Free-Fire Zone (Vietnam, #3)
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Free-Fire Zone (Vietnam #3)

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Four best friends. Four ways to serve their country.
Morris, Rudi, Ivan, and Beck are best friends for life. So when one of the teens is drafted into the Vietnam War, the others sign up, too. Although they each serve in a different branch, they are fighting the war together -- and they promise to do all they can to come home together.
Rudi is perhaps the most concerned abo...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published November 1st 2012 by Scholastic Inc.
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Sharon Looby
The 3rd book in the Vietnam series. This book is in the voice of Rudi who is in the Marines stationed over in Vietnam. Rudi looked at himself in two ways - failure and that didn't count. If he passed a quiz, it was because the quiz was too easy, so it didn't count. If he pitched a penny closer to the wall than anybody else, then he must have stepped over the line or the wall moved or wahtever so that didn't count. It was during his school years that 3 boys came to his rescue and together, they f...more
This book is about a main character called Rudi who growing up always had his friends to cover his back. Now he is in the marines and is basically facing a whole new world on his own with no one to have his back. He ends up being a lieutenant because as a marine he always followed orders which his military leaders loved. When he is in Vietnam he experiences a whole new lifestyle witnessing how the people lived a survived during a time of very harsh war.

Eventually when Rudi goes into actual live...more
Donovan, R
The book Free Fire Zone by Chris Lynch is the third book of Vietnam series. In the first book four friends make a pact that if one of them gets drafted then they will all volunteer for the war in Vietnam. Then Rudi, the main character in the book Free Fire Zone gets drafted to the Marine Corps and goes to Vietnam. When he is in Vietnam he goes on serious missions and some missions that are not that important like delivering candy to a village. Rudi also talks about life during the war and how ho...more
Seth Bickford
This book is all about the character Rudi because in each series of the books each of the four characters lives are talked about in the book, but this time its Rudi and its about the marine corps and what its like being in the marine from Rudies point of view.

My opinion about this book is that it was great just like the last two books I think its very interesting what happens in the story because marine type books are what im looking for and whaat I like. In my opinion my favorite character woul...more
Free Fire Zone had an interesting plot. It was neat to see Rudi, the main character, first start out as a nobody. And then have the war affect the way he looks at life, making him stronger physically and mentally. He had supportive friends that helped him through the realization of being drafted to the army. I think that this book showed that something that you once were afraid of can actually turn out to be something you actually like. I think the reason the author wrote the book was to show th...more
Ms. Yingling
After Rudi reluctantly joins the Marines, he finds that he enjoys military life more than he imagined. He loves to follow orders and please his superiors, and he's even more excited when his unit sees some active combat and he gets to kill a Vietnamese soldier. He takes a group of marines to retrieve care packages, and ends up doing a lot of fighting. When his leg is gravely injured in an attack on a village, he ends up in the hospital and could go home, but chooses to stay. When an unpleasant o...more
ACS Book-finder
This is the third in a series about a young marine in Vietnam. The setting of book three is toward the middle and end of the war.

Rudi is a marine who thrives on the adventure and “belonging” he finds as part of the Marines. He has to deal with many difficult situations but finds security in submitting to his superiors. Through his experiences in Vietnam he grows and conquers many fears.

Vietnam is a well written book giving the reader a view of some of what a Marine faced during the war. The boo...more
Suzanne Dix
Rudi is a Marine stationed in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He and his three best friends from Boston made a pact that if one of them was drafted, they would all join the military in solidarity. While Rudi struggled in school, he finds that he is very good at being a soldier. He can follow orders well and for the first time in his life he really feels as if he fits. The soldiers face many difficult and terrifying skirmishes against the Vietcong all the while trying to understand if they...more
Adam A.
Free-Fire Zone by Chris Lynch was an amazing continuation of the series of Vietnam books already made. Rudi starts off by getting drafted into the marines and is finding it easy to understand what is going on and how to do it right. He was in his second year of high school until he was drafted into the marines. Upon arriving he meets his Lieutenant, Lieutenant Jupp and as soon as he saw Rudi he called him Cabbage. He then meets Squid, Gillespie, Hunter, and Marquette that will eventually be his...more
Tristen Bruns

