Heavy Issues (Bowen, #2)
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Heavy Issues (Bowen #2)

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Steering clear of relationships has never been difficult for demolitions expert Cole Bowen, but now, with his brother's engagement sending the female population into full-blown hysterics and the town of Alden's month-long festivities helping along, he finds himself in hell. When he discovers Alden's new resident and the object of all his wet dreams, Christine Sheridan, has...more
ebook, 251 pages
Published May 29th 2012 by Loose Id
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Meet our alpha hero, Cole Bowen:



And, the lady who manages to break through his walls, Christine Sheridan:



I read More Than Meets The Ink, book 1 in this series, a while back. While I loved James Bowen, I simply hated Tate and she ended up ruining the book for me. For this reason I readily admit I was hesitant to give Heavy Issues a try. After seeing quite a few great reviews popping up here on GRs from some very trusted peeps, I decided to read thi...more
Becs - Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
This was just a sizzling, sexy read with a great romance to go along with all the seriously hot action!!

After reading More Than Meets The Ink, I just knew this was going to be good. Elle Aycart is a fantastic erotic romance writer and, despite my reservations about the heroine in the first book, I felt pretty sure that the second book was going to blow me away. And, I wasn’t wrong.

This is SIZZLING hot – Cole certainly knows how the set his girl on fire and I burned with her that’s for sure!!

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“You need firing up? Then you should try one of the Bowen brothers. They’ll scorch your underwear just with a look.”

Yeah right!!! With just a look. This book is full of heavy, emotional, heartfelt issues, and also overloaded smexy.♥_♥

"..what I want for a change is someone who can fire me up. I want hot sex. Animalistic heat. Primal connection. I’d love the candlelight and the romance to go with that, but since it isn’t meant to be, I’d se...more
Natasha is a Book Junkie
This book was on a hot tamale train to my "Favourites" folder from page one. I started reading it on a bus and laughed so much while reading the first chapter that everyone around me thought I was crazy. Heavy Issues simply has it all - witty and realistic dialogues, loveable characters, a beautiful love story of self-acceptance and lowering one’s defences when the right person comes along. It is not JUST a steamy love story - the focus is, of course, on the relationship between the two main cha...more
Gitte - TotallyBookedBlog
Heavy Issues is the second Bowen brothers book and in this one we get ♥♥Cole's♥♥ story. Before I start I want to do a bit of gushing!! I am so excited to have found Elle Aycart!! She completely hooked me with More than Meets the Ink which gave us James(♥sigh♥)& Tate's story but now with Heavy Issues she has completely cemented a place as one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read more of her work!! E. Aycart can certainly write one amazing Fab-U-Licious yummy, funny and heart break...more
Elle Aycart
Jul 13, 2012 Elle Aycart added it  ·  (Review from the author)
Here you have an excerpt of Heavy Issues. Enjoy!
Jenny - totallybookedblog
I couldn't wait for this book to come out after devouring and loving More Than Meets the Ink, and this book did not disappoint at all.

If anything, I'm finding it hard to decide which book I liked the best and I just can't decide.

In Heavy Issues we meet the gorgeous Christy Sheridan who has an emotional eating problem and past weight issues that make her question her worth and her choices until a night of one too many tequila's has her sprouting her plans for having great sex in the future.

This book was simply excellent, and I loved it from start to end. I thought it was going to be just an erotic story and instead it was a passionate, romantic and emotional erotic story. The heroine, one of my favorite heroines to date, used to be really fat but the depth and origins of her hangouts felt realistic, without the whining which was a plus. The hero seemed too dominant at first but the reasons were very well developed, and he transformed into a wonderful hero, another plus. But the be...more
Angie's Dreamy Reads
5 sizzlingly hot stars!!!!

I loved the first book in this series so much that I thought there was no way to top it but boy was I wrong this book was absolutely my favorite in the series!!

Let's start with Christy!! She was amazing, so relatable, sweet and easy to love! Out of all of the female leads I have read about she was someone that I could completely related to! A lot of women have body issues and that really pulled at my heart. She sucked you in and you felt all of her emotions and struggl...more
Smitten's Book Blog

Gah, this was a fantastic read! What a real, raw storyline. Touching upon obesity, overeating and addiction, not to mention the addition of the trauma experienced by a soldier and an abandoned child, was brave and sensitive to say the least... but Aycart did a sterling job, tackling some seriously difficult issues, issues that so many women will be able to relate to. Here is my breakdown...

