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Andromeda's Fall (The Prequel Legion Series, #1)
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Andromeda's Fall (The Prequel Legion Series #1)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  360 ratings  ·  54 reviews
The roots of the Legion of the Damned lie deep within the mythology of the future. But now, national bestselling author William C. Dietz goes back to the Legion’s early days with the story of one recruit’s rebirth and redemption…

Hundreds of years in the future, much has changed. Advances in medicine, technology, and science abound. Humanity has gone to the stars, found a
Hardcover, 340 pages
Published December 4th 2012 by Ace Hardcover
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Carl V.
Author William C. Dietz takes readers back to the early days of his bestselling Legion of the Damned series to present one woman’s great fall and the hero’s journey she embarks upon to rise again and exact her revenge. When Princess Ophelia Ordanus decides to murder her brother, Earth’s ruling Emperor, her plans include the elimination of all of the Emperor’s close allies. This includes the Carletto family whose company has been instrumental in the field of cybernetics. Catherine “Cat” Carletto ...more
First of all, I really enjoyed this book and finished reading it in about three days. That said, there are a couple of things that are wrong with it which in my opinion take away for the story and the believability of the characters. Sometimes, these are minor things, sometimes major.

At the beginning of the story we're introduced to some minor characters before our actual main character is introduced. These characters are interesting, but barely used again for the entire book. The first before C
Lauren Simmons
3 out of 5 stars

This is the first book I've read by this author. I was told by a friend that this was a prequel to his other series, so my experience with this book and world is completely fresh. That might or might not have made a difference in the opinion that follows.

The Good: I was content with the level of writing and the style of it. There was always something new happening but not so much you were confused. MOST of what happened in the book flowed flawlessly though there was a couple of
Jo  (Mixed Book Bag)
In Andromeda’s Fall William Dietz has written is a classic Military Science Fiction novel. He has gone back to his Legion of the Dammed universe, in fact he has gone way back to the beginning of that universe to start what looks like a new series of stories. This time the main character is a member of the ruling family that is marked for death when the Emperor is killed by his sister. Cat’s uncle warns her allowing her to escape and join the Legion. From there expect a plot filled with non-stop ...more
Andromeda's Fall is Science Fiction Military book written by William C. Dietz, and it is very difficult book to review, because there were some aspects I love about it, and others I didn't. Andromeda's Fall is central about a young woman name Caterine Carletto known as Cat who went from being a socialite to a soldier while trying to hid from a evil empire who she also working for. Yeah, that is very interesting. This leads to what I really like about it. The world building is excellent as each p ...more
Adam Bruns
I haven't read much in the last few years, mostly due to the condition that I can get really bored and lose interest quickly in a book I'm reading. Thank god for Dietz's "Andromeda's Fall"!! I started reading this on Sunday and read half of it within just a few hours. I appreciate page-turners like this, because I never or lost interest at all. Dietz did a fantastic job with his realistic and 3D characters, especially with the socialite-turned-soldier protagonist Catherine Carletto/Andromeda McK ...more
originally posted at I have read quite a few science fiction book last year from Titan and I was very pleased with the level of it. When I saw that they were publishing Andromeda's Fall, I got quite eager and luckily I got a review copy! New York Times Bestselling author William C. Dietz is perhaps best know for his science fiction series Legion , a nine book series published between 1993 and 2011. Legion has been widely well received and in 2012 a new book was released in this series but rather ...more
K Ada
Thoroughly enjoyed "Andromeda's Fall" from beginning to end. When the Emperor's sister, Princess Ophelia, decides to become Empress, she doesn't do it half way. She kills her brother, the Emperor, and initiates a preemptive strike to 'purge' all persons, government and noble, whom she believes will be against her. This brings us to the protagonist of the book, Lady Catherine 'Cat' Carletto, the beautiful (of course), rich, spoiled, socialite, who barely escapes being 'purged'. To stay alive, and ...more
Holly Hodson
I often find when reading that I DREAD the female lead. Why? Because they tend to fall in to one of two categories:

(Originally posted on Amazon UK)

Feels like that character was originally male, then they changed it last minute as a marketing gimmick.
Completely focused on the fact the she's female; either by pointing out how amazing it is that she's doing stuff men do, or by making you constantly aware of how female she is.

