The Cowboy and the Princess (Jubilee, Texas, #2)
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The Cowboy and the Princess (Jubilee, Texas #2)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  813 ratings  ·  104 reviews
Brady Talmadge was a cowboy with five unbreakable rules:
1) Never pick up a pretty hitchhiker
2) Avoid damsels in distress
3) Never order chili at a truck stop
4) Always trust your gut
5) Never tell a lie . . .

This is what happened when he broke all his rules . . . and got into a whole lot of trouble

On the run from an arranged marriage, Princess Annabella of Monesta dons...more
ebook, 245 pages
Published July 31st 2012 by Avon (first published January 1st 2012)
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The Cowboy and the Princess by Lori Wilde
*ARC supplied by Publisher*

Take Audrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday” and set it in modern times and then to really make it interesting add cowboys, a horse whisperer and red-hot lust.

What really bothered me about this book is how I cried at the ending. I was literally sobbing during the scene when they are saying their good-byes. I mean how can we really expect a good resolution with a couple such as this? We are talking about a horse whisperer and the Princ...more
A really fun book. Annie is on the run from her responsibilities as a princess. She just wants a chance to be normal for a little while before she gets stuck in the planned political marriage. She is standing in the rain, looking pretty pathetic when Brady stops to pick her up. He plans to just leave her at a nearby truck stop and continue on his way, but ends up taking her along. He breaks all his self-imposed rules when he picks Annie up and knows she's going to be trouble. He takes her along...more
Lover of Romance
Brady, doesn't like to be tied down, so he travels from town to town, healing horses. Brady just wants to feel freedom and not have to stick in one place. While heading to Jubilee, to do work for a friend, he sees a hitchhiker, he tells himself he will not bring one of his main rules, but when he sees its a woman, cold and wet with eyes that sear him...he is lost. Princess Annabella, has run away to have a few weeks of freedom before she is put in her prison of a marriage. All of her life she ha...more
I enjoyed the story as a fairy tale that it was. Roaming horse whisperer meets and falls in love with Princess running away from her life of responsibilty. It was contrived, sweet, the characters likeable but just not a knock your socks off kind of book.
Most romance novels cannot be accused of excessive realism, and Lori Wilde's The Cowboy and the Princess is no exception; as a matter of fact is is more unrealistic than most. He is a loner, but a man with lots of friends who love him. He doesn't want to settle down and doesn't think he is worthy of being loved. However, he has a way with horses. She's a princess from some small European country. She is supposed to marry the prince of another small European country in six weeks. It is a politica...more
A Tasty Read Book Reviews
reviewed on

The Cowboy and the Princess had A LOT to live up to for me, after reading The Cowboy takes a Bride. Lori Wilde did not let me down. She writes smokin' hot, rangy cowboys, with fast moves and great hands, and I don't just mean when it comes to horses.

Annie and Brady are quite the pair. The had me laughing out loud one minute with their sexy banter and tearing up a few pages later when my heart was being broken to pieces.

From the second these two meet its...more
Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
Reviewed on:

The Princess and the Cowboy is the second book in the Jubilee, Texas series. However, it isn't necessary for you to have read the first book. These two books can stand alone.

Brady Talmadge is a cowboy with a dark past contributing to his five unbreakable rules. At the age of fifteen, Brady ran away from an abusive home and ended up being taken in by Dutch Callahan of Jubilee, Texas. Dutch taught Brady how to take care of horses. Over the course of f...more
Dani C. (Paulette's Papers)
The Cowboy and the Princess is a book that grows on you until you can’t put it down. This delightful mix of The Horse Whisperer and Roman Holiday make for a fun, small town cowboy story.

Princess Annabella of Monesta has 6 weeks until she weds a balding, playboy prince who she is betrothed to. She and her dog Lady Astor escape the life of luxury and are rescued by a cowboy named Brady Talmadge and his dog. He ends up buying her chili at a truck stop and then taking them with him to Jubilee, TX wh...more
Once upon a time there was a princess who was tired of doing what she was told and having her life dictated to her. She would be getting married within a year to someone chosen for her, and she wanted some time to devote to herself before permanently giving up her freedom for the good of her country. So with the help of a good friend, Princess Annabella of Monesta ran away in hopes she'd have a grand adventure before returning to the royal reality that was her life. What she never could have ima...more

I really enjoyed the first book in the series. So I came into this with high expectations and probably that is my biggest problem here. The heroine in this story is the main flaw. Annabella is a sheltered princess who wants to spread her wings and fly. When she is invited to her friend’s wedding in America, she hops on the opportunity to ditch her bodyguards at the reception and hitch hike her way into Texas.

