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Three Blind Mice and Other Stories
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Three Blind Mice and Other Stories

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  6,310 ratings  ·  249 reviews
Ablinding snowstorm—and a homicidal maniac—traps a small party of friends in an isolated estate. Out of this deceptively simple setup, Agatha Christie fashioned one of her most ingenious puzzlers, which in turn would provide the basis for The Mousetrap, the longest-running play in history.

From this classic title novella to the deliciously clever gems on its tail (solved to
Paperback, 235 pages
Published June 19th 2012 by William Morrow Paperbacks (first published 1925)
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Ali AlShewail
قبل ما اقرأ مجموعة القصص دي أختى العزيزة د.هبة نور الدين قالتلي انك هتحس انها للمبتدئين ، و قد كان
لكن على الرغم من كدا فهى عجبتني جدا و كانت ممتعة و يمكن السبب فى كدا اني معجب جدااا بطريقة أجاثا كريستى ، شهادتى فيها مجروحة زى ما قولت قبل كدا :D

على العموم انا بكرر نفس الرأى ، دي مجموعة قصص للمبتدئين ، لو متوقع انك هتلاقي فيها رواية بوليسية من الحجم الكبير و اللغز العبقري فـ أكيد دى مش هتكون طلبك ، لكن لو انتا زيي بتدور على نوع المتعة اللي سببه روح الست أجاثا في الكتابة فالمجموعة دى هتكون مصدر كو
Laura Verret
This collection of short stories features not only Hercule Poirot, but also Miss Marple and Harley Quin!

The Stories.

Three Blind Mice. Molly and Giles Davis are proud to be renovating their aunt’s home and opening it as a “guest” house. It gives them an excuse to keep the mansion and to make money on the side. It isn’t until their first set of guests are settled in that a police officer arrives telling them that among their tenants is a murderer who has killed before and is planning to kill again
This was my first Agatha Christie book; a fairly quick read, and I liked starting off with a book full of short stories. We just bought a stack of Agatha Christie books from the thrift store, so I'll have to keep reading.
See this review and others are Living Is Reading!

2.5 stars

Three blind mice,
three blind mice,
see how they run,
see how they run.

They all ran after the farmer's wife,
she cut off their tails with a carving knife.

Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
as three blind mice?

Is this really by the same woman who wrote And Then There Were None?

The aforementioned title is the only other work of Christie's that I've read, and it was one of my favorite reads of last year, as well as all-time. So, after
Heba Mohamed
ماكنتش احلى حاجة قريتها بس كانت عالمية

فيها حكايات لميس ماربل و لبوارو و دة اللى فرحنى الحقيقة ان مش كلها لحد فيهم بس :))

فيه منها واحدة قريتها قبل كدة فى كتاب القضايا الاخيرة لميس ماربل .. مهما كبرت اجاثا هاتفضل رفيقة الدرب :)

<3 هذا رابع كتاب اقرأه لأغاثا خلال شهر

القصص ممتعة وقصيرة ....
لكني افضل روايات أغاثا فالأحداث الطويلة والتعمق في الشخصيات ممتع حيث يصعب تخمين المجرم

أحببت ثلاثة فئران عمياء
شقة الطابق الثاث
قضية الخادمة المثالية
هدى ناصر
كتاب سهل وسلس
تقرأه بساعات
اجاثا هي اجاثا.. ستبقى المفضلة لدي
انصح بها
ثلاثة فئران عمياء وقصص أخري
اشتريت هذه الرواية لأجاثا كريستي من معرض الكتاب السنة الماضية ، جذبني عنوانها ، وفعلا كانت رواية رائعة
وفي طباعة ممتازة ، بالتأكيد قد نسيت معظم أحداثها الأن ، ويمكنني قراءتها مرة أخري
وسأشعر بنفس المتعة
Trudy Pomerantz
Continuing on in my quest to read all the books that Christie wrote, this is the latest. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book - Three Blind Mice despite this being a second or third read. Some favorite passages:

From Three Blind Mice:

It was very cold. The sky was dark and heavy with unshed snow.

