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The Last Apprentice: G...
Joseph Delaney
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The Last Apprentice: Grimalkin the Witch Assassin (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles #9)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  3,942 ratings  ·  231 reviews
"I'm coming for you, and nothing living or dead can stop me."

One witch is the most feared, the most ruthless, and the most deadly of all the witches in the county. If she hunts for you, she will find you. If you have crossed her, you don't stand a chance. She is the witch assassin, and her name is Grimalkin.

Grimalkin's one alliance is with Tom Ward, the Spook's apprentice.
Published April 17th 2012 by Greenwillow Books (first published September 1st 2011)
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Excellent, excellent book. While it was a bit awkward that this book is technically in a different series (The Spook's Series) than the main series that Delaney writes (Wardstone Chronicles if you are not in the US and The Last Apprentice if you are)--awkward because this book actually continues the last book in the series that he wrote but from the character Grimalkin's point of view.

And, wow. What a point of view. Grimalkin has been one of my favorite characters from the moment she was introd

So...I was looking back at the books I'd read this year and to my surprise there was no review for this book. So of course I have to put this little snippet in here. This is the ninth book in the series and:

a) The witch assassin Grimalkin uses her dark magic a few times
b) She faces a foe she can't defeat despite all her incredible skill
c) She has some kind of an assassin apprentice
d) She teams up with the Spook and Tom to set a trap for The Fiend (yup they physically set up a trap for the devil
ahhh something fresh to help readers carry on with the series. im not saying i dislike Tom or the Spook, but Grimalkin is probably my favorite character in the series. in this addition to the series we get the story of Grimalkin on the run upon returning to the county from Ireland, straight from the mouth of Grimalkin herself! another nice addition is an update from Agnes and introduction of Thorne who will surely grow on you if you're also a fan of Grimalkin or the other Pendle witches. Best bo ...more
Duffy Pratt
Instead of Tom Ward, Grimalkin narrates this installment. She is the witch assassin of the Malkin clan, and her name is no accident: Grim Malkin. Like her, the book is rather single minded and relentless.

My sister puts post-its of simple affirmations around herself. The idea is to bring up positive images that will help mold herself into the person she wants to be. Grimalkin seems to have done much the same, and through the power of positive thinking, she formed herself into the most brutal and
Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this book. The Last Apprentice series is one of my favorites, but I think it is largely because I love the interplay between Tom and Old Gregory. Grimalkin made an interesting secondary character, but I wasn't interested in hearing her narration. Plus, the story was not terribly interesting to me. Here's the plot: Grimalkin runs around with the Fiend's head, making various stops or detours. And that's about it, although every so often we get a flashbac ...more
Cherie Ann
Great to see things from Grimalkin's point of view. Love the backstory of how Grimalkin came to be. One of my favorite characters in the series!
Reviewed first at Brunner's Bookshelf

"Her trade is death and torture". What a quote, I wasn't sure how I felt about this book not being a Tom and Spook story until I read this line. Yes you read this right, this book isn't necessarily the next chapter in Tom's story, but it does answer come questions. When I started this I felt like I should have just skipped this book and moved onto book 10. Why do I care what Grimalkin does when I am so wrapped up in how Tom is going to defeat the Fiend, and w
This latest chilling installment within the Wardstone Chronicles is full of terrifying drama, spine-chilling suspense and nail-biting narrative!

I am Grimalkin (aka. Grim) is the ninth installment within the epic Spooks series that is the Wardstone chronicles. Bursting will fast-paced, intense action and dramatic twists & turns, this is a book that will have you sat on the edge of your seat throughout reading in a feverish frenzy. Exciting, totally absorbing this brilliant book is just a del
I probably would've given this three and a half stars if I could. I'm a big fan of this series and Grimalkin has always been my favorite character of the series so I was really excited to read this installment and learn more about this mysterious character. Grimalkin is on the road running from many foes with the Fiend's head in tow. She may be up against more than she can handle. Little shout out to me as the evil Mage in the story (who is one of the foes following her to get the Fiend's head) ...more
colleen the fabulous fabulaphile
If anyone's been following my progress on this series, they'll know that I really liked it in the beginning, but I've become more and more meh about it as the series has continued. For one, it's kinda of bugged me that Tom's voice and demeanor hasn't really changed, even though he's gone from 11 to 15. For another, I feel like a lot of the books are filler and the series, as a whole, feels needlessly prolonged. (I'm starting to think that the author was hellbent on having 13 books in the series, ...more
As mentioned in a previous posting in regards to this 'series', I was given almost the entire THE LAST APPRENTICE series.

