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The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle, #1)
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The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle #1)

4.12 of 5 stars 4.12  ·  rating details  ·  5,348 ratings  ·  427 reviews
Twenty eight florins a month is a huge price to pay, for a man to stand between you and the Wild.

Twenty eight florins a month is nowhere near enough when a wyvern's jaws snap shut on your helmet in the hot stink of battle, and the beast starts to rip the head from your shoulders. But if standing and fighting is hard, leading a company of men - or worse, a company of mercen
Paperback, 650 pages
Published October 25th 2012 by Gollancz (first published September 1st 2012)
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Mark Mitchell Hmm, It does have a slow start if I remember correctly. I believe it picks up when the company reaches the town.(I'm being vague for spoilers sake.)

Hmm, It does have a slow start if I remember correctly. I believe it picks up when the company reaches the town.(I'm being vague for spoilers sake.)

But I don't recall how quickly. I usually read at least 100 pages before I give up on a book being one I simply don't like.(less)

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Experiment BL626
The Red Knight (TRK) was a mixed bag surprises.

Great writing

I love the succinct writing. I love the subheading of the character’s name and their location every time the plot shifts in POV. TRK is a big Fantasy book, and I expected to be lost in a wall of text at some point, but I never really was.

Too many POVs

What I did not love was the boatload of irrelevant POVs. It took me a couple long chapters to realize the book was plot-driven given the focus on the large cast and how an unexpectedly smal
Mike (the Paladin)
Here we have the beginning of what seems to be another fine, readable, highly enjoyable epic fantasy. The story draws us in and if it has a weakness (and what book doesn't?) it may be that the story (again) strings out into several viewpoints. Of these most of us will probably become more interested in one "storyline" than we are the others (I know I did). Still when it boils down to "a" climax (actually there might be said to be "multiple climaxes") the author weaves all his threads together an ...more

i read 100+ pages out of probably the most expected remaining book of 2012 for me, The Red Knight by Miles Cameron and it is very good though it is not quite what i expected so far; the setting is truly medieval with small cities at least so far in the Nord/West - the world may be something like Earth ~1000 so the east may be much more developed; the Wild is out there and it has its denizens, its sentients, its allies and its manipulators but there is also the Church and God's magic as w
I'm giving this book a 4.5*s and I really really enjoyed it which is great as I've heard very little about it and wasn't sure what I would think of it. I don't know why this book is not more popular, because it's a brilliantly executed and well-written story with some very wonderful characters and great moments within its pages!

This book focuses mostly on the epic large scale battle of the Humans vs The Wild. The world where these people live is mostly dominated by strange and scary creatures wh
So I was walking through the library looking for a fix and my eyes fell on this book. I didn't recognize it so I picked it up and glanced at the back. The premise seemed really interesting, and I thought, “hmm, Then, I was dropping my son off at school and someone had it sitting on their front seat. I thought again, “hmm,” I'm going to read that when I get a chance." When I saw it at Barnes and Noble over the weekend I stopped in my tracks and waited for Ashton Kutcher to appear. When, that didn ...more
One of the best books I have read this year, 4.5 stars not quite perfect a little raw.

shows that we can expect more finely written fantasy from this author.

brilliantly written combat scenes nicely combined with a decently well thought out magical system which merges well with the battles.

Nice use of female characters who are key to the plotlines in the storyline.

If you dont like multiple view points then its not for you, but I found them well written and and well thought out.
This is pretty much the best thing you could expect from a historical fiction writer turning to the dark side and writing fantasy; the alien, otherworldly nature of fantasy with the detail-heavy and character-based plot of many historical novels. I haven't read any of Mr. Cameron or Mr. Cameron's books before this one and I was super impressed, and I can happily say I look forward to reading more of his stuff in both genres. If a gritty vision of a fantastical alternate medieval Europe with a st ...more
I suspect there are going to be the almost inevitable comparisons between Miles Cameron and the likes of George R. R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie. First off, The Red Knight is one massive doorstop of a book, honestly it’s HUGE. Also, much like the novels that make up A Song of Ice and Fire, each new chapter tends to shift point of view between the different characters. Like Abercrombie, Cameron likes to go uncensored when it comes to the violent moments, nothing gets sugar coated here. Be prepare ...more
Really strong first book in a series!
I don't usually bother continuing series unless I'm blown away right from the beginning (the common "give it a book or two, it gets a lot better" refrain annoys me), but in the case of "The Traitor Son", just tell me where to sign because I'm on board!