Brady Talmadge is a bit of a loner. He floats from town to town without a moment’s notic...more
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Two-haiku review:

Princess runs away
Wants adventure before wed
Falls for hot cowboy

Excellent ending
Princess stories aren't my faves
This one's pretty good
Annie is a princess of a very small country who wants to have an adventure before she has to marry a prince of another very small country. That is happening in six weeks so she escapes while attending a wedding in the United States. Brady sees her hitchhiking in the rain so gives her a ride. His plan is to take her to the nearest truck stop and drop her off. Instead he takes to with him to the small town of Jubilee where he has a job. Annie gets a job there and a place to stay.

Since Annie is rea...more
I completely fell in love with the main characters of this book. From the beginning of the book the characters had a connection that you really felt throughout the book.
I highly recommend this book to those readers who love it when an underdog gets the love of their life.
Virginia Boylan
What chance do a European princess with multiple doctorates and an American horse "whisperer" have of finding love and happiness? Not much, on the surface, but underneath, both have similar desires and values. Though the ultimate circumstance allowing these two their happily ever after turns out to be pretty far fetched, hey, the girl's whole country is fictional. In a story told this well, who cares? Lots of fun, a believable princess and a setting I could picture easily. If only we could have...more
So for most romance novels, you have to step back a bit from reality. Whirlwind romances that last forever, romantic meetings unfortunately are just not a reality for most of us. This novel is not exception, but still enjoyable.
He is a "loner" with strict rules to live by and he likes his privacy, but a man with lots of friends who love him. He doesn't want to settle down and doesn't think he's worthy of being loved or able to love any woman the way that she would deserve. He is known as the ho...more
Brady Talmadge had five unbreakable rules to live an uncomplicated life and in just one day he broke them all by picking up a tiny hitchhiker! As a horse whisper, he traveled often and towed his trailer home as he never stayed long in one place. He had run away at fifteen when he had enough of his dad's beatings and never looked back, he was a loner by choice but had friends everywhere he went. The girl he picked up in a rainstorm was soaking wet and his mind said to leave her as she was trouble...more
I pre ordered this book, and well, it is a mixed bag. My pre order was based on Wilde's last book that included a teaser chapter. I was intrigued by the teaser, so I went ahead with the order. First, Texas cow boy stories are not my usual fare, nor are run away princess stories. But, I gave it a shot. The biggest issues that I had with this is how it all wrapped up. The princess wants to be "normal". Ok. All of us "normal" folks have all kinds of hang-ups, they're just not on public display for...more
Julie Lence
The first chapter of 'The Cowboy and the Princess' was inserted at the end of 'The Cowboy Takes A Bride'. I read the chapter, enjoyed Annie and Brady's initial meeting (which had me in stitches) and couldn't wait to read the entire story. I finished last night and loved it.
Annie is a princess on the verge of marrying a prince. Her upcoming marriage has been prearranged by both families as a way to unite her country with the Prince's country. But outside her palace windows, Annie sees, and longs...more
The Cowboy and the Princess will renew your faith in fairy tales. When Brady Talmadge breaks his 5 golden rules after picking up hitchhiker,Princess Annabella of Monesta aka Annie Coste, his life is turned upside down. A horse whisper, who travels from place to place, never settling down for more than a few weeks at a time finds his world starting to unravel when he meets Annie at a truck stop. Annie, a runaway princess who finds herself running about from her own rules, learns finding herself i...more
Sandy M
I recently discovered Lori Wilde’s cowboys, so I couldn’t wait to start reading The Cowboy and the Princess. While it’s a good story, it unfortunately doesn’t have the fun, wit, and pizzazz as The Cowboy Takes a Bride does. I can still see Joe Daniels sprawled in that gold-plated water trough. Our hero here, Brady Talmadge, is a sexy, live-life-for-the-moment cowboy, and I fell for him as I did Joe, but it’s Annie and her need for adventure who takes a bit to warm up to.