And again, I have to state that this is NOT FOR YOUNG READERS and should be for strictly GRADE 8 and up.

It contains Black Magic, Demons, Witches, and all sorts of bloodletting, dismemberment, and much violence depicted within it's pages. Still can't believe it's zeroed in on basicly a Young Age Group. For mature Teens and such? Yes, by all means as this is proving to be a very
Cj Wilkins
Grimalkin the Witch Assasin is the 9th book in The Last Apprentice series. The series follows the story of the people of the light battling the denizens of the dark. This version of the series follows the witch assassin, Grimalkin, of the Malkin witch clan. Although Grimalkin is a dark witch, her lifetime goal is to destroy the devil himself: The Fiend. In the previous Last Apprentice book, Grimalkin and a Spook's apprentice named Tom Ward, bound the Fiend in a pit with silver alloy stakes. Grim ...more
Christine Rains
In this ninth book of the Last Apprentice series, Grimalkin is the narrator. A very different and intense protagonist compared to Thomas Ward. Grimalkin is my favorite character in the series, and I was ecstatic that one of the books featured her.

The witch assassin Grimalkin is on the run with the Fiend's head in a sack. Followers of the dark chase her, but she is no easy target. So her enemy must create a monster designed only for killing her. And they may well succeed. Grimalkin is brought to
Wickedshizuku (and her 7 Black cats)
Jul 29, 2015 Wickedshizuku (and her 7 Black cats) rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Paranormal Fans, Sci-Fi fans, Horror fans, Fantasy fans
Recommended to Wickedshizuku by: Goodreads
First and foremost I was not a happy camper at the end of this book. What I missed in this installment was the two leading characters of the series itself.I was severely disturbed by Grimalkin's inner monologue. How she fantasizes about the 1001 ways to kill a man, and her long suffering at the Fiend's whimsy. Don't get me wrong it was nice to have another perspective to the series, but Delaney has no problem with killing off a number of characters throughout this book. That was a surprise, and ...more
It is a sad day when I read one of my beloved "Spook's" books and don't like it!! I got to chapter 6 (which is 60 pages in) and decided to give up and read the last 2 chapters to see what happens in the end. I must admit though that this story is written from a different characters point of view and I think that's why I don't like it. I don't really like Grimalkin, the witch assassin, I prefer to hear the tale from Tom Ward, the spook's young apprentice. I also enjoy The Spook's (John Gregory) h ...more
Anggia Retno
I think this is my favorite book from Spook's Apprentice Series, ironically this is not even about Spook's Apprentice

But really I love Grimalkin and to read the book from her point of view is entertaining. She's totally bad ass, courageous, strong, but still have a soft side in her.

And I can't not love Thorne, she's witch assassin apprentice, Grimalkin's protege. Trust me, you gotta love her character

Beside Grimalkin's adventure in this book I love how Delaney give us a lil bit snippet about Gr
J’avais annoncé que le volume précédent marquait « un réel tournant dans la série ». Je ne m’étais pas trompée. Ici, ce n’est plus Tom Ward le narrateur du récit, mais Grimalkin, la terrible tueuse du clan de sorcières Malkin, de retour dans le Comté et tentant de tenir la tête du Malin à distance des serviteurs de l’Obscur. Le jeune apprenti est quasiment absent, tout comme l’Épouvanteur et Alice.

L’auteur nous rend cette sorcière, une tueuse déterminée, une créature de l’Obscur, sympathique au
Roma Lychagin
It was depressing. Been this huge assassin she lost in every battle of this book. And her life is in a way so sad. She lost everything she loved. Really sad life she has.

I cant say that this book is dark like others. May be it's more cruel, but not dark. There is no element of surprise. In other books i had no idea what would happen, and in this everything was so clear. Yeah, there were some unexpected turns, after which u can predict everything that will happen.

