Gone (Hannah Smith, #1)
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Gone (Hannah Smith #1)

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Hannah Smith: a tall, strong, formidable Florida woman, the descendant of generations of strong Florida women. She makes her living as a fishing guide, but her friends, neighbors, and clients also know her as an uncommonly resourceful woman with a keen sense of justice—someone who can’t be bullied—and they have taken to coming to her with their problems.

Her methods can be...more
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published September 4th 2012 by Putnam Adult (first published January 1st 2012)
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Mike (the Paladin)
Okay to everyone who like this I'm sorry. I tried. The idea sounded like a nice solid plot and the opening scene was a good one. The action of getting the boat back to shore and leaning on how well she knew the channels and so on was good.

But I have to say that our hero's body issues tended to overpower anything else in the book. I got so tired of the discussion of her poor history with men, how she'd only "flowered" recently and her wondering if now men stared at her because they liked what th...more
Scott Soloff
Randy Wayne White has pulled off something that I consider extremely difficult, if not impossible. White has taken a minor character from his Doc Ford series and turned her into the central character in his latest outing, "Gone". That, however, was not the impossible part. What he has managed to accomplish is a female character, the lead nonetheless, and make her come across as authentic.

This is no small task. I read mysteries almost exclusively. They are the quintessential American art form. It...more
I love this author, and would have recommended any of his books to friends in the past. In fact, I have recommended them. To date, his primary protagonist was a nature-loving marine biologist with decidedly Special Forces-like skills. This book launches a planned new series centered on Hannah, a minor character in an earlier book with a rich back-story intertwined in the history of the State of Florida. I had high hopes going into this book, since i had always enjoyed his other books. Unfortunat...more
Feb 07, 2013 Katy rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of strong, smart, independent heroines, mystery/thriller/suspense stories, Doc Ford
Recommended to Katy by: Amazon Vine
Shelves: vine-book
Book Info: Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of thriller/mystery/suspense novels with a truly strong woman, not just a "spunky", stubborn, and usually actually fairly silly woman.
Trigger Warnings: (implied) rape, bully, sexual predator

My Thoughts: I’ve been trying to collect the Doc Ford books for awhile, but as luck would have it, this new book in his new Hannah Smith series is the one I’ve had the chance to read first. Now I’m more determined than ever to read th...more
Suzanne Fox
"The fact that Mrs. Whitney and I wore the same bra size—-34D—-had helped, too. It created a sisterly feeling…"

"Once I got the straps adjusted, the bra was such a soft pleasure, the way it held me…"

"...the lonely girl’s eyes move up the mirror where the woman spills out of her favorite 34D bra..."

“I had undone a third button, enough for him to see me spilling out of Mrs. Whitney’s 34D Chenille bra…”

Seriously? Seriously: Randy Wayne White is seriously smart and seriously entertaining, I seriously...more
Jay Connor
Well, at least, Randy Wayne White kept the setting the same for his new series, featuring Hannah Smith. Captiva, Sanibel, Pine Island Sound and the rest of the south gulf coast of Florida can certainly support two series. Especially if written by the more than able White.

The key question is can his new lead character – Hannah Smith – do these locales justice?

Well, even with a slew of references to White’s previous central character, Doc Ford, and the ever-faithful Tomlinson, and the fact that...more
Susan Johnson
It used to be that female sleuths were ex-police and now private detectives like Kinsey Milhone and VI Warshawski. They were hardened, athletic, loners and very professional. Now any line of work provides female detectives. There are chefs and caterers, knitters, herbal doctors and now a fishing boat captain that takes tourists out. And, oh yes, on the side she solves mysteries.