The Red Knight, simply referred throughout the book as the "Captain", might be one of the best main protagonists I've seen in Fantasy lately. There's a lot of mystery around him and only little is revealed in
Paul Nelson
A 4.5 stars rating.

From the three major fantasy debuts I have read this year Anthony Ryan's Blood Song was my favourite closely followed by David Hair's Mage's Blood and the Red Knight is also an excellent read but just a shade below the high standards set by the two earlier releases.

The Red Knight is more of an alternative historical fantasy with a strong religious background, the fantasy elements come from an intriguing magical system based on the power of the wild and the ability to access r
Tom Lloyd
Well I had a pretty complex reaction to this book I must admit, and I was undecided as to whether to give it three stars or four. I'm thinking it's a 3.5 probably, but given the choice for the rating I've amended it from four to three because, upon reflection I feel a significant sense of fatigue at the idea of reading the second and I'm now doubting it'll ever get ahead of others in my to-buy list.

So I enjoyed it, absolutely, but at the same time it took me weeks to read because it has issues
Da li volite vitezove? Hrabre ljude koji se bore nemogucim situacijama? Fino opisane scene borbe? Plus ako dodam da ima i magije i mitskih stvorenja a opet je sve nekako grim dark posto svako moze da umre pa makar bio neki lik u koga je ulozeno dosta truda da se razvije.

U sustini ako vas nesto od toga interesuje samo se bacite na knjigu, necete pogresiti.

Minus bi bio sam da imam osecaj da je knjiga malo preopsirna i da joj ne bi smetalo da se smanji za jedno 100 do 200 strana. Al nista strasno.
The debut fantasy novel from a historical fiction author, The Red Knight is equal parts frustrating and promising.

Frustrating because it is incredibly long and feels as if a good proportion of the story told from the perspective of the minor characters could have been left out and not harmed the story one bit. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that a good 20% of this manuscript could have been exorcised and the end book would only have been better for it. Instead, the reader has to slog through
From Acknowledgements: "This book is the culmination of thirty years of study, chivalric martial arts, real life, and role-playing."

The Red Knight had a very promising start with its secretive main protagonist, who does not want to reveal his origins and who leads a large company in the quasi-medieval setting, with a gruesome murder and mstery to solve, with quite extraordinary rules of magic and monsters. I was eager to dive into this world so skillfully crafted (as was also promised by the fir
I read a lot and much of my reading material, if it is not some literary classic, is fantasy or sci-fi. As such, I make it my goal to sample some of the new 'must read' fantasy works released each year. This novel was one such work, but like its similar, more popular, counterpart A Game of Thrones, I simply found it mediocre for my taste in fantasy.

Let me explain my biggest issue with this, an issue I also had with Game of Thrones. The story is long, unwieldy and meanders too much for my taste.
Ranting Dragon

The plot synopsis claims that leading a mercenary company takes “all the advantages of birth, training, and the luck of the devil to do it,” and that “the Red Knight has all three.” So, too, does The Red Knight have three elements of a good fantasy novel. It has an interesting plot, engaging characters, and fantastical aspects that are plot-relevant. But somehow, Miles Cameron’s debut novel falls short for me.

A promising but ultimately disappointing debut
OK. The Red Knight is a book that holds its Epic Fantasy credentials high. Though generally its plot is at first glance nothing really new, there’s a lot in it to like, for it has hidden depths. And it does what it purports to very well.

In terms of similarity, well, the plot is rather generic, it must be said. We have Knights, Kings, Queens, mages and monsters. If you read Epic Fantasy, all the usual tropes are there, and at this point I can see that some might want to walk away, put the book do
I enjoyed all the characters in The Red Knight save one ... the Queen. Male characters I tend to take as a necessarily evil when reading fantasy of this type. The Red Knight made it bearable and Bad Tom made it fun. But female characters I hold to a much higher standard. Nearly all of them were or became exceptional ... Sauce, Mag, the Abbess, Amicia.

The rapid point-of-view changes may be off-putting to some readers. I struggled with until I became familiar with the characters and places. Chapt
The Red Knight by Miles Cameron is a mixture of fantasy and historical fiction. Set in the medieval times, it is the story of Red Knight, a Mercenary Captain and his role in the war with the Wild.

