda awesome.

There is nothing mind-blowingly awesome about th...more
Christopher Krovatin’s Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones centers on sixth graders Ian, PJ, and Kendra who are put together for a week of science camp in Montana. Ian is a persistent jock who attempts to be popular and is friends with the skinny movie-buff, PJ. Their friendship has limitations as they do not acknowledge one another at school because Ian fears that he will be teased for hanging out with PJ. They have no kind of interaction with the school geek, Kendra except for the time Ian teased...more
The book focuses on three 6th-grader students, Ian, PJ, and Kendra, who head out to Homeroom Earth camp in Montana for a week of science immersion and end up get lost in the woods while chasing a buck. Kendra’s compass is not working, and they don’t know where they are going. Then, they find an abandoned old cabin. Soon they find the cabin is not abandoned, and they are being hunted by zombies. Now, they have to defeat the zombies before they can reach their classmates and teachers and spread th...more
The scariest weirdest awesomeness book ever. Also this book has some unexpected things like chasing a 12 point buck and getting lost in the middle of no where and zombies!( which makes things a little more better of a book) hope you enjoy being scared??????!!!!!
Interesting and Intriguing take for a zombie book aimed at preteens/kids.There is a humor through that I personally like. It's not Monstrumologist level of greatness but I'm looking forward to what manner of creatures are encountered in future installments
The book was fast paced and kept me engaged. The story alternated between the three kids' points of view. I thought the format worked well, especially since the story progressed fluidly as each point of view changed. It was nice to see the different kids and how they reacted to the situations. It's a good book about friendship as well. All three of the kids are very different from each other and aren't exactly friends in the beginning. The experience soon makes them realize what true friendship...more
I don't normally read horror stories, adult or children's, especially not when they involve zombies. But this one appealed to me for some reason, maybe it was the wilderness survival angle, I'm a sucker for wilderness survival tales. Regardless, I quite enjoyed this book, despite the sometimes gruesome details. I found it interesting to follow each of the three different points of view and see how differently each of the three saw their situation. Ian, the impulsive athlete who can't help but wo...more
Gravediggers tells the story of three 11 year olds, Ian, Kendra and PJ and their Homeroom Earth field trip to the Montana wilderness. Kendra and Ian are sworn enemies because of a previous incident involving Kendra smacking Ian with a text book. PJ is Ian's oldest friend but he's not one of the "cool kids" so Ian is hoping to avoid him on this trip and hang with his jock friends instead. Kendra is intelligent but socially awkward and only has cyber friends that she has met online. Her parents ar...more
I try to read Young Adult novels occasionally during the school year so that I know which ones to recommend to my students, and I now know that I can recommend Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones to those who want a spooky tale that isn’t too scary. Gravediggers focuses on three middle school students who head out to Homeroom Earth camp in Montana for a week of science immersion. Ian (a stubborn jock who strives to be popular), PJ (a scrawny film-buff), and Kendra (a socially awkward computer geek)...more
THREE WORDS: Spine-tingling Creepy Fun

MY REVIEW: I love me some zombies and zombie books are always a hit or miss with me. Christopher Krovatin's Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones is a definite hit!

Sixth graders Ian, P.J. and Kendra travel with their school for a weekend camping trip full of hiking and wilderness training. The three students couldn't be any more different and aren't thrilled when they get stuck in the same group. But when jock Ian, film maker P.J. and brainy Kendra get seperated...more
What a great story and as funny as all get-out. I mean I laughed myself into a stupor reading this book. It's a book about teenagers who get lost in the woods on a school outing the kind to help kids get close to nature and learn to be outdoorsey and stuff. It's a trio - 2 boys and a girl a phenomenal girl I might add. There's Ian, PJ and Kendra who didn't exactly start out as friends, but before this outing is over they are and will be bosom buds for life. They run into zombies of all things an...more
Check out more of my reviews at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***!

Gravediggers is the first horror book I've ever read dealing with zombies, and I felt like I got really immersed into this tale that was crafted. Christopher Krovatin wrote a daring story that left my palms sweating and a little scared to go to sleep.

At first, I was reluctant to keep going. I met the characters, and immediately thought, "They are so stereotypical." However, I kept reading and was fairly pleased with how they c...more
CHMS Library
I'd say Gravediggers is a really good book for people. Well, if someone is reading this right now, you should probably read this book. I like books that deal with the undead, and 3 friends try to escape them, but the trail has a magical barrier that the zombies can't pass through. Believe me. Something "rotten" is happening in that forest.