Grimalkin background is kinda la
Catherine Loiseau
Gros changement pour ce tome, ce n’est plus Tom qui nous raconte l’histoire, mais Grimalkin, tueuse du clan des Malkin, alliée à Tom, Alice et l’Epouvanteur pour combattre le Malin.
Je dois avouer que ce changement m’a un peu surprise au début, mais je suis rentrée très vite dans l’histoire. On commence là où on avait terminé le tome 8 : le Malin est entravé, et Tom l’a décapité, mais les ennuis sont loin d’être terminés. Il faut maintenant trouver un moyen de détruire durablement le Malin, et su
I love this series, but I was not terribly impressed with this book. I love the character of Grimalkin in the other books, but I didn't really enjoy her being the main character and narrator of this one.

This is the first time I'm giving a book in this series less than 5 stars.

I ended up skimming through this book a fair amount and don't really want to buy it for my collection.
I missed Tom and the Spook and I am still looking forward to the next book in this series!
I got this from the library not realizing it was ninth in a series, but I'm giving it up at around 20 some-odd percent through. The protagonist is a female and she couldn't read less female if she tried. Here is the reason I tend to not like male authors writing female characters. I may pick up the first book in the series because I saw a few of my friends rated it pretty high, but at this point in time it's pretty low on my priority list.

When you read the last book in a series first, and then must go back to read all the previous ones, you know it was a good book. I am now on book 6. In book 9, Grimalkin is a wonderfully strong character. She lives by a code of honor yet serves the dark. She is one of those unfortunate beings who could have been messianic but compartmentalized her grief to such a degree that she can act without feeling. The perfect witch assassin.
Grimalkin is the most feared and skilled witch assassin in the County. In these pages we will learn of her triumphs and defeats. Of her love for the child she bore the Fiend as a teenager. Of how she ultimately became the fierce opponent she is today. From memories of childhood moments spent in Malkin Tower to memories of fighting for her life against more unlucky foes, we will be shown Grimalkin as she truly is. The good and the bad. And what she truly is is far more than a killing machine. She ...more
In this latest addition to the Last Apprentice series, the main character is Grimalkin: the famous and deadly witch assassin, who is carrying the head of the Fiend. His followers have spawned a creature of the dark whose sole job is to kill her so they can reunite the head with the body of the field. While Tom, Alice and the Spook are essentially absent, Delaney continues to develop the series using other characters.
Michelle E.

Let's get right down to it. I didn't like Grimalkin always referring to her "witchy eyes." It's a stupid complaint, but there it is.

Some have expressed disappointment over a male author writing female characters. I'm not sure why that is, at least in this case. Is it because she's tough and likes to fight? Well, first of all, that was her upbringing as a witch. Witches don't exactly run around in frilly dresses and pink ribbons. And where I live and grew up, I know/have known plenty tough-a
This series just keeps getting better and better. This was a very unique perspective, written from the viewpoint of the Grimalkin. Even on book 9 of "The Last Apprentice series i am still glued to every page. Each book is unforgettable adventure, i am always sad when it ends.
it was NOT narrated form the main protagonist Tom Ward, yet i enjoyed it very much,was fun to know more about Grimalkin and i got to say that i loved ch42 "the hunt" although its only 2 pages :)
cant wait to c the end of the story in the next book :)
Sónia Tigol
OMG... I love Grimalkin, she is the best.
It was great to see things from Grimalkin's point of view. I love the back story of how Grimalkin came to be. Grimalkin is one of my favorite characters in the series.
This book was simply the best.
In my opinion, this is the best book in The Last Apprentice series so far. I really enjoyed seeing this world from the different set of eyes and experience that is Grimalkin. Mr. Delaney has brought a new perspective to an engaging series.
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Joseph Delaney is a full time writer living in Lancashire, in the heart of Boggart territory. He first got the idea for the Wardstone Chronicles series when he moved to the village where he lives now and discovered there was a local boggart - ‘a man like me needs boggarts around’. He made a note in his notebook ‘a story about a man who hunts boggarts’ and years later when he had to come up with an ...more
More about Joseph Delaney...

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“Each day say to yourself that you are the best, the strongest, and the most deadly. Eventually you will start to believe it. Finally it will come true. It came true for me. I am Grimalkin.” 1 likes
“A true knight has a strict code of chivalry by which he lives his life: He cannot refuse a challenge and he always keeps his word. I also have a code of honor, but it is flexible.” 1 likes
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