Brady has five unbreakabl...more
Guilty Pleasures
Amanda's review posted on Guilty Pleasures

4.5 Stars

What do you get when you cross Horse Whisperer with Roman Holiday? You get a delightful read from Lori Wilde in her second book of the Jubilee series, The Cowboy and the Princess. You bring together two unlikely people together and they are what the other needs but it takes them time to figure it out. Princess Anabella of Monesta wants to experience life on her own before she marries her prince in an arranged marriage and seizes the chance when...more
Princess Annabella of Monesta will do anything she can to live the dream she has had since she was a child. For years she has fantasized about living a normal life. As a princess she must maintain a reputation of utter goodness and never, be wild and free. That was until she saw a movie that changed her life. Now on the run she is ready for her dream to come true but never expected in her wild dreams to fall for the hero in her dream come to life. As a princess there are certain things she was n...more
Recently as an Avon Addict, I was asked by Avon Romance to read and review an eARC of THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS by Lori Wilde. I was a bit apprehensive about reading it because I had not been a fan of her last novel THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE but - and that's a big BUT - I was delightfully surprised by THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS. I started reading expecting to be disappointed but instead found myself smiling as I started to recognize the theme behind this one. As a huge fan of the movie ROMAN H...more
Cowboy and horse whisperer Brady Talmadge lives his life by a set of rules shaped by tough experience, but one rainy June night on his way to Jubilee, Texas, Brady breaks his rule and changes his life forever. The hitchhiker he picks up inspires contradictory emotions. Part of him wants to run from the complications he knows she portends; part of him wants to protect the cold, wet waif. The desire to protect wins, and the complications begin almost immediately.

Annie is a princess on the run, det...more
Romancing the Book
Posted on Romancing the Book's blog
Reviewed by JoAnne
Review Copy Provided by the Edelweiss

I have liked other books by Lori Wilde and I was looking forward to reading this uncorrected proof. Although different from her Twilight, Texas series or her stand alone books I was not disappointed. I was immediately drawn in to the story and didn’t want to put it down. The premise was unexpected but believable. I loved the You might be a princess if… that was at the beginning of each new chapter.

There was...more
The Cowboy and the Princess
Author: Lori Wilde

I'm a huge fan of Lori Wilde! I liked this book but not as much as the Cowboy Takes a Bride, Texas Series #1, because I found it a little slower in reading.

Brady Talmadge is a cowboy, horse whisperer. He tows his home behind him and has a dog named Trampas. He comes upon a hitch-hiker, Annie Coste, who is really a real life princess, Annabella Farrington of Monesta. She just wants to live for the next 6 wks in America, soak up as much as she can and d...more
Nancy Crocker
This is the story of Princess Annabella who's one dream has always been to experience life. To go to a carnival, have a job, clean a house just live. She has been promised into marriage since she was a young teenager. She travels to the United States to attend the wedding of a former Presidents daughter in Texas. Her friend Echo "presidents daughter" helps her escape the family compound so she can live a life she has dreamed of for years. Enter Brady who picks her up outside a truck stop in the...more
This is my first time reading a Lori Wilder book and I was pleasantly surprised by the story. There are funny moments here, but it is balanced by much more serious moments, too. I wasn't expecting to like the princess so much, either. I really like Annabella as a character and found myself laughing along with her. Brady is a good guy, even though he annoyed me sometimes with his dialogue early on, something which changed later on in the novel.

I love when novels are detailed in setting and descr...more
Good to know chivalry is not dead when you read a good novel about decent men. And this was a good novel about just such a man. Brady Talmadge, suave, rugged, tall, quiet, ready to come to the aid of a woman if she was in need (damsel in distress that is). Five rules to live by, strictly, and carefree on the road, a "Horse Whisperer". WOW!, it really can't get better than this!!! Wherever, this man is I really would like to meet him. Then he encounters the said Woman in need, "Rule #3: Avoid Dam...more
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Lori Wilde can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to write. She even went to nursing school so she could have a schedule flexible enough to allow her to write on the side. She nursed for 20 years, working in a variety of settings from the newborn nursery to the recovery room, to dialysis. But she never lost her desire to write.

She sold her first book in 1994 to Silhouette Romance but later dis...more
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