Thought it started as an entertaining read, the book soon became tedious because of the multiple PoV. The narration at times was also felt too long.

Characters were interesting to some extent but no particular character was likable enough to root for. Because of the style of narration and the slow pace
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
GRRRR accidental one-click! I guess I'll try this now that I own it...
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Second reading, April 2014

The rating remains the same. Fascinating worldbuilding from small, small conflict to the greater picture. Well-developed characters. Among the best fighting scenes in fantasy.

Too bad that the publisher allowed so many spelling and grammatical errors. I am not a careful reader nor an editor and English is my second language, so I am not often bothered by this, but here I was. The great storytelling was marred by shoddy editing in the second part of the novel. Still, the
Joel Pearson
Writing: 4.5
Story/Plot: 4.5
Depth/Detail: 4.5
Enjoyment: 5

The Red Knight was one of the more hyped books of 2012, and I'd had it on the "to read" for a while, though put it off a bit due to it's large size. Now that I've finally gotten through it, I'm extremely glad I did and extremely eager to read it's sequel when it comes out this month.

The Red Knight is really broken into a few parts in my opinion:

(1) The first 30% or so is a large infodump and build-up area. It fills you in on a lot, some abo
Sometimes I watch movies or read stories and feel like they were created just for the 12 year old version of me that still lives in my head. The A-Team movie would be a good example. The Red Knight by "Miles Cameron" is not one of those stories. It is instead a story written for the 36 year old that 12 year old grew up to become. Cameron is a former soldier, historian, martial artist, and medieval reenactor who is able to describe with some authority what it feels like to fight in armor. He brin ...more
The eponymous hero of The Red Knight by Miles Cameron is the leader of a mercenary army that’s just returning to Alba after fighting a campaign abroad. His identity and even his real name are a mystery to most: there are hints throughout the novel, and eventually you’ll have a good idea of who he is, but for the most part he simply goes by “Red Knight” or “Captain” and deflects any questions about his origins.

He and his company are now on their way to Lissen Carak, the site of an ancient and hea
Craig Slater
Twenty-eight Florins a month is a huge price to pay, for a man to stand between you and the wild.

But when the wild is not a sulking, beaten, sullen, nameless shadow, but is a vibrant, violent mass of creatures torn from myth and nightmare and wrought into angry life and it is countless in n umber and infinite in variation and they want the land that your ancestors stole from them when they settled the wild?

Twenty-eight Florins a month is nowhere near enough when Wyvern’s jaws snap shut on your
Milo (Bane of Kings)
“A great debut, a new voice to high fantasy has arrived.” ~The Founding Fields

The Red Knight has been on my to-read list ever since I first saw it on Orbit’s Coming Soon page. Sure, I know – it’s epic fantasy, a genre that can either be really good or really bad depending on what books you read, and with a debut it’s often riskier than others. However, it wasn’t long before I found engrossed in the world of The Red Knight, and as a result, will be eagerly looking forward to anything else that
Scott Marlowe
Not holding my attention, jumping around too much, and I've no idea what direction the story is taking. The author would have been better off picking a single character and using that viewpoint to introduce me to his world. DNF

EDIT: I can't believe Orbit charges $9.99 for the Kindle edition of this. I bought it for $1.99 (which was the only reason I bought it, actually). If you're going to charge that much for an eBook, you have to deliver. This book did not. Get a clue, Orbit.
John Gwynne
What a fantastic read. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a book so much. Loved the blend of historical with fantasy, the realism of medieval life combined with absorbing characters and a driving plot.
I didn't want it to end, and can't wait for book 2.
Mark Halse
This was a terrible choice for a rebound book after being raped viscously by THE QUEEN OF FIRE.

This book had so many good elements that I really struggled to not give this book one star. But at the end of the day it sucked. I've never read a book that was written so well and said so little.

The first problem: This book shifted POVs so often that i almost never understood who was who or what exactly was going on in a specific moment. One minute you would be with the Red Knight fighting off demon
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Miles Cameron is an author, a re-enactor, an outdoors expert and a weapons specialist. He lives, works and writes in Toronto, where he lives with his family. This is his debut fantasy novel.
More about Miles Cameron...

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