Plot - Strong, realistic, emotional.
Characters - Loved both Cole and Christy! Cole is just gorgeous and his...more
I missed your writing Ms Aycart!!!! After reading and promptly being BLOWN AWAY by More than Meets the Ink, i DESPERATELY looked for other books by her...ALAS, there was none... so y'all can imagine how ECSTATIC i was when i saw that she had written the second Bowen brothers book and it was about to be released by Loose ID!! Well... i was on it, the MOMENT it went live and having finished it, can i just say *SQUEAL*!!!! I LOVED Cole!!! He was so different from James (his brother from More than M...more
This was another really good book. I honestly can’t say if I prefer this rather than the first. They’re both just so good!

So, in this book we get to meet Cole, James older brother, the only one who really remembers the leaving of their mother when they were kids and that caused him to develop serious trust issues and he can’t let anyone him. So that’s why he doesn’t do relationships, too complicated and too much trouble.
Unfortunately, his traitor of a brother decided to get engaged and since he...more
Bitchie (M/M addict)
My only complaint about this one was mean girl Rose and her high school like antics. Seriously? (view spoiler)That's something a high school girl would do, not a grown woman in or near her 30s!

I would have also liked to have seen Christy form a more healthy relationship with food. I'd like her to KNOW she is loved, and to know she can have a slice of freakin...more
JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko
I loved this book. I am a huge fan of an alpha male and Cole was every bit of alpha. This book was full of heat and a good story. I am glad I read it. If you are interested in a steamy romance check this book out.
Oh, for the love of all that is holy, Elle Aycart can write the heck out of a steamy scene!!!! I'm talking pulse-racing, mind-numbing, need a cold shower SCORCHING!!!! And she outdid herself in Heavy Issues with Cole, Mr. "I need sex every other scene because I can't stop from being turned on by you" Bowen!!!!

What I loved about this book:
-Ummmm, I think it's pretty obvious, but yeah, this story was almost too hot to touch! The things Cole thinks and does to Christine were just *bites knuckles*...more
Lisa Jayne
You know you are going to have fun with a book when it's opening chapter starts with "it's decided, ladies. I'm taking the sex-for-hire route."

This story for me is the best kind of escape , I love it when a story has me all kinds of wrapped up with excitement. It is Romance and chemistry at its best, this author created a story that had me staying up all hours to finish.

Two fabulous characters, plenty of fun and smile inducing lines, a story with plenty of heart and soul, great depth, chemistry...more
This book was super hot and steamy! Loved Cole and Christy!

Christy moved from LA to a smaller town where one of her best friends lives after a bad breakup. She decides she is done with relationships. She just wants a man to satisfy her needs. Who better than Cole Bowen? Cole is yummy for lack of a better word. Wow- a fine alpha male. Cole has some commitment issues, Christy has some body issues. Their arrangement works well for a while, but then those pesky things called 'feelings' get in the w...more
Well I think Elle Aycart topped herself when she wrote this one.

I loved More than Meets the Ink, but I think I loved Heavy Issues even more!

Both Christy and Cole have plenty of baggage! These two had heavy issues, pun intended! They end up together as part of a no-strings-attached, sex-only bargain that ends up being so much more. Turns out when they took away the pressure of a regular relationship, they freed themselves up to caring and trusting each other. They confided their deepest, darkest...more
This book should probably come with a warning. It was seriously off the charts spicy. I wasn't sure Elle could top More than Meets the Ink, but I was mistaken.

Cole was a sexy and intense alpha, and I loved him. Christy, although dealing with major demons, was a strong and likeable character. Both having issues in their past to overcome in order to realize they could have a happy future together. Their love was so intense at some points it took my breath away.

I'm thrilled to learn this author wi...more
Bookhooking (Tanya Childress)

Do you like sexy, dirty talking, Alpha males? If your answer is no, then tsk tsk, you don't know what you are missing and if your answer is yes, then you NEED to and MUST read Heavy Issues right away!!

Now let me introduce you to Cole, former marine, who now owns his own company and blows $hit up for a living. Good stress reliever eh? or you might say no? well maybe his sexcapades with you would help relieve your stress? LOL.

Cole is a very dominant, sexy, strong, pow

djdavis~*Sivad*Sex Pocket
A special thanks to Elle Aycart for providing this book.
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No Spoilers

This story went straight to all my tingly parts. In the second installation of Bowen we get a closer look at the super serious Cole Bowen. Known for his killer yet rugged looks, dominant personality, and strong family ties, Cole runs his family on a tight rope. With a past for plagued with untrustworthy woman, he steers clear of any serious...more
This was my first book by this author and it was a kick ass surprise! I loved the way she wrote these two characters, how real their emotions felt, how natural their interactions with each other were. Both of their roadblock to a decent relationship issues felt realistic (have I mentioned how realistic these charcters are?)instead of manufactured for the sake of drama and I found myself rooting for both of them. And the sex was HAWT! I also appreciate the way the author wrote Christy's character...more
A Hearts On Fire Review


Everyone's got them. (And if you don't you're lying so boom! automatic issue. ;P) And Christy and Cole Bowen, the heroine and hero of Heavy Issues, they got quite a few of them. Their main issue: mommy issues which led to mold them into the people they are today. Christy's metamorphosed into an eating disorder. Cole's? He pushes everyone away, forms no attachments other than his current family (mother not included) and wants no relationship.