Randy Wayne White has a series of novels featuring Doc Ford in the western Florida Islands. He now has a female protagn...more
This is the start of a new series by Randy Wayne White, one of my favorite writers. I adore Marion Ford and his hippy side-kick, Tomlinson. Hannah Smith is the fourth woman of that name in her family. Her best friend, Nathan, calls her Four. She is a strong and formidable woman, like the women who came before her. She works as a fishing guide in Florida, but is hired by one of her clients to find his niece who has gone missing. Hannah discovers Olivia has been seduced by a con artist who preys o...more
I can't recommend this one. I was disappointed throughout the book when both the actions and thoughts portrayed from the female point of view of the main character, Hannah Smith, felt clumsy and didn't ring true to me. While listening to an audio book I am a somewhat captive audience and usually finish a book I started; had this been print I would have been tempted to throw it across the room and highly likely to have not bothered to finish.
I expected better from Randy Wayne White, I enjoy the...more
For once a fiercely independent female protagonist that I can put my money on, in a tight spot. Hannah is a force to be reconnect with for sure. Born and raised in the southern area of the Florida keys she knows all the ins and outs of the hidden waterways for sightseeing, and the best fishing areas, all taught to her by her father. She doesn't wear high heels or name brand duds, but she's single, likely to remain so, good looking and incredible intelligent and resourceful. She has taken over hi...more
I was really looking forward to a new book by Randy Wayne White as I had to stop reading this author's previous series featuring Doc Ford, because the storylines became so farfetched. Little did I know the author would create a new series that is not even as good as the worst book in the last series? I received an early reviewer� s copy of this book and even if the continuity problems are addressed, and they need to be as there are many, this book would never have seen the light of day if it had...more
It's been a long while since I've read a Doc Ford book, so I can't adequately compare White's previous novels to this one, but I do recall enjoying the Doc Ford series. Sadly, I'm not impressed with his attempt at a female protagonist.

I never felt that he truly got inside the mind of a woman. He wanted her tough, but sexy and she came off flighty instead. The lesbian tangents were completely unnecessary and is more male fantasy than the true thoughts that occupy a woman's mind. Not sure if White...more
Rachel MacNaught
i'm not sure if this book is that rancid, really, it's just so unbelievably plodding and awkward i cannot imagine giving it the two stars to qualify it as 'okay'.
this guy.. wow, man. good on you, Randy White. you tried to make a female protagnist. now, you clearly only used the acting prior to a lowbudget porno as character reference, but you tried to even that playing field. and that's something, hilarious as the attempt was.
the protagonist started off okay. and when i reflect back on it, i r...more
I love Randy Wayne White and Doc Ford. I wanted to love this book. I did not.

I have always thought White's weakness as an author was his female characters. That certainly is proven in Gone. Hannah 4 is filled with adolescent angst and doubts. She constantly worries about her "changing" body image. My God she is 30+ years old. Grow up already! I cannot see her as this tough fishing guide. If she is to be Doc Ford's love interest as appears from his latest book, she needs to mature. Is she smart...more
I loved it. It was very light and fun. The main character is a fishing tour guide slash private detective in Sanibelle and Captiva in Forida. Good memories vacationing there.
Gail Stewart rumsey
I am a huge fan of the Doc Ford series and had high expectations for a Hannah Smith book. Most of the book was very good but I got bored with Hannah's musings on her past and hang-ups and experienced frustration rather than gripping suspense during scenes where she was in eminent danger and wasted precious time talking with the woman she was rescuing and wrestling with her conscience. How a competent woman accidently loses her cell phone and her gun while tracking a homicidal maniac is beyond me...more
I read Gone to see how Randy Wayne White would portray a female heroine, Hannah Smith, and if she would be as appealing and interesting as Doc Ford. She is appealing and one of her interesting characteristics is being native Floridian with several generations of strong females named Hannah – she is the fourth and her best friend Nate calls her ‘Four.’ Her youth and emerging beauty combine with her experience as a charter fishing guide and love of the water to make her a very interesting characte...more
Lynette Barfield
I didn't like this book. As much as I like Randy Wayne White's books, this, in my opinion, was pathetic. Too much comparison to Hannah's aunts, too much about her ornery mother who had a stroke, too much information about the old timers, too much of everything except editing and plot and action. Doc Ford and Tomlinson barely mentioned. He needs to stick to what he does best. I thought this was a catastrophe. His name will sell it, but not for me..I really should take away a star.
Brette Sember
I love Doc Ford, so I was ready to love Hannah Smith. But I just didn't somehow. And I feel really disloyal saying that. She has potential and I might pick up the next one but I found myself skimming to just get to the end. Bringing in characters from the Doc Ford books just made me wish I was reading one of those instead. The whole thing felt flat to me. I couldn't identify with her in any way. I suppose I'm a terrible old stick in the mud to be so reluctant to accept the new character!
I found out that one of my favorite authors cannot write from a woman's point of view. He is either very sexist or just plain stupid. This one had a good plot but was horribly marred by Hannah's perception of her beauty or some man or woman's perception of her beauty. Ridiculous mess. His portrayal of alzheimers was way off and he this in the state where he should get plenty of experience with it.
Randy Wayne White writes mystery thrillers mostly set on the west coast of Florida in the Fort Myers-Sanibel-Captiva Island area. I have read mostly all of his Doc Ford series. Gone introduces another character, Hannah Smith, some of whose descendants (also named Hannah) appeared in his Doc Ford series. If you like action thrillers you will like this book. It is great "pleasure" reading.
Hannah Smith is not as compelling a character as Doc Ford in this debut but there is hope that she will grow in wits and strength. I am not fond of a "perils of Pauline" heroine in a female PI novel. Give me Kinsey Millhone or V.I. Warshawsky any time.
There are male authors who can write credibly from a woman's POV. Randy Wayne White is not one of them. Randy, honey, we all love Doc Ford, but if you're looking for a new protagonist, stick with the guys.
I read a few other reviews before i typed this up. Maybe to help me find the right words.
I have never read any of Mr. Whites other series featuring Doc Ford so this wa all new to me. And it did take me awhile to find the voice of Hannah and understand and enjoy. I found her real and comforting. A woman who doesn't know her own attractiveness or has lingering doubts left over from teenage years. A lot of the other women reviewers here didn't like Mr. Whites portrayal of this woman protagonist. I...more
I have enjoyed reading all of Randy Wayne White's earlier books a lot but this book is lacking much of what I liked about the earlier books. Doc Ford.