The end of the war had left Mrs. Boyle marooned, as it were, on a desert shore. She had always been a busy woman, talking fluently of efficiency and organization. Her vigor and drive had prevented people as
Anzitutto devo dire che è la prima volta che leggo un suo testo teatrale: avevo al mio attivo diversi suoi romanzi, ma per puro caso le commedie mi erano ancora sfuggite... fino ad oggi.Proprio in quanto commedia teatrale il libro si legge ancora più velocemente rispetto ai romanzi (che già si divorano agilmente), ma lo stile ed il pathos rimangono ad altissimi livelli.La storia? Una giovane coppia di coniugi apre una piccola locanda in casa ed i primi ospiti arrivano giusto il giorno di una ter ...more
1950, apa The Mousetrap, published in US only, includes the story that was the basis for her most famous play and 8 other stories of all styles and detectives. Christie used several of them as basis for later novels that make these original short stories seem rather pastel in comparison. Several of the stories were also adapted for TV (and slightly rewritten), but all were very good films and true to her style and settings. Three-and-one-half stars.

Contains three Poirot stories, four Marple sto
Un 3,5 en realidad

La ratonera tiene todos los elementos característicos de cualquier obra de Agatha Christie: misterio, intriga, un montón de sospechosos, algunos cadáveres y una resolución sorprendente -si no llegas a adivinarla antes, como me pasó a mí. Además, el formato de obra teatral consigue otorgarle más agilidad a la lectura sin restarle ni un ápice de tensión al asunto.

Isabella V
I thought that the plot was very interesting. I was actually surprised because I was expecting to be bored during the reading of the radio play. Once we were finished going through the play, I was happy and surprised by all of the red herings! Honestly, the murderer that I had picked out wasn't even a part of it and my character was a part of the murder! Great organization all the way around.
Brianna King-Isom
After reading the radio play version of "Three Blind Mice" By Agatha Christie I feel like she is a really good writer. While reading through the play before acting it i could get an image of what was going in my head. I could "see" how each charter looked like. The book was so suspenseful and a really good mystery.
Diana Gaspar
Even though I read the play version, I can honestly say it was an easy read, and the plot twist was a concept many people couldn't comprehend. It left many of the readers in shock. The beginning of story either lacked detail or sped up the scenes too quickly. Not a bad play, but it could have been better.
Diana osorio
After reading the play version of the Three Blind Mice, at first I thought it was boring but as the story was going on it got more and more interesting. I was always asking myself “who is the murder?” and “why would they murder her?” At the end I was done with those thoughts and questions

مجموعة قصصية جميلة لأجاثا كريستي. أميل كثيرا لكتب القصص القصيرة خصوصا اذا كانت من نوع التحقيق والجرائم. لأن كل قصة تكون قصيرة, واضحة, مختصرة وممتعة! في هذا الكتاب 9 قصص قصيرة, لاحظت ان اثنتين منها "شقة الطابق الثالث" و " مغامرة جوني ويفرلي" مكررة وقد قرأتها مسبقا في كتاب آخر لأجاثا بإسم "قضايا بوارو المبكرة".

تقييمي للكتاب 3/5 لأن 3 قصص منها اعجبتني كثيرا, و 3 لم تعجبني, و3 كانت جيدة.

أكثر 3 قصص أعجبتني هي:

ثلاثة فئران عمياء: صدمتني أجاثا بالنهاية! فعلا غير متوقعه. ذكاء وعبقرية أجاثا تخدعني في كل م
After reading the Radio play version of Three Blind Mice I think it was okay. I was interesting with a really big plot twist. I would recommend you reading the radio play with a group of people because it could be fun thing to act out.
Brady West
This story made me realize why murder mysteries intrigue people. The suspense and mystery keep people always wondering. They want to keep reading until they figure it out, and the book provides many interesting rising actions until then.
For whatever reason, I haven't normally reviewed Agatha Christie books on Goodreads, but I'll break the mold here to simply say that this collection was amazing.