The author of the book I read is Chris lynch. The book wasThe third book. The mans name in the book was rudi. He was shipped of and all his friends were going with him but all diffent parts of the war.He was scared he did not like want in the war. He know he was not brave like beck and not risky like Ivan and not dependable like Morris .
He told his team mates in the mairns that he was not going to shoot anyone. The first mission that they where to go on is road patrol. They are are frit...more
Vietnam Book three: Free Fire Zone

This book highlights the importance and the downfalls to the theory of free fire zones, an idea of there being a place where you could shoot anything that moves, and the stuff that looks like it would, which in Vietnam is just about every living thing. All while continuing with the story of 4 friends, who went to Vietnam to serve their country, but Vietnam is not the war that they thought it would be, instead of clear cut front lines and implausibly brave war...more
Free Fire Zone
Chris Lynch

I read the book Free-Fire Zone. This historical fiction book is about a young man named Rudi who was drafted into the Marines in 1968. In this book, you will get to know what the life of a Marine was like during the Vietnam War. You will learn about the types of missions the Marines would go on, for example search and destroy missions. Also, you will find out what it was like being in a fire fight. The book provided detailed descriptions about the types weapones tha...more
p.5 "I'm kind of legend here in the south."
p.44 "Do you know what I mean? You know what I mean. I don't know if Morris would know what I mean and I am surely sure Beck wouldn't know what I mean but I think you know what I mean."

The third novel in the series focuses upon Rudi. Rudi's voice begins with a flourish at the opening of the story. The letter which Rudi writes also captures the better qualities of his voice. Rudi is disconnected from his past, which allows him to grow into his new role....more
Free Fire Zone is the third book of the Vietnam series. This book was a really good sequal, and I think it is the best one I have read yet. This book would appeal to young teens that are interested in addventure and war, of course.

Free Fire Zone is in Rudi's point of view of the war. Rudi is the oldest of the four best friends, Ivan, Beck, and Morris, but he is always the one picked on and lauged at. Rudi doesn't think of himself as a good soilder or really he doesn't think he is good aat anythi...more
The third book in the Vietnam series by Chris Lynch is even better than the first two. The third book follows, Rudi who joined the Marines and is stationed in Vietnam. Rudi had always been the slow one, the one everyone teased and kidded. All of a sudden Rudi feels like he is now a part of something, something bigger than himself. And he likes the feeling. He's determined to stay in the Marines and never go home. He thinks that Ivan will be proud of him. Follow Rudi as he gets his first confirme...more
Jeff Barber
Free-Fire Zone, being the third book in Chris Lynch's four part Vietnam series follows Rudi, the goofball of the gang after he's been drafted into the Marine Corps.
After being drafted into the Corps, Rudi finds out that he fits into the role of a good soldier quite well. This leads to him losing himself in the job.
This part in the series felt similar to the Ivan episode in book 2, but moreso. Ivan thought he was built for war and found out that the cost was higher than he anticipated, Rudi is...more
Free-Fire Zone is a very good action packed novel. Rudi’s journey from helplessness to being a good leader. He goes through a lot more character development than Morris did in the first book and especially a lot more than Ivan did in the second. Rudi showed me how different he is than what Morris and Ivan thought of him in the first 2 books. This by far was the best so far in the series.
Aric Belt
I thought it was good because Rudi wants to get out of the Marine Core but he's a better soldier then what eveyone thought he was going to be.
William Byars
I liked it it is the 3 book of the group. Is how 1 one of the 4 friends go in vietnam and he is in the army.
This third book in the "Vietnam" series follows another young man, Rudi, from the group of four best friends; the book works well as a stand-alone. Rudi is drafted as a Marine and believes in the cause and in the Corps. Although disallusioned when he realizes that many of the Marines in his unit bend the rules and don't follow orders, Rudi finds strength he didn't realize he had to soldier on and do the right thing. There is violence appropriate for the combat setting and a good look at the psyc...more
I found this book more interesting than #2. As a teacher, this book had more historical background students in my Vietnam class could learn from. There was great detail about punji sticks and the tunnel system. It also showed the perspective of a young man who goes to war and begins to find his "place" in the world as he sees it, even though others may not agree and what he is doing may not always be morally sound. As before, the book was a tough read for me as the reading level is low but would...more
Brenda Kahn
I have been enjoying this series where each (of 4) books focuses on one friend and his experience In Country. Rudi was the one of the four that breaks my heart the most and this is his story. I wrote earlier that Lynch manages to create a middle grade-friendly war story. The violence, by necessity, hey, it's a war story, is ratcheting up, but language-wise, remains clean. Not sure if teen readers will get Rudi's transformation in the same way this old goat does, but fans of the series will most...more
Rudi has never felt he had a place in the world until he joined the Marines. In the pre-war life he was the buffoon of his group. Stupid, clumsy and afraid. But in the Marines he has found his place. He follows orders and protects his fellow soldiers. In war it is all so simple- follow orders and do what it takes to survive.