~ Nicholas Malin, 6th grade
Three kids get lost in the Bitterroot Mountains on their first day of outdoor school, but eventually take shelter in an abandoned cabin - with a pile of bones in the basement. In turns funny, tense and gruesome, this zombie tale is told from three points of view which are sadly not very discernible. A bit of a slow start as zombies don't actually come on the scene until page 109. For 5th to 9th graders. Thriller, horror, adventure with some advanced vocabulary.

I don't really like zombie books, but this book was pretty good. I thought the characters were a little unblieveable. I think they should have been older than 11. I know a lot of 11 year-olds and believe me, they are not that brave. Especailly city kids, wouldn't do so well in unknown woods with zombies chasing them. I would probably be a mental wreck and I'm 20, so characters.. not believeable.

The plot was good and the story was interesting. I knew that they would become G...more
Pretty adventerous
Ok book. At first when I was reading it, I wasn't quite sure if it was going to be a horror, comedy or something else. The deaper I got into it, it became clear to me it was definately a horror drama. Some parts were nail biting amd hard to put down. Characters were pretty cliche, you have the jock, brain and somewhat geek. The ending ok. You know there will be more books to come. All in all a pretty fun book to read and yes I will probably read the others when and if they are written. Happy Rea...more
Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones was funny in some parts, but I found the characters frustrating. I often wondered about the characters' survival instincts. I know that the characters are in the sixth grade, but don't most people develop a sense for survival by then? After a while, I stopped listening to the audiobook because my frustration with the characters' choices continued to escalate.
I feel like this novel nails exactly how thirteen year olds act and talk. Because of that students will immediately identify with the characters. That the book includes zombies is an added bonus. It is hard to find good books at this age level on zombies to vampires that is not full of sexual innuendo. I predict this book won't set on the shelves and students will be lined up for the series.
Suzanne Dix
Zombie fan or not, this is a fast-paced story of teamwork and friendship that will certainly appeal to middle school students. Recommended for more mature 7th and 8th graders due to its gory and at times disturbing content about the manner in which the zombies are killed. This is poised for a sequel and readers will enjoy reconnecting with Kendra, Ian and PJ once again.
This book vacillated between three and two stars, mostly because sometimes the characters were really stereotypical, and then refreshingly realistic, but then go back to being stereotypes. However, I am sure the intended age group will really enjoy the story as it managed to be scary, but not too disgusting.
At first I was really excited to read the book, because I just love zombies but now, when I think back about the book, it was an okay- okay book. Indeed, some parts were cool, but the rest were, hmm.. So-so. I gave it 5 stars at first, but I just reduced it to 4 stars. Soo.. I recommend it to below 15 years.
Best line "It's not so bad being eaten by zombies. At least your parents will know you did something exciting on your trip."

Zombies here, Zombies there, Zombies everywhere. Mild to moderate scariness mingle with a fresh survival story to create an enjoyable new entry into the YA zombie-lit market.
While this book may appeal to younger readers looking for horror elements in their fiction, they may be put off by the constantly changing point of view. The book takes a long time to get started and also relies heavily on stereotypical characters that really don't experience much, if any, character growth.
Meghan Nels
My students are always asking for scary books. I think this will be a perfect match for many of my students - though I will try and limit it's check out to 5th graders. I found this book to be scary - but not too scary at all. I think students will be clamoring to check it out!
It was ok. I think I was expecting an older YA book where this one seemed more. 5th/6th grade choice. The story was a bit slow at times, but the friendship that develops and the lead into book 2 were good. I guess if you want a milder YA zombie book, this one works.
Austin Smith
The setting for this book really affects the plot because it is set in a forest with lots of trees caves and places to hide things, and in the forest the three main characters disturb something in the forest and then you have the conflict etc. from there.
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Chris Krovatin here. I'm an author ('Heavy Metal & You', 'Venomous', and the 'Gravediggers' series), an actor, a metalhead, and a New Yorker. I'm also a journalist for multiple heavy metal press outfits, specifically Revolver Magazine, Invisible Oranges, and MetalSucks. I scream for a local New York doom-metal band named Flaming Tusk; call me Stolas Trephinator. My favorite musicians are Slaye...more
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