The first story, which is more of a novella, is the story that "The Mousetrap" is based on. Now I can see why it's been the longest running play in London! This was an excellently done mystery!

There is also a good mix of Marple and Poirot stories in this, too, for people who are looking for a little bit of both. These are all very good.

Gary Vassallo
A great set of short mysteries, with Three Blind Mice being the standout. Typical Agatha Christie, with each story keeping me guessing until the end.
This story is the basis for the West End play The Mouse Trap which had its first performance in 1952.
From Wikipedia

The play began life as a short radio play broadcast on 30 May 1947 called Three Blind Mice in honour of Queen Mary, the consort of King George V. The play had its origins in the real-life case of the death of a boy, Dennis O'Neill, who died while in the foster care of a Shropshire farmer and his wife in 1945.

The play is based on a short story, itself based on the radio play, but C
This collection of short stories was very spotty. Some stories were frustrating because Miss Marple and Poirot had facts we didn't, and that's not fair. But three were great and will stay with me. "The Case of the Caretaker's Wife" is a "puzzle" created for Miss Marple by her doctor to occupy the redoubtable old girl as she recovered from the flu. "Third Floor Flat" has two young men stumbling out of a dumbwaiter and onto a murder, which Poirot sets about solving. This one was really well writte ...more
I didn't like it, it's a failure considering Agatha's intelligence!
Allison Chan
I only read the Three Blind Mice mystery as well as some others. My favorite was totally the Three Blind Mice. That one was very well written and held me in much suspense as I progressed through the story. And I was so shocked at who the murderer was. That's how a true mystery should be written! Absolutely loved it!
Agatha Christie'nin hayli kalabalık külliyatından Fare Kapanı'nı seçme nedenim, olayların kara kışın esir aldığı bir köşkte geçmesiydi. Nerede kasvet ve gizem, orada ben!
Okuduğum bazı yorumlarda insanlar katili şıp diye bulduklarını söylüyorlar ama ben bu konuda başarılı değilim maalesef. Son ana kadar tahmin edemeyince kitabı da elimden bırakamadım haliyle. Katili öğrendim de biraz huzura kavuştum. "Şark Ekspresi'nde Cinayet"teki gibi bir son olmadığı için müteşekkirim ayrıca.
Eserin esas beğen
After reading the radio play version of Three Blind Mice I was very happy. The ending of the radio play was just so amazing and shocking. I would have never guessed who the murder really was. If I were a character, I would be freaking out in this situation and would just be so confused! I believe that this was way better than Agatha Cristie's And Then There Were None which I have read in the past. If I was able to ask Agatha Cristie a question I would ask her "How were you so creative with who t ...more
I read Three Blind Mice by candlelight when the power went out one night. It's the first story in this book and, at 80 pages, the longest. Even though it was summer, I was completely caught up in snowbound setting, and ending up reading the whole thing in a single sitting. It's one of Christie's very best — right up there with And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express...and like both of those, you will never guess whodunnit. Very cool read!
Having read most of Agatha Christie's work by the time I found this book it was read exclusively for the story Three Blind Mice, which was later made into the play Mousetrap.
Dentro de un  Libro
3.5 estrellas. La historia de Tres ratones ciegos me gusto mucho. El resto de las historias son en su mayoría protagonizadas por Miss Marple, había algunas que ya había leído.
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time. She wrote eighty crime novels and story collections, fourteen plays, and several other books. Her books have sold roughly four billion copies and have been translated into 45 languages. She is t
More about Agatha Christie...
And Then There Were None Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10) The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Poirot, #1) Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple, #1) The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Hercule Poirot, #4)

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“The trouble is that practically everything one does nowadays is illegal,” said Giles gloomily. “That’s why one has a permanent feeling of guilt.” 0 likes
“She had often been alone in the house before—but she had never before been so conscious of being alone in it.” 0 likes
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