Fortunately, this book doesn't really do that. Dietz had the decency to
Solid military scifi, yes the scenario is a bit unrealistic, protagonist is a rich party girl suddenly running for her life who ends up in a futuristic version of the Foreign Legion and begins a rapid rise up through the ranks.

You can get that much from reading the cover blurb.

That doesn't make it any less enjoyable, provided you're okay with action\adventure and military scifi.

More than anything else, the protagonist (Cat\Andromeda) is smart, she is strong. She recognizes her inexperience and
A military sf series that I read only for the Endeavour Award. War on every page (okay almost every page). Definitely Starship Troopers inspired with a direct borrowing of the French Foreign Legion. Not exactly bad just really not impressive in any way. And I'm tired of the training, rising through the ranks Mary Sue.
Dec 27, 2013 Tamahome marked it as lemmed
I read an hour of it. It was diverting enough. Both the villain and the hero are women. I was annoyed by yet another appearance of kings, queens, etc in sf. But then it was mentioned that they tried democracy and couldn't get anything done. And I was like 'Oh, that makes sense'.

John Onoda
This is a standard military science-fiction novel written by an author whose own military experience lends an air of authenticity to the way he writes about people in armed forces, even if it is in the far future.

The action is very fast-paced and spans several planets. The protagonist is a spoiled society girl whose family gets caught up in the bloody coup of a star-spanning empire. Long story short: She is the sole survivor who goes into hiding by joining the Foreign Legion while being pursued
c2014: FWFTB: bloodthirsty, revenge, recruit, hiding, run. Battle scenes and military technology do abound in this book and is what this author is particularly known for. The plot is fairly bog standard with no particular shock events or twists. The best part is in the beginning when Rhodesian Ridgebacks are mentioned and their bravery in the face of adversity - a theme carried throughout the book. Recommended to those of the normal crew that like some sci-fi bubblegum. "But it was too late to c ...more
Mary Kate Ritchey
I am not one for military anything and this novel, though had a great premise, spent so much detail and coverage on the strategic moves the different military bodies would take. The way is was written just couldn't hold my interest. I actually put the novel down when I realized it was part of a very large novel series. I was struggling to finish this book and felt that it was futile to finish it when I would've just wanted to know what happened next. I don't think it was a bad book, I just think ...more
Wendy Clark
This book is essentially Starship Troopers with a female protagonist. It's my first exposure to Dietz; I will now be looking up his previous works. The heroine is kick-ass and seeing the futuristic French Foreign Legion as a new recruit is visionary sci-fi writing at its best.

I started the book at midnight thinking, "I'll just read the first" and finished the book at 4:38am.

Others complained that the female protagonist's switch from society girl to harden
I'm not a regular reader of military science fiction, but Andromeda's Fall caught my eye, and I'm extremely glad that I gave it a try. Even though I've never read Dietz's Legion of the Damned series, I found this book very accessible; I slipped easily into the world of the Legion and its cyborg soldiers and didn't want to leave.

One thing the story does exceedingly well is capture the gritty, merciless reality of war. While not overly gory, certain battle scenes pack a brutal punch, especially th
First off, this review is going to cover the first two books in the new series by William C. Dietz. I read them one right after the other and I have pretty much the same thing to say about both of them, so separate reviews is just a waste of kilobytes. The first book of the series is Andromeda’s Fall and the second is Andromeda’s Choice.