A good book for middle school students. It does have some violence because it is a war book but it is not overwhelming. 3rd in a series that follows four friends, each in a...more
Sep 18, 2012 Sarah rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: war
This is the kind of book I ate up when I was younger. I love all kinds of war books and there aren't too many out there published for young adults. I love that Chris Lynch and Scholastic are publishing this series--keep it up!

Rudi becomes a Marine during Vietnam and he finally discovers something that he is good at--taking orders. He's not the brightest man in the world, but he can follow orders, use a bayonet, and shoot. And he enjoys it.
Although the most graphic of the Vietnam series, "Free-Fire Zone" had much more plot twists and in-depth characters than its predecessors. I found myself being surprised by what happened in each chapter, and I have to say, I couldn't say that as much about the others. I was shocked to see how much the main character, Rudi, went to being a goof to a sort of dark, brooding Vietnam veteran.
Dayna Smith
The third book in the Vietnam series. Rudi knows he's in trouble when he receives his draft notice. He has always relied heavily on his friends to help him out. He knows he's not smart like Beck or brave like Ivan or dependable like Morris. Now he's a Marine in Vietnam and to everyone's surprise, including his own, he's finally found himself. Or has he?
Sharon Amastae
This is the 3rd book in a trilogy in which 4 friends from high school join various branches of the military during the Viet Nam war. Rudi narrates this book, which is gritty and so realistic you can feel the hot humid air in the jungle and hear the sounds of the weapons. I know many boys who will love this series. At 184 pages, it's a perfect length.
THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!:) It is about 19 year old Rudi that is in the US marines in VC. One day he was coming back from a village when someone attacked him so Rudi takes a knife and chops of his head and kills him and for that day and on he was never the same Rudi again! I would recommend this book to all boys that like war history.
Stella Sperzel
Wow! Rudi has certainly learned how to be the best Marine he can. Rudi really is proud to be a Marine. He takes orders and does not complain like others in his unit. Rudi is no longer the nickname Rudi-Judi he has earned a new name Rudi 2D and he likes it. Rudi is in the Marines for good. He has found his new family and it is the Marine Corp!
This is the third book in the series and i like just as much as the second. Theres plenty of adventure and action! So if you like those kinda books this is the kind of book for you. One of the parts that show a lot of action are when they go on there first search and destroy mission they get ambushed and they have to fight there way through it.
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Chris Lynch is the Printz Honor Award-winning author of several highly acclaimed young adult novels, including KILL SWITCH, ANGRY YOUNG MAN, and INEXCUSABLE, which was a National Book Award finalist and the recipient of six starred reviews. He is also the author of FREEWILL, GOLD DUST, ICEMAN, GYPSY DAVY, and SHADOWBOXER, all ALA Best Books for Young Adults; EXTREME ELVIN WHITECHURCH, and ALL THE...more
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