How Mirka Met a Meteorite (Hereville #2)
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How Mirka Met a Meteorite (Hereville #2)

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  647 ratings  ·  111 reviews
Mirka is back, and this time she takes on a misguided meteor who's been set in motion by the troll and turned into Mirka's twin by the witch. Doppelganger Mirka is out to best the real girl. Our heroine will have to beat her own other self in a three-part challenge...or be banished from Hereville!
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published October 31st 2012 by Harry N. Abrams
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Thanks to Abrams and NetGalley I got a sneak peek at the sequel to Barry Deutsch’s Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword. It should be noted that the advanced copy/peek was pre-color and still sketched at the end, so I cannot speak to the color throughout or any detailing toward the end, but I can say that it is drawn and formatted consistent to the first book (that is good news, by the way). Love the cover.
How Mirka Met a Meteorite picks up after the events in the first, unsur...more
Andy Shuping
ARC provided by NetGalley

Although the first volume of Mirka wasn’t my favorite book of the year, I did find it interesting and was pleased to see a sequel was/is coming out as Mirka provides a unique point of view to readers. It’s a different environment than most folks are accustomed to reading about it (I know it was for me) and I like that she’s a strong female character.

Mirka is back. She’s still a sword-brandishing, monster-fighting girl...and she’s still grounded from her last adventure of...more
Paul  Hankins
I got to see the Advanced Reader Copy at NetGalley. Much of the artwork was unfinished which makes me looking forward even more to October when I can finally see the finished copy. Looking at the ARC is like looking into Barry's artistic process.

A sword, a troll, a meteorite, a magical transformation, a Mirka doppelganger, a contest that will have a winner. . .and a loser who will have to leave Hereville forever.

A longer review to come with the finished project in October, but put this one on y...more
Meghann (Becoming Books)
This is book to in the Hereville graphic novel series and Mirka is just as dramatic as ever. I really, really enjoyed this storyline. Searching for her place at school and home, Mirka dives into mischief with a troll and a witch. No good can come of this! Mirka instead must face the reality of her dealings while connecting with her family and faith. These could easily be very heady topics but Deutsch intertwines with storyline with humor, Jewish culture, bits of Yiddish (and their translations)...more
Becky B
Mirka manages to save her home from a Meteorite, only to have it changed into another Mirka. At first she thinks having a twin will be fun, but when 2nd Mirka starts taking all of her meals and steals the significance of Shabbos from her, Mirka's had enough. She has to figure out a way to get rid of 2nd Mirka.

The plot line of this is somewhat predictable and straightforward, but it does have touches of humor and avoids some stereotypes. (For example, I liked that Mirka's stepmother isn't evil.)...more
That "meteorite" turns out to be Mirka's double--but not her EXACT double....

I think this second outing is little more preachy than the prequel, with a closing slip into metafiction that's a shade coy. It's still funny, sweet, scary and wonderful in many, many ways.
The difficulties that Mirka's headstrong adventurousness gets her into, and her inventive strategies in dealing with them, continue to please. In this second book, the other people in her world have a stronger hand in helping her-- from the troll and the witch to her sister, brother and stepmother... even though the troll and the witch took advantage of her impulsiveness to cause the trouble to begin with. Mirka is the perfect middleschooler, convinced that she knows everything she needs to know...more
As much fun, and with as much wisdom, as the first one. I only didn't love it as much as the first one because I loved the first one beyond description.
Monica Edinger
Yay! Wondered if this would be as excellent as the first and it was!
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: I haven't read the first book in this series (soon to be rectified!) but this sounded so charming I had to go ahead and read it anyway.

The portrayal of an Orthodox Jewish family is a breath of fresh air in the book. It is lovely to have God spoken of simply and with reverence in a mainstream book. I enjoyed all the Jewish references to words, customs and culture which made this a unique book in the fantasy genre. A delightful story that had me glued to the pages in one sittin...more
What do trolls, witches, and meteorites all have in common? Mirka, the brave Jewish heroine of this story. Mirka marches to the beat of her own drum. She chases adventures and loves to sword fight and play hero, even if she fumbles a few things up first.

A troll sends a meteoroid speeding toward Earth and Mirka races to inform the witch who is the only person who stands a chance of warding off certain doom. At the last minute, the witch changes the meteorite into a girl using a few strands of Mi...more
This book has everything going for it that Mirka's first adventure does: a great female protagonist, seamlessly integrated facts about Jewish culture, epic knitting scenes, and a heaping dose of humour. In this adventure Mirka narrowly saves her town from being destroyed, then ends up having to deal with a doppelganger who is better than her at everything and keeps stealing her food to boot. I love Mirka for her flaws more than her strengths, and it's nice to see her make this same realization a...more
Rebecca Reid
In the first volume, Mirka fights a troll in order to win a sword, but her battle ends up being different from what she expected! In this second volume, Mirka learns that a meteorite is coming to the earth. The witch helps her by transforming the meteorite, but it was not quite what she was expecting! Once again, Mirka must come to terms with herself in the humorous challenge she faces in this volume.

Hereville is such a blend of creativity that I really enjoy reading it, and I imagine the intend...more
Wandering Librarians
When we last saw Mirka, an 11-year old Orthodox Jewish girl, she had outsmarted a troll and won a sword. When the troll sends a meteorite to destroy his enemy, the witch, Mirka runs to warn her, as the meteorite will destroy all of Hereville. The witch stops the meteorite by transforming it into a girl. Into someone who looks exactly like Mirka. Metty (as the meteorite is called) is delighted to be part of Mirka's family, and at first Mirka thinks it's a great idea too. Metty can go to school fo...more
I obtained a Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley. As other reviewers stated the graphic novel was not rough sketches in the last half of the book, but it now way did that distract from the story of Mirka. It only made me want to read more and see the final product!

Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite by Barry Deutsch is the story of Mirka, a Jewish girl who has a big imagination. The story begins with Mirka’s complete boredom. She soon sets out on a journey to retrieve her sword and ends up enco...more
Jul 11, 2012 Elia rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: tweens
Another terrific chapter in the life of Myrka, an orthodox Jewish girl living in the fictional town of Hereville. This volume opens where the last ended: with Myrka being grounded for sneaking out at night, fighting a troll and talking to the local witch against her parents direct orders.
Of course, as soon as she is un-grounded Myrka is in trouble again when she accidentally gets the troll to call down a meteor to destroy the world. What happens after she STOPS the meteor is even worse because n...more
I was really pleased to find out Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword had a sequel! There's a sad lack of Jewish troll-fighting girls in the MG book market; I can't fathom why. This is a very straightforward doppleganger story -- identity! who you want to be! who you actually are! -- which is enjoyable mostly because Mirka is so relatable. I would happily recommend this to kids 8+. 4 stars
Definitely better than the first book, in that it actually had a story structure, but still pretty boring. The first book sort of wandered and eventually got to Mirka winning the sword. It sort of skimmed over all the steps in between the refusal of the call and the reward/seizing the sword (toooooo literal, but it's for kids so whatever). This one had more of the in-between stuff, thank god, because that is the most interesting stuff. If you're looking for a good recommendation for a kid comic,...more
Yay for Mirka! I'm so happy to see the adventures of my favorite sword-wielding, Orthodox Jewish comic book character continue! (Though I'm not sure how much of a distinction that is--the only competition that comes to mind is Judith in comic book versions of the Torah.)

Thoughts on sequels - I feel like the "witch" keeps hinting that eventually Mirka is going to struggle with her Judaism and come to the witch for guidance, but the comic books seems so positive about Orthodox Judaism that I'm not...more
Taylor Troncin
I quickly picked up the second book in this series after reading the first. Honestly, I wanted to read these because I thought they would be great to expand my diversity in my readings. Now I look forward to picking up more stories about Mirka because I am excited about the various characters and what will happen next!
I really love the character of Mirka. She wants to be good AND do all the things that girls aren't supposed to do. I really like how the story talked about being two different people, and while Mirka's problem was more supernatural, a lot of what she talks about is related to kids her age, who will be reading this. The art is clean, crisp and the perfect visuals for a story like this.
More Mirka! This time she accidentally convinces a troll to flood the witch's house with chocolate pudding--only for the attempt to go awry and send a meteorite hurtling down instead. At the last second, the witch transforms the meteorite... and now there's an extra Mirka around who is better at absolutely everything. The two Mirkas were going to share their life (half the chores!), but it's not as easy as real-Mirka expected (half the meals!). If she's going to get rid of the Extra-Mirka, Real-...more
Crystal Bandel
While I liked this book a lot, I didn't like it as much as the first _Hereville_ book. For one thing, I don't like the doppleganger conceit—it may help Mirka grow up in the end, but it's a tired cliché that I wish didn't show up in this book. Secondly, I realized that the knitting's drawn incorrectly, which, as a knitter, really bothered me, considering how major of a plot point it is for the series. Outside of those things, though, this is still a fun series. Mirka's always entertaining with a...more
I wonder if this was inspired by Dr.Suess quote: "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You"?

I love the story concept and enjoyed book 2 of the series. Great for JF/YA readers.
Sarah Sammis
Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite by Barry Deutsch is the sequel to Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword. Mirka craves more adventure but is stuck knitting.

Mirka though finds more adventures, again by harassing the troll, who in turn sends a meteorite hurdling towards the witch's house. Mirka has to save the witch to save her town.

Mirka's dilemma ends up being an interesting reinvention of changeling lore. Mirka's own worst enemy ends up being herself! She might lose her family and friends if s...more
Mirka is bored, so she visits the local troll for a sword fighting lesson and a demonstration of magic that goes terribly wrong and sends a meteoroid hurtling towards her hometown. She flees to a witch for help, and the witch transforms it into an exact human replica of Mirka. How are they ever going to explain this to Mirka’s parents?

Deutsch has drawn and written another delightful fairy tale adventure for his young heroine as she courageously confronts the trials of family life, faith and the...more
Mirka is perfectly imperfect (as we see in How Mirka Met the Meteorite). Mirka is 11 years old and she wants to be a hero. But she just doesn't have the patience for it. What she does have is family who loves her and a faith tradition that sustains her.

The antagonist (Mirka's doppelganger Metty, the meteoroid) is wonderfully fleshed out, the art is great, Mirka's identity as an Orthodox Jew is well integrated into the text. In all, it's a GREAT story. I'm excited for the next one.
Teaching Guide Information:

A good follow up to the first Hereville. I praise Barry Deutsch for giving us Mirka, a strong young lady who has faith and a good family. And once again I learned even more about the Jewish faith which is so well represented in this graphic novel. I also like how each book Mirka is given a situation where she has to use her brains to get her out of it even when her opponent is bigger or stronger than her.

Since the artwork was n...more
3.5 stars

Not quite as good as the first Mirka graphic novel. Still worth the time, but the ending feels much more iffy this time around, making it necessary to dock half-a-star.
Well, now we know that Hereville is in the United States, and not TOO far in the past, although VW bugs don't provide very specific dates.

Mirka still wants to be a hero, and still is not really ready to accept that even heroes have to work at learning their skills. This time her troubles start because she is trying to be helpful as a peacemaker between the troll and the witch.

No one would ever expect the complications that ensue. Once again, a great story with well fleshed out characters and co...more
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