I have been a long-time fan of Dietz’ work and have a high opinion of him as a person and writer also. One reason is that he is also a former Navy Corpsman as I
Catherine (Cat) Carletto is on the run. Princess Ophelia staged a coup and murdered her brother the emperor and the Carletto family is a caught in the backlash as she purges the known universe of his supporters. Cat, who hears about the death of her parents at a cocktail party decides a couple of things; it's best to hide in plain sight and, revenge is best served by a well trained killer. So Cat changes her name to Andromeda McKee and enlists in the Legion - a military outfit full of thieves, w ...more
It was hard to decide if I was giving this three or four stars. I ended up going with four stars because overall the book was an enjoyable romp without being encumbered by too many points of view or political convolutions.

That said, it was actually quite odd how few characters were used to tell the story. Compared to the other books in the Legion of the Damned series this was very sparse in the number of points of view; especially where only one of the points of view was developed with any depth
Coucher de soleil
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I was a bit wary of Dietz as an author, having attempted to read his Halo: The Flood novel and finished the error stricken Mass Effect: Deception, my past experiences with his work weren't good. Yet the story seemed interesting enough that I was willing to give him a chance, and I have to say I enjoyed it. While he struggled with worlds created by others, he did a phenomenal job within his own universe. Cat/McKee is a very strong character that, like many before her in literature, film, and real ...more
This was a book of the Legion of the Damned*, but earlier than the rest of the series. A socialite's (Catherine) world is torn apart when the Emperor's sister (Ophelia) kills him and becomes Empress. She sends synths (androids) to assassinate all the Emperor's supporters, including Catherine's family. She is warned and flees, hiding out by joining the Legion of the Damned and learning to be a soldier, so she can take revenge on Ophelia. Although it's hard to believe that a young woman whose firs ...more
It’s difficult to not measure every military-in-space story with a female protagonist against the Honor Harrington series by David Weber, but the Andromeda McKee stories set in Dietz’s Legion of the Damned universe are pretty awesome for character development and military accuracy within the bounds of it being science fiction. Lady Cat Carletto barely escapes with her life when her sister stages a violent and bloody coup and takes over the empire. No place is safe - but the military might be big ...more
I stopped reading this about a fourth of the way through it. Military fiction has a hit and miss with me, but I think the main problem I had with this was that there was hardly any dialogue. Cat hardly interacts with anyone up to that point and I wanted to know her and root for her character already, yet she remained an enigma. That, coupled with a telling narrative over a showing one, didn't urge me to finish this book. On the plus side that cover is pretty stellar.
Entertaining military SF. Dietz is a good storyteller and the book moves along at a brisk pace.
I was interested enough that I think I'll try a few more Legion books.

That said, however, I did some major eye-rolling--especially with his lead female character. She was more than a bit unbelievable: Cat/Andromeda verged on Mary Sue territory. The later romance made no sense to me--and the story didn't really need it.

This book read so poorly that I'm amazed by the reviews. The writing was TERRIBLE. I've read Dietz before, I grew up on stuff like Legion of the Damned, and either I didn't realize how bad it was then, or he's entered some sort of decline where he throws stuff out and see what sticks.

I couldn't finish because it was so choppy and juvenile. Boring, predictable, eye-rolling dialogue and exasperatingly flat.
Cyborgs, spaceflight, high-tech military equipment, AI/robots and primitive aliens equipped with wooden stakes and bows and arrows is a difficult mix to keep believable. So if you like your military SF full of battles and bodies everywhere, and if you are happy to ignore the implausibility of the action, then you might enjoy this.
Wilde Sky
A wealthy socialite joins a fearsome interplanetary fighting force after her family are killed during a coup.

This is a really entertaining read, with a great pace and plenty of good characters / actions scenes.

If you enjoy shoot them up Sci-Fi books this is worth reading.
R. Hannah
Very fast paced, intricate plot. The introduction of minor characters in the beginning is some fantastic foreshadowing for the rest of the trilogy. I finished this book in a couple of days and cannot wait to get the others and find out how Cat completes her mission.
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William Corey Dietz grew up in the Seattle area, spent time with the Navy and Marine Corps as a corpsman, graduated from the University of Washington and worked as a surgical technician, college instructor, and news writer. Later he worked for US West in a number of different marketing communications and public relations related positions, before leaving to accept a job as Director of Public Relat ...more
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