One thing that bothered me was the inconsistency of the main character. She's supposedly tomboyish but sometimes it seemed like she was aware that she was performing ... you know those guys who just like to watch? Voyeurs. She kept doing things that would appeal to guys when they make the book into a movie instead of just acting like a real woman...more
This one seemed a poorly disguised book about sex for the first half of it. Not that there's a ton of graphic sex because there isn't. It's more that the characters were primarily defined by their sex lives and since most of these characters were women and the writer is a man, it bothered me. I'm glad that his main character had a rich and varied sex life since that's what she wanted but this is not the only reason she was a significant woman in her time and neither is it particularly pertinent...more
I have read all of the RWW Doc Ford novels and enjoyed all up until the last few so when I saw where he had started a new series, same locale and an overlap of characters I was excited. Takes place on the southwest coast of FL, Sanibel and Captiva islands. They even some time spend in Naples, my hometown as well as an adventure down to the 10,000 Islands, a fascinating place. Hannah Smith is a fishing guide, native of the area and even a minor character in a previous Doc Ford mystery. One of her...more
This is the first installment in a new series by Randy Wayne White. Set on the gulf coast of Florida, it will be familiar territory for readers of his previous novels and a few references are made to the characters in the Doc Ford books.

Hannah is described as a formidable woman, and I liked the attempt to create a strong character, but too often Hannah appears stereotypical and flat. There was a lot of sexist dialog that I assume was aimed at the male readers, and it was very obvious this was wr...more
Chad Sayban
Florida fishing guide Hannah Smith is a formidable woman who loves to be out on the water. But when millionaire Lawrence Seasons asks Hannah to locate his niece Olivia, she will come into contact with a host of interesting people. But is Olivia simply hiding from the world – or is it something more sinister?

Unfortunately, Gone is just not much of a story. The protagonist of Hannah Smith was uninteresting. The dialog was nonsensical. Hannah’s internal monologue droned on about miscellaneous perso...more
I was looking forward to Gone, in which Hannah Smith - a minor but appealing character from White's Doc Ford novels - emerges as the protagonist. Unfortunately, this book is disappointing. I like the author, and I like his other books, but this work is not up to par.

Gone is poorly - perhaps hastily? - written (in one three-page stretch toward the end of the book there were more exclamation marks than an entire book should include). Worse, it contains a poorly developed, predictable plot and lea...more
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Randy Wayne White (born 1950) is an American writer of crime fiction and non-fiction adventure tales. He has written best-selling novels and has received awards for his fiction and a television documentary. He is best known for his series of crime novels featuring the retired NSA agent Doc Ford, a marine biologist living on the Gulf Coast of southern Florida. White has...more
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