Now before I discuss my...more
4 stars
”I, Christine Sheridan, vow that I’m done . No more searching for husband material. Or for love. No more meaningful long-term relationships. Just give me orgasms! Big, mind-blowing ones!”

Christy came to Alden to get away from her cheating-gold-digging ex-fiancé and her drama-queen of a mother. During one of her tequila nights in, she tosses her engagement ring and hits Cole on the head. Cole is the oldest of the Bowen brothers, ”the highly opinionated, no-nonsense soldier.” Cole has b...more
Cole and Christy. What can I say? They were smokin HOT!

I love Cole and his issues. He definitely rocked the Alpha Male role. He struggled to go beyond his comfort zone in his relationship with Christy while she battled with her own issues. But man-oh-man they had chemistry together! Do not read this if you have a heart condition because the sex scenes will definitely make your heart race. This has a steam factor off the charts! That said, I liked the story and was invested in the characters, ho...more
Lori's Book Blog
I am in absolute awe right now! I loved this story and dove right into it after finishing More than Meets the Ink. Now don't get me wrong I loved Cole... LOVED him, but he didn't quite do it for me like James did. But... Christy is who totally did it for me here. Usually I get extremely irritated with heroines because of their insecurities but the way the Christy actually takes the time to express WHY she has these insecurities and HOW she struggles to over come them.. totally made this book for...more
Awilk -never sleeps-
This book was wonderful. I actually prefer James from the previous book, More then Meets the Ink, but this was a better book. The heroine this time didn't annoy the s**t out of me.
The story line about The heroines eating and food problems was well done. I liked how Cole didn't completely understand it, but was still really supportive.
Cole was definitely an alpha male, both in the bedroom and out. His character really grew in this story, and it was a joy to read. These Bowen boys are dropping li...more
I was on the fence for most of it. The male lead just seemed bipolar at times. Maybe I just wanted him to be a different way... It's hard to like him until the last 20% of the book (in my opinion). I also found myself bored with Christy. I get the insecurities, trust me. And I did like how is issue was covered (comparing it to alcoholism and such), but it got to be a little much. I found myself skimming... sorry! Don't hate!

Anyways, the ending made me like the book a little more. Well, not the p...more
I've been anxiously awaiting this book since I finished More Than Meets the Ink, the Bowen brothers are hot, hot shit! Elle Aycart did NOT disappoint!

This book is, indeed, about heavy issues. I had no clue that title was a double entendre but boy, did I get blown out of the water. In a completely good way.

Christy is from LA and she's run to Alden to recover from a very messy break up with the help of her best friend. While there she gets a part time job helping to organize the library which hap...more
Lkay ❇✾The one-click buy button addict❇✾
What in hell is my problem? WHY?! WHY?! WHY did I wait so long to read this book?!!!

What do you get when you take a hot, dirty-talking commitment phobic Alpha male with mommy issues and an insecure, quirky female with issue of her own just looking for a few good orgasms? A FANTASTIC F-in book, that's what!


First, let me just say that this book had some of the best dirty-talk I have read in some time. I kid you not. There were chapters that after I was through reading them, I felt like I neede...more
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After a colorful array of jobs all over Europe ranging from translator to chocolatier to travel agent to sushi chef to flight dispatcher, Elle Aycart is certain of one thing and one thing only: aside from writing romances, she has abso-frigging-lutely no clue what she wants to do when she grows up. Not that it stops her from trying all sorts of crazy stuff. While she is probably now thinking of a...more
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“What about the jerks who think good oral sex consists of sucking your clit so hard it feels like you're stuck to a vacuum cleaner? You're there, squirming, about to pass out from agony, slapping at him and yanking his hair to get him to stop, and what does the moron do? Thinks you're coming, redoubles his efforts, and obnoxiously grins at you.” 21 likes
“My body is covered in marks, Cole.”
Big deal. “Mine too, sweetheart.”
She snorted. “Yours are war scars.”
“Yours too, Christy. I waged war with others while you waged war with yourself. It’s the same. It’s just life; there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We both survived. This body tells its own story, and it’s an amazing story. You are amazing.”
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